The Ghost Brushed Away

She was only 10 years old and her dad is polarized. All her sisters got married and stayed in a separated house. As a result, she was the only one taking care of her dad until he passes away. She likes to do a merit and always help other people before helping herself. What will be fruits of these merits that she has been doing?

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The Ghost Brushed Away

Dear most respected Luang Phor,
        I am your follower from Japan. When I first saw you I thought that with your high perfection, certainly, you must not have been over 40. You are so good looking, the most handsome person in the world. In addition, you are so dignified and charismatic. I feel very familiar to you and want to be close to you forever.

I met the Dhammakaya community in 1998. I have made every merit such as I was president of the Kathina ceremony to establish the Tokyo meditation centre, I presided the celebration ceremony of Wat Bhavana Osaka, I casted the Buddha images, contributed to the crystal pillar, the rest rooms and the lights and steps of the Viharnkot and recently I donated 10 satellite dishes for Osaka. At the moment I am more immersed in merit than I am in a mineral or milk spa. I would like to ask for your compassion to dream in dream for my family and I please.

My mother was good-looking, humble, gentle manner like a lady. My father therefore adored her. They had 4 children together and I am the youngest child. But my mother passed away in her young age of 46. At that time I was 6 months old. Some people told me that I innocently crawled to suck milk from my mother’s breast on the funeral day. After my mother’s death my father didn’t think of remarrying because his heart was for my mother only.

My father was rich. His income was derived from his business and his inheritance from his parents. He also won lotteries 10 times. That made him very wealthy and with lots of lands. But when he was 48 years old he suffered from paralysis and couldn’t walk. He was not able to earn any money anymore. The family’s financial situation got worsened until he had to gradually sell off the lands in order to support the family. Finally the last plot of land and the big teak house were sold. From a wealthy man he became broke. My father was paralysed for 6 years.

Two days before he passed away he suffered from diarrhoea but he didn’t want to go to the hospital and died at the age of 54. I am the youngest daughter of the 4 siblings. My father told me that when I was born at around 4:30 am the cocks flapped their wings happily and there were lots of shooting stars scattering in the sky. My mother therefore hoped that I would grow up to be a good person.
When young I was always sick but I was naughty like a monkey. One time I competed with friends in climbing a mango tree. With the spirit of a fighter I reached as high as the 6-storey building. But anything can go wrong. I held on a young branch and fell down. As the result, I lost consciousness on the spot. I had broken arms, legs and neck, which could rotate 360 degree. Everything stopped except my heart beat. My father rushed me to hospitals all of which refused to admit me until he found an ancient healer who gave me 3 spoons of herbal coconut oil to take each meal. He wrapped and tied my whole body like a mummy with coconut peel. It took 3 months for me to recover. This is why people said that I was naughty like a monkey.
During the schooling age, all my elder siblings graduated from universities except me who didn’t even finish grade 1 because every time I went to school I got sick. It happened so often that my father took pity on me and didn’t send me to school again. But I could read and write though, because I like to read.When I grew up I knew how to look after our home and our finance. I was trusted to manage everything at home. When I was 10 years old, my father became paralyzed.

All my siblings got married and left home. I was the only one at home to take care of the holy person, which was my father. I fed him, cleaned him until his last moment. There is something strange about me that is, I respected monks and loved making merit since I could remember. I had some sort of attachment to the monks’ robe. Wherever I saw monks I felt so delighted that I had goose bumps. As soon as I saw a monk I would run and bow down to his feet. No matter that I had 1 cent or 1 Baht, I would put the coin in his bowl with the thought that it didn’t matter if I didn’t have anything to eat but let me help others first.
As I grew up, the people in Sukothai knew me as a big sponsor for Kathina ceremony, offering scholarship and teaching aids to more than 400 students, offering food to all monks at the temple, making merit with sick monks at the monks’ hospital annually. I love making a lot of merit at the temple. After I got married I moved to Japan and didn’t see any Thai monks. I therefore went to make merit at Japanese temples regularly for more than 20 years during which time I have been to over 500 temples. But I did that slowly because sometimes I carried 2-3 hundred thousand Bahts with me but I could only offer to few temples before it was all gone. I am the kind of person that I would not leave the temple if I didn’t empty my pocket. Senior monks often had compassion for me and I also have met and talked to famous monks in Japan even the Dalai Lama himself.

Until one day in 1996 the TV was suddenly turned on by itself showing a thief climbing a high wall and went into a house. At first I was surprised but then I was petrified as I realised that it was my house in Bangkok then the TV went off by itself. The next morning I called my sister in Sukothai and asked her to hurry to check my house. Once she was at the house it appeared that a thief did really get inside but he didn’t take anything.

Two days later I saw myself on the TV like before driving a car to my shop using my usual route and had a serious accident. On that day when I was going to my shop I used a short cut route instead. I drove slowly. On my way a cyclist ran passed in front of my car very closely 3 times and it seemed as if it was the same rider.  That made me feels uncomfortable. From then on I found that I had strange behaviour i.e. I spoke unusually gently and walked around with strange gesture.

Later I felt my body becoming heavier as if there was someone inside my body. It went on for 2 weeks. I heard a voice from inside said to me that her name was Uma Dhave, she was a daughter of a King of India. When I asked her in my mind where she came from, she said that in one of the past lives she was my elder sister. She said I was facing danger that was going to take my life but she came to help me. She said that bad maras were making those relativeless  ghosts take my life. But meritorious people should not be afraid because the merit would protect them. Sometime my condition was so serious that I couldn’t control myself i.e. I couldn’t remember anyone including my husband. I was strangling them as if I was possessed and couldn’t control myself. My husband had to rush me to a psychiatric hospital. But fortunately he met a Thai lady who was my regular customer and she was also a medium.

She told my husband that I wasn’t mad but I was possessed. He had to send me back to Thailand immediately and I would recover. But if I was left at the hospital I could die unexpectedly or the doctor might unknowingly have given me injections to death. My husband believed that woman and sent me to Thailand. As soon as I stepped out at the Airport I completely recovered. Later I went to seek advice from elder monks in various temples. They all confirmed that I was abused by relativeless ghosts and high rank angel came to my rescue and was protecting me. They told me to make lots of merit and dedicate it to those ghosts.
When I heard that I thought of the shop that my husband and I were running the business in Japan. My husband bought it at a low price and it was located in front of the entrance of a deserted temple. That temple was abandoned for more than 1500 years. The land was over 1000 rai. In the old days they used to bury corpses without making any merit for them. I went to that temple regularly. Every time I had my meal it was as if there was someone’s hand brushing mine away that made the food fell on the ground but when I left the food for relativeless ghosts first that wouldn’t happen.

I closed down my shop for 4 years now as the temple was demolished and a 26-storey condominium was built on that land. I am not too sure what will happen. But I only knew that those ghosts would get upset. I didn’t want to fight with them so I left.


1. What caused mother to suffer from Tuberculosis and passed away when I was young? Where did she go, has she received the merit dedicated to her, does she have any message for me?
2. Where did my father go after death and why was he short-lived, why was he paralysed and what made him wealthy but became poor towards the end of his life? Has he received the merit dedicated to him and does he have any message for me?

3.  On my birth there were shooting stars scattering in the sky and the cocks sang happily was there any meaning to that, what made me fall from the tree until I lost consciousness and had broken bones but I survived and recovered through traditional healing, what made me sick every time I went to school that unabled me to study, at the moment I had an operation to remove a tumor from my neck, will I recover?
4. What made me overjoyed and wanted to make merit every time I saw monks and what merit made me known senior monks and they always have compassion towards me?

5. Why do I have a habit that if I don’t make merit until my pocket is empty I will not leave the temple?

Enormous wealth came to me easily and all wishes came true including my wish for a child and for my husband to stop being promiscuous.

And what made my husband trust me, respect me a lot and let me take care of millions of Baht?

6. Nowadays my husband still drinks a bottle of beer every day and I poured it for him but at present I stopped doing it. If he doesn’t change his behaviour how will we be in our next life and what should I do regarding this issue?

7. What is the difference in the merit that I made in Buddhism to those in charities? What is the difference in the merit made at the Japanese temples  to the Thai temples?

8. The images that I saw on the TV twice, who made it happen and why do I tend to have premonitions or it was like seeing events in the past lives?

9. Why do I have to get involved with ghosts and mediums. Was Uma Dhave really a King’s daughter and my sister in the past life, did those ghosts commit sin when they possessed humans?

10. While I couldn’t control myself was I possessed, if it’s so who was it and what made me recover immediately as I got to Thailand? If this happens again what should I do and how can I prevent it?

11. What made that medium know that I was not mad? She has been supporting me, were we related in the past life?

12. Was I related to that deserted temple? It appeared that someone brushed my hand away when I had my meal, but if I offered to the ghosts first that didn’t happen.

Nowadays I say a prayer and meditate everyday is it the right practice, should I change or amend anything?

Luang Phaw's Dream

I closed my eyes, dreamed and woke up with these answers.
When you tell anybody the story like a tale, it will make anyone know more about retribution (Law of Kamma)

1.    Your mother died from tuberculosis because of her past kamma: She rolled the tobacco leaves for selling and combining with the kamma that she regularly killed animals for food.
  • After her death, she wandered about for sometime while being an earth sprite out of concern for the children and family. When the children grew up she felt detached and was reborn as a human and can’t receive the merit dedicated to her.
2.    Your father suffered from paralysis because in the past life he minded the capital punishment pole. His duty was to tie the convict to the pole for the decapitator. Even though he fulfilled his duty but when the kamma came to fruition, he became paralysed and short-lived!
  • At the beginning he was wealthy but was poor later because in the past lives he made merit irregularly and also sometime he regretted in the merit making. Therefore when the merit came to fruition he became wealthy but after the power of merit ran out he was poor!

  • After he passed away he was reborn as earth sprite in an Earth sprite village but at a good level due to the merit made according to the tradition.
  • He has received the merit dedicated to him that improved his condition. He said thank you. At the moment he is well and rejoices in your success in life!
3.    On your birth there were shooting stars scattering in the sky and cocks were chirping happily, this is normal for cocks to chant in the morning and the shooting stars scattering in the sky was just a coincidence with your birth.

  • You fell from the tree and were unconscious and had broken bones but recovered through traditional healing because in the past life when you were little, you purposely shook a tree until your friend fell from the tree and had broken bones like you were experiencing.
  • But your contribution to the construction of buildings in Buddhism and your offering of medicines with other donations curtailed the kamma and made you recover no matter which doctors treated you.

  • You were sick every time you went to school that unabled you to study because in the past life you tend to forbid your relatives to study especially your female descendants. You thought that it was useless. As a result of this kamma you couldn’t study!

  • At the moment you have an operation to remove a tumor in your neck because of the remnant of past kamma when you ordered for the animal to be killed by slitting the throat to make food to feed guests.  
  • There is a chance of recovery but you have to make every merit frequently including donation, observance of precepts, meditation and dedicate the merit to those animals that you have harmed!
4.    You tended to rejoice and wanted to make merit when you see the monks’ robe because in the past life you made merit with monks and you used to take care of them. That made you feel emotionally involved to monks!
  • Senior monks were usually kind to you because of your heart of gold!
5.    You tend to make merit until you don’t have any money left if you still have some you wouldn’t leave the temple and big amount of wealth comes to you easily and all your wishes come true this is because of your disposition through lives, when the merit came to fruition you gained wealth easily.


  • Your husband respects you, trusts you and lets you take care of hundreds of million Bahts because you made merit by yourself and you have respect for every donation you made. Therefore you are respected and trusted by your husband and you become the main holder of the wealth.
6.    Your husband drinks a bottle of beer every day while you poured it for him but at the moment you stop doing it. If your husband doesn’t stop drinking it when the kamma comes to fruition he will be dumb, mad and will be retarded and you have to take care of him but you will be born in a rich family because of the donation you made!     
  • You should be a kalayanamitra (good friend) to your husband by gradually explaining to him logically, calmly and with endurance.
7.    Making merit with charitable organization or in Buddhism will give different result i.e. making merit in Buddhism will cause the merit maker to be born under the umbrella or the merit field of Buddhism and will be extremely wealthy.
        But if we make merit with charities we will be less wealthy and might not be born under the umbrella of Buddhism! No matter what temple or where you are making merit, you should see whether the monks follow monastic conduct or not and observe celibacy or not, how endowed are they with precepts, meditation and wisdom for instance. If they completely conduct themselves then you gain lots of merit!
8.    The pictures on the TV that you saw twice were the result of your kamma in the past life that you practiced meditation by focusing outside of the body which sometime gives accurate vision and sometime it does not.

9.   You have to involve with mediums because in the past before you met the Dhammakaya community, you meditated by focusing outside of the body and you believed in mediums. 
  • Therefore, in this life you had to be in the previous circle! About Princess Uma it is a story that the earth sprite in the lineage of certain artist likes to make false claim. Do not pay any attention to it!
  • The ghosts that possess humans will commit demerit that makes it difficult for them to be reborn and they have to wander around that area for a long time!
10.    While you couldn’t control yourself you had attracted those ghosts because you had this retribution in your nature as mentioned earlier!  
  • The ghost that possessed you was the one that looked after that cemetery. It did that to you because you have that nature through lives!
  • When you came to Thailand you recovered immediately because it couldn’t follow you and it was beyond its area of control. They can empower only in their area!

  • You should make every merit including generosity, observance of the precepts and meditation intensively and stop paying attention to those stories concerning mediums and start to have faith in the triple gem only then this condition will not occur again.
11.    That medium knew that you were not mad because the knowledge that she had made her aware of it.
  • That woman has been supporting you because she and you have the same nature that both of you tended to similarly believe in mediums.
12.    In the past life you didn’t have anything to do with that abandoned temple! 
  • When you had your meal, you felt as if someone’s hand brushed away yours because those ghosts wanted your attention due to your nature. They wanted you to worship them only!
  • If you are not interested in them and didn’t worship them then nothing will happen! Stop paying interest to those ghosts and start to have faith in the triple gem solely and your will only be happy and the ghost cannot do anything to you.

  • You say a prayer and meditate every day. It is already the right practice. Keep doing it but don’t offer any food to those ghosts.

  • Since you’ve met the Dhammakaya community in this life, be determined to pursue perfection intensively in every merit and resolve to follow the community to Tusita (the Fourth level of heaven), the special merit zone, the Borom Bodhisatwa area and never stray away from our community!

Case study in real life

The Law of Kamma (Pali:Compared to "Karma" in Sanskrit) segment or "Case Study" is one of the prominent sections on the Dream in Dream kindergarten program, conducted by the Venerable Phrarajbhavanavisudh, also known as, Luang Phaw Dhammajayo of the Dhammakaya Temple in Pathum Thani Province, Thailand.

Each individualized "Case Study" is based on the timeless Law of Kamma (the Law of Cause and Effect) which examines the reasons for many situations and complex inter-relationships people find themselves in. Viewers from around the world write personal letters to Luang Phaw wanting to understand the karmic reasons for many special circumstances in their life.

This program is not intended to convert anyone to Buddhism or any other religions persuasion. Rather the goal is to help spread genuine peace, happiness and understanding here in Thailand and around the world. By first discovering and cultivating inner peace within ourselves through meditation, we can help spread love and kindness outward, helping to make our world a better place for everyone.


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