Buffalos’ Tears, Love You As Much As I Love Buffalos

The sample case of mis-conducting in precept no 1…. A woman who had a business in selling cows and buffalos meat and had to kill them almost every day during the past 30 years, what kind of Kammar will she get? And, how can she solve this? On the other hand, another man who killed the cows and buffalos just for fun, what would happen to him after he died? DMD has the answers. http://dmc.tv/a1968

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Buffalos’ Tears, Love You As Much As I Love Buffalos
Dear most respected Luang Phaw

    I graduated as a veterinary from Kasetsart University where only the handsome ones studied. But my life has turned from being a vet to a medical doctor for humans instead. At the moment I am doing my residency and I am studying cosmetic surgery. Even though I am not bright in my studies but the result of my treatment is excellent.

My patients recover very quickly. What is my secret? It’s the formula I learned from you – that is the ‘Vaccine’ for the mind that many doctors don’t know. I had a patient who suffered from cancer of the tissue, there was red rash and bleeding around the skull and it spread down to around the eyes. There would be some risk with the radiation treatment, the patient could go blind.  I treated the patient with my medical knowledge and I also used merit to help. I persuaded him to make merit by releasing fish and I gave him the CD to listen to and learn to meditate. Now he looks radiant and his condition improves very quickly. I believe that I am an efficient doctor because I have a kind teacher who teaches me every day and I promise that I will be a kindergarten student forever. I would like to present my story as a case study for your disciples in all around the world as follows:

My mother is Thai of Chinese descendant. She didn’t have faith in the Dhammakaya temple until in 1997 when she was sued and was going to put into bankruptcy. I urged her to attend a meditation retreat at Panawat in Chiengmai province.

After that she could refinance her business and was able to pay off all the debt miraculously that made her gained faith in the temple ever since.
Mother had been the biggest trader of cows and buffalo meat in Bung Seu market in Bangkok for the past 30 years. She ordered the killing of 30-40 animals almost daily for the meat to sell for 30 years. Lately she has been selling less and less and it reduced to 7-8 animals per day. She stopped ordering the killing but now she buys the organs of the animals from the slaughterhouse and sells them at the Buang Seu market instead. I kept asking her to stop this business because I felt very sorry for the slaughtered animals but she still sells them up to this day as my sister and her husband takes over the business part of selling meat from her.

In 1992 mother suffered from stage 2 of cervical cancer. Before her operation in the hospital I came to ask Khun Yay Acariya for her help to make the operation safe. That day Khun Yay asked me to write my mother’s name and gave it to her and she said she would help. After the operation my mother’s condition improved very quickly and she recovered miraculously. Mother liked to buy lands and 15 years ago she bought an approximately 500 Rai block of land in the Mount Tao Mor area in Tha Yang district, Petchaburi province from a wealthy businessman.
A brother of a monk has mortgaged that land and the term was coming to the end. My mother wanted to help that monk she therefore borrowed 10 millions Bahts from the bank to pay off the mortgage. And she hoped that when the monk’s brother returned the money she would return the title of the deed to him. But she learnt later that the block of land was offered to the monk to build a temple.

However, that monk transferred the title to his brother’s name. After my mother released the mortgage he never contacted her again. From that time my family had to face hardship due to the loan to pay off the mortgage on that land. On that land there was a Mount Tao Mor cave. The villagers said that it was sacred and inside there were a Buddha image and ancient treasures. My mother and I’ve never gone inside the cave because it looked messy and scary. Mother put that land up for sale for more than 10 years unsuccessfully. I used to burn incenses and said to the guardian angels that if they helped my mother to sell it, I would make merit and dedicate it to them. I was standing there by myself and the time was around 2pm, the weather was hot but suddenly there was a strong wind blown over and I felt like the guardian angels were rejoicing in the merit. My aunt (who is my mother’s first sister) is a kind person and likes to make merit. In the past she sold very delicious salty meat. But lately her business didn’t go well. Finally she changed to sell cows and buffalos meat in the market instead till this day.

One day she went with her employee to get the meat from the slaughterhouse to sell at the market. But her employee who drove the pick up truck was still under the influence of alcohol that caused an accident with the truck hitting a power pole. Her left leg, one palm above her knee was cut off immediately in the accident. The doctor couldn’t stitch it back that made her wearing artificial leg till this day. My uncle-in-law (my 2nd aunt’s husband) when he was young, he liked to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. Sometimes he picked up the meat from the slaughterhouse for my mother.

Some said that he sometimes killed the cows and buffalos himself just for fun even though it was not his job. How to kill the buffalo, it was to cut its throat and let the blood run dry and then started to eviscerate. The method of killing the cow is that the slaughterer would use a big hammer to hit its head many times until it collapsed then used the knife to slit its throat and let all the blood drained then they cut it up. (The reason they have to hit its head many times until it collapsed because the cow was very strong and tended to kicked the slaughterer therefore he had to hit the animal until it collapsed before he cut its throat.)

The buffalo philanderer association said that they couldn’t accept this cruelty. Later when uncle was 69 years old he became ill and got deteriorate very quickly within 2 months. He coughed and lost weight but the causes of his illness were not found. Before his death I have casted a personal Buddha image with his name on it and I have told him before his passing away, he nodded his head to acknowledge it.
Then his condition worsened gradually and he passed away without knowing the causes of his illness.

After I graduated in veterinary and worked in a vet clinic for 2 years, it was a turning point of my life when I passed the entrance exam for medicine at Chula Hospital 3 times. The first time I received the scholarship of a special program, I transferred my studied units from veterinary to medical science until I graduated in general medical science. The 2nd time I received the scholarship to study ophthalmology. I applied to a hospital in Bangkok but couldn’t study there because I didn’t make a very good mark, besides, I didn’t have any connection.
So I could only make the waiting list but if I was to study I had to work in the hospital in the northern region, which is far away. So I decided not to study and worked for 1 year to apply for a scholarship in the following year. The 3rd time I received a scholarship for cosmetic surgery studies for 6 years. This is my 6th year now. I was doing well in my studies when I was young but this day my academic outcome is quite bad and sometime my medical friends blocked me from studying important subject until the last 4 months before my graduation, the medical teaching panel decided that I was not suitable to continue to study cosmetic surgery and that I should be a general practitioner as I was before.

That day my life became obscure. Don’t be discouraged, don’t give up. At dawn everything seems blurred but after that everything looks alright.
That day I decided to visit a teaching monk (Phra Acariya Chatchai) who advised me to go back and discuss with the medical teacher once more and the situation will change miraculously. When I did that the head teacher told me that he would give me another chance but I am not sure whether I will complete my studies or not.

I would like to ask you to clear my doubt as follows please:

1. My mother ordered the killing of cows and buffalos to sell their meat for 30 years, what will be her retribution and how can she rectify this? At the moment she didn’t do that anymore but she bought their organs for selling, will there be any retribution? What needs to be done for my family to stop this business as my sister and her husband is still running it?

2. What retribution made my mother suffer from cervical cancer? When I wrote her name and give it to Khun Yay who said to me that she would help, how come my mother miraculously recovered after the operation?

3. Is it true that ‘Khao Tao Mor’ cave in that piece of land in Phetchaburi province was a sacred cave, has a Buddha statue and ancient treasure as the villagers believed? What is the related story?

4. What retribution made mother become a rich landowner but at the same time had lots of debt and she still has to work hard till this day? Mother has in her possession the block of land that the owner intended for the construction of a temple, she owns it without any involuntarily will there be any retribution? What unable her to sell that land even though she put it on the market for about 10 years?

5. When I burned incenses and asked the guardian angels to facilitate the sale of that block of land so mother could donate part of the money to make merit, then all the sudden there was a strong wind blown over, was it due to guardians angels rejoicing in the merit?

6. What retribution made my aunt have an accident and lost her left leg, how can she rectify this misdeed?

7. What retribution made my uncle-in-law died of unknown disease? I casted a personal Buddha statue in his name, has he received the merit, after his passing away where is he and how is his condition?

8. What caused me to study well in my youth but this day my academic outcome is not brilliant and why did I have to study veterinary science first and later I become a general practitioner?

9. What retribution made me have scholarships to further my medical studies 3 times but could only study 2 times?

10. When I had my 2nd scholarship to study Ophthalmology but I did not go through with it because I only made the waiting list, what caused this? What retribution unable someone not to study even though they win the scholarship for it?

11. Why when I specialized my medical study in cosmetic surgery, I almost failed and was also obstructed by friends from attending important cases? Will I complete this study?
12. How did my mother and I make merit with the Dhammakaya community and how was my meditation experience, will I attain Phra Dhammakaya in this lifetime. Do I have a solid ordination diagram, will my family and I be debt free, have more money to support ourselves and pursue perfection in this life?

Respectfully yours

Luang Phaw's Dream

I closed my eyes, dreamed and woke up with these answers.
When you tell anybody the story like a tale, it will make anyone know more about retribution (Law of Kamma)
1.  As your mother ordered the killing of cows and buffalos for 30 years, her retribution will briefly be: she will have lots of sicknesses, will be in pain as a result and will be short lived. She might have accidents that make her disabled for many lives. And before her death if those scenarios appear as her vision, her mind will be clouded; her destiny will be obscure and she will go to unhappy realms.
  • To rectify this she should stop this occupation immediately and for good to erase these past visions from her mind and create new ones by intensively accruing every merit including generosity, observance of the precept and meditation.
  • At the moment as she stops ordering the slaughtering of animals but she takes the animals organs for selling, her mind would still think of these and would draw back the vision of the past that she ordered the slaughtering of cows and buffalos, as the result her mind will be clouded and will cause her to go to unhappy realms!
  • In order to stop this occupation she should scrutinize the above-mentioned danger, stop this for good, have a right livelihood, and after she earns the money she should use it to accrue every merit including generosity, observance of the precepts and meditate intensively.

2.  Your mother suffered from cervical cancer as the result of the past misdeed when she killed animals for food including the adultery kamma when she was born as a womanizer man.

  • When you wrote your mother’s name and gave it to Khun Yay Acariya and she said she would help and after the operation your mother recovered miraculously because in the past life she made merit by giving medicine to the public and this combined with the power of the Vijja Dhammakaya of Khun Yay Acariya.
3.  About the Mount Tao Mor cave in the land at Phetchaburi province that the villagers spread the words that there were ancient treasures, the cave was sacred and there was a Buddha statue, this is only the tale but in reality there is nothing special, there is only a cave, monkeys, trees like any other mountains in that area.

4.  Your mother is a rich landowner but has lots of debt and nowadays she still works hard because in the past live your mother mortgaged the land and had debt. Later she asked an acquaintance to borrow the money from someone else to pay off the debt for her. Your mother transferred the title to that friend while promising that she would pay off the mortgage later. But she didn’t do so, she told the lender to take the land as the debt payment. Due to that your mother got the land inadvertently. Originally the landowner donated this land for the construction of a temple. Your mother didn’t accrue any kamma because she had a virtuous mind that she wanted to help them. Your mother works hard because she doesn’t want to sit idly but likes working. Besides she has generosity perfection to a certain level.

  • Your mother put the land up for sale for 10 years unsuccessfully because she is still under the influence of the retribution of the above-mentioned life. Therefore she will still have the debt for a long time!
5.  You advertised your land for sale and burned the incenses to tell the guardian angels that if you can sell it you will get some of the money to make merit. In a sudden there was a strong wind blowing, this happened by chance that the wind just wanted to blow at that time!

6.  Your aunt lost her left leg in an accident because in the past life as a meat trader she had lots of orders for the animals’ legs. She therefore ordered the slaughtering of animals such as pigs and cows to get their legs for selling. This misdeed came to fruition! At the moment it was the remnant of that kamma that resulted in her losing one leg.
  • To rectify this she should cease this occupation for good and intensively accrue every merit including generosity, observance of the precepts, meditate and dedicate the merit to those animals!

7.  Your uncle-in-law died of unknown disease because of the killing kamma from the past and current life that he ordered the slaughtering of animals for selling and that he killed them himself.
  • After he passed away he was reborn as cows and buffalos to be killed due to the above-mentioned kamma. He is still in this cycle. He didn’t go to major hell due to the merit that you cast the personal Buddha statue for him before he passed away that had slightly improved his state of mind!

  • At the moment he couldn’t receive the merit but keep dedicating it to him frequently. One day there will be a chance that the merit comes to fruition and will release him from this condition!

8.    You did well in your studies when you were young but at the moment your academic record is not brilliant because in the past life you were bright and excellent in your studies but sometime you liked to show your disdain and snubbed your friends who didn’t do well!
  • Initially you studied veterinary but at the moment you study medical science because in the past life you took pity of and like to help humans and animals and resolved that you could help both humans and animals in the future. Now your wishes come true!

9.    You won 3 scholarships but could study only 2 times because in the past life you gave scholarships and supported education but you had a character that you look down on people who didn’t perform well. This kamma caused you to study only 2 times as mentioned!---It is not through someone’s desire!
10.  You won the 2nd scholarship to study ophthalmology but didn’t study because you made the waiting list. This is due to the retribution as mentioned that you liked to look down on people who didn’t perform well!

11.  When you study cosmetic surgery you almost failed and were prevented by your friends from studying important cases, because in the past life you tended to discourage friends who were not smart and you showed your unwelcome towards those friends!
  • You should endure to complete your studies even though you might finish later than some of your friends and forgive them all and you should accrue every merit and resolve to be free from these retributions!
12.  Your mother accrued merit with our community as a supporter. She made merit according to her mood. Therefore in some life she met the Dhammakaya community and sometime she didn’t.
  • As for you, you were a consistent supporter and had a short ordination diagram. You had attained a bright sphere and clear Buddha and were able to take yourself back to Tusita heaven!

  • You should be determined to meditate regularly according to the right method, you will attain Phra Dhammakaya ---and you should accrue every merit including generosity, observance of the precepts and meditation and resolve that you be free of debt and have more money for your needs and that you use your wealth to pursue perfection!
  • Since you’ve met the Dhammakaya community in this life, be determined to pursue perfection intensively in every merit and resolve to follow the community to Tusita (the Fourth level of heaven), the special merit zone, the Borom Bodhisatta area and never stray away from our community! (Sadhu)



Case study in real life

The Law of Kamma (Pali:Compared to "Karma" in Sanskrit) segment or "Case Study" is one of the prominent sections on the Dream in Dream kindergarten program, conducted by the Venerable Phrarajbhavanavisudh, also known as, Luang Phaw Dhammajayo of the Dhammakaya Temple in Pathum Thani Province, Thailand.

Each individualized "Case Study" is based on the timeless Law of Kamma (the Law of Cause and Effect) which examines the reasons for many situations and complex inter-relationships people find themselves in. Viewers from around the world write personal letters to Luang Phaw wanting to understand the karmic reasons for many special circumstances in their life.

This program is not intended to convert anyone to Buddhism or any other religions persuasion. Rather the goal is to help spread genuine peace, happiness and understanding here in Thailand and around the world. By first discovering and cultivating inner peace within ourselves through meditation, we can help spread love and kindness outward, helping to make our world a better place for everyone.


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