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  Meditation Testimonials Dr.Aaron Stern-Ph.D (U.S.A.) - ผู้อ่าน 15205
Meditation helped me maintain my patience when handling the strain of a temper tantrum, a near sleepless night tending to a sick child and many other responsibilities associated with parenthood อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  Meditation-Testimonials-Mr.Koichi-Enomoto-(Japan) - ผู้อ่าน 15660
My name is Koichi Enomoto. I am Japanese. As the only son, I was well looked after. I had no siblings to share and learn the intricacies of gibing and taking with, thus I didn’t know the virtue of gibing. อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  Meditation Testimonial Mr.Richard Braun(Germany) - ผู้อ่าน 14502
Meditation to attain the Dhammakaya has restrained me from having bad thoughts. When I have bad thoughts, I can clear them out very quickly before I end up feeling sorry about doing bad deeds or saying bad words. อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  Meditation Testimonials-Eric Levine-CEO - ผู้อ่าน 14026
Just sit quietly being ever so light. Let everything go and it will turn so bright. Seeing yourself for the first time is a wondrous miracle in itself. อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  Meditation Testimonials Tehran Iran - ผู้อ่าน 14136
Closing my eyes gently and relaxingly, I can feel the moon within because I remember pleasantly walking under the moonlight. As I visualise the image of the moon in my stomach, อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  Meditation-Testimonials-Lucky Moyo - ผู้อ่าน 13871
I come to meditate here because it makes my mind free. I am feeling quite free in the brain and free inside the spirit, helpful and joyful. My feeling inside my body is I feel enlightened. อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  Meditation-Testimonials-Howard McCrary - ผู้อ่าน 14072
I wish to see everyone in this world practice meditation. It is truly useful. I love Luang Phaw Dhammajayo’s saying that “you don’t have to pay for meditation”. อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  Meditation Testimonials-Johannesburg South Africa - ผู้อ่าน 14197
The peace starts with me as an individual. For every individual who comes to meditate and develops that peace It means ‘another’ individual who is out there who is forming part of what could have been eventually be a complete body of people อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  Meditation Testimonials :- Mrs. Chanapa Heart (New Zealand) - ผู้อ่าน 13868
Mrs. Chanapa Heart unveiled her experience after she went to meditate. อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  Meditation Testimonials : Ven. Pao Anubalo - ผู้อ่าน 14531
A Lao monk from the 100,000-monk Mass Ordination in the Buddhist Lent Project unveiled his real meditation experience. อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  What I received from Meditation - ผู้อ่าน 15533
I had a strong feeling that I'd gain a lot of benefits from meditation and what I thought was right. From the very first moments I was there, I felt unbelievable joy and did not feel any worries. Being a part of this meditation program has been such an amazing experience. อ่านเรื่องต่อ 


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