Before No Mom to Hug

It took longer than ten minutes to get to the hospital. The doctor tried to pump up his heart, but because his brain didn’t receive oxygen for a long time, he then became a sleeping prince. He was asleep twenty-four hours a day. The last thing I was able to do for him was to have him listen to chanting for the nineteen days he was in a coma.

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Before No Mom to Hug

Dear Luang Phaw,        

I am a girl from Bangkok Noi, Bangkok, the place where Kobori died from a bomb explosion, one that caused his partner, Angsumalin, to hurt so badly.  I am lucky that I am a single and do not have any partner to make me sad.       

I joined the Dhammakaya temple in an easy way.  While I was sitting at a bus stop on my way to work, I saw a group of people in white outfits boarding a white bus.  It was an image that stayed in my mind, and I wondered where they were going.  One day, I asked them, “Where are you going?”  They replied, “We are going to the Dhammakaya Temple.”        

After that, I persuaded my aunt and colleague to come with me to the temple.  My first visit was on the day four monks permanently ordained.  I was impressed and excited throughout the entire ceremony.  The more I visited, the more I loved this temple. In 1991, I finally decided to be a laywoman at the temple.  Ever since then, I have been responsible as a coordinator of Kaew Buthorn.  I would like to ask for your permission to tell you my case study as follows:

My grandparents are Chinese from Mainland China.  They were farmers.  Because they had a tough life in Mainland China, they decided to immigrate to Thailand.  They were on a boat and struggled with winds and storms on the sea for thirty days.  In Thailand at the beginning, my grandmother sold porridge, while my grandfather sold egg noodles, which he made with a small tool and twisted with his bare hands, in order to earn a living.  No so long after coming to Thailand, my grandfather passed away from cholera during World War II.  He was only fifty-nine years old at the time.        

That is why my grandmother became the main supporter of the family.  She fought for her life to support her seven children.  Even though times were difficult, she had to fight on and be strong. She had her own motto which was “you need to fight in order to win.”  She was loved and respected by all of her children and grandchildren.  She was seventy-eight years old when she passed away due to colon cancer.

My father always liked to help others. He never gave up on his tough life. He was the owner of a factory that made dim sum, sui mai, and steamed buns.

I persuaded my father to join the Dhammakaya temple in 1987.  Later on, I invited him to meditate for seven days at Lotus Garden (Suan Bua).  When he went there for the first time, he was able to see Buddha’s image.  After that, he was able understand what the temple was doing and accrued all merits regularly.  He was a real Dream-in-Dream Kindergarten student.

From telephone broadcasting to broadcasting through the DMC satellite dish, my father watched DMC and meditated everyday. However, he had asthma, because he had been smoking for a long time.  At the last moment, his asthma got worse, causing him to not get enough oxygen and to stop breathing.  

            It took longer than ten minutes to get to the hospital.  The doctor tried to pump up his heart, but because his brain didn’t receive oxygen for a long time, he then became a sleeping prince. He was asleep twenty-four hours a day. The last thing I was able to do for him was to have him listen to chanting for the nineteen days he was in a coma. He eventually died at sixty-seven years old.

A month after my fifth brother was born, my aunt asked to adopt him as her child.  My brother was given to my aunt after he completely quit drinking my mother’s milk. He slept in the same room as my aunt, who continuously worked to support him.


My brother called my aunt “Mae”, called my mother “Ay” (Aunt), and called my father “Pa”.  When my brother was six years old, he found out who his real parents were. He was very sad for a short period of time, since he thought that my mother did not love him and gave him to my aunt.  But, in fact, he actually felt much closer to my aunt.

Currently, he has already married, but he argues with my aunt very often because they have different points of view. My aunt complains, “In the future, I will not wish to have an adopted son anymore.”  You must hurry up and apologize to her, before you do not have a mother to hug...

He normally likes to accrue merits, to express his generosity, and to help others. He has ordained as an heir to the Dhamma (Dhammadayada) twice. 

In 1988, he went to study in the US.   He had a disease, which was congenital allergies. He was allergic to flower pollen during the fall; in particular, when he went out and came in contact with pollen, he would have itchy rashes, swell, and have hive-like reactions all over his face and body.

Because the allergic reactions occurred from time to time, he had to take medicine for the 10 years he was there.  After he came back to Thailand, he was completely cured.

  My third brother ordained as an heir to the Dhamma (Dhammadayada) during the “80 years of Dhammakaya knowledge.” He loves to accrue merits and used to donate millions.  He is an owner of an egg noodle and wanton factory. 

Before, his factory produced and sold a maximum of 1,000 kilograms of noodles per day, but there were problems when his friend swindled him out of his money.  

Because of this, my brother was very stressed and left his factory for one year. After he came for a retreat at Wat Dhammakaya, he decided to take up his business once again. His business currently is doing better. His factory produces and sells a maximum of 2,000 kilograms per day. Since then, he has arranged for a van to transport his relatives and colleagues to Wat Dhammakaya to accrue merits almost every Sunday and every important ceremony day without fail.       

The doctor diagnosed that I have a tumour outside my womb about 8 centimetres in size, but it shrunk to 4 centimetres after I continuously took the medicine that my doctor prescribed.     

Apart from this, my right jaw bone is deteriorating, infected, and swollen. I could not chew food on that side, so I have permanently had to chew on my left side only.  Also, my left shoulder bone has shrunk. The massager, Grandmother Bai in Saraburi, told me that my shoulder muscle is not in the right place.  I feel a lot of pain and a burning sensation inside my left hand bone.  My hand does not have any strength, and it hurts when I stretch my left arm.   

I still have many diseases, such as asthma, which mainly occurs when the season changes to winter, and allergies to dust and fur.  I have had to take allergy medicines all the time for 10 years. I would really love to find a winning cure for it all.

Another disease is high cholesterol, which makes me feel dizzy and unstable while I walk.

I once had the flu and menstrual fever at the same time, and I lost 5 kilograms in one week.

Since then my health has gotten worse.  I have become a person who gets sick every other month, that is, I’m sick for one month, but after taking medicine and resting, I’m then cured for one month, after which I get sick all over again.

The doctor said that it is because I have allergies and asthma, which decrease my immunity.  I’ve visited many hospitals, but I haven’t been able to find a cure.



1) What kamma caused my paternal grandfather to pass away from Asiatic cholera disease and my paternal grandmother to pass away from colon cancer?

Where have my grandparents been reborn after they passed away? How are their living conditions? How have all the merits that we have dedicated to them improved their living conditions?

2) What karmic retribution made my father have asthma and become a sleeping prince?

When he was in a coma, could he know and understand anything? When I visited him in the I.C.U., why did his eyelids twitch? Did he know that I visited him? Or is it a coincidence?

Where was my father’s astral body when he was in a coma?

3) What was my father’s state of mind right before he died? Where has he been reborn after passing away? How is his living condition? Does he have any messages for us?

4) How had my aunt and fifth brother accrued merits together, so that he is my aunt’s adopted child in this life?

Why do my aunt and her adopted child presently argue with each other often? How should they resolve this?

5) What kamma made my brother finally know who his real parents were only later, when he was 6 years old?

What kamma is responsible for some adopted children to know their real parents quickly, some to know their real parents later, and some to have never known their real parents?

6) Although my brother is an adopted child of another, he still lives with his real parents. However, some adopted children do not live with their real parents. What differences in kamma do these people have?

7) What retribution does my aunt have to make her have heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes, and to have her two ovaries taken out?

What should she do to free herself from these retributions?

Besides those, my aunt is short-tempered. What should she do to resolve this?

8) What bad deeds did my third brother do in order to be deceived financially by his business partner, causing his business to do poorly during a certain period of time?

However, what fruit of wholesomeness caused his business to bounce back and allowed production and sale volume to increase twofold?

9) What retribution made me have a tumor on the outside of my womb, a deteriorating right jaw bone, and caused my left shoulder bone to shrink? What should I do to cure these?

10) What kamma caused me to have asthma, allergies, and many diseases at the same time, and why is it that when I recover from these diseases, they would all come back again the next month? What should I do to solve this?

11) Have I, my father, my mother, my aunt, and my third and fifth brothers ever been relatives in the past? How have we accrued merits with the Dhammakaya community? What were my, my third brother, and my fifth brother’s duties in the community?

I would like to thank Luang Phaw with my highest respects.

Luang Phaw's Dream

I closed my eyes, dreamed and woke up with these answers.

When you tell anybody the story like a tale, it will make anyone know more about retribution (Law of Kamma)

1) Your paternal grandfather passed away from cholera because of his past kamma. In his past life, he owned a restaurant that made him kill animals regularly. Next to his restaurant, there was a rival restaurant.  He hired a child to put laxatives into the food of his rival restaurant.  This caused many customers of his rival restaurant to have violent bowel movements.

  • After passing away, he has become a general earth-sprite in an earth-sprite village. He received the merits you dedicated to him, and these merits have improved his living conditions.

  • Your paternal grandmother passed away from colon cancer, as a consequence of her past and present animal-killing kamma.

  • After passing away, she has become a general earth-sprite and lives with your paternal grandfather. She has received the merits you dedicated to her, and these merits also have improved her living conditions.

2) Your father had asthma because of his past kamma of not taking good care of his working animals. He left the animals out in the harsh sun and heavy rain.

  • He was in a coma, because of his past animal-killing kamma. In his past life, he killed animals for food by smashing its head before slitting its throat; i.e. often smashing a pig’s head in order to make it unconscious before slitting its throat

  • When he was in a coma, he was sometimes conscious and sometimes not, but he could not move his body and was in a haze-like state.

  • When you visited him in I.C.U., his eyelids twitched, because he knew that you visited him.  He tried to move his eyelids, but he could not.

  • When your father was in a coma, his astral body was sometimes sleeping at the same time his physical human body was, while at other times his astral body was out dreaming. When you played the chanting tape, your father’s astral body also chanted along with the tape, because your father’s mind was connected to wholesomeness, allowing him to be able to recollect the wholesomeness he had accrued.  This is because your father had been used to it since he was still healthy and strong. Not everyone is like this.

3) After passing away, your father has become a handsome angel who has a heavenly golden mansion in the second level of heaven [Tavatimsa]. This is because at the moment he passed away, he was sleeping, so his mind was not powerful enough to allow him to go to special merit zone of the fourth level of heaven [Tusita]. He has received the merits you dedicated to him. These merits have made him have more heavenly treasures.

  • He passed a thank you message to you, and he is determinedly meditating in order to go to the fourth level of heaven [Tusita].

4) Your aunt and your fifth brother (your aunt’s adopted child) used to be mother and son in the past life. When they were in a good mood, they made a resolution to be mother and son again; but when they did not get along with each other, they made a resolution to not to be mother and son again. They did this over and over again.

  • At present, your aunt and her adopted child argue with each other often because of their past blueprint and your aunt’s past retribution of when she used to frequently argue with her parents and older people.

  • To resolve this, you should be your brother’s virtuous friend by pointing out the harms of his actions, as well as suggest to your aunt and your brother that they accrue merits together.

5) Your brother finally found out who his real parents were later when he was 6 years old, because, in the past life, when he did not get along with his parents (different parents from current ones), he always wished that in the next life he would be born to other parents, but he later asked them for forgiveness.  This is combined with the good deeds he performed with your aunt.

  • Some adopted children know who their real parents are quickly, because they asked their parents for forgiveness soon after. Some know their real parents later, because they asked for forgiveness later. Some don’t know their real parents at all, because they did not ask for forgiveness.

6) Your brother is an adopted child, but he still lives with his parents, because, in the past life, when he wasn’t getting along with his parents, he told them that he wanted to be born to other parents. However, when his mood was better, he asked for forgiveness and made the wish to be born to them again.

  • Some people are adopted by others and do not live with their real parents, because when they did not get along with their parents in the past, they said that they wanted to be born to other parents and did not ask for forgiveness later.

7) Your aunt has heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and has had her two ovaries taken out because of her past kamma. Her kamma of overexerting animals makes her have heart disease and high blood pressure.  Her animal-killing kamma makes her have diabetes. Her adultery kamma makes her have to have her ovaries taken out.

  • To resolve these, she has to accrue all merits; i.e. generosity offering (dana), precept observance (sila), meditation (bhavana); free animals and fish, and dedicate merit to animals she has threatened in the past. Also, she should not be short-tempered. She is short-tempered because her illness makes her easily annoyed.  You should suggest for her to meditate.

8) Your third brother was financially deceived by his business partner, causing his business to not do well for a certain period of time, but now his production and sales volume has increased twofold, because, in the past life, he did not accrue merits regularly, so his deceiving kamma showed up, and he was also deceived. However, the merits he accrued later with Dhammakaya community surfaced, so that his business is now even more prosperous.

9) You have a tumor on the outside of your womb, a deteriorating right jaw bone, and shrunken left shoulder bone because of your past retributions from adultery kamma and from the verbal kamma of unintentionally making people upset, as well as from torturing enemies.

  • To resolve these, you have to accrue all merits; i.e. generosity offering (dana), precept observance (sila), meditation (bhavana), etc., and dedicate merits to the persons you threatened in the past.

10) You have asthma, allergies, and many diseases at the same time, and when you recover from those diseases, all of these diseases come back again the next month, because of your past kamma.  In the past, you roughly rode horses over long distances and tortured your enemies; i.e. holding their heads under water, etc.

  • To resolve these, you have to accrue all merits; i.e. generosity offering (dana), precept observance (sila), meditation (bhavana) to attain Dhammakaya; free animals, fish, etc., and regularly dedicate the merits to the persons you threatened in the past.

11) You, your father, your mother, your aunt, your third brother and your fifth brother used to be relatives and accrued merits with the Dhammakaya community in the past, but for the most part, they were supporters, except for you.

  • In the last Buddha aeon, you were a soldier of the king who ordained for a lifetime. You followed the king to ordain. Your duty when you were a monk was to spread Dhamma. You spread Dhamma to your father, mother, and aforementioned relatives. You ordained for life and had meditation progress towards attaining the crystal clear Dhammakaya, which allowed you to return to the fourth level of heaven [Tusita] and to come down to pursue perfection for two rounds. However, your adultery kamma when you were soldier in that past life and in many other lives made you become a woman in this life.
  • Your third and fifth brothers were supporters and have short-term ordination merits.

  • Since we have met each other in this life, you must try to pursue perfection in all merits with your fullest efforts and make a resolution to follow the Dhammakaya community to Tusita (fourth level of heaven), in the special merit zone and the bodhisattva section, in order to not be apart from each other again.

Case study in real life

The Law of Kamma (Pali:Compared to "Karma" in Sanskrit) segment or "Case Study" is one of the prominent sections on the Dream in Dream kindergarten program, conducted by the Venerable Phrarajbhavanavisudh, also known as, Luang Phaw Dhammajayo of the Dhammakaya Temple in Pathum Thani Province, Thailand.

Each individualized "Case Study" is based on the timeless Law of Kamma (the Law of Cause and Effect) which examines the reasons for many situations and complex inter-relationships people find themselves in. Viewers from around the world write personal letters to Luang Phaw wanting to understand the karmic reasons for many special circumstances in their life.

This program is not intended to convert anyone to Buddhism or any other religions persuasion. Rather the goal is to help spread genuine peace, happiness and understanding here in Thailand and around the world. By first discovering and cultivating inner peace within ourselves through meditation, we can help spread love and kindness outward, helping to make our world a better place for everyone.


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