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Karma that happens in this life is the effect from actions that we did in previous life. One of the Norway ladies was sent out to a foster home since she was 3 months old and had no chance to be close with her mom. She had to move along with her dad for 12 times until she was used to separation and lack of warmness from people of close relationship. What retribution caused her life to be like this? And, why can her daughter sense which house is livable or no? https://dmc.tv/a2274

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Dear Luang Phaw whom I respect the most,
I am a Norwegian student of Dream in Dream kindergarten. Basically, Norwegians are calm, sincere and pleased to welcome every visitor like the ancient Thai cultures. Even the doors to our homes do not need to be closed because we have a culture of sharing things with others.
Unfortunately, this way of life is slowly fading away and being replaced by a new culture of being unable to tell what is good and what is bad. Everyday, I’m yearning for the good things of the ancient time to come back until DMC gives me the chance to meet Luang Phaw who gives us directions of life, who unceasingly teaches us about goodness-badness differentiation,  do’s and don’ts regarding the law of kamma. Therefore, Luang Phaw is presently the most important person for me. Even though I am a foreigner who speaks a different language, I love Luang Phaw not less than how much a Thai does. Therefore, I love DMC so much.
I am lucky to be born in a warm family. Unfortunately, I do not have the chance to receive that warmness because when I was only 3 months old, my mother started suffering from tuberculosis which never appeared in Norway. To prevent infection, I was sent out to a foster home; my mother then had no chance to be close to me or to cherish me which made me lacking of her warm intimacy. That gave me a difficult life and hurt my feelings.                                 
When I was a little older and started elementary school, I had to move all the time because my father was a navigator who was always on a journey; therefore, when I was getting accustomed with friends and study, I had to move with him to another place. This happened 12 times until I was used to separation and lack of warmness from people of close relationship.                 
Until I became 18 years old, the warmness of a Norwegian man touched my heart. He was a hotel’s chef. His character was filled with calmness-the calmness that warmed others’ hearts until I told myself I loved him. Unluckily, our love was like pollen grains that blow in the air and meet each other only for a moment before separation, because he had to further his education in Stavanger when I still stayed in Sandefjord, and he only left me precious memories that always warmed my heart when they were called to mind. However, I still never forgot his word “take me to your heart”.
When time passed by, we both had our own families. I lived with my new boyfriend with neither marriage nor children. At the same time, he was married and had one little son. After having got married for a while, my love life completely changed. My spouse and I could not get along well when we talked. When love seemed full of fault, I decided to separate from him.
Fifteen years later after my first boyfriend left for his education, we got to meet again. Unlike a soap opera, we did not meet each other by accident, but it was because of the living flame in my heart that told me to call him, and I did. At that time, he was the head of a hotel in Stavanger. And I did not know that he and his wife were already divorced.
In my first sight after 15 years of our complete separation, he still looked the same, even his good appearance. I do not know whether it should be called the old flame or a new flame. But when love still goes on, we should not hesitate, so we continued our relationship which led us to marriage, and now we have 2 daughters together. Since I have come into his life, he says his life is now well-balanced. 
But our married life is not like what I expected. I am not very happy since I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and thyroid disease. Besides, I’m very stressed out with no reason even though I should not have this suffering.
Usually, my husband loves his job and his family very much. He never defames others or hurts their feelings. But there is only one thing that always hurt his feeling, i.e. even though the weather in Norway is extremely cold, his whole body still sweats a lot when he is in bed, and we don’t know what causes it. He is so wet as if he is in a shower.
Lately, at the mid of year 2006 (B.E. 2549), after coming back from a summer break, he tumbled by accident until his right leg couldn’t walk and he had to take an instant surgery. Now he is still not completely healed. His right leg still walks with a limp. One week after that, I also encountered an accident that gave me a muscle sprain at my left leg until I have to walk with a limp as well, just at a different leg. Whenever we take a walk together, we look funny in others’ eyes.
My first daughter had a problem during her delivery, i.e. her head was abnormally big until she could not be delivered, so the doctor had to use a pair of forceps to pull her out. After being born, she has a strange habit, i.e. she has refused to eat meat since her birth. Every time she eats some, she feels so nauseated that she could no longer stand it and has to spit it out.    
Not only that, she also has this nature, i.e. when she has a feeling that she does not like somebody, she will extremely hate that person. It is a negative feeling from her instinct. Sometimes, she even says that she cannot stand talking or being close to that person. And I can only accept it.
Many times, she can sense some unexplainable things, e.g. before I bought a new house, she would immediately tell me “mom…I cannot live in this house. It’s hot. It’s fiery.” She had had this feeling all the time. And I allowed her to do what she liked. We kept looking for a new house until my daughter said that this house was livable, so I bought it.
My 2nd daughter is now 13 years old. Whenever her friends gossip about her, she really cannot stand it. Even though she does not express her feelings at the source of that gossip, i.e. the school, she usually does it at home and complains about it with me. And the only thing I can do is let her do it.
My father was a navigator. He was a very nice person who helped everybody that requested his help. He shared his love to everybody as a good navigator should do.
He had some personal diseases, i.e. asthma and heart disease, until they became more severe and took his life away when he was 68 years old. Even though he is dead, I still have a feeling that he is still around me. Sometimes, when I’m suffering and need help, I feel like he shows up and stays next to me to give me encouragement from an invisible realm. For this reason, I truly believe that death is not the end of a being and that the afterlife exists. I also believe that the hell realm and the heaven realm do exist as well. That caused me to start seeking for the right path to know about the truth of life.
Until I got to know Luang Phaw and DMC from a Kalayanamitta (good friend) in year 2004 (B.E. 2547), I started learning about meditation and case studies through English language which made me realize that the best path is within me. Now I meditate at least 1 hour a day and transfer merit to my father and everybody on the Buddhist holy day.
My mother-in-law was a nice person who deeply loves sharing. Whenever she obtained something, she would share it to others first even though she still did not have it for herself. However, she suffered from cancer many times - starting with breast cancer and stomach cancer. After being healed, she then suffered from lung cancer. And after being healed from the lung cancer, she suffered from liver cancer. She had been sick in a row until her first granddaughter became 2 years old and she could catch the chance to see the delivery of her second granddaughter. Three days after that, she passed away. The total time she suffered from the cancer was 25 years.
One friend of mine was an Austrian who immigrated to Norway. Recently, his wife had a new boyfriend, and that caused him to live with his only daughter. Besides, he also suffered from kidney cancer. Though having this severe disease, he still could smile and didn’t look like a patient at all. He said that smile could brighten your world.
He had known our merit-making group since Wat Buddha Midnattsol was firstly established. Since he had meditated, his pain started getting better until he told himself he should have known meditation a long time before, and he truly believed that if he was completely healed, he would be able to pay full attention to meditation throughout his whole life. Unfortunately, during the last period of his life, he could barely come to the temple because his pain turned severe. When a teaching monk visited him at the hospital, the monk gave him a picture of Luang Pu, so that he could hold it all the time. Before he died, the hospital had sent him back to Austria, and he eventually passed away there.
After his death, when a meditation session came, we set an empty seat for him as if he were still alive. Ten days after his death, while everybody was in peaceful contemplation, we could hear something, i.e. there was a noise of somebody’s slow steps that circled around us for a very long time. Everybody instantly deeply fell in love with meditation. None of us dared to open our eyes. That noise started from the teaching monk until it was ended at the last person. We think that it might be him.

1.   What retribution caused me to grow up in a foster home and not to receive warm intimacy from mother like others? Why did I have to move 12 times? What kamma gives me high blood pressure, thyroid disease and anxiety? When hearing a baby’s crying, why can’t I stand it and I have to leave that place immediately? How can I solve it?

2.   What retribution caused my husband and me to get married and be together again even though we both had spouses before and we did not meet each other for 15 years? We encountered an accident until we had to walk with a limp, but we got injured at different legs, so it doesn’t look good when we walk together. What retribution causes it? How can I solve it? Why does my husband always sweat a lot throughout his whole body while sleeping? How can we solve it?

3.   Why did my first daughter have an abnormally big head when she was delivered? Why doesn’t she eat meat since she was first born? Why does she have a habit of being unable to bear talking to somebody she doesn’t like. How come can she sense which house is livable or not?

4.   What retribution causes my 2nd daughter to be extremely impatient when she is gossiped, so she usually has to tell me her feelings? How can we solve it?

5.   Before my father died, what was the omen of suffering he saw? In what realm is he now? Did he receive the merits I transferred to him? Why even though he has been dead for a very long time, I still feel that he is still with me all the time?

6.  What retribution caused my mother-in-law to have cancer until she died? What was the omen of suffering she saw? Where did she go after death?

7.   My father-in-law truly loved drinking alcohol, but he just drank it periodically. When he stopped, he stopped for a very long time; yet when he drank it, he kept drinking it for a very long time as well. Now he is dead. Where is he now?

8.   My friend suffered from kidney cancer until he died. What retribution caused it? Before he died, the teaching monk gave him a picture of Luang Pu for him to hold all the time. Did it really help him? What was his omen before death? Where did he go after death? Did his spirit really come to the temple for meditation?

9.   What merit caused me to meet the merit-making group in this life? How was my relationship with Luang Phaw in my previous life? What can I do to follow our group closely to the special merit zone of Tusita (the 4th level of heaven)?
10.  My friends and I would like to establish a new temple in Norway. Do we have enough merit to do it? What can we do to get this desire done in a short time? Can meditation bring the good ancient culture of Norwegians back?
Thanks a lot to Luang Phaw whom I respect the most.
Luang Phaw's Dream

I closed my eyes, dreamed and woke up with these answers.
When you tell anybody the story like a tale, it will make anyone know more about retribution (Law of Kamma)
1.  You grew up in a foster home and did not get any warmness like others because you, in your past life, had an animal-raising career, e.g. fish farming, which caused mothers and children to be apart. These retributions affected you.

  • You had to move 12 times because in one life, you saw your friend having the chance to follow his parents to live in different places which made you think that you didn’t go anywhere in that life. Therefore, you made a wish to move around like your friend in the next life, so that you could travel in different places. This diagram came with you and accomplished your wish in this life.
  • You suffered from high blood pressure, Thyroid disease and anxiety because in your past life, you were revengeful; especially, you liked to think of others’ actions that made you angry. And sometimes, you cursed them in your mind. These retributions take action together and make you suffer from these diseases with no reason.
  • You cannot stand hearing children’s crying and have to get away from that spot real fast because of the anxiety you get from the retributions I mentioned earlier. Therefore, you can stand hearing neither children’ crying nor loud noise.
  • To solve it, you need to think of only good things that brighten your mind. Do not think of bad things that often stress you out. Besides, you need to meditate often and spread merit to others everyday. Thence, your symptoms will get better.
2.  You and your husband get to be together again even though you both had spouses before and didn’t meet each other for 15 years because you both were husband and wife before, and you fought a lot, but you made merit together as well. When you fought with each other, you usually made a wish or said “I wish not to meet you again in the next life.” But later, when you felt better, you made merit together again. This retribution took action.

  • You both encountered an accident which hurt both of you at different legs in close time because in one life, you were friends since a very young age until you both became teenagers. Due to your recklessness, you both dug a pit which was not too big and not too deep, and then you concealed it with pieces of wood and leaves. When people fell into the concealed pit, some got hurt at their left leg, some got hurt at their right leg, and some got muscle sprain. And you both peeped at them with fun. These retributions took action together.
  • To solve it, you need to accumulate every merit, i.e. donation, precept observance and meditation, and often transfer these merits to the people you persecuted, so that the dense retribution will become thinner, and the thin retribution will disappear.
  • When your husband sleeps, his whole body always sweats a lot because he, in his past life, ran a business. Once, something in his store was stolen, and he believed that his employee stole it, so he imprisoned that employee in a fire building, a building similar to a sauna building, until his whole body sweated and he suffered a lot even though he didn’t steal that thing. This retribution took action.
  • To solve it, he need to accumulate every merit, i.e. donation, precept observance and meditation, and transfer these merits to the people he harmed.
3.  Your first daughter was delivered with an abnormally big head is because she, in her past life, barely forgot people who made her angry and liked to remember only their badness. Besides, when she got angry, she did not forgive them and did not talk to them. These retributions took action together and gave her the abnormally big head and gave her the habit of not talking to the person she doesn’t like.

  • She doesn’t like to eat meat because she has a vegetarian habit from the previous life with the idea that eating meat is not good since it harms animals.
  • With her feeling, she can tell whether a house is livable or not because she, in her past life, had some Feng Shui beliefs about fortunate locations that were livable or not, etc. This habit has come with her as a diagram and causes her to have this feeling.


4. Your 2nd daughter is impatient of being gossiped about and normally has to release her feelings to you because it’s a human nature and she has had this habit from the previous life as well.

  • To solve it, she needs to avoid taking it to heart and diligently meditate and forgive people since people have defilements and are still under the eight worldly conditions, e.g. gain, loss, status, disgrace, praise, censure, pleasure and pain. This is normal. Therefore, don’t waste time to change others. She should better adjust herself through these mentioned methods, etc. And then she will be happier.
5.  Before your father died, his omen was not very clear and not very clouded because his mind adhered to the family.
  • After death, he became an earth sprite and was around the family due to the attachment. Since he received the merits transferred to him, every condition of his was improved, for instance, he gained younger appearance, better clothes, more delicate celestial food. However, he is still around the family. Therefore, your feeling that he is still around is correct.
6. Your mother-in-law suffered from cancer at many spots until she died because she, in her past life, had a beef-selling career, so she usually made orders to the slaughter houses to sell her the specific part of beef. The retribution that she ordered them to kill the oxen to get different parts of beef took action together which caused her to get many cancers until she died.

  • After death, due to the omen that was bright in a level, she was born an air sprite owning a silver celestial mansion because of the merit that she liked to share things with others and support others.
7.  Your father-in-law liked to drink alcohol periodically. When he didn’t drink, he would stop drinking for a very long time; when he started drinking, he would keep drinking for a very long time as well. Before death, his omen was kind of clouded. After he had died, he was brought to the purgatory of the 5th major hell by its authorities. Currently, he is being poured hot liquid copper and being extremely suffering due to his drinking retribution.
8. Your friend suffered from kidney cancer because he, in his past, was a creditor who lent people money with usury. Later, some debtors didn’t pay him back, so he sent out ruffians to kill them. This retribution took action.

  • His omen before death was somewhat bright, but not very bright because he still didn’t understand about Luang Pu very well.
  • After death, he became a high-class earth sprite living in an earth-sprite village due to the merit he made with our merit-making group at the last period of his life. He did visit the group at the temple even though it is in a different realm because he is a high-class earth sprite.
9.  You meet our merit-making group because of the merit you made with our group. You were in the provisions division and made merit due to your emotion. Sometimes, you had problems with some people in the group, and then you left the group. But when you felt more reasonable, you came back. This diagram came with you and caused you to be born in a far land, but the merits you made with our community brought you back to meet the group again. 
10. You and your friends would like to establish a new temple in Norway. This desire will come true if everybody is in harmony of everything. Furthermore, you all need to meditate and make a wish to meet meritorious people who can help you accomplish this desire.

  • Meditation can bring the good ancient culture of Norwegians back because of the clear minds and the inner peace that will spread out as love and good wishes for others.
  • Since we have met again in this life, you need to pursue perfection with all your might and make a wish to follow our group to Tusita (the 4th level of heaven), the land of Bodhisatta, and never stray away from our group.


Case study in real life

The Law of Kamma (Pali:Compared to "Karma" in Sanskrit) segment or "Case Study" is one of the prominent sections on the Dream in Dream kindergarten program, conducted by the Venerable Phrarajbhavanavisudh, also known as, Luang Phaw Dhammajayo of the Dhammakaya Temple in Pathum Thani Province, Thailand.

Each individualized "Case Study" is based on the timeless Law of Kamma (the Law of Cause and Effect) which examines the reasons for many situations and complex inter-relationships people find themselves in. Viewers from around the world write personal letters to Luang Phaw wanting to understand the karmic reasons for many special circumstances in their life.

This program is not intended to convert anyone to Buddhism or any other religions persuasion. Rather the goal is to help spread genuine peace, happiness and understanding here in Thailand and around the world. By first discovering and cultivating inner peace within ourselves through meditation, we can help spread love and kindness outward, helping to make our world a better place for everyone.


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