Change the World :- Eric Levine ... WoW

Eric Levine ... the owner of California Fitness WoW He is wow because he is another one who wants to change the world to be peaceful.

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Eric Levine…WoW!!
Edited from the Inner Kindergarten Program broadcasting on DMC


Namaste the Most Ven. Luang Phaw with the highest respect

I am Mr. Eric Levine.  I am a Canadian and the owner of the world class fitness business named “California Fitness WoW!  Today I would like to be a representative to present something that will be happen in the world in the near future.  That is the Dhammakaya Vijja Dissemination Project to 208 countries around the world because I am another one who wants to do it in the maximum level.  Since the first time I met Luang Phaw, about 11 years ago, Luang Phaw persuaded me to make the real peace happen by introducing meditation to everywhere in the world.  It has touched my heart because I want it to be happened very much but don’t know how to do.

I have been interested and sought for the spiritual answers since I was 5 years old.  When I was 12 years old, I felt that my inner body had an inexpressible potential power.  I knew only that I would not stop seeking the answer until I will know what it is.  When I was 14 years old, I did an unconventional thing.  I left my father and house in Canada and went to India for seeking the spiritual answer.  I also did the Yogic meditation for one year.  After that I flew back to Canada and worked as an actor.  When I grew up, I pioneered the fitness business until I can expand it to 450 branches around the world.  One of the countries I chose to expand my business is Thailand.

Thailand is the country that makes me have a strange feeling because when I stepped out the airplane, I suddenly felt that this country has a power different from all countries I had ever gone.  I answered myself that I want to live in this country.  After that I had visited Dhammakaya Temple and I could not know why I felt like I came back the real home.  Moreover, in the first time I met Luang Phaw, I was very excited like there was an attractive power.  I felt that Luang Phaw was such a very special person like I found the infinity-value diamond.  I also felt that Luang Phaw was the person I was seeking for a long time because Luang Phaw taught me to meditate since we had met in the first time and keeps teaching for now.  What Luang Phaw taught is perfectly matched with me inexpressibly so that I have had the inner experience clearly and different from other techniques I had practiced.

I think that many people may be interested in meditation because they just want to be relaxed.  But I have yearned for meditation because I want some thing special than relaxation.  It is the Dhamma attainment.  Meditation has caused me to change differently and find the best and special happiness than ever.  It is the happiness which is independent on anything.  I have had many inner experiences enough to believe that meditation is the only thing to make the world peace happen.

Today I would like to help Luang Phaw and the residents in 208 countries have the meditation centers all around the world.  I want them to bring the meditation into their daily life no matter what nationality or race they are or what religion they believe.  I want to result from meditation to fulfill their life as Luang Phaw’s word – “absolutely perfect” for them to be the good Christians, Muslims, Jews, or Hindus.  If they are interested more, we open a chance for them to study the Buddhist teaching deeply.  If he wants to study, it is his merit.  The important is meditation will lessen the difference of mankind.

Those who have the inner experience always feel that even people in this world are different, they can live together like brothers.  I think that the dissemination project to 208 countries which Luang Phaw is running will stunt the world.  It is the biggest thing to change this world to be peaceful by using the simplest method which is different from every method that had been used to create the world peace.  I think that naming Luang Phaw as “The Best CEO of the World” is still too little.  In addition, I think that Luang Phaw’s life and work are very beautiful and interesting to be simply shot as an interesting Hollywood film.

If you are a foreigner living on this earth and want to create the world peace together, you can apply to be a MMC, Middle Way Meditation Coach, in the 1st generation.  The submission period is now to January 2nd, 2011.  The training period is February 6th, 2011 to May 1st, 2011.  For the Dissemination project to 208 countries, the temple still opens for you, who want to create world peace, to apply.  Moreover, the temple welcomes the fresh graduates to work as full time staffs to work either in the country or the foreign countries which you can apply from now on.  The training period is January 10th, 2011 to January 30th, 2011.

Last but not least I would like to tell you that “I am happy most to run Luang Phaw’s dream because this is my dream as well.”

Namaste with the highest respect
Eric Levine

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