Embezzling, Big Size

With the retribution of embezzling the budget for provisions in the past life, this family have to suffer in this life. Will they have a chance to recover from all these ailments? Also, In case of some serious abnormalities with the pregnancy and the doctor insists that abortion of the baby should be performed to save the mother what is the right decision to make according to the principle? Why women have different discomfort during menstruation? Here...we have the answers https://dmc.tv/a2352

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Case Study
Embezzling, Big Size

Dear most respected Phra Dej Phra Khun Luang Phor
I am about to graduate with my master degree in economics at  Kasetsart University and at the same time I am working behind the scenes for a television channel which has the highest rating because it is the only channel that detoxes the mind and it is suitable to this era where most people have clouded mind. This channel, the DMC, is the one that unifies all good deeds. And as I am declaring myself now I might as well put my case study on air as follows:

To most women, after their marriage, they would desire some children to share things in life together happily, this applies to my aunty.
But luck was not on her side because the doctor imperatively said that she couldn’t bear any children due to the obstructive membrane in  her womb and she was also advised to have hysterectomy but she disagreed. She therefore delayed her decision to wait for a miracle to happen. Then she prayed and asked Luang Puu for a child and that she survived the child birth. The miracle did happen.

It wasn’t sure that it was good or bad luck that she got pregnant as she conceived against the doctor advice, so the doctor didn’t want to take her case, he even suggested an abortion because the baby was in a breaching position and it was very dangerous to both the mother and the baby.
But my aunt didn’t want to hear of it as she deeply believed that her baby would be safe and sound because she had asked Luang Puu for it and she started fulfilling her duties as a mother i.e. she kept her mind meritorious, and kept eating continuously that she gained 16kg from her miss beauty weight of 47kg to a mother-to-be’s weight of 63kg.

When the term was due, because of her abnormal condition she could not have a normal delivery therefore the doctor had to perform cesarean and the baby was quite weak and apparently it had an unusual small body because he couldn’t get nutrition from his mother due to the blocked membrane.  That weakened the baby and his immune system was low. He easily got sick, often had diarrhea, difficult to look after and most of all he suffered from not being able to eat which was how he was when he was in the womb. He is 8 years old now and still can’t eat much, the most he could do is 3 table spoons per meal. If we forced him to eat, he would say: “My teeth don’t chew, my throat doesn’t swallow and what do you want me to do” and he brought all the food up. That made him smaller than any children of his age.

This symptom seems to be contagious because my aunt’s 2nd daughter that came after her son couldn’t eat much either even though my aunt was having normal pregnancy with her and didn’t have any membrane blocking in the womb. After the delivery the baby girl was normal but couldn’t eat. This I don’t know. I was worried that both children will be skinny and will not grow. I like them to get fat and have big size. Not only that my aunt is concerned about her children she also suffers from ill health because her coccyx was cracked from the motorcycle accident; the disc was degenerated and couldn’t be treated. That made her agonized to this day. In addition she had high blood pressure up to 400. She also felt dizzy often and had a headache from the forehead down to the neck. This was so painful that it was even sensitive to the touch. She felt the pain in the legs and numbness in the extremities and the doctor said that it was due to arthritis.
My elder sister had severe accident (hot action) because a motorcycle cut in front of hers that made her fell and her head hit the ground. She instantly lost consciousness till she reached the hospital. Doctors and nurses swarmed in to see her conditions. It was found that brain was swollen; her face was scratched and had bruises all over her body. She had internal injury until she vomited in blood. The doctor said that with this degree of severity she had 50 percent chance to survive but strange enough even her brain was affected, being confused and forgetful but when she was asked, she was able to tell in details of what happened during the accident, she knew how she was and who fetched who and who took her to the hospital. She was able to tell accurately even though she was unconscious at that time. She said that her spirit left the body and stood by to watch the accident until she overheard a monk’s voice telling her spirit to think of merit and to go back into her body and then she lost consciousness.

After she regained consciousness she was able to tell us about the accident. When we asked her why she understood us because normally with her conditions she would not remember anything, she said she wouldn’t have a clue and couldn’t remember anything but there was a monk by her side and she just repeated after the monk. Today she is almost normal except she couldn’t hear in her right ear.

My great grandfather was a policeman but he had hot tempered and very irritable and also he liked to exercise his feet by kicking prisoners. But as a professional kicker he had to give in to a biter, a venomous snake bit him on his right heel. Its venom made him bleed in the gum and through the pores all over his body; but he was treated in time and survived.

The strange thing was that his bitten heel couldn’t be treated; the pus sipped out and had bad smell. In addition it was rotten within and spread to the bone; that made the bones of the heel fell out. This was chronic for 29 years until finally the doctor had to amputate his right leg to stop the spreading of the infection. Therefore he lived up to 84 years old and died of lymphatic cancer.

My grandmother liked to make merit and often said that if she was to go, let her die easily which did really happened in her last moment i.e. she suffered from cardiac complaint. Suddenly she couldn’t breathe while in the car on the way to the hospital at the traffic light her neck just dropped and she died just like that.

My mother is not in good health. She suffers from many diseases: kidney failure, serious problems with her thyroid glands though it’s getting better now, she still felt tight in her chest, couldn’t easily breathe and had to do it through her mouth.

As for me, I have abnormal condition that I have to whisper it to you; I vomit unlike anyone else even though I don’t want at all. I vomit all day no matter what I ate it came out the same way. The condition was so serious that I became weak. None of the medicine the doctor gave me seemed to work until the doctor said that it was worrying.

Finally the doctor had to give me an injection to induce to sleep, to stop me vomiting. But the strange thing is that this symptom only happens one day every year. When the day is over in the evening the symptom disappears altogether and it happens on the first day of my menstruation, which surprises me because I have monthly menstruation but why do I vomit only once a year.

1. What retribution made my aunty have an obstructing membrane in her womb that put the baby in breaching position and it hardly received any nutrition for his mother while she gained too much weight from her diet? What kamma did both of them have together?

2. What retribution made the first child can hardly eat any food, has frequent diarrhea to this day, will he recover, how can this be rectified and why her 2nd daughter can’t eat either even though the pregnancy with her was normal, how can this be rectified?
3. In case of some serious abnormalities with the pregnancy and the doctor insists that abortion of the baby should be performed to save the mother what is the right decision to make according to the principle?

4. What retribution made my aunt’s pelvis bone cracked, have degenerative disc, high cholesterol and dizziness, a headache, pain and numbness in the extremities. Does she have the chance to recover from all these ailments, how can it be rectified?
5. What retribution made my sister have an accident and was unable to remember (things in the early stage and while she lost consciousness, her spirit left her body, was it true or not if it was why she survived when the spirit has left her body?

6. While her spirit left the body, who was the monk that told her to keep her mind meritorious and to go back to her body? What good deed made the monk came to help her? Was he the same monk that stood by her side and helped her answer questions and make her conversation sensible? If he was, why did he have to do that?

7. Without that monk’s help would she die? And what retribution unabled her to hear on her right ear till this day, how can it be rectified?

8. What retribution made my great grandfather bitten by a snake that led to the amputation of his leg? Did they have ill will between them? What retribution made him die of lymphatic cancer and where did he go after his death? Did he receive the merit dedicated to him? Does he have a message for us?

9. What retribution made my grandmother have heart disease and pass away as easily as she wished? Where did she go after she died, did she receive the merit dedicated to her?  Does she have any message for us?

10. What retribution made my mother suffer from kidney failure, serious ailment of the thyroid glands and the tight sensation in the chest, couldn’t breathe easily, at the moment she is getting better due to what good deeds and will she recover, how can this be rectified?

11. What retribution made me vomit badly once a year and why women have different discomfort during menstruation for example some vomit, some have stomach pain, some have tender breast, some have waist pain, some agonise of pain in legs, some have headache and some have all the discomfort? What make them suffer in different way?

12. How much did my aunt, my niece and nephew, parents, elder sister and I pursue perfection with the Dhammakaya community, what are our duties, have we reached Phra Dhammakaya, and how many times have we come down to pursue perfection? How solid is my nephew’s ordination plan and do I have enough merit to stay at the temple for the rest of my life?
Yours respectfully

Luang Phaw's Dream

I closed my eyes, dreamed and woke up with these answers.
When you tell anybody the story like a tale, it will make anyone know more about retribution (Law of Kamma)
1. The retribution that made your aunt have a membrane concealing the womb that put her baby in a breaching position resulting in the baby receiving little nutrition from the mother; but at the same time the mother gained weight from the food consumed more than it should be, both mother and son have relative kamma together.
  • In the past life your aunt had 2 sons both were soldiers. They had the duties in controlling male and female slaves to do their work. The elder brother also controlled the budget for food for those slaves.
    Later the elder brother became greedy and embezzled the budget for provisions while his younger brother agreed with and that lessened the food for slaves. When the mother knew about her sons’ deeds, she didn’t prohibit them but acted indifferently because she also approved of it.
  • In this life both sons were reborn as her children. The elder brother becomes the first son and his brother, due to the adultery kamma, was reborn as his sister. Due to the kamma from embezzling the budget for food for slaves that made them have less food to eat, resulting in your aunt having a membrane concealing the womb until her son was in breaching position and could hardly get nutrition from his mother.
  • But the mother gained more weight from the food she ate because of the kamma that she used to tease her fat friend until she became embarrassed. And also as she purposely stayed indifferent and approved of your sons’ deeds as a result she became their mother. 
2. Her son can’t eat much until he is now 8 years old due to the above-mentioned kamma that he committed for many years. He has a chance to recover!
  • Both children and your aunt need to offer food to monks and dedicate the merit to all the slaves that were harmed and make special merit by providing food to prisoners.

  • The symptom will gradually improve and they will recover. As for her daughter who can’t eat much even the mother had normal pregnancy because she agreed with her brother’s behaviour.
3. In case of severe abnormal pregnancy and the doctor recommends abortion to save the mother’s life, the right principle is: if the baby is alive, the mother should keep her mind meritorious and make a wish as your aunt had done. She shouldn’t abort the child but if if the fetus died in the womb then the abortion can be performed.
4. Your aunt had cracked pelvis bone, suffered from degenerative disc due to the kamma that she made the slaves that her sons brought to work in the house, worked too hard. One time she was very angry and pushed a slave until she fell on her pelvis bone and caused it to crack.

  • The high cholesterol and dizziness was due to the kamma that she made them overwork until they usually felt dizzy and faint.
  • She often suffers from headache, pain in the legs and numbness in her extremities due to the kamma from beating those slaves!
  • She has a chance to recover from all these ailments but she has to perform generosity, observe the precepts, meditate and dedicate the merit accrued to the slaves that she had harmed. She should also follow a diet and take up exercise to lose weight.
5. The retribution that made your sister had an accident and lost her memory in the early stage is the kamma from killing animals for food i.e. she hit the pigs’ head, scaled fish for instance; and when she lost consciousness her spirit left her body and really saw the accident!
  • She survived because there was still a cord connecting to the bodies, it only was stretched and not broken because she still had the merit from offering Sangadhana, medicines to monks and her contribution in various ceremonies with the Dhammakaya community.
6. While her spirit left her body the monk that reminded her to keep her mind meritorious and to go back to her body is the merit that your sister accrued made her see the monk but there was no actual monk, the merit that she accrued had helped your sister.
  • It was the merit performed in Buddhism especially the merit that she supported sick monks.
  • The monk that stood by her side and helped answer the questions was the same monk that the merit made her see! It was her merit that made her see a monk came to her rescue! Had she not seen the monk coming to help her, she might have died.
    7. She couldn’t hear from her right ear was due to the pretending not to hear her parents or elders who called her in the past life. The kamma takes its action! 
    8. The retribution that made a snake bite your great grandfather until he had to have his leg amputated was the kamma from kicking numerous people. In fact some prisoners were truly guilty but some were innocent.
    • That snake was the prisoner that your great grandfather hurt to death. It bred ill will and took revenge.
    • The retribution that made him died from lymphatic cancer because of the kamma from killing animals in the past and present life for food and appetizers and harming prisoners.
    • After he passed away, he was reborn in the Yomaloka (purgatory) of the killing hell. He didn’t go to the major hell due to the merit accrued according to the tradition.
    9. Your grandmother suffered from heart disease because of the kamma from killing animals and her ordering the slaughter of animals for food. She passed away easily due to her merit and her wishes!
    • She was reborn as a good level Bhumadeva (sprite) in a Bhumadeva village!  
    10. The retribution that made your mother suffer from kidney failure because of the kamma from cheating the scale when selling products, she mixed bad products with good ones. She had bad thyroid glands due to her anger and her breeding resentment including the kamma from killing animals for food!

    • She felt heavy in her chest because of the kamma in the past life from catching fish and kept them in a container, when they jumped too much she pressed them down with another container to stop them from wiggling. That was very painful for them.
    • She feels better due to the merit made in Buddhism.
    • She has a chance to recover if she diligently performs generosity, observes the precepts and meditates continuously!
    11. What made you vomit seriously because you were sarcastic towards your mother by poking your fingers into your throat to bring up the food because your mother in that life complaint that you were lazy in helping in the kitchen. That upset your mother so much that she cried!

    • Women had different symptoms during menstruation due to the adultery kamma!
    • Especially in the life that they were born as men, they tended to beat their wife. Whichever area they hit their wife, they will have the pain in that same area i.e. when they had an affair resulting in their wife having a headache, they will suffer a headache. If they beat their wife during menstruation they will feel painful and tired all over the body. If they sexually abuse and beat women in the abdomen, during menstruation they will feel the pain in the abdomen.
    12. Your aunt, her children, your parents and your sister pursued perfection with the Dhammakaya community as supporters according to their mood that made them meet our community in some life and didn’t meet in other life. In this life they should dedicate to accrue merit so that they will not stray away from the community anymore!
    • As for you, you were a womanizer, after you ordained for a certain time and help with the dissemination but you couldn’t stand the defilements, you had to disrobe and kept being a playboy. But luckily you made a wish that you pursue perfection with the community and never part from it, that helped you to go back to Dusita. If you are heedless in this life, it is possible that you miss the community.
    • Your nephew had a short ordination plan. If he was to ordain for a long time, he needs encouragement and more so a Kalayanamitra (good friends).
    • As for you, you shouldn’t be heedless and diligently meditate until your mind becomes clear, don’t only do physical work but keep accrue every merit and make a wish. If you do that you will be able to escape from adultery kamma.
    • Since you’ve met the Dhammakaya community in this life, be determined to pursue perfection intensively in every merit and resolve to follow the community to Tusita (the Fourth level of heaven), the special merit zone, the Borom Bodhisatwa area and never stray away from our community! (Sadhu)


    Case study in real life

    The Law of Kamma (Pali:Compared to "Karma" in Sanskrit) segment or "Case Study" is one of the prominent sections on the Dream in Dream kindergarten program, conducted by the Venerable Phrarajbhavanavisudh, also known as, Luang Phaw Dhammajayo of the Dhammakaya Temple in Pathum Thani Province, Thailand.

    Each individualized "Case Study" is based on the timeless Law of Kamma (the Law of Cause and Effect) which examines the reasons for many situations and complex inter-relationships people find themselves in. Viewers from around the world write personal letters to Luang Phaw wanting to understand the karmic reasons for many special circumstances in their life.

    This program is not intended to convert anyone to Buddhism or any other religions persuasion. Rather the goal is to help spread genuine peace, happiness and understanding here in Thailand and around the world. By first discovering and cultivating inner peace within ourselves through meditation, we can help spread love and kindness outward, helping to make our world a better place for everyone.


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