What is meditation? You might have heard about meditation or even practiced it before. But whatever it is, we will present you with the myriad aspects and the benefits of meditation beyond giving you peace and relaxation. This is the meditation program for all who love peace and discovering themselves.

  บทความธรรมะ Dhamma Articles > > What is meditation? You might have heard about meditation or even practiced it before. But whatever it is, we will present you with the myriad aspects and the benefits of meditation beyond giving you peace and relaxation. This is the meditation program for all who love peace and discovering themselves.

  A True Buddhist - ผู้อ่าน 16099
When I reviewed my notes from a sermon given by a respected senior monk during my research for this book, I incidentally came monk during my research for this book, อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  Training Oneself in Non-Recklessness by Practicing Austerity (Dhutanga) - ผู้อ่าน 15896
Life is full of uncertainties and danger awaits those who are reckless with their lives. The Lord Buddha once said อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  Blessing Our Descendants #2 - ผู้อ่าน 15079
The Lord Buddha taught the way to create the very best in oneself by eliminating greed, anger, and ignorance through the accumulation of merit. อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  Blessing Our Descendants - ผู้อ่าน 15432
When we reach old age, blessing our descendants becomes an important duty among our many obligations อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  Parents, Worthy of Our Reverence - ผู้อ่าน 15723
In 1999, statistics in Thailand showed that the number of elderly people who are being neglected increased by at least 300,000 per year while retirement homes in Thailand can only accommodate an increase of 200 people per year อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  The Last Moment of a Father’s Life - ผู้อ่าน 15322
One day, a lady come to seek advice from a respected senior monk about how to care for her dying father; อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  The Value of Life - ผู้อ่าน 15260
Although we realize that our lives will not last a thousand years, sometimes we still let ourselves drift down into the stream of worldly pleasures which causes us suffering อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  Ordaining for One’s Parents Brings Merit - ผู้อ่าน 14903
In this day and age of ever-present temptations and perpetual pressure to make a living, it is especially rare to find any family with a son who ordains as a Buddhist monk for at least the period of Buddhist Lent อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  Instilling a Love of Meditation in Our Children - ผู้อ่าน 15025
Meditation is the most effective way to train the mind to focus. The practice helps to strengthen the mind so that it will not be easily diverted อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  Making the Five Precepts Easy for Children to Understand - ผู้อ่าน 19348
Once, I had the chance to observe a senior monk simplify the Five Precepts for the children. อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  Teaching Children to Live by the Five Precepts - ผู้อ่าน 16376
It is not an overstatement to say that teaching children to abide by the Five Precepts is the most important responsibility of their parents อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  Complete Criteria in Giving - ผู้อ่าน 14895
Today, most people are inclined to put their faith in science above anything else. However, science can only prove what the eyes can see อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  How Good Deeds Can Bring Good Outcomes - ผู้อ่าน 15175
It has always ben a challenge to develop human beings to resist the temptations to do bad deeds อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  Do good Deeds Always Bring Favorable Outcomes? - ผู้อ่าน 15302
Whenever someone is facing a situation which he considers unfair, he will start to think, อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  Young People and the Lord Buddha - ผู้อ่าน 17743
In recent years, a new generation of young people has started to wonder why Buddhists highly regard the Lord Buddha to be the greatest sanctuary, although he was only human อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  Dad, Why Were We Born? - ผู้อ่าน 15336
One day, a family invited guests to their home for a religions rite for the great-grandparent. After the ceremony, when all the guests had left, the son asked the father, อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  Fathers That Children hate - ผู้อ่าน 14829
Sometimes when a father is addicted to the roads to ruin, [Apayamukha] and unable to be the leader of the household, the responsibilities fall upon the mother อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  Children Who Want Their Father to Quit Drinking - ผู้อ่าน 14793
Many families may have faced the daily problem of seeing their father being drunk and belligerent. อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  Gambling Never Made Anyone Rich - ผู้อ่าน 16008
Even before the first whistle in a soccer match is blown, borrowed money, salaries, school tuition and the allowances of many people, อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  Why is Soliciting Prostitute a Sin - ผู้อ่าน 14987
At this time, the number of people with AIDS is increasing. One reason for this increase is that most young men believe so liciting a prostitute is not morally wrong because they believe it is not sexual misconduct when it is consensual อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  The Roads That Lead to Ruin - ผู้อ่าน 14752
Many young recent graduates are usually diligent and focused when they start their first jobs. Some days they even work overtime with the hope of getting a big salary at the end of the month อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  The Womanizing and Alcoholic Husband - ผู้อ่าน 15962
A husband who is unfaithful and who drinks alcohol to excess can cause a family to fall apart อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  Children Who Are Addicted to Apayamukha (the Roads to Ruin) - ผู้อ่าน 14931
Their love for their children makes parents work hard to earn money, so that they can provide comforts like an education, toys, and clothes for their children อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  The Unconditional love of Parents - ผู้อ่าน 14795
In the economically driven world in which we live, it is difficult for most parents to find enough time to spend with their children อ่านเรื่องต่อ 
  Teach Children to Care for Critically Ill Relatives - ผู้อ่าน 14615
All those who are living will one day depart from this world, but before they depart, they are usually ill, lying on a hospital bed อ่านเรื่องต่อ 

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