Answer by Law of Kamma :- I used to copy the famous brand names

An audience had copied the famous brand names to do business. He wants to know what retribution he will have and how to solve this bad retribution.

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I used to copy the famous brand names

Questions from the audience:
I used to copy the others’ famous brand names but I do not do it now.  What retribution will I have?  Now I am selling bikinis.  Does it have any retribution from selling bikinis?  If yes, how can I do to solve this bad retribution?

You used to copy the famous brand names; you will have the retributions similarly to your doing.  That is whenever you have a famous brand name and sell your goods well; other people will copy your brand name.  You will also face the imitated products instead of the real ones.
Now you are selling bikini.  You will have retribution depending on the wearers.  If they wear to cover up their body and their wearing is suitable to their exercise and place, it does not matter.  If they wear and want the viewers seeing them sexy, you will have the retribution that may cause you to break the 3rd precept in one day.  So your retribution is depending on the wearers’ objective.
For your comfort, you should make and accumulate a lot of merit, and then make a wish that you would not like to have any bad retribution to cut off your fate at all.

By Khunkru Maiyai
December 8th, 2006


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