Five rooms which affect your habit :- restroom

Five room which affect your habit. The valuable teaching from the Most Ven. Phrabhavanaviriyakhun (Dattajivo Bhikkhu), the vice abbot of Dhammakaya Temple.

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Five rooms which affect your habit
Compiled from the Most Ven. Phrabhavanaviriyakhun (Dattajivo Bhikkhu)’s teaching

Restroom (The room of consideration)
When you get up in the morning and leave your bedroom, you will go to your restroom.
Restroom is the room of consideration that you can consider the truth of world and life.  Since you can share your bedroom or other rooms such as kitchen, workroom, etc with others, but you use the restroom solely so that you have more time to consider.

What you should consider when you are using your restroom
1.    Your physical body’s nonbeauty
You should consider your oldness every day and night. If you do like that, your narcissists will be gone.  You will not resent nor hate anyone.
2.    Your physical body deterioration
3.    Your possible diseases in the future
Restroom is the room of considering of your diseases and the most important - it is the room of keeping your health as well.

Luang Phaw wants to tell the couples who have young children that when you are sick and go to see the doctor, what the doctor wants from you urgently.  For emergency case, the doctor makes venipuncture to test your blood, check your blood pressure. However, he sometimes checks your feces and urine.  Now you know this, why don’t you examine it before being sick?  You should try to observe your health from your feces and urine when you are in the restroom.  If you can do that, your health will be good.

Luang Phaw is 69 years old and my health is okay because I observe my feces and urine regularly.  I also observe my saffron robes that how they smell because if you are sick, there are many predictable things such as the smell of your cloth, the color and smell of your feces and urine, etc. So, you should use your restroom effectively and train all members in your house to clean and keep the restrooms clean.

No matter what your financial situation is, using the restroom is a personal thing.  Even if you are a billionaire, you should look after your restroom by yourself too.  You should teach your children to look after their restrooms. If they cannot do that, they will not know how to look after their health.  If they are young, you should teach them to clean their restroom because when they are adults, they will not haggle.  If they or their parents are sick, they will know how to look after – they will know how to remove your feces or urine, etc.  They will not mind to pour your feces or urine and the most importance is they will know how to keep them healthy.  So, you should not overlook this point.

Luang Phaw knows it from my father, the Master Nun, and my university.  I studied the subject of looking after the animals. I had thousands of poultries, hundreds of cows, a large number of buffaloes and pigs to look after.

While I was studying this subject, it required me to get up in the morning to check these animals’ health before attending class.  I had to walk in their coops and pens.  However, they could not tell me that they were sick.  So, I had to check it by examining their feces and urine.  When I saw it abnormally, I had to check which animals the feces or urine came from and then I healed them.  So I could look after thousands of animals.

The Master Nun often taught me to train our monks, novices, and laypeople about this.  She told me one word that if someone was not willing to clean the restroom, I should not let him ordain because he would haggle works and looked down on other people.  So if you want your children thrive, don’t overlook works in the restroom.

Translated by Chadawee Chaipooripat


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