Image in the middle of Khong River

She was honored by a society to be a role model and a Dhamma-oriented teacher. She ordained as a renunciation or Brahmin nun every summer break. She seek the white path around Thailand and has been to all good temples. Why she ends up at Dhammakaya Temple? Let's follow.

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Image in the middle of Khong River

Dear Luang Phaw,

Never forgot the suffering, never forgot the mystery, never forgot the disappointment, and never forgot the impression.  These four moments have been buried into my mind.  I then decided to write up a case study to Luang Phaw in “dream-in-dream”, to color some of my good pictures so that they would be clear in my and others’ mind; and to remove my blurred pictures with the principles and rationale of Law of Karma.

I am honored by a society to be a role model and a Dhamma-oriented teacher.  I ordained as a renunciation or Brahmin nun every summer break.  I wore all white.  I seek the white path around Thailand.  I have been to all good temples.  One day, I had purification practice with a teaching monk in Lampang.  He intended to give dhutanga umbrella to all monks and used the best wood which was a stem of Lan tree from Korat. He had me travel from Lampang to Korat to buy the stems.  I was so surprised and asked him “How do you want me to go?  I am a lady”.  He replied, “Will you go?”  I said, “if you dared to tell me to go, I would also go.”.  I then started my journey by asking people along the field.  I suffered very much as I got diarrhea during my journey. I had to stop at the schools along the way, which I never forgot.

Besides the suffered experience that I have never forgotten, there is also a mystery story I have never forgotten as well.  It was during my Brahmin ordination receiving.  I periodically met with people from the past, so called “Past Humans”.  One day, I experienced them from camping in a forest with my students. While I was sleeping, there was a big body person poking his head into my tent.  Surprisingly, I was not afraid of him.  I told the story to the teaching monk.  He told me that the guy was a dead uncle of one of my students. 
Furthermore, I visited Wat HinMakPang, Nongkhai.  On the next morning, my eye turned at Khong River and was held at a giant rock in the middle of the River. It was a picture of a nun, in white, meditating.  I had seen it for two consecutive days.  Though it was not the mystery picture, I wondered who she was.  I then went to explore on the third day.  I however saw only water without land to walk toward the rock.  I asked the lead of nuns and found that she died and her mind was still bonded here.
My next mystery story was when I obtained training at Suan Sunantha College of Education.  I stayed with my friend who was a resident assistant at an old building since the time of King Rama 5’s reign.  This building has a shrine of Queen Sunanthatavee.  At that time, I was not asleep yet and saw a picture that was magic. My friend’s bed was floating.  I came out of my tent and asked her whether her bed floated.  She asked the same to me. Both of our beds floated in the air.  I looked at the shrine and said thank you for visiting us and appreciated for today.  I thought that she might want to greet us.  I later knew that people around there always saw a lady in Thai traditional dress strolling around.  This made me have goosebumps.
I had been in Dhamma practice for years until I found an article on a story of Nun “Tanom Aadwai” who was one of students of Luang Pu Wat PakNam.  I ventured to meet her at a temple in Aangtong.  She was eighty years old.  Every morning, she would lead us to offer sustenance to the Lord Buddha.  She said “Offering sustenance to the Lord Buddha is blessed.  Thongsuk and Chun discovered this and had been practicing it”.
On the last day of visit, I was thinking of Luang Pu’s history on teaching Dhammakaya to Indians that they attained Dhammakaya within one day.  I requested Nun Tanom to teach me that.  She answered, “No problem, if I do not tell you to stop, you would neither open your eye nor make any movement”. She had me meditate in front of her.  I fought for it and started a mantra and continuously said “Samma Araham”.  I did not know how long I had been doing it.  What I knew, was it lasted for hours.  Tiredness of muscle was alright.  My body however was shivering, sweating, and dizzy with purge and threw-up.  With my strong wish, though I could not help, I was still patient at most.  I kept on meditation and I finally toppled on my back. Nun Tanom said “defeat to the Black”.  I lost on the last day without chance.  I brought my disappointment home and remembered for long.  My life however was just as a play script.  There was both sorrow and happiness.  
In 1983, my friend’s sister introduced the Dhammakaya temple to me.  First step to the Temple, I felt this is it.  It is my home and temple.  Even though it was my first time, I felt that I came here an infinite number of times.  That’s it. Since then, I came to Wat Dhammakaya every Sunday, and I went out to knock doors to introduce Wat Dhammakaya every Saturday. I often undertook Dhutanga Training and I was impressed by laywoman especially Dhamma retreat at Suthep Mountain that Luang Phaw was a lead to meditate and asked about inside experiences almost everyday. At the time we were about to leave, Luang Phaw walked us to the buses. It was very impressive in our mind.
I turned my role from a teacher who desires Dhamma to a teacher who broadens Dhamma. From aiming on white road, I turned to aim on linking white road network to people’s mind. During the time when our King turned 60 years old, Luang Phaw arranged to have merits on Dhutanga Training for every province. I went to arrange in many districts and had more than 400 people join. Also every merit that I performed had grand opening by provincial governor.
After that I had an idea to invite teenager group to ordain at Wat Dhammakaya. Then I transferred myself from secondary school to professional division, but got an order to transfer to province.  During that time, there were no flame to light and no merit leader for misguided person. Then I used this opportunity to build up a new merit leader and bring students to do Dhamma retreat at Wat Purue. At Laey, my merits were with me and protected me. One day, I saw all teachers were playing cards in the kitchen; I did not like it. Then I walked to garden nearby. I found a pond and felt like swimming because I first thought that it was shallow. In fact after I jumped into that pond, it was very deep.  I could not swim well, and then I sank to the bottom of the pond. Nothing to hold on to; I held the Lord Buddha‘s essence [Pramahasirirachatad], which I hanged on my neck, very tight. I thought I did not want to die, and I tried to scream and wave my hands before I stopped breathing, but no one helped. Suddenly, I felt that something pushed me up, and I could grab the border. After I took out my last breath with all my strength, I was unconscious for hours. It was a miracle that I survived.

After a merit leader occurred in Laey, I then transferred to continue my goal at Chanthaburi. This time was the toughest in my life when the good things at Wat Dhammakaya were covered by clouds of misunderstanding. There were people who tried to offense Wat Dhammakaya by posting misleading news all over the university. My students tried to take it off, but I said “do not take it off, time will prove everything and the truth is the truth.” During that time, I prepared to bring my students to join Maha Dhammakaya Cetiya’s ceremony, but the principal did not sign the guardian permission certificate for us. Then I signed it myself. He also ordered the print room not to type or print anything for me, so I outsourced. The principal announced to all students that “no students are allowed to go the Wat Dhammakaya” I then went out and clarified to all students that “we will not go in the name of college, but we will go in the name of only people.” Our principal was very angry. At that time, there were many obstructions, and I was crying. Then I thought of how Luang Phaw was attacked thousand times more than me, and I could be tolerant. I could bring 6 bus loads of student to the temple. But I became a white sheep and was insulted by other teachers. I had to be tolerant while others looked down on me at every steps of my pursuing perfection. Every big ceremony, we came back to college 5 o’clock in the morning, and instead of resting I have to face with their guardians who were waiting to blame on me on letting their children waive as car park assistants, and having to explain them with my smiling face. I think each time that I came across a barrier; it could be compared to placing a fine block to lay the foundation for pursuing perfection.

For my family, I installed Dhamma satellite in hoping that my father and sister would watch it, but they did not understand and criticised dream in dream in negative way. My father was sick, and then my sister forbade me to come to the temple. One night, while my father was sleeping and I slept beside him, my sister ran to blame me that “how come you slept beside father and you do not even hear his groaning.” Unfortunately, my father was dead already; and my sister ran to call others. I thought that my father was still alive around here, and then I shouted that “father, do not worry about us, please hurry and go to see your Buddha image on the top of Dhammakaya Cetiya and circumambulate 3 rounds before you go to heavenly mansion.” My father died at the age of 87 years. My mother died when she was 71 years old with blood pressure disease at a hospital on July 16, 1988.

My brother was a policeman. He liked to drink liquor and smoke. He later on had Cryptococcal Disease for one week before he died at the age of 47 years.

I would like to ask the following questions:
1.    Who is the big body person who poked his head into my tent when I camped in a graveyard? Why did he come to visit me?
Is the nun whom I saw sitting on a giant rock in the middle of Khong river real? Who is she? Why was she sitting there?
Did my and my friend’s bed really float in the air, when I was sleeping in the dormitory at Suan Sunanta College of Education? Was the lady in Thai costume which was seen often in the college real?

2.    How do “past humans”, spirits, ghosts, devils who have more or less wholesomeness have different daily duties and activities?

3.   What kamma did I have so I was suffering and finally toppled on my back when I had nun Tanom teach me meditate? What did the nun mean by saying, “defeat to the black”?

4.    What merits help me expand “white network” widely? What kamma brought me to face with lots of obstructions as well?

5.    What retribution made me almost drown? Did I survive because of the power of the Lord Buddha‘s essence [Pramahasirirachatad]?

6.    What retribution caused my father’s death? Why did I not hear him groaning although I was close to him?
Did my father follow the principle I shouted to tell him? Where has he been reborn after passing away?
What kamma does my father have by criticising “dream in dream” programme? How can I resolve this?

7.    What retribution caused my mother’s death? Where has she been reborn after passing away? Have my parents received merits that I cast Buddha images for them?

8.    What realm is my elder brother at? Does he have a tough life? What wholesomeness would help him free from suffering?

9.    Will the deeds of breaking precepts weaken power of self-discipline perfection that had been practiced in the past? If I start to pursue self-discipline perfection again, how will I practice it to compensate the past deeds that I broke the precepts?

10.    What deeds did I do in the past so I was born in unwarm family that does not support each other, especially, my second sister who is ill-tempered? Do I have any retribution with this sister? Why I can persuade many people to visit the temple but I could not persuade any siblings to the temple?
11.    Before I knew Dhammakaya temple, why did I like to ordain as a Brahmin nun and practice austere although I am a woman? Why did I encounter bizarre circumstances like spirits, ghosts and devils and sufferings? Will I be reborn a man and ordain as I wish?

12.    How had I pursued perfection with the Dhammakaya community? What were my duties? In the last Buddha aeon, how many times did I come down to pursue perfection? Do I have merits to attain Dhammakaya and knowledge?

I would like to pay my highest respects to Luang Phaw.

Luang Phaw's Dream

I closed my eyes, dreamed and woke up with these answers.
When you tell anybody the story like a tale, it will make anyone know more about retribution (Law of Kamma)

1.   The big body person who poked his head into your tent when you camped in a graveyard was ogre-line earth-sprite who lived there. He visited you to look at you who has bright merit sphere inside body.
  • The nun whom you saw sat on a giant rock in the middle of Khong river was a sorcerer-line earth-sprite who did not have good progress of meditation but her mind still bonded to the place so she meditated there and admired views as her normal routines.

  • When you were sleeping in Suan Sunanta College of Education, your and your friend’s bed did not really float in the air but it was the feeling that earth-sprite around there influenced you to see it like that.
  • A lady in Thai costume who was seen often in the college was real. She was an earth-sprite living there. 

2.    Spirits, ghosts, devils who have more or less wholesomeness have different duties and activities. Fore instance; some are wandering, some just sit and admire view like the one you saw in the middle of Khong river, some are servants of district head, some have similar life as when they were humans, some are ordered by district head to look after treasures, some have house to live, flirt others, have family and children like humans like people in hidden city, etc.

3.    When you had nun Tanom teach you meditate, you were suffering and finally toppled on your back because you pushed forward, rushed, stared, attentively watched, stared with too much desire so it caused you to be tense and topple on your back like being knocked out.
  • What the nun said “defeat to the black”, means she was trying to correct you to meet your expectations but was unsuccessful because Mara obstructed. So that was why she said like that.

4.    You have expanded “white network” widely because, in the past life, you have wholesomeness in persuading people to do good deeds by spreading out Dhamma knowledge. This wholesomeness makes you have this predisposition.
  • Lots of obstructions are normal for performing tasks. You do not have any retribution. Some more intelligent people are easily persuaded, and some less intelligent people are hard to persuade, etc. 

5.    You almost drowned because of kamma from one of your past lives that you were male wild teenager. You dipped kitty in water for fun to teach it to swim but it could not swim, choked by water and almost died. 
  • You survived because wholesomeness you had accrued with Dhammakaya community helped you in time.

6.    Your father died because his life span ended so you deeply slept and did not hear him, although, he was very close.
  • He did not follow the principle that you shouted.
  • After passing away, he becomes general level of earth-sprite from merits you had accrued correctly so he does not go to unfortunate realm.
  • Your father criticised Dream-in-Dream programme in negative way and was against it. If the retribution surfaces, he will be sent to purgatory hell and will be slapped on his mouth by denizen of purgatory hell. What the denizen of purgatory hell use to slap depends upon the way he criticized.
  • If he criticised ironically, he will be pierced by sharp object. If he criticised sarcastically, his tongue will be pulled out and smashed by hot hammer and the way to heaven and nirvana is closed for him as well. 
  • You have to accrue merits and dedicate to him often and your father has to correct himself too.

7.   Your mother died because her life span ended and retribution from slaughter both in the past and at the present.
  • After passing away, she becomes general level of earth-sprite. She has received merits you have dedicated to her and make her living conditions better.

8.    Your brother goes to major hell level 5 before other levels because he broke all five precepts from his drinking kamma. He is being poured black and hot acid by denizen of the hell. He is suffering a great deal and is unable to receive merits you have dedicated to him.
  • You should dedicate merits to him often. Merits will be waiting for him at purgatory hell. Once he frees from major hell and goes to purgatory hell, he will be able to receive all these merits.

9.    Breaking precepts will weaken power of self-discipline perfection that you had practiced in the past.
  • If you start to pursue self-discipline perfection again, the past self-discipline perfection will get back at the level that it previously was. However, it also depends on how much and how often you break precepts as well.

10.    You were born in unwarm family and do not support each other, especially, your number two sister who is ill-tempered. This is because, in the past life, you often treated people outside your family well but you were ill-tempered with your family and this predisposition follows you but you do not have retribution with your sister.
  • To resolve the problem, you should forgive your sister and talk to her and treat her nicely as well as be kind to her. 
  • You can persuade lots of people to come to the temple because of your past wholesomeness that you convinced people to do good deeds.
  • However, you can not convince your siblings to come to the temple because of the afore-mentioned retribution and your ill-temperedness to your family members hinder.

11.    Before you knew Dhammakaya temple, you liked to ordain as a Brahmin nun and practiced austere; despite you are a woman, because, in the past life, when you were a man, you had ordination wholesomeness so you have this predisposition with you.
  • You encounter bizarre circumstances like spirits, ghosts, devils and sufferings because, in the past life, you liked to make a wish to see weird and mysterious objects by your naked eyes.
  • What happen in your next life will depend upon what you have done in this life. If you intend to live monastic life the rest of your life and make a wish to become a man in your next life, your wish will come true because your retribution to become a woman is over.

12.    You used to pursue perfection with Dhammakaya community in the past life. In the previous Buddha aeon, you were a soldier of the king who ordained for life-time but you were flirtatious and had lots of girl friends so your retribution causes you to become a woman. However, in the previous Buddha aeon, you ordained and followed the king.
  • Once you ordained, you wandered to spread Dhamma to major cities the rest of your life and had meditation progress that attained crystal clear sphere and Dhammakaya image and survivingly went back to the fourth level of heaven (Tusita) as well as were born to pursue perfection both the times.   
  • If you seriously and correctly meditate, you will be able to attain Dhammakaya.
  • Since we have met each other in this life, therefore you must try to pursue perfection in all merits with fullest efforts and make a wish to follow the Dhammakaya community to the fourth level of heaven (Tusita), in the special merit zone – bodhisattva as well as do not be apart from each other again.

Case study in real life

The Law of Kamma (Pali:Compared to "Karma" in Sanskrit) segment or "Case Study" is one of the prominent sections on the Dream in Dream kindergarten program, conducted by the Venerable Phrarajbhavanavisudh, also known as, Luang Phaw Dhammajayo of the Dhammakaya Temple in Pathum Thani Province, Thailand.

Each individualized "Case Study" is based on the timeless Law of Kamma (the Law of Cause and Effect) which examines the reasons for many situations and complex inter-relationships people find themselves in. Viewers from around the world write personal letters to Luang Phaw wanting to understand the karmic reasons for many special circumstances in their life.

This program is not intended to convert anyone to Buddhism or any other religions persuasion. Rather the goal is to help spread genuine peace, happiness and understanding here in Thailand and around the world. By first discovering and cultivating inner peace within ourselves through meditation, we can help spread love and kindness outward, helping to make our world a better place for everyone.


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