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Inner Dream Kindergarten

The most watched program on DMC. This program houses two of most popular components: the Past Lives of the Lord Buddha and the Law of Kamma Case Studies. The Inner Dream Kindergarten also includes daily Buddhist sermons by Ven. Dhammajayo Bhikku, the broadcast of meritorious events in Thailand and abroad, and much more. The use of sophisticated images and visual presentations are appropriate and enjoyable for an audience of all ages.

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Questions and Answers
Ven.Dattajeevo Bhikkhu

This show discusses and offers solutions, from a Buddhist perspective, to daily problems faced by everyone, whether it is a way to improve relationships among family members or a way to manage one’s finances. The solutions are easy to understand and can be used by everyone in the family to improve their daily life.

Link to Questions and Answers Program Review (vdo: English Subtitle)
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The Past Lives of the Lord Buddha

Learning about the Lord Buddha’s past lives is one great way to learn about how to become a great person. As you listen to his past lives, you will realize how much good deeds the Lord Buddha performed and the sacrifices he had to make in order to become enlightened. You will understand the reason why, as a human being, you are here and the good things you can do to yourself and others.  



Law of Kamma Case Studies

Have you ever wondered why inexplicable events happened to you and not to others? Have you ever wondered if the saying “What goes around comes around” is true? The Law of Kamma Case Studies will travel you back in time and examine the past lives of those who live today and the causes of their current situations, whether they are positive or negative. These lessons will give you the courage to perform good deeds and avoid the bad ones.



Meditation for Peace
This program is specifically geared towards non -Thai individuals as it is a comprehensive overview of the art of meditation, as well as Buddhism. Viewers will be able to focus on getting to know and improve themselves during the first part of program, Self-Development. In the second part of the show, viewers will have an opportunity to learn about the Buddhist culture. In addition, a Buddhist monk will lead a short meditation session during the third part of the program. Lastly, to understand more about Buddhists and meditation experiences, interviews with meditators will be broadcasted towards the end of program.




Meditation for Beginners

As humans, we all experience stress and problems that are associated with work, families and friends, health, or all of these combined. Meditating continuously can help you find answers you have always sought. So take a time out from your busy schedule and let go of your problems. Only then you will find your inner peace. Do not worry if you do not have any prior experience with meditation. This video will teach you how to do just that.




Small Talk

Sometimes learning about someone’s life and experiences can be useful and applicable to your own life. Small Talk with Somkanae Yodpram will show you how many people, in various professions and with different personalities, have found happiness and how they maintain it.




Music Video

Feeling a little blue? Or have too much free time? Why don’t you listen to DMC Music? It is available 24/7 so you can listen to it during your lunch break or when you can’t seem to fall asleep.

The songs are written by Tawantam and are broadcasted in the Dream in Dream Kindergarten. Through a Buddhist scope, the lyrics offer encouragement in the time of sadness, new ways of thinking, and more importantly, ways to find peace within yourself and in others.

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