Five rooms which affect your habit :- Working Room

Five room which affect your habit. The valuable teaching from the Most Ven. Phrabhavanaviriyakhun (Dattajivo Bhikkhu), the vice abbot of Dhammakaya Temple.

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Working Room
Five rooms which affect your habit
Compiled from the Most Ven. Phrabhavanaviriyakhun (Dattajivo Bhikkhu)’s teaching

Working room (Treasure room)
Definition of the working room is the room to develop the habit of achievement.
Doctrine of the working room is Right Occupation and Right Effort.

Main objectives of the working room
1.    To cultivate the Right Occupation – not making money from any jobs which are immoral, illegal, and go against a tradition.
2.    To cultivate 6 disciplines in the working room
        a.    Have the Right Speech – you should speak right thing in the right time
        b.    Honor and pay respect to people, place and event
        c.    Have good manners which are suitable to people, place and time
        d.    Be responsible to personal and public things
        e.    Be strict in discipline in the office
        f.    Look after tools in the working room

1.    You should work the job which is not immoral, illegal and does not concern with the paths of ruin because it might lead you to have the Wrong View
2.    You should select the workplace corresponding to your community and environments which are appropriate to support your work and achievement
3.    The working room should be suitable to the amount of staffs and types of work
4.    The decoration in the office should be clean, sanitary, safe and have no pornography
5.    There are enough tools in each working room and tools should be kept systematically for ease of use.
6.    Each tool should be used and maintained in the right way for long-lasting use. If it is broken, it should be fixed quickly.
7.    Apply the following policies in the workplace – Promote good and smart people, train some good people to be more intelligent and skillful, and find the way to lay off bad people

Benefits from using the working room in the right way
1.    For your mind
a.    Be able to think and use the knowledge and skill to work successfully
b.    Have chances to make merit regularly
c.    Be able to seek for more knowledge, both Science and Dhamma.
2.    For your body
a.    Enhance your knowledge for your work
b.    Improve your work skills
c.    Cultivate the habit of diligence in work
d.    Collect money which is the entrance of your prosperity

Translated by Chadawee  Chaipooripat


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