The Middle Way Meditation Coach Training Program

If you extremely want to join us to create the world peace, please read it at once and apply to join immediately. Don't forget to tell your friends to come with you. Let's come together to change the world!!

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The Middle Way Meditation Coach Training Program

Peace is the thing that all people want.  Every society and community seeks for peace.  The world peace organization has been founded and established the world peace award.  It has selected the most appropriate organization and person to receive this award for over one hundred years.  In the human history many negotiations for peace had been held again and again but wars and exploitations still appear many times.

Does the world peace really take place?
Who can answer this question?

Today, there are many things happened in our daily life.  All people want to be happy but many things in life may trouble you.  The today wealth, knowledge, ability, good health can not confirm that they still belong to you tomorrow.  The only way to find the true and lasting happiness is the simple way that everyone can do and is independent to your age, gender, nationality, religion, belief and race – it is meditation.  That is to know how to develop your mind.

The World Inner Peace Foundation is an organization established after the success of the Middle Way Meditation Retreat.  This project began in 2006 and people from over 70 countries participated in this project.  The Travel & Leisure magazine, the No. 1 American Travelling magazine, has ranked the meditation place in this program to be one of top10 best meditation places in the world.  We, the World Inner Peace Foundation, would like to disseminate the meditation worldwide by opening the interested people from around the world to participate in this program.

The true peace comes from the residents in those societies finding the true inner peace.  It is not too difficult to find this deep and lasting happiness if you really know where the real peace is and how to make it happens.

The Middle Way Meditation is the meditation to attain the inner Dhamma which is within every human’s body by focusing one’s mind at the center of body.

The Lord Buddha had said in the Dhammacakkappavattanasutta that “These two extremes, bhikkhus, should not be followed by one who has gone forth: sensual indulgence, which is low, coarse, vulgar, ignoble, and unprofitable; and self-torture, which is painful, ignoble, and unprofitable.”
“Bhikkhus, by avoiding these two extremes, the Tathagata has realized the Middle Way, which gives vision and understanding, which leads to calm, penetration, enlightenment, to Nirvana.”
“And what, bhikkhus, is the Middle Way realized by the Tathagata, which gives vision and understanding, which leads to calm, penetration, enlightenment, to Nirvana?”
“It is just this Noble Eightfold Path, namely: Right View, Right Intention, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, and Right Concentration.”

The Objectives of this program
1.    For the interested people to participate in the long-term meditation.
2.    For the interested people to cultivate themselves by the Buddhist Ways.
3.    To disseminate meditation in the international level by the qualified participants.

Schedule of MMC Training in the 1st – 4th generations
The 1st generation    February 6th – May 1st, 2011
The 2nd generation    August 7th – November 6th, 2011
The 3rd generation    February 5th – May 6th, 2012
The 4th generation    September 2nd – December 2nd, 2012

The MMC Training in the 1st generation
Training Period        February 6th – May 1st, 2011

February 6th – March 6th, 2011    Training at the Meditation Village in Dhammakaya Temple
The important Buddhist Contents
1)    Meditation
2)    The Principal of Buddhism
3)    The Life Goal Setting
4)    Buddhist Customs

March 7th – April 17th, 2011    at the Mediation Village in Dhammakaya Temple

April 17th – May 1st, 2011    Training the essential skills for being MMC and have a field trip to practice skills according to the MMC and Best Friend Course.

The qualified trainees will receive the Middle Way Meditation Coach Certificate. When they receive the certificate, they will get the grant to introduce the basic meditation and must come back to be trained again every year to be cultivated and learn more skills continuously for the better performance.

1.    Male or female who is between 20 – 50 years old.  Be healthy and not sick of any infective diseases or mental disorder.
2.    Bachelor’s degree or higher. (If your degree is lower, please contact our staff for special consideration)
3.    Love to practice and meditate
4.    Have a strong intention to create the peace to the world
5.    Able to keep the 8 precepts through the training period and keep the 5 precepts after finishing this program and go out to do the duty.
6.    Prefer the self–cultivation and self–development.  Have a teamwork mind set
7.    Able to communicate in English, Chinese or Japanese well
8.    Must be trained or meditated at least 3 weeks – IDOP or Peace Revolution.  The person who was trained in the Middle Way Retreat in any generation will be considered as a special case.

The MMC’s lifestyle
The MMC will have the working status as a staff of Dhammakaya Foundation and get the appropriate welfare depending on the country you live.  Please do not concern about the expenses of the residence, food, clothing and medicine, travelling due to work – flight ticket and visa fee – because they are parts of work.
After finishing the training, the trainee will have a chance to work in Thailand or in the oversea.  You can select another routine to do in the available time such as translation, public relation, etc.

Standard Model Design
To introduce the meditation worldwide effectively, it should develop the service pattern to reach the standard.  The Standard Model Design is the pattern which is guideline to study the operation factors in advance and design the appropriate service with less risk and increasing chance to achieve.  So the trainees who have little experience will not be too serious to do their duty.

How to apply to be MMC
You can submit your application form before January 16th, 2011 at
2.    e–mail to
All applicants must approve your personal data.  After that you will have an appointment to call for interview.

For more information
English:  please call +66 82 3333 082
Chinese:  please call +66 88 2277 860

Japanese:  please call   +66 8 4925 6215, +66 8 0446 5445



รับชมคลิปวิดีโอMiddle Way Meditation Coach (MMC)
ชมวิดีโอMiddle Way Meditation Coach (MMC)  MP3 ธรรมะMiddle Way Meditation Coach (MMC)   Download ธรรมะMiddle Way Meditation Coach (MMC)


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