Once In a Man's Life

A story of one great fighter of Dhamma army. From mistaken life, associated with bad people, and drinking alcohol, he made his mother couldn’t sleep because of worrying about him. When he drank and didn’t come back home, mom cried. There were lots of moments that his life closed to death. Once he coordinated in Buddhism, I finally made up his mind to stay in monk’s suit for good. During he is a monk; he got the cancer in the stomach. But now it’s completely gone. Which retribution makes him got cancer and how could it disappear? Will it return? DMC has the answers. https://dmc.tv/a1956

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Once In a Man’S Life
Dear Luang Phaw whom I respect the most,

    In my past, I made some mistakes which caused my mother to cry. But when I desired to make a good thing for her, I decided to attain the summer ordination in year 1997 (B.E.2540). After leaving monkhood, I completely and abruptly turned myself away from the path to ruins and entirely changed my way of life by leaving my worldly degree and the good future in my career behind and heading towards the peaceful shade of yellow robe again in year 1999 (B.E.2542). Up to now, I have been Luang Phaw’s monastic son for 8 years.

In my childhood, I was close to death before the right age for 5-6 times. For example, once when I was 12 years old, I swam in a pond close to my house; the pond was man-made because the ground’s surface was dug out for sale. Its depth was 6 meters. I stood on its bank and jumped into the water. My 2 feet went straight down to the pond’s bottom and were stuck to the sticky mud. No matter how hard I struggled, I still could not free myself. At my last breath, I kicked my feet with all my might until I was released from the mud, and my life was saved just in time. .

Another time, at 15 years of age, while I, at wild age, was riding a motorcycle, a truck, driving after me, suddenly crashed the motorcycle I was riding. I and the motorcycle were thrown off in different directions. And then, another truck ran towards my spot at the middle of the road. At that moment, the truck was suddenly stopped with a loudly squeaky noise in the middle of the road only 2 meters away from me.

Even though I was close to death, I still did not know how to live a worthy life. Afterwards, at 16 years of age, while studying for a vocational certificate, I did not know how a wise one was like because I, back then, had only foolish friends who always asked me to go out at night and drink alcohol (without getting involved with any lady) until I was fond of them. Only if I could return back to that time, I would tell my friends who ask me to drink alcohol that….

Many times, my mother cried because of me, but it was her love that entirely changed my life.

The story is I went to my friend’s birthday party, and we celebrated his birthday in a restaurant. We, around 10s people, enjoyed drinking from 8 PM until 2 AM. We all were drunk. I was drunk as well and kept throwing up until I lost all my energy. My friends took my run-down body to sleep overnight at a friend’s house.

Recovering from drunkenness, I returned home in the morning. Arriving at home, I saw my mother looking fatigued as if she stayed awake the whole night. She told me “I was very worried about you until I could not sleep the whole night. Next time, I will be pleased if you sleep at home.” That hurt my heart, so I pondered “Today, I make you sad, but someday I will make you happy.”    

When I furthered education at Ramkhamhaeng University, I still acted silly like how I once did. But one day, I saw an advertising board written “Once in a man’s life”. The words drew my attention, “Yes, it is the good thing I will give mom.” I decided to attain the ordination retreat right away in year 1997 (B.E.2540).

That decision led me to the true happiness. It was the first time I understood that a Kalyanamitta (good friend) is more valuable than any precious gem. I, after leaving monkhood, started a new life, the life of a good person, by being the temple’s volunteer with my own will and decided to ordain again in year 1999 (B.E.2542), and I’m still in the monkhood until now because the monastic life is the great gift I can give to my mother, the person who gives me this life. I have an intention to stay in monkhood and pursue perfection with Luang Phaw for good.

During my 6th monastic year, in year 2004 (B.E.2547), I suffered from stomach cancer. The doctor said “It is in the 2nd period of cancer. In this period, cancer is developing. If you take good care of your health, it is possible that you will be completely healed.” The doctor also said that the cancer grew so fast. He gave me a surgery right away and cured me through radiation treatment. My body turned very weak. From 63 Kg, my weight was reduced down to 40s kg only.

Afterwards, when I had the chance to go for a retreat at Suksundose, I had a dream that Luang Phaw walked towards me with a blazing candle, and then put that candle on top of my dim, close-to-die candle. On the next day, my sickness got better amazingly. At the beginning of year 2006 (B.E.2549), the doctor diagnosed me and said that I was entirely healed from that cancer unbelievably fast even though I suffered from it for only less than 2 years.
My mother used to run a shrimp farming business with her relatives. At the beginning, our shrimps were so fleshy that they were high-priced until we could sell them wholly and earned much money. But afterwards, our shrimps kept dying in large amount until none was alive. With that incident, we lost the business and money, as well as, suffered with great debts. We became former rich people. Our path of life was no longer as smooth as silk.

Besides, the nature also aggravated our situation because in the rainy season of these last 7-8 years, my hometown, in Mueang District, Chanthaburi Province, usually suffers from flood through the greatly heavy rain which always submerges my house.

In some years, the flood tide in my house is about knee-high, but in some years, it is about waist-high. In the last year (A.D.2006 or B.E. 2549), the flood tide almost completely covered the first floor of my house. But when Dhammakaya foundation, under the leadership of Ven. Phrarajbhavanavisudh, gave us a flood relief, everybody from Chanthaburi deeply appreciated it and would like to say thank you to Luang Phaw for not letting us struggle solely with misery.

My father was a forest police officer. Actually, trees just stand still, but how come somebody can cut them down heartlessly. Therefore, my father became a policeman who protected the forest diligently. He was highly responsible and was much loved by his friends. But because he was still young, and his work place was far from the family, he violated almost every precept; especially, the 5th one.

Later, when he got older, he could quit drinking completely. His personal diseases were gout and heart enlargement. I visited him frequently, and he gave me some money to make merit with Luang Phaw every time. Until he suffered from severe stomachache for many days which looked abnormal to my mother, so she took him to a hospital in a rush. The doctor said “His appendix is ruptured. He needs to get surgery immediately.” After the surgery, his symptoms turned worse, and he finally passed away at 73 years of age.

Three days after my father passed away, around 8PM-9PM, my monk friends and I, 3 monks in total, were preparing the cremation ceremony on the crematory amidst the silent atmosphere of night, and then many dogs around that area howled shrilly. At that moment, we, 3 monks, had hair standing on end.

We could only looked at each other and hastily continued tightening the crematory-decorating cloth and arranging flowers until it was done real fast.

My grandfather was a diligent Chinese struggler. Even though he worked very hard, he was still not rich. Nonetheless, he lived happily with his family and descendants like normal Chinese people. He passed away via stomach cancer when he was 63 years old.
    About my grandmother, she was generous and never refused to make merit. No matter what temple ran a meritorious ceremony, she participated with it. She both donated money and alms and assisted temples’ works. Besides, she also taught her descendants to be good people and to make merit diligently. Even though she did not have much money, she made merit as best as she could with all her might. She passed away through gastritis at 83 years of age.

My 2 monk friends, though they were born in different families, have a wish to be siblings in the next lives. Whenever they receive money, they would divide it into 2 equal portions and give them to each other. And no matter what merit Luang Phaw informs us, they would ask each other to demolish their diagram of poorness by setting a meritorious portion about that merit. And many times, they amaze us--their monk friends--that they can complete their portion miraculously every time, no matter how big a portion is; especially, Kathina merit. It has been 4 years that they complete their Kathina portions.  

Now, they both take the job to propagate Vijja Dhammakaya throughout the whole world at Johannesburg, South Africa.

I would like to ask for Luang Phaw kindness to dream in dream for me.

1.    Why did my mother’s shrimp farming career make her rich at the beginning and later make her lose money? And I would like to know about the retribution a shrimp grower will get if his shrimps die by themselves in a shrimp farm compared to if his shrimps die because they are sent out for slaughter for food. Are the retributions he will get from these 2 cases different, and how? 

2.    What retribution will a shrimp grower receive in this life and next life? What can he do to decrease this retribution?

3.   What retribution causes my mother to encounter many floods which trouble her family? How can we solve it?

4.    What retribution did my father have that ruptured his appendix? Where did my father go after he died? Did he receive the merit from my ordination? If he is in an unfortunate realm, what can I do to release him from suffering?

5.    Three days after my father died, it was 8PM-9Pm at that night, and dogs howled shrilly. My father visited me, didn’t he? How was his condition when he came? Does he have any word for me?

6.    My grandparents already died. Where are they now? How are the conditions of their lives? 

7.    In this lifetime, my 2 monk friends were born in poor families, but they both can complete their meritorious portions every time. In future lives, have their diagrams of poorness been demolished? In the past lifetime, how did they pursue perfection with our merit-making group? How were their meditation experiences? Did they come to the world twice? Will their wish to be siblings cause any bad result?

8.   What retribution almost took my life for many times? For example, I was drowned, I was crashed by a car, but I could survive. What retribution gave me stomach cancer? And why was I saved from this severe disease? Is it possible that I will suffer from cancer again? How is it involved with the dream about Luang Phaw?

9.    I wonder whether a person who is suffering from cancer get better or completely healed faster if he releases animals and fish frequently? Or he should accrue any special merit, and what is it?

10.   Presently, I work in the division of atmosphere control. My job is to take care of place’s tidiness while lay people are meditating. What fruits will my team and I get from this merit?

11.    How did my mother and I pursue perfection with our merit-making group? What were our duties in the group? Did we come to the world twice? How were our meditation experiences?

Thanks a lot to Luang Phaw whom I respect the most.

Luang Phaw's Dream

I closed my eyes, dreamed and woke up with these answers.
When you tell anybody the story like a tale, it will make anyone know more about retribution (Law of Kamma)

1.  Your mother’s shrimp farm was very profitable at the beginning, but it later made your mother lose money because her perfection of donation that she pursued at the beginning of her past life without making comprehensive resolves gave her richness. But because she did not make merit regularly, she lost money later. And in that life, she made a wish later not to make any demerit. Therefore, this merit, which is combined with demerit, took action and stopped her from that wrong livelihood.
In case shrimps die by themselves in a shrimp farm, the shrimp grower will confront an epidemic because shrimps die by themselves, and the shrimp grower has less intention to make them die than sending shrimps out for slaughter which will shorten his life and give it sicknesses, i.e. in both cases, the shrimp grower will have a short life and suffer from sicknesses. The difference is if shrimps die by themselves, the retribution the shrimp grower will get is not as strong as the other case that he sends out shrimps for slaughter for food. 

2.    The retributions the shrimp grower will get are, he will suffer with many sicknesses, and his life will not be very long in this present life and future lives. 
To solve it, the shrimp grower must quit doing this job abruptly and completely and then accumulate every merit like donation, precept observance, meditation. He also needs to release fish and animal often and transfer merit to those animals, as well as meditate until he can see the Buddha image inside his body. 

3.  Your mother has encountered many floods which trouble her family because she rejoiced in other’s demerit before. The story is, in that life, she was born in a city. The ruler sent out his troops for fighting to seize another city. He ordered them to destroy a dam until that city was submerged under water. Your mother was pleased that her city’s troops did that action until they won the war, and that demerit took action. To solve it, she needs to persevere accumulating every merit like donation, precept observance, meditation, and make a wish to be released from this retribution.

4.  Your father suffered from a ruptured appendix because the retribution that he killed animals to eat with alcohol both in the past and in this present life took action. After death, he became a high-class earth sprite due to the merit from your ordination that made him think of merit at the last period of his life. And that blocked the path to unfortunate realms for him. 

When he just died, he was still around his family. That was why dogs howled because they saw him. He received every merit you transferred to him and passed you a thank-you word, and he said he rejoiced in every merit you transferred to him which brought him there, and he did not have to go to an unfortunate realm; especially, the merit he received from his son monk. 

5.  After your grandfather died, he became a normal earth sprite and received every merit transferred to him which improved the condition of his life in every way. He passed you many thanks for transferring him merit which gave him better celestial food, celestial clothes and celestial residence. 

After your grandmother died, she became a beautiful female angel owning a gold celestial mansion in Yama (the 3rd level of heaven) due to the merit she made continuously in Buddhism. Receiving merits transferred to her, she gained more heavenly property. She said thank you for transferring merits to her, now she is happy, so you do not need to worry about her. 
6.  Your 2 monk friends were born in poor families in this life, but they can complete their meritorious portions every time. In their future lives, the diagram of their poorness has been almost half demolished. They need to continue making merit until this diagram of poorness is totally destroyed.
In the last Buddhist interval, they were blood brothers similar to this life. And they both were soldiers of the king who ordained, and they ordained after the king. In monkhood, they propagated Dhamma throughout their whole lives. They both could attain the clear crystal ball and the crystal Buddha image, and they both came to the world to pursue perfection twice. 

That they make a wish to be siblings in their next lives does not cause any bad result because in that case, they can support each other to pursue perfection even better. 

7.  You were close to death many times since you were drowned and were crashed by a car, but you could survive every time because you were a soldier who went to wars and tortured foes before. This retribution took action, but the incidents were actually caused by remnants of retribution. In addition, in that life, you often made merit with our group and made wishes to be free from retribution that you tortured and killed many foes. Therefore, that merit decreased those retributions.
You suffered from stomach cancer but you could be completely healed because of the killing retribution that you stabbed foes’ stomach and kicked them at the spot between their legs until their testicles were buried within their body. These retributions took action together. But you could be completely healed because of the merit you made with our merit-making group and that wish. 

If you persevere accruing every merit and make wishes frequently, you will not suffer with it again. But whenever you are careless, it will come back. You dreamed of me because your mind was adhered to me, and we shared merit before. 

8.    If a person who is suffering from cancer releases fish and animals frequently, this merit will partially decrease his retribution or completely take this retribution away. However, it still depends on the present merit, as well as past retribution. Which one is bigger.
He needs to accrue every merit like donation, precept observance, meditation, fish and animal release. Furthermore, he needs to meditate until he can attain the Buddha image inside his body. If it happens, his severe retribution will be decreased, mild retribution will be gone, and if he dies, a fortunate realm will be his destination.

9.  Presently, you are in the division of atmosphere control. Your job is to take care of the tidiness while lay people are meditating. You and your team will receive these brief fruits, i.e. when your perfection is full, this merit will make you be born in a region where is suitable for you to attain Dhamma quickly. And you will be able to meditate easily and will become enlightened fast, etc.

10.  Your mother pursued perfection in the provisions division of our merit-making group before. Sometimes, she pursued perfection with all her might; sometimes, she did it according to her emotion, so she did not pursue perfection as regularly as she should have. Therefore, she met our merit-making group only in some lives. 
About her meditation experience, sometimes she saw wholesome omens, but her experience was not stable. Afterwards, she became a beautiful female angel owning a gold heavenly mansion in Tavatimsa (the 2nd level of heaven) and came to the world for perfection pursuance only once. Therefore, she needs to pay full attention in perfection pursuance in order to change her diagram and go back to Tusita (the 4th level of heaven).
You, in the last Buddhist interval, were a soldier of the king who ordained and ordained after the king. In monkhood, you propagated Dhamma throughout your whole life. About your meditation experience, you could attain the crystal Buddha image which was enough to bring you back to Tusita, and you came to the world for perfection pursuance twice. 
Since we have met again in this life, you need to pursue perfection with all your might and make a wish to follow our group to the special merit zone of Tusita, the land of Bodhisatta, and never stray away from our group. 



Case study in real life

The Law of Kamma (Pali:Compared to "Karma" in Sanskrit) segment or "Case Study" is one of the prominent sections on the Dream in Dream kindergarten program, conducted by the Venerable Phrarajbhavanavisudh, also known as, Luang Phaw Dhammajayo of the Dhammakaya Temple in Pathum Thani Province, Thailand.

Each individualized "Case Study" is based on the timeless Law of Kamma (the Law of Cause and Effect) which examines the reasons for many situations and complex inter-relationships people find themselves in. Viewers from around the world write personal letters to Luang Phaw wanting to understand the karmic reasons for many special circumstances in their life.

This program is not intended to convert anyone to Buddhism or any other religions persuasion. Rather the goal is to help spread genuine peace, happiness and understanding here in Thailand and around the world. By first discovering and cultivating inner peace within ourselves through meditation, we can help spread love and kindness outward, helping to make our world a better place for everyone.


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