Godfather’s Son

A man decided to stop to go a school to go married instead when he was 18 but later on he had an affair with another woman who had already married. Later on, his business was bankrupt and had to flee away from debtors for a while. His first wife remarried with a new husband. After he started a new business, his second wife had an affair with his own employee. He married with the third wife but he kept drinking alcohol and became drug addicted. Finally, he has lost his third wife. Let ‘s study his life in style of Dream in Dream school. https://dmc.tv/a1960

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Godfather’s Son
Dear Luang Phaw whom I respect the most,

    I have known Dhammakaya Temple since the year 1989 (B.E.2532), but since I knew neither any merit leader nor the merit-making group, I mostly heard bad news about the temple. However, I still came to the temple to make merit according to my convenience and faith. Besides, I also had the chance to cast personal Buddha images for my parents and myself, from the first generation up to now. The amount is 4 Buddha images in total.

Afterwards, around year 2004 (B.E.2547), I met a merit leader, so I started coming to the temple more often and making more merit—almost every merit. And after my mother’s death, my business was not successful. My last wife who made a big merit with me at the temple for many times separated from me, so I had motivation and received encouragement from my sister to enter a short-term ordination. And that showed me my defections. I tried to improve myself and promised myself that I would perform good deeds without pause to achieve the goal and would follow our group closely to the special merit zone of Tusita (the 4th level of heaven).

My parents have 8 children. I am their first son. After having me as the first son, my mother later gave birth to 4 daughters, but she still wanted more sons, so she asked for sons from the shrine of King Taksin, located close to her house, and later gave birth to three more sons.

My 6th brother, the child my mother asked for from the shrine of King Taksin, suffered from leaking aortic valves since he was firstly born. When he was 30 years old, his symptom was so severe that he had to be sent to a hospital. One night, around 2 AM, the oxygen tube he was using fell off. I think he was deficient of oxygen for about 15 minutes. The doctor tried to give him a resuscitation to revive him, but he never came back.

Twelve days after that, we ran a ceremony of offering alms to monks in a temple and made a wish for him to regain his life. Unbelievably, around 4 PM of the same day, he resurrected and told us, by pointing to his eyes, to remove the cloth covering them. After the cloth was removed, his siblings visited him with delighted hearts, and he could recall everything like usual. But in that night, his blood pressures went lower and lower until it met 0, and he finally passed away around 10 PM of the same day.

My 7th brother is another son my mother asked for from the shrine of King Taksin. One day, while riding a motorcycle to collect money from customers, he was scraped by a van and was thrown off 4-5 meters away. His helmet was broken into 2 parts. He was sent to a hospital and lost his life immediately because his skull was completely ruined and could not be cured. He passed away when he was 25 years old.

My mother suffered from diabetes, hyperlipidemia and malfunctioning heart caused by a side issue of diabetes, so she started suffering more from kidney disease and heart disease. At the end of year 2005 (B.E.2548), when she was 67 years old, she started suffering from renal failure. Therefore, she needed to get hemodialysis. She was checked again and was found suffering from 3 constricted blood vessels in her heart. They partially blocked her blood away from her heart, so she had to get a surgery.

But the condition of her body was not strong enough to get more surgery, so she had to take other kinds of treatment to wait for the next surgery. We kept telling her that when her body was strong, she would be given another surgery until she could be completely healed. Unfortunately, that chance did not come to her. Before she died, father and we kept praying for her to listen until she passed away peacefully.

Normally, I like to be by myself. I barely have friends because I feel that they are not very honest and like to give me problems. My best friend is, I think, my wife. However, we could not be together for a very long time, so I have had 3 wives already.

It began from when I was 18 years old and was going to a university, I had a girlfriend who studied in the same university. We both visited each other until our parents accepted our relationship. Besides, my girlfriend’s parents who had good wealth status and good business would like me to assist their business. Then, we both made a decision to stop our education and get married, and had a child together afterwards.

After getting married, I realized that I made a wrong decision. My wife’s parents would like me to support their work, yet I also had to be the main person who supported my father’s business.

    Later, I found a good-looking young lady who was only 19 years old. One day, while I was driving with her, a man knocked on the car’s window showing that he was her husband. She cried and said that the man was actually her own teacher who raped her 3-4 years ago until she had to live with him. But since he had many wives before her, she tried to break up with him.

Listening to her story, I even felt sadder for her and would like to help her. But back then, I already had a wife and just had the first son, so I stopped the relationship between her and me. Eight months passed by, I got a chance to meet her again, and then we revived our relationship. I also do not understand myself why I loved a possessed lady. I did not feel very good about it, so I decided to tell the whole story to my wife. She allowed me to have the 2nd wife, but I had to get a permanent sterilization, and I accepted this agreement.  

    One day, I made a mistake in my business which caused me to severely be in debt. For that incident, I had to run away with my 2nd wife; however, I still contacted my 1st wife and visited my son often. In my opinion, if I could clear my debts, I would return home. Unfortunately, my 1st wife could not wait for me, so she married another guy who gave her much love and took good care of her and our son.

    Soon after that, I could clear my debts and could negotiate with my creditors. I felt delighted and intended to be a good person. I started giving alms, learning Dhamma, donating a van, casting Buddha images, until I could study about Dhamma at Wat Paknam Bhasicharoen with a teaching monk. With good faith, I asked my wife for permission to enter a short-term ordination and practiced Dhamma with him.

    After making many merits, I received both merits and demerit in turns, i.e. my business was much better until we had much more savings; however, I had to encounter some unexpected incidents as well. Once, I was sniped and close to death. The other time, my car had an accident. An iron from the bridge’s rail pierced into my hip area. I was given a surgery and had to stay in a hospital for months. During that time, my 2nd wife begged me to remove my sterilization because she would like to have children, so I decided to have it removed, and we both got 2 daughters afterwards.

    After that, it was like my demerit took action. My 2nd wife had a secret relation with my employee. I allowed them to go out together with trust, and I never thought that this incident could happen. A question came into my mind why kamma took action so fast. Rushing back to that time, my wife and I were renowned. We had to live together with patience. At that time, I felt very uncomfortable and only told myself that my wife had a lover.

Later, I met the 3rd lady. This lady was very confident and stubborn. She had very good appearance and won many beauty contests. Nonetheless, it was weird to me that most of her friends were lady-boys, gays and women whose marriages were not successful. Because my mind was not set onto goodness, I came back to drinking and taking drugs with her which caused me to have a relationship with her. We both spent money very extravagantly for eating, traveling and useless things.

One year passed by, I asked my 2nd wife for separation to be with this lady. We both came to Dhammakaya Temple to make a big merit for many times. Nevertheless, she finally asked for my permission to study and started having friends and going out at night often until we began having conflicts in everything. Until one day, she told me that she would like to break up on me due to the reason that I was addicted to drugs which made her feel upset, and she did not love me anymore.
I have many businesses, i.e. real estates, vehicles and an entertainment place, but they cannot be under my name because I have bad credit and have a lot of debts, so I cannot get any loan. Therefore, I started using others’ names for my businesses like loaning money or taking these names as the businesses’ owners. Sometimes, I use the I.D. cards of dead people for loaning money to invest in different businesses.
My 2nd daughter, after our mother passed away, pays full attention in performing good deeds to transfer merits to our mother, our grandmother and our dead brothers. My sister goes to Dhammakaya Temple everyday to make merit. When I underwent suffering, she invited me to make merit everyday as well. When I would like to enter ordination, she tried to find a way for me to ordain in Dhammakaya Temple. But my family kind of has many conflicts about way of life and way of making merit; especially, my 2nd sister against our parents and other siblings.


1. What retribution did my 6th brother have that gave him a heart disease since his first birth? What retribution did my 7th brother have that caused him to encounter a car accident until he lost his life? Was it because they were children that were asked for from the shrine of King Taksin? Where are they now?

2.   What retribution did my mother do that made her die from kidney disease, constricted blood vessels in heart and diabetes? Where is she now? I built a crystal pillar, cast a personal Buddha image, installed a Dhamma satellite and took her to the temple many times to make merit. After her death, I entered a short-term ordination at the temple and made Kathina merit for her. What meritorious fruits will she receive? Will they improve her status? Did she receive these merits?                                                 

3. What deed did my 1st wife, my son and I do together that did not give us any attachment even though our son lives with me?

4. What deed did my 2nd wife do with her ex-husband that made them to be unable to be together? How come could my 2 daughters be born to my 2nd wife and me even though I had got a permanent sterilization for over than 10 years? Usually, only a 5-year temporary sterilization could produce inability to bear a child.

5. From what realm did my 3rd wife come? And what deed did she perform that causes her to have strange friends like lady boys or gays? What deed did we perform together which caused us to make demerit and many big merits at the temple together? After she left, the love we used to have for each other became hatred, and we have become adversaries. If I have to meet her again, what can I do to make us think of good things of each other?

6.  What retribution did my family have together which causes conflicts and fights among us about the way of life and of making merit; especially between my 2nd sister and other people in the family? How did my 2nd sister pursue perfection with our merit-making group?

7.   What retribution caused me to be sniped and to encounter the accident that an iron from the bridge’s rail pierced into my hip until I almost lost my life?

8.  What retribution caused me to be unable to run businesses with my own name? Will I get any kamma from using others’ names, no matter if they are alive or not, to run businesses? If I do, what can I do to solve it?

9. My shareholder and I have run an entertainment place (selling alcohol and having prostitutes) for 2 years. Is it because of my old kamma or my new kamma to run this business? I would like to change a job, but I cannot do it immediately. Is there any solution for it?

10. What retribution do I have that causes me to be unable to live with a wife for a very long time?

11. Where did I come from? I have ordained for 3 times, and each time was no longer than 1 month. What can I do to get the lifelong ordination diagram? Now, I come to Dhammakaya temple almost everyday, try to make merit and stay in almost every merit. What can I do to be able to go to Tusita with our merit-making group?

Thanks a lot to Luang Phaw whom I respect the most.

Luang Phaw's Dream

I closed my eyes, dreamed and woke up with these answers.
When you tell anybody the story like a tale, it will make anyone know more about

retribution (Law of Kamma)

1. Your 6th brother suffered from heart disease since he was first delivered because he was an astral body that had killing retribution and was around the shrine of King Taksin. When your mother asked for sons there, the leader of earth sprites living around that place pointed his finger out for him to be born to your mother.

  • The story was, in his past life, he was a butcher selling meat, e.g. “pork” in a market. He normally delivered orders to slaughter animals for sale at his stall. In that life, he also died from heart disease like in this life, and he later became an astral body living around that shrine, as mentioned. After death, he became an earth sprite living at the same shrine and was later born again. Now, he cannot receive merits

  • Your 7th brother got into a car accident which took his life away because he was an astral body that had killing retribution and was killed in a car crash. He was afterwards around the shrine of King Taksin, and the leader of earth sprites of that area also pointed out for him to be born to your mother. –After death, he came back to the shrine and was around there like before, and he was later born as a human because somebody asked for a child from the shrine of King Taksin again. ---He now cannot receive merits

2. Your mother died through “kidney disease”, “constricted blood vessels in her heart” and “diabetes” because she, from her past life, had retributions from killing animals for food, using animals and people to do laboring work, as well as, lending money at exorbitant interest rates in the life she was born in an agricultural society, which took action together.

  • After death, she became a beautiful female angel living in another angel’s residence due to the merits she made traditionally, including with the merits you made for her before she died. However, because she did not make merit with full faith, she does not have full authority in treasure, so she becomes a follower of an angel couple living in phase 3 of Tavatimsa (the 2nd level of heaven).

  • You need to make every merit, i.e. donation, precept observance and meditation, regularly, and transfer merits to her. Since she lives in a realm that is available to receive merits, she will be able to receive them, and then her life condition will be enhanced in a row.

3. You, your 1st wife and your son, in your past lifetime, also made merits together, but when you made merits, you liked to be upset with each other. Therefore, those merits made you parents and son, but the diagram of irritation also comes with all of you in this life, so when you meet each other again, you feel upset with each other; therefore, you are not pleased being with each other and do not have attachment among you even though your son lives in the same house with you. Talking about you and your wife, the merit you have with each other is over.


4. “Your 2nd wife” could not live with her ex-husband because of her own sensual retribution from the lives she was a man and a woman; therefore, in this life, when she becomes a woman, she also have a flirtatious and hesitant habit with her which drew a flirtatious man to her to be her husband. Besides, her flirtatious and hesitant habit that comes with her makes her flirtatious and indecisive and have to keep looking for new guys.

  • You had long gotten sterilization for 10 years, but you still could have 2 daughters with your 2nd wife because you did not have retribution from castrating animals, killing pregnant animals or catching fish in spawning season, so you can have children. Sterilization is, in this present time, a new idea to control birth.

5. “Your 3rd wife” has strange friends, e.g. lady boys and gays because she has remnants of sensual retribution and socialized with many flirtatious friends. Due to this retribution, she meets people who get affected by sensual retribution which make them lady boys and gays. –Before she was born, she came from the clan of heavenly musician, the heavenly ones who specially like pleasurable things, entertainment, beauty, and she likes to socialize with the fools, as well as make merit, i.e. she is the kind of person who performs both good and bad deeds. 

  • You and she made merit and demerit together for many times because you both had the same element, i.e. you like to make merit combined with demerit for lives, and you both like to associate with both the fools and the wise ones, this element caused you to become spouses.

  • After she left, your love became hatred because of the conflicts in this present life that separation usually causes anger. That’s it! When you meet again, you need to forgive each other. Besides, you both need to completely and abruptly quit walking on the path to ruins and wickedness, and then turn towards the meritorious path because time in this human world is short. Soon we will die and be apart from each other.

6. Your family has a lot of conflicts and quarrels about the way of life and of making merit; especially, your 2nd daughter against everybody, because each person, in the past lifetime, got irritated while making merit. This diagram has come with you. In addition, in this present life, faith, precepts and view of each person are in different level, so you fight with each other.

  • Your 2nd sister is easily irritated. Even when she invites others to make merit, she still gets irritated. It causes her to partially lose merit or to irritate people she is inviting. This deed causes her to be born in a family whose way of life and of making merit is different than hers. But this can be solved.
  • Your 2nd sister pursued perfection with our merit-making group before by being in the provisions division. Sometimes, she made merit with all her might, sometimes, according to her might, but she easily got irritated which caused her to partially lose merit for many times.

7. You were sniped and encountered an accident that a steel of the bridge’s rail pierced into your hip until you almost lost your life because you, in your past life, also stealthily attacked your adversary until he became injured. In addition, in this present life, with your businesses, you like to get loans and do not pay them back. This makes them angry about present interest conflicts. You have to strongly accumulate every merit like donation, precept observance and meditation, and think of merit frequently because you have many kamma foes.


8. “You” cannot run businesses under your own name because you, in your past lifetime, liked to borrow others’ money for making merit and did not pay them back. Besides, your donation perfection is weak. These give you many problems about money. Other than that, in this present time, you also run a business about path to ruins which make your treasure come with calamities, and that always makes you in trouble.

  • In businesses, you use the names of both living and dead people. If those names are of dead people, it is like fooling the creditors that you borrow money from to run businesses, so you will be fooled through the same way. But if those names are of living people and they allow you to do it, there is no problem if you do not cheat them.

  •  To solve it, you need to completely and abruptly quit doing those wicked things and make only merits. Look for a right livelihood, one day, your debts will be paid off.
9. You and your shareholder have run an entertainment place that sells alcohol and has prostitutes for 2 years because it is your previous retribution that you associated with the fools, so you fall into this cycle again and perform new kamma. However, you still have merit from associating with the wise ones which inspires you to think of quitting these bad things. You still cannot quit this career because you have not yet quitted it or you are still not seriously willing to quit it.
  • The only way to solve it is you must completely and abruptly quit it and think of the merits you have made. Make wishes everyday to get a new career which is a right livelihood that can give you prosperity and richness.

10. You cannot be with any wife for a very long time because the merit you have with each one is over, including with your present habit that you like to cause problems about debts, flirting, path to ruins, that make you hesitant and changeable all the time. These cause you to meet flirtatious and hesitant people like how you are.

11. Before you were born, you came from Catummaharajika (the 1st level of heaven) in the clan of heavenly musician because you had long been apart from our merit-making group for many Buddhist intervals.

  • You entered 3 short-term ordinations, and each time lasted for a month, and you would like to enter a lifelong ordination. Therefore, you must make a wish often and pay full intention in being in a lifelong ordination without leaving monkhood. With this wish and strong intention, you will receive the diagram of lifelong ordination.
  • Since we have met again in this life, you should pursue perfection with all your might and make a wish to follow our merit-making group to the special merit zone of Tusita (the 4th level of heaven), the land of Bodhisatta, and never stray away from our group.


Case study in real life

The Law of Kamma (Pali:Compared to "Karma" in Sanskrit) segment or "Case Study" is one of the prominent sections on the Dream in Dream kindergarten program, conducted by the Venerable Phrarajbhavanavisudh, also known as, Luang Phaw Dhammajayo of the Dhammakaya Temple in Pathum Thani Province, Thailand.

Each individualized "Case Study" is based on the timeless Law of Kamma (the Law of Cause and Effect) which examines the reasons for many situations and complex inter-relationships people find themselves in. Viewers from around the world write personal letters to Luang Phaw wanting to understand the karmic reasons for many special circumstances in their life.

This program is not intended to convert anyone to Buddhism or any other religions persuasion. Rather the goal is to help spread genuine peace, happiness and understanding here in Thailand and around the world. By first discovering and cultivating inner peace within ourselves through meditation, we can help spread love and kindness outward, helping to make our world a better place for everyone.


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