I knew that he was hired to kill me for 30,000 baht of head-price. According to the gunman’s rule if you received money, you had only one way; to finish the job. If you missed, you would be killed.

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Dear Luangphaw,

I joined the Dhammakaya Temple in 1997 and continuously came to the temple for twenty-eight years.  I dedicatedly took the roles of virtue friend to establish “Dhamma Millionaire (Dhamma Setthi)” meditation center at Klongtoey, to establish a stress-free group at Lumpini Park, to initiate food-offering activity, to persuade hundreds of new joiners from Lumpini Park to do meditation, to persuade friends to cast more than 300 Buddha images, to visit thousands of virtue friend’s house and get hundreds of Dhamma satellite dishes installed, be volunteered as a guide in Chinese language to tour around the temple.  I would like to request your mercy as follows:

My father is Chinese.  He immigrated to Thailand when he was twenty-eight years old.  He started his career with resale of chicken and duck to major customers in Bangkok and to provinces close by.  

With his diligence and dedication, his business got growing.  He started with a small chicken farm and rapidly expanded.  Later, he joined with his friends to run a poultry trading company.  He was a manager.  Although he earned a lot of money, he had to exchange with killing kamma.  This is because he killed more than thousand animals a day.

He was determined and respected.  Though he never went to the temple, he always helped his relatives.  If any relative was broke or had no money to buy a coffin or cemetery, he would fully help and take up his business.  

Besides resale of animals, he opened a factory to manufacture glass noodles.  He invested big money; but he got cheated.  He later opened an auto-parts shop.  This was his other source of income.  But, he had not yet shut down resale business.  Until one night, he dreamed of his sister requesting for merit-sharing.  Conversely, he chased her without caring since they did not get along when she was alive.

On the next day, my father got illness.  He had severe diarrhea and was unconsciousness for many days.  Doctor gave an opinion that he would not be able to survive.  However, on the third day, he suddenly opened his eyes and rushed me to make merit to a monk.  He said he was able to return because the monk helped him back.  My father could live for another three years.  One day, he could not breathe and suddenly passed away when he was fifty-nine years old.

Five years later, my wife was cleaning up my father’s bedroom.  While she was opening a storage room door, an object dropped on the floor.  She picked up and put it back the same place without noticing what the object was.  That object kept falling again and she put it back.  Then, she sensed something and brought it to me.  It was a belt buckle that belonged to my father.

I took it to a gold jewelry shop and found that it was made from real gold weighing five baht (Karat).  Once the shop owner saw this, he wanted to buy it.  He came to me at my house for purchasing it.  I did not want to sell him as I intended to give to “Khun Yay” for casting on Golden Luang Pu image under my father’s name.  After offering the belt buckle, I got a chance to pay respect to “Khun Yay” again.  This time, I handed my father’s pictures to her and begged for her perfection to help my father.

 “Khun Yay” looked at the photo and closed her eyes for awhile.  Later, she said “It is familiar.  I remember…….do not need to…”  I was puzzled to myself since she should be collecting the photo as she did with others asking for help.  She returned it to me instead.  However, I am confident that “Khun Yay” would definitely not leave my father.  Mentioning about “Khun Yay”, I miss her.  Now-a-days, I eagerly pursue perfection so that I could follow her closely.

My second brother was an inactive man. Anything he picked was not successful, as supposed.  Before my father passed away, he gave his auto-parts shop to me to take care of.  As a younger brother, I decided to give this shop to my brother.  I myself moved to run my own shop.  Not too long after the shop was taken over by my brother, there were a lot of debt problems.  My brother even got threatened.

I sympathized and helped him out and I finally got involved.  The story was my brother brought a land title to warrant on one creditor.  I tried to negotiate with him for installment repayment.  However, he did not agree and insisted to confiscate his house.  One day, I got a severe headache making me not to be able to watch my brother’s shop.  I called my younger brother to watch the shop for me.  My younger brother agreed easily.

The next day at noon, while my bother looked after the auto-parts shop, two men riding a motorbike parked in front of the shop.

One of them saw my brother’s face and surprised, he asked my brother that “why do you come here?” My brother answered that “this is my house.” Luckily, they could remember each other because they had met 3 days ago, and he worked at the same place as my third brother’s friend.

That night my third brother took me to see him, and then I knew that he was hired to kill me for 30,000 baht of head-price. Since he knew that I was a brother of his friend, he did not want to do that. According to the gunman’s rule if you received money, you had only one way; to finish the job. If you missed, you would be killed.  

Then, he proposed between let him kill the hirer, or give him money to evacuate his family to a far place. I decided to give out 30,000 baht to him right away to save my life.

Currently, my second brother that has lot of debt is dead. He died with heart disease when he was 55 years old.

My wife has a gift in tailoring, she even received the winning award from Night gown contest and she got a round trip ticket to Hong Kong. The day that she had to travel to Hong Kong was the same day as the ordination day of her relative’s friend. Truly, she chose to go to Hong Kong, but something made her change her mind.

She heard an old women whisper by her ear that “it’s time to meet him.” She immediately called to cancel the ticket, and joined the ordination without hesitation. I also was invited to join this ordination, and I met her for the first time. When we met, we felt that we knew each other for a long time.

After the ordination, we were seeing each other for less than a year, and we decided to marry. We had 3 children, two boys and one girl. My wife turned 51 years old. She devotes herself as a yoga teacher at Lumpinee Park, and also works as a virtue friend to persuade new people to come to temple for more than 20 years.  

I and my wife persuaded each other to visit the temple since 1977, and we continuously chant and meditate everyday.  
We had 3 children, and my children went to temple and listened to the chanting since they were in my wife’s womb.  

Once a layman (He is dead in monk-hood for many years.) walked toward me but we had never known each other before. He touched my hand and said that we used to be siblings in the previous life and not in this life but we are still in the same merit clan.  

He told me to give the oldest son to Laungphaw, and the youngest daughter to KhunYay. For the middle son, let him finish his Doctor’s degree. I was wondering how he knew that I had 3 children, even though they did not come on that day.  

The next week, I gave my oldest son to Laungphaw at Sara Dusita, and youngest daughter to be Khun Yay’s daughter. Khun Yay took the baby to her lap, and told me that “could you take care of her for me?”  

My oldest son was born on Magha Puja day in 1978. Before he was delivered, he was in the sitting position in my wife’s womb. His head did not turn up side down, the doctor decided to deliver by surgery.

When he started to talk, the first word he said was “Tassa”. I asked him “what?”, he said “Tassa”. He repeated the same word 3 times, and called me father. I hardly believed but had to believe because I clearly heard it.

The oldest son, since he was young; liked austere practice. He even followed monk to do austere practice and lived in the Cheng Dao cave for months. Every fortuneteller said that he would take lifetime ordination.

He was so scared. Since he was a teenager and finished his school, he never came to temple again.  On the contrary; my second son, ordained as a novice monk 2 times.  

Lately, he had a short ordination at the Dhammakaya’s branch temple, and right now he a volunteer at the temple. His reason is he is the young generation and to walk forward and pursue perfection to make a world a beautiful world.

Once, I had a phenomenon that was; I prepared to buy a new store and moved in the next day. That morning when my wife opened the bedroom door, she found 3 golden plated idols placed in line on the floor, and we did not know how they came.    
I guessed that they were brought for 3 of my children to be the amulet. The master said they could be sacred amulets from Pisanuloke province.


1. Is the sudden illness of my father related to his dream about my aunt?
Where was my father’s astral body during the three days that he was unconscious?
Why did he say that the monk brought him back?
What merit made him survive?

2. My father died with peace and no restlessness. At the time of dying, how did he feel and what was the last thing he had on his mind?
Where has he been reborn after he died?
My father had run poultry trading company for over 30 years. What retribution will he face in this life and next lives?

3. Is it because of my father that my wife saw the gold belt buckle?
 Why had nobody seen it for the last 5 years though my friend was staying in that room for almost a year?

4. Did my father receive the merit when I offered the gold belt buckle to Khun Yay?
Did Khun Yay return the photo of my father because she had already helped him?
How is the improvement of my father’s living condition?
Does he have anything to tell me?

5. What retribution does my second elder brother have that he has never been successful in anything he has done and even has debts?
What retribution made me take over all debts from my elder brother and be chased by a gunman? What merit made me barely survive?
Where has my elder brother been reborn after dying? Has he received the merit I dedicated to him?

6. Whose old woman’s voice did my wife hear whisper by her ear?
What did she want to tell my wife?
What retribution made my wife to be deaf in her right ear? What should she do to resolve it?
My wife asked if she supports me to ordain without any worry; will she be liberated from retribution?
My wife would like to ordain with Dhammakaya community. Will my wife’s wish be fulfilled? What should she do?

7. Is it true that in the past I and the layman were born as siblings?   
Why did he ensure me to give my oldest son and youngest daughter to LuangPhaw and Khun Yay respectively and to have my second son study doctor’s degree?
Where has he been reborn after dying?

8. LuangPhaw Wiriyoung from Dhamma Mongkol temple said to my second son that my second son was his student in the past life. After my son grows up, I should bring my son back to him. Is it true? Why does my second son like to go to Dhammakaya temple more?

9. The first word my oldest son said when he started talking was “Tassa”. Why did he say that word 3 times and laughed?
 Why did my oldest son like austere practice but he does not want to visit temple, when he grows up.
Does he have a pattern of lifetime ordination as the monk and fortuneteller said?

10. Where did the 3 plated gold idols that my wife found in front of the bed come from? Who put them there? Why did he give the idols to us?  Are they sacred?

11. If parents visit temple, chant and meditate, will this draw a person with merit to be born as their child? Will this happen with everyone? Or it also depends on other factors?
All of my children were born in sitting position so the doctors had to operate to deliver them. Is this called ‘born with merit’?
How have three of my children accrued merit with Dhammakaya community?     
Luang Phaw's Dream

I closed my eyes, dreamed and woke up with these answers.
When you tell anybody the story like a tale, it will make anyone know more about retribution (Law of Kamma)

1.  The sudden illness of your father has nothing to do with your aunt in your father’s dream.  But it’s because of hindrance mind that your father still deeply got mad with your aunt.  They did not get along when they were alive. 
  • During the three unconsciousness days of your father, his astral body did not go anywhere.  He got anxiety, which was similar to his dream. 
  • He dreamed that the monk brought him back. 
  • He survived because of merits that he supported the relatives from past through present.  Also, merits according to tradition attained from being persuaded by others, altogether helped him survive from death.
2.    Your father passed away with peace. The last thing on his minds was not clear or gloomy. He circulated there for seven days.  Later, an officer from purgatory of the first level of Major hell came to pick him up.  He then was judged to get suffering from retribution of killing kamma.  He was sliced and cut by the officer.  He suffered for a while. 
  • This retribution from killing kamma will result in short life and a lot of diseases in the next life.
3.    Your wife saw the gold belt buckle because she saw it by chance and not because the dead father made her to see. This gold belt buckle was in this room for long time, but you did not notice it before. Nothing is special.

4.    Your father received merit from giving the gold belt buckle to KhunYay already. She helped your father away from Purgatory of the first level of Major Hell with this merit, and he was born as a Garuda angel in the lower level in gold cotton forest of Himavanta or Chimplea forest. 

  • After he received the merit from your dedication, a small golden heavenly mansion emerged in the gold cotton forest.  However, cotton trees in the heaven are different from the ones in Major Hell where thorns are hot and made of metal, and can be extended and shrunk.
  • Your father was happy to liberate from the Purgatory because of the help of KhunYay, and happy to receive merit from you and a small golden heavenly mansion.
5.    Your second brother was not successful in any work and had a lot of debts because in the past he rarely offered generosity. When he helped anyone, he would want gratitude in return and if the person he helped did something unsatisfactory, he would ask the money back.
  • In this present life, he associated with fools. He drank liquor, was a womanizer and gambled. Therefore, these habits made his life disastrous.
  • You have to take over all debts from your second brother and furthermore were chased by a gunman but survived because in the past you and your brother were siblings and you used to borrow your brother’s money but did not repay him. In this life, you and your brother meet each other again and your brother has debts so you have to repay his debts. 
  • Furthermore, you were a loaner; and the debtor did not repay loan, so you sent a ruffian to collect the money by telling the ruffian to kill the debtor if he did not pay back money. Later on, you changed your mind so you survived in this life.

  • After your brother died, he went to Purgatory of the sixth level of Major Hell because of gambling kamma.
  • The officer is hurting him by many hot metal gambling objects. He is suffering a lot. Your brother broke many precepts so he has to go to many levels of Major hell. He has received merit that you dedicated to him but he is not liberated from retribution.
6.    The voice of old woman whisper by your wife’s ear is the voice from merit inside her that brings about this whispering voice. You and your wife used to make merit together and made a wish to be husband and wife again in the next life. Therefore, you and your wife meet each other and are husband and wife.
  • Your wife is deaf in her right ear because kamma from the past when her parents called her, she often turned a deaf ear. Moreover, she turned a deaf ear when her parents educated her.

  • To resolve, she has to accrue merit and dedicate it to her parents in that life. Because her parents were not born in this life, it is hard to resolve.
  • The support from her to you to ordain this time will lessen her kamma.
  • Your wife’s retribution is decreased so she has to meditate to attain Dhammakaya, focus her mind and make a wish to ordain with Dhammakaya community in the next life.
7.    You and the layman who ordain later were born as siblings. He was your virtue friend in many lives. 
  • He ensured you to give your oldest son and youngest daughter to Luang Phaw and Khun Yay because he has good mind and want your children to be in Dhamma way.
  • He said your second son should study Doctor’s degree because of the same reason.

  • After he passed away, he is a handsome male angel and has a golden heavenly mansion in Tusita (fourth level of heaven) in the special merit zone; inner zone.
8.    A monk from a temple said in the past life, your second son was his student and once he grows up, you have to bring your son back to him because he has a good mind and hope that your second son will be in Dhamma way.
  • However, your second son likes to visit Dhammakaya temple because he has accrued merit with Dhammakaya community for many lives.
9.    Your oldest son said the first word in his life “Tassa” for 3 times and laughed because “Tassa” is the word that his parents taught him to chant since he was in his mother’s womb. Therefore, this word is stuck in his mind but he could not speak it clearly.
  • Your son liked to do austere practice but he did not visit temple when he grows up because he is far away from Dhammakaya community, not associated with virtue friends and moreover receives the wrong information from others.   
  • He has a pattern of lifetime ordination but he currently enjoys and neglects in proceedings in his life. He might ordain when he is old like his father or when his merits bring good fruit early, he will ordain at the early age.
10.   3 Plated gold idols that your wife found in front of the bed were placed by your second brother for gifts. He wants her to be surprised and feel good that the amulets are sacred and they can emerge by themselves.
  • Once she receives it, she should respect, prostrate for homage and thinks of Triple Gem and Buddha teachings and her life will be prosperous.
11.    If parents visit temple, chant and meditate, there is a chance to draw a person with merit to be born with them except that parents have special retribution attached; such as kamma from supporting people to drink liquor.
  • Your children were born with merit but it is not like they were meditating in their mother’s womb.
  • Three of your children have accrued merit with Dhammakaya community. 
  • When the time comes, the merit will bring them to pursue perfection with Dhammakaya community with fullest efforts.

  • Since we have met each other in this life, therefore you must try to pursue perfection in all merits with fullest efforts and make a wish to follow the Dhammakaya community to Tusita (fourth level of heaven), in the special merit zone – Bodhisattva as well as do not be apart from each other again.

Case study in real life

The Law of Kamma (Pali:Compared to "Karma" in Sanskrit) segment or "Case Study" is one of the prominent sections on the Dream in Dream kindergarten program, conducted by the Venerable Phrarajbhavanavisudh, also known as, Luang Phaw Dhammajayo of the Dhammakaya Temple in Pathum Thani Province, Thailand.

Each individualized "Case Study" is based on the timeless Law of Kamma (the Law of Cause and Effect) which examines the reasons for many situations and complex inter-relationships people find themselves in. Viewers from around the world write personal letters to Luang Phaw wanting to understand the karmic reasons for many special circumstances in their life.

This program is not intended to convert anyone to Buddhism or any other religions persuasion. Rather the goal is to help spread genuine peace, happiness and understanding here in Thailand and around the world. By first discovering and cultivating inner peace within ourselves through meditation, we can help spread love and kindness outward, helping to make our world a better place for everyone.


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