A Beginner In Love But This is a True Love

What fruit of merits will we receive from deciding to cast personal Dhammakaya image with our own money without hesitation, immediately? How will this merit help us in afterlife? What retribution makes people to have psychological disorder and be autistic? Here, we have answers for the story of her real life. https://dmc.tv/a2124

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A Beginner In Love But This is a True Love

Dear Luang Phaw,

      I am a merit leader who has joined the Dhammakaya Temple to pursue perfection since 1984. After attending the 3-day meditation retreat at Loei Province, my birthplace; I was very impressed to see monks and devotees meditating together because I know that the meditation is a good thing internationally that everyone can perform it and I started to join the Temple since then.

In 1989, I and my family had to immigrate to the States; but I however have not missed any merit events.  I regularly participate to accrue merits with the Temple in Thailand.  Once Dhammakaya Temple was built in California, I proposed to be a sponsor offering the midday meal to the monks every Tuesday for more than ten years.  I also act as a merit leader.  Being unable to tell anyone on the merits because of my shyness, I now realize that good deeds are not embarrassing. If you are embarrassed, you should be embarrassed to do bad deeds.

I am very good at telling people merit events now.  Because, before I perform this work, I would do meditation to visualize the clear Buddha image.  The result was the target was reached on the day I persuaded people. For 1996 Kathina, I persuaded and obtained money worth of six-hundred thousand. I have also continued to inform people of the Buddha image casting and until now I have persuaded people to cast hundreds of images.

Every time I think of merits and visualize the inner Buddha image; the Buddha image becomes clear and bright.  I am so happy and smile.  I wish everyone in the world experience this happiness so that there will be loving and caring towards each other, forever.  I have the following story to ask for your mercy: My father was a farmer.  He suffered and worked hard his entire life.  He had a number of children and never joined Dhammakaya Temple.  Mostly, he accrued traditional merits.  I cast one Buddha image for him.  He passed away when he was ninety-four years old.

My mother was a Government teacher (Prachaban).  She is smart and patient.  She had raised nine kids.  She had a chance to perform merits with Dhammakaya Temple by sending monetary requisites on a regular basis.  She however never visited the Temple as her house was far at the border of Thailand.  It was inconvenience for her.  

In 1994, I visited Thailand to attend Luang Pu’s golden image casting ceremony.  During that time, the Temple announced the merit to build personal Dhammakaya image.  I intended to persuade my mother.  I just mentioned about it.  My mother immediately agreed.  She asked me to withdraw ten-thousand and brought it to Luang Phaw’s hand by myself.  She did not let anyone else do that.  Before going, I asked her the reason of accruing this merit immediately even though I had not explained her on the fruit of this merit.  She replied that she was born with suffering in this life.  She wished to have a chance to accrue merits with a big temple, where it’s full of meritorious people.  This Temple is full of good people.  This will assist her to be born around them in the next life and she will not be suffering as in this life. As my mother was overweight, she got many diseases such as high blood pressure and Cardiomegaly.  She peacefully passed away when she was eighty-four years old.

My husband is from the same province as mine, but in different village.  We were in love while in school.  We had been dating for more than ten years and got married.  The reason that we were dating so long is that he said he truly loved me.  He was not good in flirting and it was his first love. We have three kids together.  After he attended Dhammakaya Temple, he had a chance to ordain many times. The last time he ordained, it was for one rainy season.  After disrobing, he continues to hold eight precepts at Dhammakaya, California, every Sunday.  One time in 2004, he did Dhamma practice at the Temple as normal.  While meditating as per Luang Phaw’s instruction, at 8:35pm, he felt that his breathing declined gradually.  He was afraid and made a wish to Luang Pu and Khun Yay to help.  He then started a mantra “Samma Araham” twice and passed out.  He fell down from a chair and convulsed with bloodless face and was unconscious.

Volunteers and friends tried to do first aid until he recovered, and took him to a hospital. After diagnosis, the doctor did not find anything wrong. My first daughter is a determined person, easy to get angry, hot tempered; but she likes to accrue merits. When I persuade to do meritorious deeds, she will be the first one among siblings to do it. After graduation, she got a job at post office in the United states. Her life would have been like others, if it was not because of one day when she was very stressful without reason. She started to get scared of people walking around, and scared of noises that she heard.  She had to resign from her job.

Even the doctor was still confused about the symptoms. During the treatment, the government supported her around USD 600 per month. She currently is better, but she still has to take medicines. She changed to be a quiet person. She does not talk to others much and she never left the house. I want her to be recovered and to stay away from the gloomy world and turn to the same world as me. She then started a new job in a new department, but she is still under the doctor’s advice closely.

My second daughter also had a mental disorder before. The symptoms were she heard some noise speaking and ordering her. For instant, when she wanted to go out; the voices said do not go, and she would get scared and did not want to go out. At the time we went to the Dhammakaya temple in California, she saw many people and she got scare. She would walk outside. Her symptoms were worse than her sister’s, and she had to resign from her work as well.

She would like to be recovered. She tries to follow the doctor’s order. The doctor said she had to practice being in a crowded place and had to go there over and over. Even though she was scared, she tried it hard for almost a year. Right now, she can work as usual; but she later on has a new disease, which is hyperthyroid. The doctor told her to control her food, weight, and she has to take medicine her entire life.  

My third daughter is a straight forward person. It might be because of her personality, that after she got married, she often has argument with her husband. But they seem to care each other. When they got into argument, her husband will move to other place. Not so long after, he will come back home because he is worried about his wife. They always are in a huff, but their love has never died away. They have always been this way and I am kind of tired of this.

She has 2 daughters. The first daughter likes to watch Dhamma satellite a lot, especially king of Naga. Wherever she sees it, on DMC or in books; she will be very crazy about it. She does not get scared, and often asks about king of Naga. She is a big fan by wearing king of Naga’s shirt frequently. She is a talkative person but when she goes outside, she is very quiet.

The second daughter when she was 2 years old; caught a cold and had asthma and could not breathe. The doctor said oxygen did not get through her brain enough. If you only look at her outside, no one knows that she is an autistic. She lives in her own world by staying away from others. If someone tries to talk with her, she will walk away from them. She goes to a school for autistics. She currently is 10 years old. She likes to watch DMC. When she saw Luang Phaw, she would prostrate and say “Sadhu”. She likes all music, for instance, Shinning Star; she could sing and dance accordingly.

I had one virtuous friend, who just passed away. We were friends for years, and we joined every meritorious ceremony. Our minds were connected with merits. During memorial service, someone had noticed that her niece was playing with someone at the place where my friend normally used to sit at her house.  When her niece’s mother went to bring her back, she had a goose bump because her daughter waved her hand to say good bye to someone there.


1) What was my father’s omen of suffering before he passed away? Where has he been reborn?
Has he received merits from Kathina, crystal pillar and all merits that I have dedicated to him? Has he passed any message to me?    

2) My mother said, in the next life she would have a chance to be reborn in the community with meritorious people of the Dhammakaya temple. Had my mother had meritorious connection with Dhammakaya community?

Before she passed away, I told her to recollect all merits and go to Maha Dhammakaya Cetiya. Did she hear me and come to the Cetiya?

What was my mother’s omen of suffering before she passed away? Where has she been reborn? Is she with my father?  Has she received merits that I have dedicated to her? Has she passed any message to me?

3) What fruit of merits will my mother receive from deciding to cast her personal Dhammakaya image with her own money without hesitation, immediately?
How will this merit help my mother in afterlife?
How less will be the merits that my father receives from casting Buddha image for him, than my mother casting with her own money?  

4) What retribution did my husband have so he convulsively breathed and passed out while meditating; however, once he had medical check-up, he was found fine? Is it because Luang Pu and Khun Yay help him?

5) What kamma did my oldest daughter have so that she has psychological problem? Will she recover from this?

6) What retribution made my second daughter have psychological disorder, where she hears different voices? What merits will help her cure from this?
Currently, what kamma made her have hyperthyroid? What merits should she make to recover from this?

7) What kamma did my third daughter have so she does not get along with her husband and always argues with her husband, but they do not leave each other?

8) Why does my third daughter’s oldest daughter like king of Naga very much?
Why is she talkative at home but does not talk at all outside the house? Will she have a chance to talk outside the house?  

9) What retribution brought my third daughter’s youngest daughter, be autistic? Will she be cured? What merits should she make to recover?

10) Where did I, my husband and three of my children come from? How was our meditation progress?
How had we accrued merits with the Dhammakaya community? Will we have a chance to go back to the fourth level of heaven (Dusita)?
Will my wish to be reborn a man, ordain the entire life and follow Luang Phaw to pursue perfection, come true?

11) Where has my virtuous friend been reborn after passing away?
Does she go to the fourth level of heaven (Dusita) as her wish?
During cremation ceremony, someone noticed her niece play at the place she normally used to sit. Did she really come there?

12) How had my nephew who ordains at the meditation centre in Atlanta pursued merits with me so we pursue perfection together in this life?
How many times did he come down to pursue perfection in the last Buddha aeon? How did he have a blueprint in spreading Buddhism abroad?

Why did he know Dhammakaya principles and ordain abroad? How should he persuade his parents to pursue perfection with the Dhammakaya community?
I would like to pay my highest respects to you.
Luang Phaw's Dream

I closed my eyes, dreamed and woke up with these answers.
When you tell anybody the story like a tale, it will make anyone know more about retribution (Law of Kamma)

1) Your father passed away with no dull and no clear omen of suffering. He becomes general level of earth-sprite. At the beginning he lived like country people. Later he has received merits you have dedicated to him, and all his living conditions are better; i.e. having bigger house, being more handsome, being stronger, having angelic foods and clothes, etc. He left a thank-you message to you and rejoiced merits you have dedicated to him which make him have more comfortable living.

2) Your mother used to have meritorious connection with Dhammakaya community long time ago as she sometimes accrued merits with the group but she was carelessly living, so she had been apart from the community. However, wholesomeness that she pursued people to accrue merits with the community influenced you to pursue her to accrue merits with the community once again.

  • At the moment she passed away, she had bright omen of suffering so she becomes a beautiful angel with golden heavenly mansion in the second level of heaven (Tavatimsa) phase 3 because of merits from casting her personal Dhammakaya image and accruing merits following tradition. It was like she fell asleep and woke up in the middle of her golden heavenly mansion, so she did not circumambulate Maha Dhammakaya Cetiya. She left a thank-you message to you and rejoiced merits you have dedicated to her. She is now happy and excited by her angelic treasures and she said she is doing well.

3) Your mother decided to cast her personal Dhammakaya image with her own money. She will have fruits of merits as follows. She will have physical quality, wealth and qualifications, and the treasure will be brought about promptly, as well as she has a power to spend her treasures when she is born as a human. Also this wholesomeness makes her to get to the second level of heaven (Tavatimsa). 

  • With you casting the Dhammakaya image for your father, your father can only rejoice merits but the merits close gateway to unfortunate realm for him and helps him to be a good level of earth-sprite. However, he will not have the power to spend his treasures when he is born as a human.

4) Your husband convulsively breathed and passed out while meditating. However, once he was done with medical check-up, he was found fine because of his past retribution that he practiced holding breath meditation and magic spells; i.e. blessed water, sacred objects, etc. He can recover because it was only remnant of retributions so that it can only obstruct when his mind united and was about to go inside by pulling it out.

5) Your oldest daughter has psychological problem because of her past retribution when she had life problems, she was stressful and resolved by drinking liquor.
  • Have her accrue all merits; i.e. generosity offering (Dhana), precept observance (Sila), and meditation (Bhavana), then make a wish to escape from this retribution. In this life, she will just have better symptom from serious to light. 

6) Your second daughter has psychological disorder where she hears different voices, but it can be healed. The problem is a consequence from her past retribution. In the past life, when she had life problems, she resolved the problems by drinking liquor. Once she got drunk, she shouted or loudly insulted at many different people. She can be completely healed because of wholesomeness she had accrued with Dhammakaya community in the past.
  • She has hyperthyroid because of her past retribution that she kept frustration and revenge in her mind for some times as well as slaughtered big and small animals for food.
  • To resolve, she has to accrue all merits; i.e. generosity offering (Dhana), precept observance (Sila), meditation (Bhavana), spreading loving kindness and freeing animals and fishes often, then make a wish to escape from this retribution.

 7) Your third daughter argues with her husband often but does not leave each other because when two persons with defilements live together, they do have conflicts and if they are not patient enough, they will quarrel. This is a nature of normal husband and wife. They do not seek revenge from the past life. It can be resolved by studying teachings of Lord Buddha about householder practices; i.e. loving and warmth family, etc.
    8) The oldest daughter of your third daughter likes king of Naga very much because it is common that children love unusual cartoon. It does not mean that before she was born, she was king of Naga.

    • She is talkative at home but does not talk at all outside the house because she lacks self-confidence from her past retribution that she blamed her children and grandchildren until they lacked self-confidence.   
    •  To correct this problem, you have to encourage her. When you all go out, try to encourage her to talk and compliment her until she gains self-confidence and she will be able to speak one day. Also, persuade her to accrue merits and make a wish loudly so she can hear her voice often.

    9) Youngest child of your third daughter is autistic because, in the past life, she liked to drink liquor alone and get drunk alone. It is remnant of retribution so she does not have down syndrome.
    • To resolve, you have to persuade her to accrue all merits; i.e. generosity offering (Dhana), precept observance (Sila), meditation (Bhavana), and have her make a wish to escape from this retribution.

    10) You, your husband and three daughters come from different directions. Some are from brighter places and the others are from less bright place. You used to pursue perfection with Dhammakaya community as an irregular provider. Sometimes you did and the other times you did not accrue merits. You have unstable meditation progress so you have to keep practicing.

    • If you wish to be a man and have a chance to ordain; at present you have to serve your husband like an angel and accrue all merits; i.e. generosity offering (Dhana), precept observance (Sila), meditation (Bhavana), and often make a wish everyday, eventually your wish will come true one day.

    11) After your virtuous friend passed away, she becomes a beautiful angel with golden heavenly mansion in provision section of special merit zone in the fourth level of heaven (Dusita) from wholesomeness she had seriously accrued with Dhammakaya community. She did not come to her funeral. Therefore, the scene that someone noticed her niece played at the place she normally used to sit was an imagination.

      12) Your nephew who is a Buddhist monk in Atlanta used to accrue merits with you in special merit zone. In the last Buddha aeon, your nephew was a young boy of good behaviour who followed the Dhammakaya community to ordain. After he ordained, he had a duty to spread Dhamma the rest of his life. He had meditation progress that he attained clear Dhamma sphere and clear Dhammakaya image which made him survivingly return to the fourth level of heaven (Dusita) and came down to pursue perfection two times.
      • Have your nephew often be virtuous friend to his parents by talking about Dhamma with them, persuading them to visit the temple and to pursue perfection. Additionally, when he accrues merits, put his parents’ name as a merit maker and make a wish for them to pursue perfection with Dhammakaya community. 

      • Since we have met each other in this life, therefore you must try to pursue perfection in all merits with fullest efforts and make a wish to follow the Dhammakaya community to the fourth level


      Case study in real life

      The Law of Kamma (Pali:Compared to "Karma" in Sanskrit) segment or "Case Study" is one of the prominent sections on the Dream in Dream kindergarten program, conducted by the Venerable Phrarajbhavanavisudh, also known as, Luang Phaw Dhammajayo of the Dhammakaya Temple in Pathum Thani Province, Thailand.

      Each individualized "Case Study" is based on the timeless Law of Kamma (the Law of Cause and Effect) which examines the reasons for many situations and complex inter-relationships people find themselves in. Viewers from around the world write personal letters to Luang Phaw wanting to understand the karmic reasons for many special circumstances in their life.

      This program is not intended to convert anyone to Buddhism or any other religions persuasion. Rather the goal is to help spread genuine peace, happiness and understanding here in Thailand and around the world. By first discovering and cultivating inner peace within ourselves through meditation, we can help spread love and kindness outward, helping to make our world a better place for everyone.


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