The Nationwide Rain-Retreat Ordination 2012 Program of 100,000 Monks

Details of the Nationwide Rain-Retreat Ordination 2012 Program of 100,000 Monks

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The Nationwide Rain-Retreat Ordination 2012 Program of 100,000 Monks

The Superb Life is the Monk who wears the Saffron Robes

“The Ordination” is not only the cultural preservation which men have had to do. If you consider the benefits of the ordination, they are enormous which each monk realizes that the ordination benefits his current life, guarantees his journeys in the cycle of reincarnation and also gives him a chance to study the highest objective of freeing himself from all sufferings.

 Dhammadayada Candidates in the ordination ceremony

When a son of a family is ordained, even in the short period, that family’s members are happy and hope that when he disrobes, he will be a good person by the morality.  When he has a family, he will be a father who understands more about his environment, the world, and life.  His wife will get him as a husband who is mild, cool, prudent, and calm.  His community will get him as a member who knows himself and others.  The country will get him as a citizen who has well-trained mind, and finally, the world society will be driven to be the real peaceful society.

 The circumambulation of Dhammadayada Candidates from the Summer Mass Ordination Program

Because of the enormous benefits of the ordination, Dhammakaya Foundation and Temple have arranged the ordination programs continuously.  Details of the Nationwide Rain-Retreat Ordination 2012 Program of 100,000 Monks are below.

Training period                      July 8th – November 4th, 2012
Application Submission      June 1st – July 8th, 2012 at Dhammakaya Temple and other training temples
Novice Ordination Day        July 21st, 2012 at the main training center in Dhammakaya Temple
Monk Ordination Day         July 30th – 31st, 2012 at the training temples and nearby temples
For more information         Please call 02-831-1000, 02-831-1234

1.    Real men (not allow for homosexual ones), 20 – 60 years old
2.    Graduated M.3 (or grade 9) or higher
3.    Be healthy and not sick of the psychosis or dangerous diseases such as the infective diseases, AIDS, etc. and be not addicted to the tobacco, alcohol and all kinds of drugs.
4.    Be not disabled such as blind, deaf, amputee etc.
5.    Don’t have the big tattoo or the inappropriate tattoo outside the saffron robe
6.    Be qualified to the rules and regulations of the Sangha Supreme Council

Required Documents
1.    An 1-inch (or 2-inch) photo
2.    A photocopy of your National ID Card
3.    A photocopy of your academic transcripts
4.    A photocopy of your medical certificate and your HIV test certificate
 Dhammadayada Monks practiced meditation

You should not bring the following things
1.    The fiction books or some media which are the obstacles of concentration.
2.    All kinds of food and snacks
3.    All kinds of media players such as radio, CD-, MP3-, MP4-Players etc.
4.    Mirror, your relatives’ or friends’ photos and camera
5.    Jewelry and ornaments such as ring, necklace, etc.
6.    All kinds of communication devices such as mobile, etc
(The committee will check and keep these things for you during the ordination)

You must not bring the following things with you during the ordination
1.    Sharp weapon, arms and something which is able to harm someone’s life or property.
2.    Tobacco and all kinds of drugs.

 Dhammadayada Monks’ Dhutanga

 The Ceremony of washing the Dhutanga Monks of the Mass Ordination Program

 Dhammadayada Monks developed their temples

Ordain for your beloved ones while they are alive because your ordination may be the only thing that they are waiting from you

Translated by Chadawee Chaipooripat


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