Want To Say I Love You

A man, when he was in childhood he was diligent but when he was grown up he became a trouble maker because of his promiscuous behavior. He always asked money from parents and spent it all with women. His parents thought he might be under the influence of black magic so they took him to a black magic master to remove the curse but nothing was better. He was admitted to a nerve hospital once. His mother ordained him as a monk at a temple. During his ordination, he was better but things turned back to be same after he quitted a priesthood. Did he have a mental problem from a black magic…..what is the Kammar of his parents to have so much sorrow with their son in this life?

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Want To Say I Love You
I pay my highest respect to you, Luang Phaw.

   Although the earth can be like a pen, the sky like paper, the ocean like ink, we still can not write down all of our mother’s kindness. It is as if something has prevented him from realizing the kindness of our parents. My younger brother has continuously brought sorrow to our parents.  It also took my husband almost 20 years before he could call his father, “father.” I don’t see any person, except for you, who can turn over and disclose what kammic retribution has caused these problems.  I ask for your kindness to help.

When my younger brother was young, he was quite diligent. However, when he grew up, he caused our mother severe distress because he was quite promiscuous. He was quite a playboy.  Many girls were infatuated with him. He had turned himself into a deceitful son who deceitfully asked for money from our parents to nourish his girls all the time, in spite of knowing that our parents’ GDP mainly came from being tailors.  This has made the GNH or Gross National Happiness steadily decrease every single day. Although he remembers the lyrics of the “Kha Nam Nom” (Value of Mother’s Milk) song really well, his actions don’t reflect that. His girls were a higher priority than his parents.    Our parents have no doubt that he was under the influence of black magic. They took my younger brother to a black magic master to remove the curse. The master used a lot of raw eggs, recited a spell, and rolled the eggs on brother’s body from head to toe before he broke the eggs in a bowl.  My father was stunned upon seeing what came out from the eggs. There were several long hairs and more than 30 three-inch nails.  But when we took my brother back home, his condition did not improve. Relatives suggested we have a made up “cremation ceremony” for him. We put the puppet, a replica of himself, and his belongings into a coffin and burnt them off so that all the bad things would go away. But his symptoms did not change.

    One day, my brother was really stressed. He walked around frantically and ripped our father’s collar off. He lay down and then stared angrily, baring his teeth and canines. So, we took him to the hospital and chained him to the bed. He did not take any food. He slept silently with crossed furious eyes on his anxious face. Sometimes he cried out loudly in the hospital. My mother gave him holy water to drink and rubbed his body so he could calm down. After he left the hospital, our mother took him to ordain at a temple. During his ordination, he looked so bright with a calm and peaceful manner. His speech and teachings were respected by many monks and lay people. But after he disrobed, he returned to having the same strange condition. My mother has to live apart from him, so that she won’t feel sorry for him.

          Ever since my husband was young, he never called his father, “father,” because he felt that his father did not love him very much. My father-in-law loved to drink and act wildly. Sometimes he dressed like a monk using a blanket as the monk’s robe.  My mother-in-law could not accept this, so she used her wisdom to stop this by enlisting the help of a doctor. When my husband’s father was extremely drunk, she put pig’s blood on his mouth and took him to the doctor and had the doctor tell him that he had seriously high blood pressure and could die if he did not stop drinking. Thereafter, my father-in-law stopped drinking for more than 10 years. Soon after that, my husband was accepted at Songkhla Naklin University in Hat Yai for his undergraduate education in Engineering Science. He had to leave his parents in Chiang Mai to go to Hat Yai. Before he left, his father asked him to call him “father” at least once. Although this is generally not a difficult thing to say, but for him, he had to make up his mind for a long while before he would say, “father,” for the first time. My mother and younger sister were hiding behind a ladder listening to him with joy and tears.  It was a good start for father and son. But unfortunately, after he left to Hat Yai, his father passed away from a stroke at the age of 54.  His mother did not inform him, because she afraid that if he came to the funeral, his father’s relatives might prevent him from going back to study.  During his summer vacation, my husband learned about the 13th Dhammadayada Ordination Program in 1985, which was the first one held outside the temple grounds. He took this opportunity to ordain and dedicate the merit to father.

    When he was a student, my husband helped organize the 1st Path of Progress Ethics Quiz Contest in the Southern provinces of Thailand. He also helped organize a ceremony of offering alms to 1,000 monks, which was considered to be the largest alms offering event ever organized in the southern provinces at that time.  He also practiced meditation at Wat Paknam in Hat Yai and took care of Luang Pu Aep at that temple. Later, he found that Luang Pu Aep was a disciple of Luang Pu Wat Paknam, who was sent to spread the Dhamma teachings in the southern provinces.  Towards the end of Luang Pu’s life but before he passed away, my husband had taken care of him and gave him massages to relieve his pain and fatigue. But Luang Pu’s condition worsened and he passed away. Friends said that it was because my husband gave him massages that were too strong. This has always remained on my husband’s mind.

    My husband still has 2 things that have remained on his mind.  The first one is, when he was around 3 years old, he behaved in a strange manner.  He liked to take chilies off trees and eat them like candy.  He ate chilies until he was full. Adults would tell him to stop but he wouldn't.  Later, they smashed bitter eggplant onto the chilies.  My husband, who was a victor against the spice, lost to the bitterness and stop eating chilies.  The second event was when he was 7 years old.  He and his friends went swimming in a small canal near the old palm tree where many people have died before.  Because he wanted to swim but was not a strong swimmer, he drowned after going halfway across the canal.  His friends saw him drown, became afraid, and ran away.  They ran away and hid in their houses without telling anyone that my husband drowned.  Probably because of his old merit, somebody saw him and yelled for help.  A street sweeper took off his clothes, prayed, and then jumped into the water to help my husband.  The street sweeper said he saw a dark shadow around my husband’s body.  My husband was unconscious, dark and had a mouth full of dirt, but he got to the hospital in time.

    My husband's grandfather liked fishing and rooster fighting.  He saw something strange when my husband was around 3 years old.  One day in the evening, he was sitting and smoking in the house.  He saw my husband walk up to the house and walk into the small bedroom.  He thought that my husband was going to bed.  Then a relative came looking for my husband so that he could give him a bath. My husband’s grandfather told him that he saw my husband go to bed.  The relative went looking and didn't find my husband.  My husband’s grandfather confirmed that he saw him with his own eyes. So, everyone went looking for my husband and finally found my husband sleeping at an aunt's house.  So everyone was confused about who my husband’s grandfather had seen.  After that, he seemed dull and behaved strangely.  During the day, he would sleep in bed, and at night he would refreshingly looked for food in the kitchen.  And when someone would see him, he would fall down and lose his energy.  His condition worsened.  He would sit up and act like he was fishing and say he caught a fish.  Sometimes, it was as if something was stuck in his throat and he wanted someone to shake his neck like a rooster in a fight. In the end, he died at the age of 75.

    My mother-in-law began going to the temple in the last 10 years of her life.  She regularly helped arrange flowers at the temple nearby.  When she was 68, she fell ill with lung cancer.  She couldn't drink or eat any liquid foods; she would vomit.  The doctor said the cancer spread to the esophagus. On her last day around 6 p.m., she wanted to make merit with a monk.  She wanted to make a merit and invited the abbot from the temple near her house to make an offering.  The monk gave a blessing.  She was still conscious, received the blessing, and spoke understandably.  People thought she was not going to die yet.  At the time, most of the relatives were here at the house.  After the monk left, she lay down extending her hands towards the back end of the bed and said, “Let's go!”  All the relatives were confused. Who did she speak to?  When night fell, her condition worsened and we had to send her to the hospital.  The next morning, the nurse said the she was sleeping and acted like she was dancing. She said that somebody came to her in a dream, dancing and welcoming her to go with them.  The next day, passed away peacefully at the age of 68. My sister-in-law and my friends helped chant the Jinna Pan Jon to her all night.  The first night of the funeral at around 8 p.m., a neighborhood teenager heard partying noises coming from my mother-in-law’s house and around midnight another neighbor saw her walking around on the first floor.

    My son was ordained as a novice during the summer session twice.  He received the honorable Buddhist robe 2 years in a row. My family and I were proud (but it’s not over yet) that my son ordained from the time he was little and the first time he meditated, he saw a crystal ball and a Buddha image. Sometimes, he would even see Luang Pu.

    Once, the school arranged for a meditation lesson. My son meditated by swaying back and forth, and the monk instructor thought he was sleeping. The monk punished him by having him meditate longer.  When my husband went to pick him up, my son told him that Luang Pu said that my husband would sell 2 parcels of land.  My husband thought about the land that he had wanted to sell for many years.  And our family has been making resolutions, hoping it would sell.  Many of the other investors have died and the land still hasn't sold. Three days after that, someone came to make an offer for the parcel of land that was the most difficult to sell; they purchased it in the amount of 7.7 million baht. Three months later, my husband easily sold another parcel of land for 1.9 million baht.  The buyer didn't negotiate at all.  The price was a lot higher than the estimate we received. This made a wealthy person like me shout out loudly.  I hurried to use part of the money to pay off debts and another part to donate.  Although I am not that rich, I am starting the life of giving like our great teacher.


1.  Was my brother under a black magic spell? Why were those ceremonies ineffective? What kammic retribution did my parents have with my brother causing them to suffer emotionally? How can this be corrected so that my brother will not make any more demerits with our parents?

2.  What kamma caused my father-in-law to die from cerebral hemorrhaging?  Where did he go after he died? Did he receive the merit dedicated to him? He wore a blanket imitating a monk when he was drunk. What kammic retribution will he face? What influenced my husband to not call his father, “father”? Will my husband have any kamma from doing this? How can this be corrected?

3.  Did my husband have anything to do with Luang Pu Aep’s worsening condition? If he did, how can we correct it? After passing away, where did he go? Why did my husband have the opportunity to take care of Luang Pu Aep during the last part of his life?

4.  What kamma caused my husband to eat a lot of chilies in his childhood, and what caused him to nearly drown when he was older? The street sweeper that helped my husband saw a dark shadow cover my husband’s body. Was that shadow real? Does it have anything to do with the many people who have drowned in that area?

5.  Is it true that my husband’s grandfather saw my husband walk into the room? Or was it an illusion? What illness did he have, causing him to sleep during the day, but walk around at night? Where did he go after he died? How can we help him?

6.  My mother-in-law used a strategy to trick my father-in-law to quit drinking for many years. What will result from her deception? Before passing away, she said to someone, “Let’s go!” and danced in the hospital. What did she see? Where did she go after she died? How is she doing now? On the first night of her funeral, did she come home? Why were there noises as if there was a party at her house?

7.  Why were we able to sell my husband’s land only 3 days after my son told us? Was it because Luang Pu helped us based on the resolutions we made? Or was it because my son can communicate with Luang Pu? Sometimes he would say that he rode a crystal horse. At other times, he would say that he visited my mother-in-law’s celestial castle. How is my son’s meditation experience? How can he improve it? Does my son have enough merit to ordain for life?

8.  In the last Buddhist Era, how have my husband, son, daughter and I pursued perfections with the community? How were our meditation experiences?

I pay my highest respects to you.
Luang Phaw's Dream

I closed my eyes, dreamed and woke up with these answers.
When you tell anybody the story like a tale, it will make anyone know more about

retribution (Law of Kamma)

1.  Your brother was not under a black magic spell. Therefore, the ceremonies did not result in anything. In his past life, your brother tended to focus on love and was attached to the sensual pleasure similar to this lifetime.
  •   Your mother and father have similar kamma. In their past lives, they caused their parents to suffer. Therefore, when they both became husband and wife in this lifetime, this caused them to have a son that would cause them to suffer.  
  • It is your parents’ old kamma, from when they did the same thing to their parents in their past lives. And it is your brother’s new kamma. To correct this, you need to get your brother to associate with the wise and with kalyanamitta (good friends). Also, every time you make merit, you should make resolutions for him to change for the better. 

2.  Your father-in-law died of cerebral hemorrhaging because of kamma from his past and present lives. He had killed animals to make food to be eaten with alcoholic beverages.
  • He died and the officers of hell took him to Purgatory in the hell for alcohol. At this time, the officers of hell are pouring hot copper down his throat. He is suffering very much. This is a result of the kamma from drinking alcohol. He did not go to the Major Hell because he had later stopped drinking alcohol for a long period of time. He also made some merit according to tradition in Buddhism.  
  • When he became drunk, he would imitate a monk. This will make him receive punishments from this demerit in the hell designated for those who imitate monks. That is, he will be covered in a cloth that is on fire. He will suffer for a long time.
  • Your husband would not call his father, “father,” because they had been angry with each other in their past lives. However, in your husband’s past life, his father had been a relative who lived next door. They had argued until they no longer spoke for many decades. So, he kept this anger with him to this lifetime. They also argued with each other in this lifetime.  
  • If they do not stop being angry at each other, they will continue to remain angry at each other in future lifetimes, for example, as father and son, older and younger siblings, or as friends, etc. To correct this, your husband needs to stop being angry with his father. He needs to make merit, and dedicate the merit to his father on a frequent basis.  

3.  Your husband did not have anything to do with Luang Pu Aep’s worsening condition. He was just at the end of his lifespan.
  • Luang Pu Aep died and became a monk angel in the special merit zone of Tusita Heaven.
  • Your husband had faith in him in both his past and present lifetime. He had once been his disciple and had taken care of him. But in this lifetime, your husband came to know Luang Pu during the last stages of his life.

4.  When your husband was a child, he ate a lot of chilies because of kamma from his past life. He had a parrot as a pet and kept him in a cage. He wanted the parrot to be talkative. So, he fed the parrot too many chilies and nothing else. This kammic retribution sent its effects.
  • When he was older, he nearly drowned because of kamma from his past life. In that lifetime, he was learning how to have a bird as a pet. This is a different lifetime from when he had a parrot. He wanted the bird to take a bath, so he dipped the bird and its cage in water. It nearly died and choked up water twice. However, the merit he made with the community saved him from drowning. 
  • The street sweeper, who helped your husband, saw a dark shadow that covered my husband’s body. It was just his thoughts because he had heard from various village stories that many people had drowned in that area.

5.  Your husband’s grandfather saw him walk into the bedroom. This has to do with the vision of an elderly person. It was just an illusion.
  • During the day, your husband’s grandfather would sleep. But at night, he would actively walk around. This is because of his feverish condition, which caused him to act in this way. There is no special reason.
  • Your husband’s grandfather died, and because of the kammic images he saw of his fishing and rooster fighting, his mind became sorrowful and clouded. This caused him to be reborn in the Major Hell designated for rooster fights. Right now, the denizens of hell have turned themselves into roosters and are pecking and hitting him. His body is tall; he is skinny and dark; he is suffering very much. He cannot receive merit at this time. But you should continue to dedicate merit to him on a regular basis. This merit will await him in Purgatory. When he is released from the Major Hell, he will receive this merit.

6.  Your mother-in-law had a strategy of helping her husband to quit drinking alcohol for many years. This is a merit that is not completely pure because it deceived him into being frightened of committing wrongdoing. And it was not the true reason.  
  • She died and became a beautiful celestial angel with a small silver celestial castle, in Catummaharajika, the 1st level of heaven.
  • At this time, she is happy. Right now, she is enjoying herself among the celestial musician community, dancing and singing joyfully.  
  • The 1st night of the funeral, she did not return to the house because she saw the bright path, following it. Nothing aside from that happened.  

7.  You were able to sell your husband’s parcel of land because of the merit you had made with the community and the resolutions you had made to Luang Pu. This caused his perfections to help make your resolutions come true.
  • Sometimes, your son would say that he rode a crystal horse. At other times, he would say that he visited your mother-in-law’s crystal castle. These are still just positive images. Do not pay too much attention to them. He should preserve his crystal clear Buddha image first. He has merit from his past life in ordaining for the remainder of his life. Therefore, you should take care to support him when he becomes a teenager. Also, he has merit from meditation in his past life as well.  

8.  In the last Buddhist Era, you, your husband, and your daughter were supporters in the community. You had meditation experiences of attaining the Dhamma sphere within and Buddha image within, able to return to the special merit zone of Tusita Heaven.
  • Your son had ordained for the remainder of his life. Having ordained, he performed the duty of spreading the teachings for the remainder of his life. His meditation experience was that of attaining the Dhammakaya, able to return to the special merit zone of Tusita Heaven.
  •   Having met with the community in this lifetime, you should strongly intend to pursue perfections with all your might, and make resolutions to follow the community to the special merit zone of Tusita Heaven, in the Bodhisatta area. Do not allow yourself to stray from the community.


Case study in real life

The Law of Kamma (Pali:Compared to "Karma" in Sanskrit) segment or "Case Study" is one of the prominent sections on the Dream in Dream kindergarten program, conducted by the Venerable Phrarajbhavanavisudh, also known as, Luang Phaw Dhammajayo of the Dhammakaya Temple in Pathum Thani Province, Thailand.

Each individualized "Case Study" is based on the timeless Law of Kamma (the Law of Cause and Effect) which examines the reasons for many situations and complex inter-relationships people find themselves in. Viewers from around the world write personal letters to Luang Phaw wanting to understand the karmic reasons for many special circumstances in their life.

This program is not intended to convert anyone to Buddhism or any other religions persuasion. Rather the goal is to help spread genuine peace, happiness and understanding here in Thailand and around the world. By first discovering and cultivating inner peace within ourselves through meditation, we can help spread love and kindness outward, helping to make our world a better place for everyone.


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