You Are My Everything

At a silent night, when my father was drinking in that unfinished house, he suddenly cried in suffering and wriggled as if he was being harmed. When my mother met him, he was already dead. His whole body was bruised, and nobody could tell the cause of his death

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You Are My Everything

  Dear Luang Phaw whom I respect the most,

    I am a student of Dream in Dream Kindergarten who is urgently falling into a hard incident because now while writing this case study, I’m running a funeral for my best husband who passed away with no sign that is very difficult for me to control my mind.

My husband was an excellent guy. Since the first time we met until we were married, I never felt sad having him as my husband because we both supported each other. In my opinion, it was because of the merit we made together because he, in this life, was the one who introduced me to know the temple and constantly explained me about the profoundly story of the perfection pursuance until I was ready to pursue perfection with him until we could reach the utmost Dhamma. The more time I spent with him, the more meaningful we were to each other as if we were the breath of one another.

Though my husband was only a civil servant who was not rich, but we were satisfied with the merit we made with all our might. We donated at least a hundred thousand of Baht (about $2500) in almost every merit; for instance, Kathina 2004 (B.E. 2546), 60th year meditation building, 300,000 delights merit, a thousand year-long pillar and we agreed to make 1300 thousand year-long pillars by donating 10 Baht (about 0.25 Cent) per a pillar.

We performed an act of merit bringers by introducing people to cast personal Buddha images and to open Kalayanamira homes. Through our asking, our neighbors had 20 Dahamma satellites installed. And on every Tuesday, we asked new people to meditate in a Kalayanamitra center nearby, and my husband and I would rent transportation to pick up people to the center. We performed the same thing constantly. Also on every first Sunday of each month, we also asked people to come to the temple with us until 2 weeks before Magha Puja day, my husband decided to buy a new big car to take more new people to the temple. In our plan, the car will be first used on Magha Puja day.

But only a few days after the car was bought, my husband unexpectedly lost his consciousness at his work with no reason. Everybody who saw the happening was shocked and hastily brought him to a hospital. When we arrived there, he was X-rayed and was urgently given a brain operation because a main blood vessel in his brain broke which rarely happened; especially, to a healthy young man like my husband. Besides, he didn’t have any personal disease or any sign showing that he would be sick.

After the operation, it didn’t look like he would get any better since he didn’t get his consciousness back even until the 8th day. My hope kept fading away until the last day of his life came, i.e. he silently lost his life only 2 days before Magha Puja day.

So the new car he bought for servicing people on Magha Puja day was never used. My heart was almost broken as if almost important thing in my life was taken away. I started crying though I didn’t realize it, and the tear kept running every time I saw the pictures of his goodness performance.

I tried to follow the principles of knowledge as what Luang Phaw told us by casting him another Buddha image, making Magha lantern merit and a thousand year-long pillar merit. I also planned to make 1300 thousand year-long pillars merit by increasing the donation up to 100 Baht (about $ 2.5) per a pillar for him. I have made every merit I can do for him up to now.

When my husband was alive, we adopted a baby and brought him up as if he were our real son because his real parents separated and were not ready to be responsible to this baby which was strange because though he was not our real son, we both were so much in love with him. Presently, he is 4 years old.

My father was a military person who fought in a battle field at the northern border of Thailand. While being in the military, he drank a lot and smoked so much that he was addicted to it. Later, he met my mother and they agreed to live happily together in the house they built on water.

The house was built on water not because it was romantic, but because they were so poor that they didn’t own any land, so they made a raft and built a house on top of the raft. When the water flooded, our house would be in ripples that caused our lives to rise and fall all the times.

We lived in the rocking raft until my parents had their 5th child. My father specially loved this son, but when he was 4 years old, he passed away from typhus.

His death saddened my father so much, and due to the love my father had with him, he smeared his back with the carbon from the bottom of a pot and said “Come back to be my child later.”, and about 3 years later, my mother had a strange dream that a girl asked her to be her child.

In her dream, my mother said “Good, I don’t want a son because he will die.” But my father told her in the dream “If we get a daughter, I’d rather die; but if we get a son, I would take good care of him.” On the delivery day, they got a daughter who was actually me; and that did not dissatisfy my father at all.

But more amazingly, everybody noticed that there was a black birthmark on my back like the mark of carbon my father smeared on the back of his dead son, so I was always thought that I was his son who died and reincarnated.

But it was not the end of the story since in my mother’s dream, my father also said “If we get a daughter, I’d rather die.” Seven months after my birth, there was an ill omen, i.e. my mother bought land close to the raft we were living on, so that we could build a house and wouldn’t have to live in water anymore because we had lived there for over 30 years.

After the land was bought, my father got an oily post and he decided to make it a house post, but the people around there made a protest against his decision because they believed it was haunted, but my father didn’t believe them since he never had that belief. Besides, he made it the foundation post.

Finally, at a silent night, when my father was drinking in that unfinished house, he suddenly cried in suffering and wriggled as if he was being harmed. When my mother met him, he was already dead. Many people around there visited the house to see him too.

It happened that his whole body was bruised, and nobody could tell the cause of his death, but the people there hastily replaced that oily post with a new post and finished that house, and then my family could finally move from our mansion in water to this paradise, but it was a country paradise.

After that we lived our lives peacefully until I turned 4, I unexpectedly saw a man playing hide-and-seek game with in the house until I was surprised that I had to look for my mother and ask her who that man was, but my mother still didn’t know, yet we both agreed that that might be my father.

My mother had a difficult life since her childhood, but she loved her children and her family so much. But at the last period of her life, she suffered from cancer at the roots of her teeth. After her teeth were removed, she suffered so much because the cancer got through to her jaw. She manifested such great suffering that she tried to commit suicide many times, so my sister had to keep an eye on her all the time, but she finally could commit suicide. It happened when my sister was putting dishes away; my mother took that chance to throw herself from the second storey to the ground and died.

My father-n-law was a farmer. He liked to smoke and didn’t have many chances to perform merit. The end of his life came because his doctor made a mistake by inserting a visual tool into his belly to see the inside of his body, but that tool pierced his stomach and caused him to die at the age of 71.


1. What retribution made my husband die from a broken blood vessel in his brain that shortened his life? Could he think about merit during 8 days he was unconscious? Where is he now and how is he doing? Did he receive the merit transferred to him? Does he have any word for me?

2. When my husband was still unconscious in the hospital, the boy we adopted said “Dad, don’t go!” when he was sleeping. Did he really see his father that caused him to say like that?

3. What retribution caused everybody in my family to live in the rocking house in water for longer than 30 years?

4. What retribution caused my father’s 5th son to suffer from typhus and die? Where did he go after he died? Am I his reincarnation? If I’m not, why do I have a black birthmark at my back just like the carbon mark my father put on his 5th son’s body?

5.Why did my mother dream of a girl asking to be her daughter, and in the dream, my father said that he would rather die if the baby was a daughter? What does it mean? Why did it coincide with the real incident that I was female and soon after my birth, my father died?

6. What retribution gave my father a short life? What caused his death? Was it related to that oily post? Where did he go after he died? How is he now? Was the man playing hide-and-seek game with me my father? If he was not, who was he and what did he want?

7. What retribution gave my mother tooth cancer? Why didn’t she die from cancer, but from suicide? What was the reason that though she tried to commit suicide many times, she didn’t die? Was it because merit still supported her or because the demerit from committing suicide still didn’t take action? Where did she go after she died? Did she receive the merit transferred to her? Does she have any word for me?

8. What retribution caused my father-in-law to die from the doctor’s mistake by piercing his stomach with a visual tool? Where did he go after he died? Did he receive the merit transferred to him? Does he have any word for me? Did that doctor have any previous deed with my father-in-law before? Will he get retribution in this and future lives?

9. What retribution did my adopted boy have that made his parents unready to be responsible to him? Did my husband and I have any relationship with him in our previous lives? Does he have a life-long ordination merit? How did he pursue perfection with our merit-making group?

10. What retribution caused me to have a husband with short life? How can I solve this retribution?

11. Why did my husband and I make good spouses? How did we pursue perfection with our merit-making group, and how? Do I have enough merit to attain Dhammakaya within this life?

12. My coordinator is always alert. She wakes up at 3 AM everyday and likes to do everything faster than everybody. Why does she have that habit? How did she pursue perfection with our merit-making group before? What was her duty? Did she attain Dhammakaya before?

Thanks a lot to Luang Phaw with all my respect.

Luang Phaw's Dream

I closed my eyes, dreamed and woke up with these answers.
When you tell anybody the story like a tale, it will make anyone know more about retribution (Law of Kamma)
1. Your husband died from the breaking of a blood vessel in his brain and had a short life because of his killing retribution. He was a captain in the military who both killed enemies by himself and commanded others to kill them. This retribution took action, but the merit he made in his present and past lives decreased the retribution, so he didn’t die in suffering.

  • During 8 days he was unconscious, his mind was clear because he always thought of merit. He was just like a sleeper. 

  • After his death, he woke up and his astral body came off of his body. He saw his fellows around him with a pretty big heaven chariot, and then he followed the principle of knowledge which was circulating around Dhammakaya cetiya and recalled to every merit, and then he suddenly disappeared and showed up in the special merit zone of Tusita (the 4th level of heaven).
  • He received every merit transferred to him that gave him even more heavenly property. Currently he is being happy with his heavenly property and getting ready to visit the Great Monastic Angel at his heavenly mansion.
  • He passed a word for you not to be sad and keep doing your work for yourself and for him.
2. While your husband was being unconscious at the hospital, your adopted boy cried “Dad, don’t go!” in his sleep only because he sleep-talked like a kid since he knew his father was seriously sick. But your husband’s astral body didn’t really visit him.
3. Your family needed to live in a raft house for over 30 years because everybody was rich before, but also liked to look down people. Besides, you all were not very generous, so you didn’t have much perfection of donation and had a house along the condition of your merit.
  • Other than that, it happened because of the demerit of chasing people away from your land next to water until they had to live in a raft house. This deed became a supporting retribution.
4. Your father’s 5th child suffered from typhus and had a short life because he, in his previous life, liked to poison animals by mixing toxic drug with food that made animals like dogs, cats or mice, etc. die after eating.
  • After he died, he already became a human, but you were not his reincarnation.  
  • You have a birthmark at your back because you, in one life, lived next to a wall of a temple and you burnt trashes around there that caused a mark at the temple’s wall. This retribution took action.
 5. That your mother had a dream that she would have a daughter and your father in her dream said that he would rather die than having a daughter was actually because of her worry believing that your father preferred a son and wanted only that dead son back.
  • It was just a coincidence between your birth and your father’s death, but there was actually no relationship between them.
6. Your father had a short life because he killed animals for food in his previous and present lives.
  • He died from congestive heart instant failure and the limit of his life was over. It was not because of the oily post.

  • After his death, he was brought to the purgatory of the 5th major hell by his drinking retribution. Presently, he is suffering from being poured hot copper by the purgatory’s authorities.
  • The man who played hide-and-seek game with you was only a passerby. He just wanted to play with a kid. There was nothing important.
7. Your mother suffered from tooth cancer because of the retribution that she killed animals for food and for selling; including with speech retribution that she liked to satirize her younger sister who made many mistakes in her life. She reviled her sister until she committed suicide. This retribution caused her to die from suicide instead of from cancer.   
  • When the suicide retribution didn’t take action, no matter how many times she tried, she couldn’t kill herself.    
  • After her death, she went to purgatory from her suicide retribution that clouded her mind and made her repeatedly think only about the same things. Presently, she is rolling herself from a rough hill and walking back up there with great sufferings. 
  • She received the merit transferred to her, so her punishment was decreased. She really desires to be freed from this retribution and would like more merit.
8. That your father died because of the mistake of the doctor by inserting a visual tool in his body and pierced his stomach became a new retribution of the doctor, but it happened from the previous retribution of your father. The story was, in his previous life, he usually liked to stab fish with a harpoon for food.
  • After his death, he already reincarnated as a human, but he was kind of poor because he was not very generous and now he cannot receive merit. 
 9. That your adopted boy was not taken care of by his parents because he, in his life, was actually your own son. He was wayward and made a lady pregnant and didn’t take care of his baby. He just gave that baby away. But the merit that he took care of his parents took action that brought him to see his parents from his previous lives and was adopted.

  • The relationship between you, your husband and the boy in your previous life was parents and son.     
  •  He has an ordination diagram with him, but it’s not very strong. He pursued perfection with our merit-making group by being in the provisions division and sometimes he got short-term ordinations, so you need to keep him in this path with great care.
10. You had a husband who had a short life because of his own retribution, it was not about you; but you were spouses because you performed merit together. If you don’t want a short-life husband, you need to live a holy life and make a wish to be a man and get an ordination.
11. In this life, you and your husband were good spouses because you performed merit together with the same level of faith, precepts and view in many lives.

  • In the last Buddhist interval, your husband was a soldier of the king who got an ordination. He both killed many enemies by himself and commanded others to do it. 
  • Later, he got a short-term ordination because he missed you who was his wife since before he ordained, so he performed his duty in the provisions division of our group.

  • You have merit to get a better status; and if you meditate everyday, you can attain Dhammakaya inside of your body.
12. Your coordinator is always alert, wakes up at 3 AM everyday and likes to do everything before others because she, in the last Buddhist interval, was a soldier of the ordained king. Her duty was beating a drum to tell time for others to perform their duties. This habit comes with her.

  • She pursued perfection with our group by getting a lifelong ordination after the king. Her duty was outreaching Dhamma. In that life, she could see Dhammakaya and it was good enough to get back to the special merit zone of Tusita.

  • Since we have met again in this life, you need to pursue perfection with all your might and make a wish to follow the group to the special merit zone of Tusita, the land of Bodhisattva and never stray away from our group.

Case study in real life

The Law of Kamma (Pali:Compared to "Karma" in Sanskrit) segment or "Case Study" is one of the prominent sections on the Dream in Dream kindergarten program, conducted by the Venerable Phrarajbhavanavisudh, also known as, Luang Phaw Dhammajayo of the Dhammakaya Temple in Pathum Thani Province, Thailand.

Each individualized "Case Study" is based on the timeless Law of Kamma (the Law of Cause and Effect) which examines the reasons for many situations and complex inter-relationships people find themselves in. Viewers from around the world write personal letters to Luang Phaw wanting to understand the karmic reasons for many special circumstances in their life.

This program is not intended to convert anyone to Buddhism or any other religions persuasion. Rather the goal is to help spread genuine peace, happiness and understanding here in Thailand and around the world. By first discovering and cultivating inner peace within ourselves through meditation, we can help spread love and kindness outward, helping to make our world a better place for everyone.

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