The Little Candlelight

She was born in a family that the parents always have a quarrel because of alcohol.Her mother said she had a dream before gave birth to her and was confident that she would be a doctor once she grown up. And the dream had came true, she became a doctor. She treats the patients by using her knowledge, giving an advice to her coma patients to be in a better conscious and think of only merit before dying. She is a successful doctor but she does not seem to be much successful in love.

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The Little Candlelight
With great respect to Luang Phaw.

    “This is very clear.”  The first time I heard this clear and evident teaching, it was as if I had been shown the way out for those who are lost, as though a light had appeared in a dark place.  Luang Phaw ignited the flame of faith in me as an eternal flame. Since then, I have always watched DMC satellite TV.  I have absolutely no doubt and full confidence that from this day on, I will not miss any opportunity to make merit with Luang Phaw.
    Though my father only completed the fourth grade, he had incredible prowess with mathematical calculations.  He had secret formulas and techniques he kept to himself.  He was a master of numbers and could make calculations on the spot.  So he has won numbers lotteries right up to the present.  For example, he can tell when a number was correct by the whether it passes over his head; or whether past lottery numbers will show up in future lottery drawings.  This enables him to overwhelmingly select winning numbers.

    My father wanted a son but he had three daughters.  So he has drowned his sorrow by drinking beer and alcoholic beverages for 30 years.  He still drinks and has no plans to stop.
    When my grandmother was pregnant with my mother, she wanted to drink fresh pig’s blood.  So she slit a pig’s throat and immediately drank the blood.  When my mother was born, my mother squirmed and wailed like a pig whose throat had been slit.

    When she became a young woman, she fell in love with my father ad married him.  But she found that marriage was a form of suffering due to my father.  He did not get the son he wanted so he took solace in bottles of alcohol instead of her.  He would show up drunk constantly, more intoxicated than others.

    Since my father was an alcoholic, they would argue and fight with each other over little things.  So the children had ringside seats at these Thai boxing matches.  My mother became so depressed that she turned into a kind of alcoholic as well.  On 3 January 2006, she had an itchy rash all over her body and head, a case of psoriasis.  Her dermatologist had a sample of her skin tested and discovered it was like an extreme case of psoriasis.  She only recovered from this illness in October 2006.

    I was the oldest of three daughters.  When my mother was pregnant with me, the lymph glands in her underarms became enlarged.  She had pain when urinating and her gums bled.  She suffered greatly.  But she did not regret being pregnant because she was led by her dreams.

    Before I was born, she dreamt that she received about 23 grams of gold.  This made her profoundly confident that her child would make her proud and be an excellent student.  She believed that the child would become a doctor after graduating and cure all the diseases of those people under the child’s care.

    When I was born, she instilled in me that when I grew up, being a doctor was the only occupation I could have.  I did not disappoint my mother when I grew older.  School did not pose any problems for me and I was a straight-A student.  I passed the entrance exam for the Faculty of Medicine at Khon Kaen University.

    In 1996, while I was a medical student in the Department of Psychiatry, I looked after the mental health of a girl who had been raped by her step-father.  This confirmed my desire to be a psychiatrist.  

    After I graduated, I became a psychiatrist as I had planned.  And the director of the hospital was a wonderful kalayanamitta who invited me to meditate at a mediation house in Loei Province during July 2005.  The director also invited me to the Phra Dhammakaya Temple to participate in the ceremony to cast the third golden image of Luang Pu on 10 October 2005.

    Since then, I have established a new path in my life, the path to merit.  I have built 6 personal Buddha images, by myself and by inviting my relatives.  I worked for one year then resigned to work at a private hospital in Bangkok.  This was so I could look after my parents and go to the Temple easily.
    When I started coming to the Temple, I changed the way I treated my patients.  I thought about how to treat them for this life and for their future lives.  One of my patients had cancer that had started to spread in February 2006.  She felt great pain in her bones.  The doctor caring for her cancer decided to add morphine to her intravenous tube to help her die without pain.

    But I asked the doctor to stop and explained to the doctor, the patient, and her relatives that this would cause her to lose her awareness when she passed away.  Later her condition worsened.  She had trouble breathing and the oxygen level in her blood continually decreased.  I recommended that her father and husband speak to her about merit.  I brought her a book about Luang Pu.  I had her chant the Samma Arahang mantra and think about her inner Buddha and the bright crystal inside her.  She closed her eyes and said she saw the inner Buddha.  She died peacefully.
    Though I cared for many patients, nobody could treat my own mental pain.  I have been seeking the ideal partner for many years but have ended all my previous relationships.  My life has the misfortune of lacking love.

    I knew my first boyfriend from when I was in secondary school.  We met through a column to find friends in an English language newspaper.  When my mother found out, she objected because we were still young.

    My second boyfriend started as a pen-pal from my days in secondary school.  When I was in my third year of medical school, he asked to upgrade his status to be my boyfriend.  I went along with this without any problem.  But after a while I started to have difficulties.  He tried to make me feel sorry for him.  He bought things for me while telling me that he had a hard time working to earn money to buy these things.  After 3 years, I was totally bored with him and ended the relationship.

    My third boyfriend was a former patient who I treated for epilepsy.  He found my telephone number on the internet and surprised me with a call to my house.  He introduced himself as someone who I had once treated for epilepsy.  I myself had experienced convulsions so I started dating him.  My mother did not like that he had epilepsy so she protected me.  I went along with my mother because I am her daughter. [song]  I ended the relationship with him.

    My fourth boyfriend was a young engineer who had tutored me while I studied for the university entrance exam.  I dated him for 2-3 years then started to treat him as a former boyfriend.  But he followed me to the Temple and always makes merit with me.

    My current partner does not see the value of the Temple.  He is hurt that I love Luang Phaw more than him.  He sometimes comes to the Temple depending on his mood.

    On 6 January 2006 at dusk, my former boyfriend (fourth boyfriend) crashed his vehicle into a mother and child who were riding their bicycles across a road up-country.  They both died.  He decided to ordain for 7 days to make merit on their behalf.

    In the past, my eyebrows covered my eyes due my having a single eyelid.  This made me look sleepy.  After plastic surgery on both eyes, my appearance improved.

    I am allergic to lipstick and lip pencils.  If I use them, my lips become dark like a smoker’s lips.  I have had treatment for this allergy 4 times and seen improvement.  I also have varicose veins in my legs which sometimes become painful.
    My next youngest sister is a general practice doctor.  She joins me to make merit whenever I invite her.  She had surgery to remove an ovarian cyst in 2001.  My youngest sister is studying pharmaceutical science.  She has allergies and must take medication when she has allergic symptoms.

    My paternal grandfather died from lung disease in 1981.  My paternal grandmother died in 2005 from a blood clot in her brain which occurred after she had broken her leg.

    My maternal grandfather was a womanizer.  He had many wives.  He died when someone shot him.  My maternal grandmother was my grandfather’s first wife.  She died from a stroke.


1. Why did my father win the lottery so often?  Did the merit I made for him by building a personal Buddha image help him avoid going to hell?  Why did he not get his wish to have a son?

2.  What demerit caused my grandmother to want to drink pig’s blood when she was pregnant with my mother?  When my mother was born, why did my mother squirm and wail like a pig whose throat had been slit?  What demerit caused my mother to argue with my father, only because she did not give birth to a son?  How does this demerit differ from the demerit caused by a husband who has committed adultery?  What demerit caused my mother to have an itchy rash like psoriasis for many months?

3. What demerit caused my mother to have three medical problems while she was pregnant with me: enlarged lymph glands, painful urination, and bloody gums?

4. What demerit caused my patient to almost have to die while receiving doses of morphine from her doctor?  Before she died, was her mind clear or clouded?  Did she really see her inner Buddha?  Where is she?  Why do I feel connected to her?  The person who originally came up with the idea of giving people morphine before their deaths, what consequences has this person endured?  Will the results of this demerit arise for as long as people use this method?

5.  What demerit did my fourth boyfriend make with the mother and child which caused their deaths when he hit them with his vehicle?

6.    What demerit caused my next youngest sister to have surgery for an ovarian cyst?  How can she reduce this demerit?  What connection did my two sisters have with me from our past lives?  How did we make merit with the Dhammakaya community in the past?

7.  What demerit caused my paternal grandfather to die of lung disease?  What demerit caused my paternal grandmother to die from a blood clot in her brain?  Where are they now?

8.  What demerit caused my maternal grandfather to be shot and killed?  What demerit caused my maternal grandmother to die from a stroke?  Where are they now?

9. How was I connected with my parents in our past lives?  What was I in my previous lives?  Why did I become a psychiatrist and have a personality which makes me enjoy helping others?

10. Why did I have a single eyelid which made me look like I was sleepy?  Why am I allergic to lipstick and lip pencils so that my lips look like those of someone who smokes?  What merit caused me to receive treatment that improved my condition?  What demerit caused me to have varicose veins in my legs?

11.  What connection did I have with my current boyfriend and my fourth boyfriend in our past lives?  I have been the person to break up relationships with my boyfriends.  Does this mean I have less demerit than women whose boyfriends ended their relationships?
How much demerit do I still have from adultery?  How can I reduce this demerit?  How did I make merit with the Dhammakaya community in the past?  Should I make more merit inside the Temple or outside the Temple?  If I want to make merit in the Temple, how should I make merit?  What demerit is causing my parents and my present boyfriend to oppose my making merit with the Temple? 

12.  When I am meditating, why do I not like to repeat a mantra and just like to sit very still without thinking of anything?  There are people who like to visualize a meditation object when they meditate and people who like to repeat a mantra when they meditate.  How does the experience from these people’s past lives differ from mine?  How can I stop myself from getting sleepy when I meditate?  What were the results of my meditation practice in my past lives?

With great respect to Luang Phaw.
Luang Phaw's Dream

I closed my eyes, dreamed and woke up with these answers.
When you tell anybody the story like a tale, it will make anyone know more about retribution (Law of Kamma)

1.  Your father won the lottery often because in his past lives he wished for windfalls constantly.  But he did not make much merit.  So this merit arose by making him have unexpected luck but it did not make him rich.   
 The personal Buddha image you built for your father would help him if he did not play the lottery and drink alcoholic beverages often.  This merit would only prevent him from going to the deepest levels of hell.  But if he accumulates demerit continuously and you only make that much merit on his behalf, it will be difficult to prevent him from going to the deeper levels of hell.
    He will not go to hell if he stops accumulating demerit and makes merit on his own.  Your father did not have a son as he desired because in his past, he had a son who made trouble for him.  So he wished that in his future lives he would not have a son.  He vacillated between aggravation with and desire for a son.

2.  When your grandmother was pregnant with your mother, she wanted to drink fresh pig’s blood.  This is because in your mother’s past lives, she liked to pay respect to deities.  And she liked to vow to the deities that if something she desired actually occurred, she would offer them fresh pig’s blood.  This persona followed her into her present life so that your grandmother wanted to drink fresh pig’s blood.
    When your mother was born, she squirmed and wailed like a pig that had its throat slit.  This is because of her past demerit from killing pigs and taking the blood to offer at shrines to deities.
    Your mother argued with your father due to not having a son.  This is because in her past life when she was a man, when she got drunk she would find various reasons to argue with her wife.  This led her to have a husband who found various reasons to argue with her.  Your mother failing to give birth to a son was only one reason why they argued.
    Your mother had a skin disease like psoriasis.  This is because in her past lives, she insulted people who were about to fully ordain as Buddhist monks.

3.  When your mother was pregnant with you, she had enlarged lymph glands, pain while urinating, and bloody gums.  This was because of her past demerit from killing small animals which caused her lymph glands to become enlarged.  She had painful urination and bloody gums because of her demerit from using bad language.  Sometimes her bad language referred to female organs.

4.  You had a patient who almost had to die while being medicated with morphine.  She did not have any demerit because she was not medicated with morphine.  But it was the patient’s demerit from killing during her past lives that caused her to have cancer all over her body.

    Her mind was clear to some extent when she died.  She saw a vision of an inner Buddha.  This made her be born as a beautiful angel with a golden celestial palace in Tavatimsa.  You feel connected to her because you made merit together in your past lives, and because you helped her in your present life.
    The person who came up with the idea of medicating people with morphine before their deaths has not accumulated any demerit.  This is because it is a medical objective to treat patients.  But the morphine must be in the right dosage to reduce pain only.  It must not so much that the person becomes addicted to morphine.

5.  Your fourth boyfriend ran into and killed the mother and child.  This is because the mother and child were objects of his vengeance.  In their past lives, the mother and child were born in an agricultural society.  They raised an ox and used it for labor until it was old.  When it could not longer work, they slaughtered it for food.  That ox swore that it would take revenge by killing them one day. 
    After spending time in the cycle of suffering, they all met again in this life.  The ox was born as your fourth boyfriend.  The mother and child’s demerit from having killed the ox pulled them back together such that he drove into them with his vehicle.  Later, he ordained for the two of them.  This merit completely ended the cycle of revenge between him and the mother and child.

6.  Your next youngest sister had to have surgery to remove a cyst from her ovary.  This is because of her past demerit from adultery when she was born as a man, combined with her demerit from killing animals for food.
    Your youngest sister has allergies because of her past-life demerit from killing small animals; for example, by squashing ants, swatting mosquitoes, and killing mice and cockroaches.  
    Your two sisters should make every form of merit: making offerings, keeping the precepts, meditating, releasing fish and animals into the wild.  And they should wish to make merit on behalf of all the animals that they exploited in their past lives.  They should make this merit often.
    Your two sisters were once your siblings.  You invited one another to make merit.  Your sisters were both supporters of the Dhammakaya community.

7.  Your paternal grandfather died from lung disease because of his past-life demerit from killing animals for food and for sale.  Sometimes he killed them to make offerings to deities.  This was combined with demerit from smoking cigarettes.

    When he died, he was born again as a human being.  So he cannot receive merit made on his behalf.
    Your paternal grandmother died from a blood clot in her brain.  This is because of her demerit from killing animals for food by striking them on the head, both in her past lives and her most recent life. 
    When she died, she was born again as a human being.  So she cannot receive merit made on her behalf.

8.  Your maternal grandfather was killed by being shot.  This is because he was the object of revenge.  He and his killer have been in a cycle of revenge against one another for many lives.

    When he died, he was taken by the hell-wardens to hell for his demerit from adultery.  He is being forced to climb up a tree covered with thorns and is suffering greatly.
    Your maternal grandmother died from a stroke.  This is because of her demerit from killing animals for food.  She killed animals by striking them on the head often, both in her past lives and her most recent life.
    When she died, she was reborn as a human being.  So she cannot receive merit made on her behalf.

9.  Your parents now were your parents in your past lives.
    In your previous life, you came from a bright place.  You have a kind persona which followed you from your past life.  Your career as a psychiatrist is a matter from your present life only.    

10.  You had a single eyelid that made you look sleepy.  This is because of your demerit from making fun of your friend who had this same condition.  You made your friend feel very embarrassed.
    You are allergic to lipstick and to lip pencils such that your lips look like those of someone who smokes.  This is because of your past-life demerit from making fun of a friend who had dark lips until your friend felt very embarrassed.  You were able to treat this condition so that it improved because of the merit you made by inviting other people to perform good deeds.
    You have varicose veins in your legs because of your past-life demerit from tying up the legs of animals you raised at your house, such as dogs and cats.  You tied them up so they could not walk, causing them to suffer.

11.    Your present boyfriend and your fourth boyfriend do not have any special merit or demerit with you in their past lives.  It is a matter that has arisen in your present lives due to the defilements in each of your minds.  And you ended your relationship with your fourth boyfriend.  You broke up with your past boyfriends before they would break up with you.  This is a matter concerning the defilements currently in each of your minds.  But you have all accumulated demerit from these relationships.
    You made merit in the past with the Dhammakaya community as a supporter.  And you should make merit outside the Temple because you have great charm.  But in this case study you spoke about only 5 relationships, without counting the many people who have flirted with you or shown interest in you.  It is better for you to be outside the Temple.
    You do not have much merit from inviting people to perform good deeds.  And when you have made merit, you have not wished to be born into a Dhammakaya family.

12.  When you meditate, you like to sit very still without thinking of anything.  This is normal because when you visualize an object of meditation, you do not feel comfortable.  Do not be concerned about this and meditate to the best of your ability.

    Some people who meditate like to visualize an object of meditation and some people like to repeat a mantra.  This is a matter of a person’s individual persona.  And it depends on the state of the person’s mind at that time.  It is possible for any of these people to attain the Dhammakaya.
    It is not a problem that you tend to get sleepy when you meditate.  If you are tired, sleep.  When you are sore, adjust your position.  When you are thinking a lot, open your eyes. 
    In the last Buddhist interval, you meditated until you saw the Dhamma spheres and returned to Tusita.
    In this life we meet again and diligently make all forms of merit to the fullest degree.  Make the resolution that when you pass away we will all go to Tusita together.  Let us not miss this opportunity.

Case study in real life

The Law of Kamma (Pali:Compared to "Karma" in Sanskrit) segment or "Case Study" is one of the prominent sections on the Dream in Dream kindergarten program, conducted by the Venerable Phrarajbhavanavisudh, also known as, Luang Phaw Dhammajayo of the Dhammakaya Temple in Pathum Thani Province, Thailand.

Each individualized "Case Study" is based on the timeless Law of Kamma (the Law of Cause and Effect) which examines the reasons for many situations and complex inter-relationships people find themselves in. Viewers from around the world write personal letters to Luang Phaw wanting to understand the karmic reasons for many special circumstances in their life.

This program is not intended to convert anyone to Buddhism or any other religions persuasion. Rather the goal is to help spread genuine peace, happiness and understanding here in Thailand and around the world. By first discovering and cultivating inner peace within ourselves through meditation, we can help spread love and kindness outward, helping to make our world a better place for everyone.


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