A Floating City

He was ordained as a novice 3 times and during his last ordination he was firmly determined to lead a monastic life all his life even though at that time he was in grade 8th. He said even though he had to be there all by himself he could do that; as he was ordained he didn’t want to disrobe because he had Nibbana as the goal and he would not feel lonely.He wanted to stay there, he wanted to meditate and disseminate the teachings of the Lord Buddha. https://dmc.tv/a2128

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A Floating City

Dear most respected Phra Dej Phra Khun Luang Phaw

    I am one of the 4 ladies who started setting up the Kalyanamitta center in Korat in 1986, which was the kalyanamitta’s golden year according to your policy.

After we have gathered like-minded meritorious people we started organizing the lectures on the teaching of the Buddha and exhibitions in various schools that enabled us to organize the 1st austere practice (Dhutanga) in the Rajsima College. There were about 1500 people participating in the event.

 Later we were invited from over 20 different institutions to organize the meditation austere practices and we have done that for more than 50 times. We were able to gather over 1000 people to come to the center.

 For big ceremonies at the temple we have brought about 200 buses of people. And each time almost 10000 people joined in.

For the next ceremony will you bring more people?

I am a definite Dream in Dream kindergarten student. Whatever you say I follow. I have gained a lot of understanding about the law of kamma from you. The more I listened to you the more I can see the danger in the cycle of existence. Therefore I have a strong determination to rectify all my wrong doings in this life by using my story as case study as follows:

My father was a good person and kind. He didn’t drink but smoked tobacco. He used to ordain for 6 years, later he disrobed and married my mother.

  Father was a farmer and had knowledge of traditional medicine. He treated sick people regularly no matter what they had, from having fever or even hemorrhage due to miscarriage, he could heal them.

He didn’t charge anything for the treatment. Apart from that he would go out of his way to help people in all matters until he was loved and respected by villagers and was elected as the head of the village for many years.

 As he got old he resigned from the position. Later he suffered from gout, stomach complaints and kidney disease.

  On the night before he passed away there was a strange event, it was about 19:30 pm, our 14-year-old nephew was standing outside the house. He saw a bright light in the northern direction in the sky above the house where father lived.

He saw a kind of floating city for about 15 minutes then it disappeared.
That night I had a Dhamma tape on for him to listen all night. He was calm and fell asleep until about midnight he screamed “ouch” with pain and wriggled. As soon as I went to support him I saw his last three breaths while he was in my arms. He passed away at 11.30pm.

After the 3 days funeral service, I gave my father’s body to be “the great teacher” for the medical students. At that time I touched him. Father’s hand felt warm and his skin was soft as if he was alive. He had radiant complexion. That made me very surprised.

My mother was a daughter of a high rank officer who was the head of a district of Korat so she was considered as a grandchild of grandmother Mo.

   After their marriage, my parents have 8 children. When mother was 42 years old she fell down from a high place that injured her left arm and couldn’t bend it at all. She had hot sensation in her arm and leg for 2-3 years. Later she recovered from taking herbal medicine.

Before mother passed away my elder sister and I kept reminding her to think of the Lord Buddha and had her listened to the Dhamma tapes all the time. We took care of mother until she passed away peacefully at the age of 89.

My husband was a public servant. When he was in good health, his life style was the type of mixture of merit and demerit i.e. he made merit but he also accrued demerit, he drank alcohol, flirted, entertained himself and got involved in all sorts of gambling including associating with mediums. He stopped all these when he began to suffer from high blood pressure.

Later my husband resigned, I used the money that he got from his resignation for him to make merit all the time. He used to say he would ordain when he turned 58.

But when he was 58 he changed his mind and didn’t want to ordain by giving his reason that it was easier to work as a layperson.

I didn’t insist anymore. When he was 59, one day his left side became paralysed but he could do certain things for himself. At the moment he is 65 years old. He has been paralysed for 6 years now.

My youngest son monk was a polite and quiet child. He was firm, tolerant and his words were meaningful. In kindergarten he liked to read books like the Buddha’s life and the Jataka story

He participated in the Dhamma quiz and path of progress and received a consolation prize in 1992. And also he was awarded with high distinction in morality from his school.

He liked to follow me when I organized austere practices (Dhutanga) in various schools and his duty was to take care of teaching monks.

When his class teacher asked about children’s view: what they wanted to be when they grew up. My son said he wanted to become a monk. That stunned the teacher.

 Later he was ordained as a novice 3 times i.e. at the age of 9,12 and 14. And during his last ordination he was firmly determined to lead a monastic life all his life even though at that time he was in grade 8th.

Even though I tried to reason with him on education matter and asked him to finish year 9 first but he kept quiet, he was silent as if he was holding back his tears. And he said even though he had to be there all by himself he could do that; as he was ordained he didn’t want to disrobe because he had Nibbana as the goal and he would not feel lonely. He wanted to stay there, he wanted to meditate and disseminate the teachings of the Lord Buddha.This was his determination, I rejoiced with him and left.
He studied Pali, which is the celestial language until he obtained level 9.

And at the moment he is studying the scriptures within i.e. (level 10 as you are there to encourage him all the time. Later he was ordained as a monk on 1st July 2005.

For the 10 years of pursuance of perfection my son monk said that he feels comfortable with the teaching monks and the Dhammakaya community, it is like a family and they support each other.

He has the determination to practise monk’s duties in order to follow you, Khun Yai and the community in every life to reach the utmost of the Dhamma.
As for my eldest son monk before he ordained, he was taking care of his father who was paralysed. At first it went well but later as his father was not interested in doing the physical therapy according to the advice of the doctor they started fighting.

I reconciliated and persuaded my eldest son to apologise to his father and that they forgive each other.

My son did it and I also prepared him to ordain for many years by instilling in his mind that as a man he had the opportunity and was more lucky than winning the 1st prize of the lotteries and he could shut the door of unhappy realm for his parents. He finally ordained as a monk during the rainy retreat in 2006.

My both monk sons are at Wat Phra Dhammakaya and I am very happy to offer them as the Buddha’s son and your son for the rest of their life.

I had a miscarriage when I was 5 months pregnant. Apart from this I suffered from thalassemia since 1993 that made me easily get tired and fatigued even making 2 steps up stair I would be tired for 15 minutes.

After I saw a doctor, he gave me some medicine to improve the blood and I took care of my health by going to bed early and had sufficient rest, my condition improved and I fully recovered in 2001 till this day.

I would like to ask for your compassion to clarify my doubts please.


1.    What retribution made my father suffer from gout, stomach complaints, kidney disease, and why did my nephew see a bright city floating above the house that father lived? What was it that my nephew saw and why he saw it?    

2.    Where is my father after he passed away, how is his condition, I dedicated the merit to him how is he after he received it, how did my father benefit from the ordination of his 2 grandsons?

3.    Did my father come to the end of his lifespan and 3 days after he died why was his hand still warm and his skin was soft as if he was alive? What made his corpse looked fresher than when he was alive or he died because of the injection? What was my demerit if father was still alive but I made him embalmed?

4.    What retribution made mother fell from a high place injured her left arm and couldn’t bend it and that gave her hot sensation in her arm and leg for 2-3 years? What caused her to recover after she took herbal medicine? Where did she go after she passed away, does she have any message for me?

5.    What made my husband unexpectedly suffered from left side paralysis for 6 years but he could help himself enough, will there be any treatment that can improve his condition or will he recover from being paralysed? What should be done to end the retribution quickly?

6.    My husband intended to ordain at the age of 58 but when he reached that age he changed his mind and didn’t do what he intended to will there be any retribution?

7.    Where did my both monk sons came from before they were born? Do they have solid ordination plan? Will they remain in the monkhood for the rest of their life? What was their duties in the Dhamma force and how was their meditation experience?

8.    Before he ordained, my eldest son used to misbehave with his father will there be any retribution and will the merit from the ordination rectify the retribution?

9.    What caused me to have miscarriage when I was 5 months pregnant with my first child and where is the baby at the moment? I dedicated the merit to him has he received it, when will I escape from this retribution?

10.    What retribution made me suffer from thalassemia and what merit made me totally recovered only after 4 years by taking herbal medicine and taking care of my heath? But why in some cases the patient became very tired and had blood in the stool frequently. And had to spend a lot of money for the treatment and some have this lifelong disease what is the difference?

11.    Currently most of the pioneers that set up the center in Korat are getting old that made it less effective in gathering people but I wholeheartedly want to urge all the people in Korat to become your followers what should I do? Will I be successful? I am waiting for a meritorious person to become our team leader what should I do?

12.     In the last Buddha’s era, who was I and what was my duty in the Dhamma force? In the future life I wish to lead a pure life and become a man so that I could ordain what merit should I accrue and what is the proper conduct?

Respectfully yours

Luang Phaw's Dream

I closed my eyes, dreamed and woke up with these answers.
When you tell anybody the story like a tale, it will make anyone know more about retribution (Law of Kamma)

1.    Your father suffered from gout and stomach complaints and kidney disease. The misdeed from killing animals for food in the past and present life made him suffer from gout and stomach complaints.
  • As for the kidney disease it is due to his adulteration of crops to have larger quantity for selling.
  • Your nephew saw a bright city floating above the house that your father lived before he passed away, it was only a child’s imagination. Don’t take it seriously!

2.    Your father was born as air sprite due to the merit accrued according to the tradition and from helping villagers!
3.    He died as it was the end of his life span. But after his passing away, his hand was warm as if he was alive and his corpse looked refreshed because of the fast embalming.
  • He has received all the merits dedicated to him and that improved his condition in every way---his body was embalmed after he died---don’t be too concerned!
4.    Your mother fell from a high place injured her left arm and couldn’t bend it. She had warm sensation in the limbs for 2-3 years but recovered by taking herbal medicine because in the past life when she was a child, she purposely annoyed her friend that was climbing a tree that caused her friend to fall down and became handicapped in the arm, this kamma came to fruition.
  • Later she felt hot in her limbs but recovered as the retribution became slight, any treatment could remedy the problem!
  • After she died, she was reborn as air sprite with an abode near your father’s due to the merit accrued according to the tradition.
  • She has received the merit dedicated to her and that improved her condition in every way---She said thank you that you dedicated every merit to her!
5.    Your husband suffered from left side paralysis for 6 years but could help himself because of the past kamma that he bred animals for selling to slaughterhouses
  • but because he didn’t kill them himself that enabled him to help himself.
  • He should accrue every merit including generosity, observance of precepts and meditate intensively and frequently and dedicate the merit to those animals that he had harmed and resolve that these merit curtail the retribution and change it from serious to slight and the light one disappear!
6.    Your husband intended to ordain at the age of 58 but changed his mind as he reached that age. As such he didn’t complete what he planned to do thus he will not gain perfection from the truth!

7.    Your 2 monks sons in the last Buddha’s era were soldiers of the king who ordained ---they were young soldiers and friends. They ordained after that king.
  • After their ordination they had the duty of studying the high knowledge of Dhammakaya and disseminating it all their life. Both of them have attained Phra Dhammakaya and returned to Tusita and came down to pursue perfection the second round!

8.    Before he ordained your elder son monk mistreated his father that will make his descendants and retinue behave likewise towards him.
  • To rectify he should ask for forgiveness from his father and keep practicing until he reached Phra Dhammakaya and accrue every merit all his life.
9.    You had miscarriage when you were 5 months pregnant because your first child had abortion kamma. After its passing it was reborn as human with a new mother and can’t receive the merit.
  • But the baby has exhausted the abortion retribution already.
10.    You suffered from thalassemia for 4 years. Later you took medicine and looked after your health and fully recovered because in the past life you were a supervisor, had made your subordinates work hard and didn’t allow them to rest. And sometimes you cheated their salary but not too much.
  • Therefore it was a small retribution, you paid it back for few years and also with the support of the past and present merit that curtail the retribution.
  • For other patients who suffer from this disease, some have weak body and had blood in the stool frequently and suffer all their life because some people have serious retribution and misconduct habitually!
11.    As currently the pioneers of the center of Korat are getting old and become ineffective in gathering people.
  • But you want to invite the people in korat to pursue perfection with the Dhammakaya community---you and your pioneer team should create a new team and give opportunity to new comers to fully operate and the pioneers should act as advisors.
  • But if you do everything yourself, the result is limited and also your strength is reducing gradually.
12.   In the last Buddha’s era you were a supporter. You were a woman and were supporting 2 monks regularly and resolved that in the future life they become your sons. In this life your wish came true.
  • If you want to be born as a man you should take good care of your husband as if he is an angel and follow the 8 precepts in the Buddha’s day and you should be determined in your resolution till the end of your life then your wish will come true.

    • Since you’ve met the Dhammakaya community in this life, be determined to pursue perfection intensively in every merit and resolve to follow the community to Tusita (the Fourth level of heaven), the special merit zone, the Borom Bodhisatta area and never stray away from our community!


    Case study in real life

    The Law of Kamma (Pali:Compared to "Karma" in Sanskrit) segment or "Case Study" is one of the prominent sections on the Dream in Dream kindergarten program, conducted by the Venerable Phrarajbhavanavisudh, also known as, Luang Phaw Dhammajayo of the Dhammakaya Temple in Pathum Thani Province, Thailand.

    Each individualized "Case Study" is based on the timeless Law of Kamma (the Law of Cause and Effect) which examines the reasons for many situations and complex inter-relationships people find themselves in. Viewers from around the world write personal letters to Luang Phaw wanting to understand the karmic reasons for many special circumstances in their life.

    This program is not intended to convert anyone to Buddhism or any other religions persuasion. Rather the goal is to help spread genuine peace, happiness and understanding here in Thailand and around the world. By first discovering and cultivating inner peace within ourselves through meditation, we can help spread love and kindness outward, helping to make our world a better place for everyone.


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