Mother Still Cares

Not knowing the truth of life is extremely dangerous and because of this she made many errors before she got to know Wat Phra Dhammakaya. The DMC channel made us aware of the truth of life. This is fundamental because to lead a wrong life is more painful than not being alive.

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Mother Still Cares
Dear most respected Luang Phaw,

     Not knowing the truth of life is extremely dangerous and because of it I made many errors before I got to know Wat Phra Dhammakaya.

      Your compassion in opening the DMC channel made us aware of the truth of life. This is fundamental because to lead a wrong life is more painful than not being alive.
      At the moment I am determined to pursue perfection in every merit of the Wat Phra Dhammakaya and Wat Buddha Augsburg in Germany. I do the chanting and meditate regularly and hope to follow and pursue perfection with you and the community to utmost of the Dhamma.

I would like to ask for your compassion to dream in dream for my family please. I am from Bangkok, my father migrated from Mainland China. My mother is from Chinese descendant and was born in Thailand

They have 6 children and I am the eldest. My mother passed away since I was 11 years old.

3 years later my father remarried to a young woman who is 33 years his junior and they have 4 children. Ever since we had the stepmother there were conflicts frequently at home because my father tended to favour her who was only 5-6 years older than me

I felt discriminated even though my father said that he loved everyone equally. As I am a Thai woman with a strong character and assertiveness I would be the leader in inciting my siblings from the same mother to fight with my stepmother regularly.

Until father had to say directly to me that if I purposely did something wrong it was as if I did it to him not to my stepmother.

My father’s plea made me endure and tried not to have any problems with my stepmother

As my father and stepmother didn’t have time to take care of my siblings and I, I had to take care of my siblings from my mother all the time.


When I was 25 I finished year 12 from the adult high school and also my siblings could look after themselves. During that time I was very bored with life and felt that as I had fulfilled my duties I wanted to die.

But not to commit suicide, I wanted to die by accident i.e. I walked on the street and didn’t give way to cars so that they would run me over. But no car wanted to hit me they kept avoiding me so I am still alive.

Until one morning I heard a monk teaching from a radio. His teaching matched with all my thoughts especially about how to make life valuable.

I searched for him until I found him. I have listened to his teaching about gratitude towards parents i.e. if our parents passed away; we should meditate and dedicate the merit to them. The word meditation struck me directly.

        I therefore kept on searching for the teaching from many temples and provinces but they didn’t satisfy me.

        Sometimes I couldn’t understand the teaching. I used to read and meditate by using the breathing technique “Buddho” but I felt uncomfortable and couldn’t breathe so I stopped.

                Since my mother passed away I always had a pertinent question in my mind that what life was about and why our lives were different. I didn’t know whom to ask until after I married a German and moved to Germany.

        At the end of June 2006 I had an opportunity to visit a friend house in Deggendorf. She showed me the calendar of Wat Phra Dhammakaya. As soon as I saw your photo I was very impressed by it and said to myself this is it.

        I asked her for the calendar to keep it at home but when I saw a big temple with lots of people, my mind resisted and I criticized that why such a big temple, why did they build such a temple they must be materialist.

        Later I was out of job so I had more time to visit that friend more often. Then one day I watched the DMC channel again. That day I saw the story of hell and heaven that I believed they did exist.

        But when I asked the knowers they tended to say that these topics were not to be questioned. They were only to be known amongst the high level meditators.
        But that day you answered directly and there was no ruling out especially in the case study the teaching was clear.

As soon as I got home I bowed to your photo and asked for your forgiveness. I meditated and said to myself that I had found the teacher that I had been seeking for a long time why should I be still stubborn. If I let this opportunity passed by, I would be very stupid.

        Then I went to the Wat Buddha Augsburg following the invitation from my kalyanamitta (virtuous friend).

        When I saw the main Buddha image there, I was stunned and was moved to tears I said to myself oh! I have seen many Buddha images but never felt at peace and happy like today. The Buddha image was so graceful and was exactly what I was after.

        I then immediately contributed to the casting of the personal Buddha image, accepted the robe for 2005 Kathina and resolved.

        I like to be your follower for the rest of my life and through lives till the utmost of the Dhamma.

 My mother had a hard life when she was young, my grandparents didn’t love her and they were going to force her into an arranged marriage. Therefore she eloped with father.

Mother was kind and spoke pleasantly. When she gave birth she tended to drink herbal spirit but not much.
I saw mother gave alms sometimes. The last one before she passed away she gave alms to 33 monks, which were exactly equivalent to her age.

At that time mother was 10 months pregnant with her 7th child. She didn’t go onto the labor. Therefore the doctor sent her to the hospital for cesarean. 

        On the day she was living home,  she told me to look after all the siblings if she was not around because I was the eldest.
        And she said she wasn’t sure whether she would be coming back home again. At first I didn’t think much about it but when I looked at mother, I saw that she was in tears. For mother, I accepted her request straightaway.

        The following morning she died at the hospital with the fetus in her womb. The doctor diagnosed that she died because of hypertension and heart failure.

        During the first half of the year after she passed away, she came to see me 3 times. The first time I saw her walking towards our house in the daytime I was frightened and ran away.

        The second time I intended to play in the water after washing clothes in the canal. But when I looked at the opposite bank I saw mother standing there with angry face, I was frightened and ran away again. She probably knew that I couldn’t swim therefore she forbade me.

The 3rd time while I was cooking I thought of mother that I had to add this and that. But as I looked up through the window I saw her standing in the opposite house and smiling. 

I was frightened, dropped the wok and ran in the house.  My father was in the good mood in general. He liked to tell us the history and used the Chinese story of “3 groups” to teach morality to us. He smoked cigar and drank alcohol sometimes when he socialized.

3 years after mother passed away, father stopped his dry cleaning business and sold rice with chicken instead. Father killed chickens himself and didn’t allow the children to help.

When he had 4 children with my stepmother he had more work. He was stressed, had bad temper and scolded us often.

        As for myself and my siblings from my mother, when we grew up and could look after ourselves, we all left home but everyone still sent money to father.

        One son of my stepmother who is now 38 years old, when he was young, he was naughty, addicted to sniffing glue and often asked for money from father but if he didn’t give it to him, he would beat father regularly.
        Until the villagers couldn’t stand it but they could only ring the ambulance to come and get father when he was beaten to unconsciousness.
        The other children didn’t know about it because father tended to hide it from them and also that son would beat him at the places where it could be covered by father’s clothes. The last time I saw father, I could only notice that he lost weight but I didn’t know what had happened until the 27th November 1990 father passed away because that son molested him.

  The truth was exposed when there were bruises in father’s body. The doctor diagnosed that he had bruises in his heart, lungs and  his liver was crushed. The villagers also confirmed that father was physically abused

        Legal action was taken against that son but at the moment he was exonerated. Even if he is reformed now and wants to ask for forgiveness from father, it is already too late.
        My real younger brother was a hooligan in his teen years. He associated with bad companies, drank alcohol, had nightlife, sold drugs and regularly involved in a brawl.

        I had to solve the problems for him every time. He was not addicted to drugs but he wanted to try everything.

        The one I knew very well was marijuana, the place where he smoked was not a dangerous one as he didn’t have to run away from anyone i.e. he did it at my place.

He said he smoked it because he didn’t have anything to do.
        One time he had a fight and injured his opponent and he was jailed. After he finished his term I urged him to ordain in a temple in the province.

        He promised to ordain for life that made me very happy but after 7 years he disrobed and got married.        The reason being that not too long after his ordination, he was assigned to build a new temple, he had to be responsible for so many things including workers and building materials.

        And also monks that came with him broke the rules secretly (had dinner). All these soon became a heavy burden to him. He didn’t have the time to meditate. Finally he solved the problems by disrobing to free himself from those duties and later got married.

I would like to ask the following questions:

1.  What made mother had a hard life in her tender age. She was not loved by her parents and was almost forced into arranged marriage, died with the fetus in her womb and at the moment where is she. Did she really come to see me those 3 times and why?

2.  What retribution made father being molested by his son from my stepmother until he finally died? Where did he go after he died?

3.  Will the son from my stepmother go to Aveci major hell when he dies because he killed father? Can the merit from attaining Phra Dhammakaya help relatives in all hells including Aveci and Lokantara major hell, and how?

4.  What retribution do I have with my real younger brother, as I have to solve every problem for him?

What is the difference in the demerit between the fact that my brother used drugs and was not addicted to it and if he was addicted to it?

5.  What is the retribution of my younger brother who after ordination had to be in charge of building a new temple but didn’t finish it?

When he promised to ordain for life but he disrobed before that, was it sinful?

What was his ordination diagram as he only ordained for 7 years?

6. What retribution made me become orphan and had the duty to look after my 5 siblings in my tender age?

When I was bored with life, I walked into cars to get run over but I’ve never got hit, why?

What merit made me interested in Buddhism since my youth and was struck with the word meditation?

7. What retribution that made me understand your teaching and I changed my habit very quickly even though at the beginning I didn’t agree with it,

that surprised my husband and my younger sister, they thought that I was brainwashed?

8.  How did my husband and I pursue perfection with the Dhammakaya community and what made me come to know you when I was as old as 53?

I was pregnant and had 2 miscarriages and never conceived again was it due to any kamma?

9.  I am a nurse and have to look after old people, some are confused and couldn’t help themselves, some are violent and beat me,

Was it due to the alcohol related kamma that made me experienced this? What made me have to look after this group of people?

10.  At the moment I intended to set up a business involving food and traditional Thai massage with the same kalyanamitta (virtuous friend).

How did we accrue merit together and will the business be successful?

My kalyanamitta and I are thinking of setting up a meditation centre or another temple in this zone will it be successful?

Yours respectfully

Luang Phaw's Dream

I closed my eyes, dreamed and woke up with these answers.
When you tell anybody the story like a tale, it will make anyone know more about retribution (Law of Kamma)

Your mother had a hard life in her tender age, she
was not loved by your grandparents and was almost forced into an arranged marriage because of the kamma in the previous life, she was stingy that made her born in an agricultural society and had a hard life and under a tradition of arranged marriage but she didn’t have to go through the arranged marriage because she didn’t have the related kamma. She was not loved by your grandparents because she didn’t have the merit of supporting relatives.  

  • She died with the fetus in her womb because in the past life she was born in an agricultural society she killed pregnant cows for food, that attracted the child that had the similar kamma to come to be born to her and died in the womb with the mother!
  • after she died she roamed around near you with concern. And your attachment towards each other made you really see your mother those 3 times
  • when you all grew up she felt relieved and was reborn as a human already!
2.  Your father was molested by his son from your stepmother until he finally died because they were misfortunate pair in the past life.

The story is they used to be enemies i.e. there were 2 groups of hooligans who had bad feelings and ill will for each other; they fought continuously for many lives.

Until one person in the groups of hooligans was reborn as a chicken and was killed by your father for food in this live time.

Before it died it bred ill will with your father and was conceived to his 2nd wife. When the son was born he had the habit of associating with fools that followed him from previous life and he did associate with them until he became drug addicted and came to molest father due to the kamma from ill will he had bred.

  • After father died the clouded mind and obscure vision made the killing kamma (Panatibata kamma) draw him to the Panatibata major hell.  

        He in the body of half chicken and half human is being cut by the denizens of hell. He died and reborn uncountable times.
  • He is in agony and couldn’t receive any merit dedicated to him ---but you should make merit and dedicate it to him frequently. It will wait for him in Yomaloka (Purgatory)!
3. The son born from your stepmother killed your
father. When he died he will go to Aveci major hell due to the Anantariyakam (serious kamma) except if he made great merit like the king Ajasatru who committed Anantariyakam but later supported the work of Buddhism.

That alleviated the serious transgression but still he has to go to yomaloka (purgatory) of the Aveci major hell anyhow!

  •   the merit arised from attainment of Phra Dhammakaya is not enough to help relatives from every hell. You must attain “ Vijja Dhammakaya” but to what level of subtlety and what degree of perfection!
  • if you attain subtle Vijja Dhammakaya and have higher perfection like Khun Yay then you can help them in every hell!
4.  You have to solve every problem for your own brother because you were related, befriended, were siblings and supported each other in the past life. Therefore you come to support each other again!
  • The fact that your brother is not addicted to drug even though he used it, he will also have retribution but it is slighter than the addicted one i.e. in his last moment he will have vision of the misdeed.

    The people who take drug but didn’t become addicted will end up in Yomaloka (purgatory) only. But the drug addicted ones will have to go to major hell!

5. After his ordination, your brother was leading in building a new temple but didn’t complete it, he will have a prosperous life for sometime then it will degrade because he only did half of the work and didn’t complete it as he intended!

But it is a different story from incomplete temple as the person dies first i.e. when the merit comes to fruition the result depends on the power of the merit, i.e. the person would have a prosperous life but will not reach the peak as he will die before but it is still better than the first instance!


  • He promised that he would ordain for life but later disrobed is not sinful but the diagram of “doing thing by half” will follow him.

  • He ordained for 7 years only because he had a short-term ordination diagram and he didn’t have enough merit to complete the construction of the temple.

    And also as he didn’t associate with Pundit or monks who were kalyanamitta that made his life like that.

6. You were an orphan, without a mother and had the
duty to care for and protect your 5 siblings since you were young because in the past life when you were born in the agricultural society you rejoiced in your mother’s action in killing pregnant animals i.e. pregnant cows for food to feed the people in the family including yourself.  

As for taking care of your siblings in the present life it is the merit in supporting your relatives.


  • When you felt bored with life and walked on the street for cars to run over you but you were safe because you didn’t have the kamma of committing suicide and also you still had the connecting merit with our community!

  • You were interested in Buddhism since you were young and were struck with the word “meditation” because the merit that you accrued in Buddhism and with our community reminded you!

    These include generosity(dana), precepts(sila) and meditation(bhavana) therefore any of these words could strike you!

7.  After you heard my teaching and understood it and
made you change your habit quickly even though at the beginning you protested until your husband and younger sister were surprised and thought that you were brain washed because  

In the past life you used to accrue merit with our community in which you had conflict with someone, you felt hurt and liked to get out of the community but you didn’t. 

This feeling made you feel resisted the community in the beginning and that delayed you in joining our community. And you understood later when the old merit that you have made with the community came to fruition.

8. You and your husband have pursued perfection with
our community as supporters who some time did it according to your capacity sometime according to your mood. You were late in joining our community because of the conflict with someone in the community and thought of leaving but you still remained with our community and also when you made merit, you didn’t resolve that you join the community quickly, therefore this diagram is not solid.

  • You used to be pregnant and had 2 miscarriages and never conceived again because of the kamma in the past life when you were born in a agricultural society as mentioned and you rejoiced when you saw your mother killed pregnant animals for food for the family!.

9.  You are a nurse and have to look after old people, some are confused and couldn’t help themselves, some are violent and beat you because of the kamma in the past life when you frequently molested your slaves and retinues with anger to release your feelings.  

These kamma made you have this career and you have to face people who want to release their anger at you as they felt as if you were their maid more than a nurse!

10. You and the same kalyanamitta used to make merit together. When you are doing business together you must unified and love each other,


Don’t fight but look for each other’s good points and work out the benefit clearly, you will succeed but if you fight it will be a disaster.

  • as for your thought of setting up a temple or a meditation center you must unify your strength, effort, heart and financial resources, don’t fight and resolve every day that meritorious people come and help build it then your wishes will be fulfilled!

  • Since you’ve met the Dhammakaya community in this life, be determined to pursue perfection intensively in every merit and resolve to follow the community to Tusita (the Fourth level of heaven), the special merit zone, the Borom Bodhisatta area and never stray away from our community! (Sadhu)

Case study in real life

The Law of Kamma (Pali:Compared to "Karma" in Sanskrit) segment or "Case Study" is one of the prominent sections on the Dream in Dream kindergarten program, conducted by the Venerable Phrarajbhavanavisudh, also known as, Luang Phaw Dhammajayo of the Dhammakaya Temple in Pathum Thani Province, Thailand.

Each individualized "Case Study" is based on the timeless Law of Kamma (the Law of Cause and Effect) which examines the reasons for many situations and complex inter-relationships people find themselves in. Viewers from around the world write personal letters to Luang Phaw wanting to understand the karmic reasons for many special circumstances in their life.

This program is not intended to convert anyone to Buddhism or any other religions persuasion. Rather the goal is to help spread genuine peace, happiness and understanding here in Thailand and around the world. By first discovering and cultivating inner peace within ourselves through meditation, we can help spread love and kindness outward, helping to make our world a better place for everyone.


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