Five rooms which affect your habit :- Dressing Room

Five room which affect your habit. The valuable teaching from the Most Ven. Phrabhavanaviriyakhun (Dattajivo Bhikkhu), the vice abbot of Dhammakaya Temple.

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Dressing Room
Five rooms which affect your habit
Compiled from the Most Ven. Phrabhavanaviriyakhun (Dattajivo Bhikkhu)’s teaching


Dressing Room (The room of consciousness)
The real definition of the dressing room is the room to develop habit of loving merit and restraining your passion
Doctrine of the dressing room is the Right Consciousness.
The main objectives of the dressing room
1.    To cultivate the Right Consciousness that is keeping your mind bright regularly and not let your mind to follow your defilements
2.    To practice yourself to be conscious in everything, not be careless
3.    To restrain your passion in fashion or any bad social trends
4.    To rationalize yourself for the Right View, Right Intention, being unbiased, and having morality in your mind

Knowledge from the dressing room
1.    Dressing is for hiding your organs which are able to make you ashamed
2.    Dressing is for protecting you from animals, insects, and the hot, cool, or cold weather.
3.    You should dress suitable to any place and not lead the bad people to rob or rape
4.    You should wear the ornaments depending to your status, not follow fashion or bad social trends too much
5.    Don’t make the children immerse in Kama by making up their faces before the appropriate time because it can lead to many problems later

Benefits from using the dressing room correctly
1.    For your mind
        a.    You will not addict to properties, rank, praise, and happiness
        b.    You will not be careless that you are still young, healthy, and long live
        c.    You will not be extravagant
        d.    You will be able to restrain your mind and make merit regularly such as giving, keeping precepts, meditating, chanting, etc
        e.    You will not be enslaved by the paths of ruin
2.    For your body
        a.    You will know how to honor anyone in their place
        b.    You will know the good manner and way of sociability
        c.    You will know how to behave well and be appropriate to your status and condition
        d.    You will be conscious, active, and think, speak and do good things

Translated by Chadawee Chaipooripat


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