Perpetual Virtue Never Been Told - Part 2

He has many worldly experiences in his life and has seen many kinds of people from every class. Being a Dream in Dream kindergarten student, he realized that “merit” makes people different. What merit makes a normal person be a president, a prime minister, and some become ministers or less powerful leaders, respectively? If one wishes to be a leader like this in every life, what can he do?

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Perpetual Virtue Never Been Told - Part 2

Dear Luang Phaw whom I respect the most,

               I am a new student of Dream in Dream kindergarten who sent my story to Luang Phaw once. I was delighted in every answer of Luang Phaw. Therefore, may I send Luang Phaw some additional story and questions about my living beloved people who are always in my mind? Please give the opportunity to a new student like me.

                  From the experiences that I studied and worked in the country and overseas for 60s years and make over than 60 trips to foreign countries (excluding neighboring countries), I have met many kinds of people who are very close to me and like to do good things with me, e.g. I built a temple with a country’s leader, etc.

                  However, there are many people whom I love as my adopted children, e.g. the first person is Thai, and his parents are my best friends. He is highly grateful and listens to older people’s suggestion. Being smart, studying well and achieving many kinds of skills-- both administration skill and business skill, he is well-known throughout the whole world. I always look at him proudly because I have seen him since he was just first born, so I have much love and care for him. 

                  The other person is a highborn foreigner. His father and father-in-law are the leaders of a country. He is nice, has good personality and is a high-ranking senior commissioned officer. Furthermore, he is skillful in administration and owns much property, both movable property and real estate. He owns over than 3,200,000,000 square meters and runs many big businesses. More than 30,000 followers he has are well selected by a great team, so they are all high-quality people.


He likes to consult me about being the supreme leader of the country like his family. He usually encourages me, comes to me and assists me when I need some hand.


                  I have another American best friend. We have known each other for over than 50 years. Back then, I was a training student in America, taking a leading Thai politician to meet a leader in America, and we both were their interpreters. When he was small, he lived with a leader named Eisenhower. While studying in a university, he got an idea from this leader that a successful human relationship can only come from the person-to-person relationship.


                  And due to our wish to see peace and happiness among countries without war (It is exactly the same as the Buddhist discipline of Dhamma in Buddhism, person to person, mind to mind, appearing on No.8 on the noble eightfold path, which mentions about the right determination.) we founded the Small Groups in year 1952 (B.E.2495) which is called National Prayer Breakfast.


   It is the union of having breakfast, making wishes and running good international conversations among over than 150 countries in different places. The union later makes wishes for world peace that could lead to assistance and amendment of dissention. We will give and share because we all are one.


                     Coming to this point, I think of the meditation according to the method of Phramonkolthepmuni (Sod Candasaro) like Luang Phaw’s song “Tomorrow, the world will change.” With the verse…love and good wishes to other humans will spontaneously occur within us. Differences and dissention will disappear through the simple way which no one thinks of. It is the beginning point that can truly bring peace to everybody from every country in this whole world. This idea encourages me to meditate happily everyday.


                     Dear Luang Phaw, in 10s years, my age will meet a century (100 years). I am greatly happy to meet Luang Phaw and become a classmate of all student of Dream in Dream kindergarten from this entire world, who have the same ideology, i.e. causing inner peace within us and share this peace to our surroundings for the good sake of family, society, country and finally our world (World Peace through Inner Peace). Therefore, I would like to invite everybody to turn to each other and use the right solution because this is the better and the best choice.


1. I have traveled to many countries and made more than 60 trips with no money at the beginning. It is very amazing that ever time, before my trips, somebody would give me money; even though I have only salary without making side money. What previous deed causes it? In my past life, did I propagate Buddhism in many countries and how?

2. I built 7 temples in the country with my father. I built 1 temple by myself and some temples in foreign countries, like in Berlin, Germany, in Hawaii, America, with a country’s leader who is from a different religion. What will the fruits be? This female leader has very good appearance. She is a national beauty queen. She is graceful, smart and one of the wealthiest in the world. What merit did she make which gives her these excellent qualifications? What did the deed I did with her in our past? Has she ever made merit with Luang Phaw, and how?

3.  Dear Luang Phaw, there is a ridiculous thing about me, i.e. even though I have collected many successes in my life, but one thing I still cannot get over is…well…with my smart-looking personality, who will believe that…I am afraid of ghosts. 

I still cannot restrain my mind about it. Is it possible that my fear is begotten because my great grandmother was a Thai hill tribe who worshipped ghosts, and I have seen this ghost respect since my childhood; and even up to now, the ceremony of northern Thai dancing to worship ghosts is still run? Whenever I travel overseas, I have to ask them for their protection. I’ve even always had an incantation in mind since my childhood to cast when I become extremely scared “Ohm, Aludtudtud. I am a human, you are the Dhamma. Don’t!”, and then run away. The word “You are the Dhamma is a praise for ghosts. What did I do previously? What is the solution for my fear?

4. What merit did my first adopted child do with me, which causes me to have much love and care for him? What meritorious action did he perform which perfects his life, i.e. good appearance, qualifications and wealth? Recently, he is worried about many things (family, work, residence, followers…). What retribution causes these problems? How can he solve them? When will his life become the most prosperous? How did he make merit with Luang Phaw before?

5. My foreign adopted son’s life is excellent in everything, starting from his family lineage, wealth, mentioned qualifications, good followers and a minister team. He is very highly skillful and supports every work so well. He usually comes across with good people. He owns over than 3,200,000,000 square meters and has more than 20 companies. What did he do in his previous life? And what merit did he do with me, which causes us to always love and support each other? What merit did he make with Luang Phaw?

6. This foreign adopted son of mine is running a big project with me? How will it become successful? There is an important historical thing about Buddhism buried in his land. Will we be able to find it and make it a world heritage to support meditation, and how successful will this project be? What can he do to achieve the world’s and the Dhamma’s supreme successes?

7. My best friend who has a strong relationship with me and has worked with me so well used to take an important position as a minister. We have worked together for over than 30 years, have long helped and consulted each other. Every big project of us is successful. He neither drinks nor smokes. His appearance looks great. What merit did he do in his past life? How did he make merit with me? How did he pursue perfection with Luang Phaw and our merit-making group?

8. While being abroad, I had an American friend who was very generous and had great love for humans. He used to be with a country’s leader and received many good things from him, so he and a group of his friends ran the mentioned activity for world peace. What merit did he make with me? Has he ever made merit with our merit-making group? What previous deed did he perform which causes him to run this activity? What fruits will he and I get? I have a wish to introduce meditation through Phramonkolthepmuni’s method to all my friends. Will my wish come true, and how? May I be supported by Luang Phaw’s blessing and perfection?

9. Dear Luang Phaw, I have many worldly experiences in my life and have seen many kinds of people from every class. Being a kindergarten student, I realize that “merit” makes humans different. What merit makes a normal person be a president, a prime minister, and some become ministers or less powerful leaders, respectively? If one longs for being a leader like this in every life, what can he do?

10. I have a favorite Thai dog. He is a male dog. I got him from a street 12 years ago. He is very smart and likes to please me. Sometime, he follows me to different places. Our relationship is very strong. When I’m not home, he becomes apparently lonely. Besides, he always protects me and scares strangers who visit me. How did we make merit together? What retribution makes him a dog? When will he be released from this retribution? I would like him to become a human, so what can I do?  

Luang Phaw's Dream

I closed my eyes, dreamed and woke up with these answers.
When you tell anybody the story like a tale, it will make anyone know more about retribution (Law of Kamma)

Every time, before you travel overseas, somebody gives you money to support your trips because in your past lifetime, you supported your relatives every time when they needed help and asked for your hand; moreover, you made periodical merits, e.g. when crops and rice bore fruits and grains, you offered their newly- bore products to monks and novices first and made Kathina merit periodically and traditionally. These merits took action together. In your past lifetime, you partially supported the Buddhist propagation according to Vijja Dhammakaya through many regions in that era, before the last Buddhist interval.

2.  The brief fruits from the actions that you built 7
temples with your father, built a temple by yourself and co-built overseas temples, e.g. in Berlin, Germany, and in Hawaii, America, with a country’s leader who believes in a different religion, are you will be a country’s leader, e.g. in the monarchy period, you will be born in a royal caste; in the democracy period, you will be a prime minister or a president if you desire to be born in the family of a country’s leader in that period, or you will be born in a millionaire’s or a billionaire’s family if  you wish to be a person of the front row as an economist because you do not like fighting or administration, etc.
  • The female leader of a country that you mentioned earlier has very beautiful appearance. She is a national beauty queen, has graceful and smart personality and is one of the richest people in the world because in one life, she was a daughter of a forest bandit leader. Her job was cooking for her father and his group.   
  • One morning, while cooking to welcome her father and his bandit group back home from their plundering job, she waited for them at the entrance since they came home late on that day. Unexpectedly, she saw a Paccekkabuddha (a private Buddha) who just left the forest to collect alms. His calm manner grew faith in her mind, so she offered him that food and made wishes to be greatly beautiful and extremely rich in every life. However, she did not make a wish to have the eyes of wisdom like him.

  • Due to this merit, after many births in the cycle of existence, this merit just takes action in this life, and her wishes are accomplished as we have known so far. But because her offering was not pure; therefore, that merit took action for only a limited time, so her life was prosperous for only a period of time.
  • You and this female leader were relatives and supported each other previously before this Buddhist interval. That is why you are accustomed with each other until you could be her Kalyanamitta and invited her to build temples with you even though she is from a different religion. She made merit with our merit-making group very long time ago before the last Buddhist interval.  

3.  Your fear of ghosts is begotten because of this
present life, not because of your past life, because from your childhood onwards, you have been in the society that believes in ghost story and worships ghosts, so you were always frightened, and that filled your mind with this fear until it becomes your habit. It does not happen because of any retribution.
  • To solve it, you need to completely and abruptly withdraw this fear from your mind through fearlessness and think of the triple gems within you all the time as your refuges. Thence, this fear will disappear without incantation

4. You performed meritorious actions with your adopted child whom you always have much love and care for. Before the last Buddhist interval, you were a famous instructor, and he was a child of a well-to-do family and was sent to you for education. He assisted you, paid full attention to education and was loved by you until he graduated. After that, he returned home, worked in the government service and ran businesses until they became prosperous. Whenever he had problems, he would always consult you.
  • In that life, you recommended him to make world-supporting merit. Due to being student and teacher before as mentioned earlier, you always love and care each other in this life. But in that life, you only recommended him to make merit, but you yourself barely made merit, so you are not as rich as him. However, you respect each other like student-teacher relationship or father-son relationship.     

  • Because this merit took action in the last Buddhist interval, your adopted son became the king of a region; you became the great advisor of another region, ruled by the father of the king who ordained. At the beginning of this king’s life, he expanded his regions by occupying nearby small regions through various strategies, e.g. inciting them to strike and occupying their lands until his region became larger. Afterwards, he found a Kalyanamitta who brought him to visit a monk, the former king of another region who was sick of his throne.

  • He listened to Dhamma from that monk until he understood about the truth of life and was bored of his kingship. Later, he had faith to propagate Buddhism, Vijja Dhammakaya, so he built a great number of temples throughout his entire kingdom. Due to this merit, in this present life, he becomes a billionaire whose life is excellent through good appearance, property, qualifications, etc.
  • Now, your adopted child is worried about many things, e.g. family, work, residence and followers because of his own retribution from the life he was the king in the last Buddhist interval that he, during his kingdom expansion, incited others to strike and occupied many lands easily until his kingdom became large as mentioned earlier, so he has to meet the same situation because in that life, he made troubles for others like what he is facing now. 
  • To solve it, he needs to think that everybody must be controlled by the law of kamma which is the law of cause and effect; i.e. whatever actions are performed, the performer must receive those consequences because his actions are already set in the center of his body like a bomb that is waiting for the right time to explode.
  • Then, he has to persevere accruing every merit; donation, precept observance and meditation, and then transfer there merits to ones whom he persecuted, deliver forgiveness towards all creatures, spread merit throughout for their tranquility, and make wishes for every merit he has made so far for countless lives until this present life to completely release him from all bad things. He must follow this suggestion everyday, so that this merit will curtail his retribution, to partially or entirely free him from this retribution. Soon, this temporary evil thing will be gone, and merit will take action and make him even more prosperous in the near future.

5.  Your other foreign adopted son is highborn and excellently filled with wealth, qualifications, as well as good followers. He has a minister team who can support all of his works. Besides, in his life, he usually comes across with good people. He owns more than 3,200,000,000 square meters and has more than 20 companies because in the life that you were a famous instructor who had numerous students because you taught various arts and sciences, as well as recommending your students to make merit for public in their own regions in the era that did not have Buddhism, two of your students become your adopted children in this life, but they were from different regions like in this life that they are from different countries. However, even though they were from different classes, they loved, respected and esteemed their teacher so much.
  • After returning home, they followed what their teacher said until their lives became prosperous, and whenever they had problems, they would visit their teacher to consult him. 
  • About this student, after going back home, he followed his teacher’s recommendation and donated a lot of alms as charities toward the world’s sake. He also donated land for public use to be shelters for travelers, to be schools or hospitals, etc.   
  • Then he made wishes for these merits to make him a billionaire, full of power and good fate, having good appearance, wealth, qualifications, highborn status and good followers that can support his works to accomplish his goals, so that he will not have to be tired with those works, and to have followers who listen, love and were loyal to him.   
  • When the right time comes, these merits take action and make his life what it presently is. Besides, merit that you were student and teacher who supported each other before causes love, respect, and makes him listen to your suggestion as if you both were father and son, so he becomes your adopted child. 
  • In his near past life, he did not meet our merit-making group because he was a handsome male angel owning a gold heavenly mansion in phase 2 of Tavatimsa (the 2nd level of heaven), enjoying happiness from the merits he made in the life he was a student of the famous instructor, and he just came to the earth as a human in this life and got the chance to meet his previous teacher who was the famous instructor.  
  • But in the eon before the last eon, he was in the provisions division of our merit-making group, so he has a meritorious relationship with our group. Besides, in that life, he also entered a short-term ordination with our merit-making group; therefore, he has enough merit to revive Buddhism in his country, in his own land. This adopted child of yours has enough merit to accomplish his goals. 

6. Your best friend who has always got along well with you used to take an important position as a minister. You both have worked together for over than 30 years, have consulted each other, have achieved success in every big project. He neither smokes nor drinks, and his appearance is very good because in the last Buddhist interval, your present best friend was also your best friend. You both were the country’s senior advisors and gave governmental advises to the father of the king who ordained.    
  • His habits were like ones of his present life, i.e. he was nice, liked to do works for the country’s sake, and liked to help humans. At the end of his life, he made merit with our merit-making group like you; therefore, when those merits take action in this present life, he gains what he has gained.

7.   While living overseas, you had an American friend who was very nice, loved humans, used to live with a country leader and received many good things from that leader, so he and a group of his friends ran an activity for world peace because he, in his past life, was also a famous instructor like you but from a different school. You both were good friends because you had similar ideas and teachings, and that era was lacking of Buddhism.   
  • This friend of yours had a belief which was kind of a mixture between theism and Buddhism, e.g. teaching people to be nice, to share, to long for peace and tranquility, not to persecute others, to forgive each other and assist each other, etc. You both supported each other as friends who had similar ideologies. Because these habits come with him and you both supported each other as friends who had similar ideologies as mentioned earlier, when you met again in this life, you both cooperated through the same ideology that corresponds to this present time.
  • You and your friend are counted as ones who spread loving-kindness towards humans in the primary level. The brief fruits you will receive are, your minds will always be joyful, you will have numerous friends and be lacking of foes, even though somebody desires to harm you, he will never be able to do it. After you die, you will be born in the fortunate realm, and when you are reborn in this world, you will receive love and kindness and be in a good and peaceful community, etc. 

  • This friend of yours pursued perfection in the provisions division of our merit-making group many Buddhist intervals ago in this present eon. But later, he had his own idea as mentioned before, so he set himself apart from the group; therefore, in these near lives, he has not met the group.
  • As you wish to invite everybody in the mentioned group to meditate like what Luang Pu taught, it will work well because everybody has the same idea to bring peace onto this world. Besides, everybody already has Dhammakaya in their bodies, so they definitely can practice meditation and attain Dhammakaya with no conflict against their original believes. I wish this good determination of yours to recommend this good thing to your friends of the same ideology be accomplished as what your desire.

8.   According to what you asked “what merit makes normal people become leaders, with different statuses, e.g. a president, a prime minister, a minister, etc.  
  • It actually depends on the power of merit which each person accrues differently, e.g. how purely they get the alms they offer to others, how much their alms is, how often they make merit, whether they make merit with the field of merit, how pure they are, how delighted they feel for their meritorious action-- before the action is performed, while the action is being performed, and after the action has been performed-- and whether they make merit by themselves, invite others to make merit only, or make merit both by themselves and invite others to make merit with them, etc.
  • If one wishes to be a leader in every life, he must make every merit as mentioned before in a row and make a wish to be a leader in every life, and then his wish will be accomplished. But if he does not make merit in a row, he will gain less merit, and that makes his leader diagram impermanent.   

9.   Your favorite male dog that you got from a street 12 years ago is smart and likes to please you. Sometimes, he follows you to different places, so you both love and care each other. When you are not home, he becomes lonely. Besides, he is your bodyguard that scares strangers who come to you.   
  • He, in his past life, was actually an orphan that you raised up and taught arts and sciences to when you were the famous instructor. 
  • But that child was flirtatious, so he gained sensual retribution which brought him to the unfortunate realm, i.e. he was a creature in the hell, Ussada hell (satellite hell), purgatory, and later became a hungry ghost, a monster and an animal. He has been a dog for many lives until his previous merit took action and made him meet you, his former teacher when you were the famous instructor. When you met him, you had compassion for him, so you have raised him up like in that life.
  • He is close to be freed from the retribution that makes him a dog. You need to make merit and tell this Mr. Doll that you share him merit, and may this merit release him from this dog-being retribution. Follow this suggestion frequently. When the opportunity comes, and merit takes action, Mr. Doll will be freed from this dog-being retribution and be reborn as a human. 

  • Since we have met again in this life, you need to pursue perfection with all your might and make a wish to follow our merit-making group to Tusita (the 4the level of heaven), the land of Bodhisatta, and never stray away from our group.

Case study in real life

The Law of Kamma (Pali:Compared to "Karma" in Sanskrit) segment or "Case Study" is one of the prominent sections on the Dream in Dream kindergarten program, conducted by the Venerable Phrarajbhavanavisudh, also known as, Luang Phaw Dhammajayo of the Dhammakaya Temple in Pathum Thani Province, Thailand.

Each individualized "Case Study" is based on the timeless Law of Kamma (the Law of Cause and Effect) which examines the reasons for many situations and complex inter-relationships people find themselves in. Viewers from around the world write personal letters to Luang Phaw wanting to understand the karmic reasons for many special circumstances in their life.

This program is not intended to convert anyone to Buddhism or any other religions persuasion. Rather the goal is to help spread genuine peace, happiness and understanding here in Thailand and around the world. By first discovering and cultivating inner peace within ourselves through meditation, we can help spread love and kindness outward, helping to make our world a better place for everyone.


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