Mother's Day 2014

Mother's Day 2014. History and Activities on Mother's Day 2014.

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Mother's Day 2014
The word “mother” according to the encyclopedia in the year 1982 has the meaning that:
Mother is a female who has a chance to give birth to one child or more. “Mother” is also a word that children call those who give birth to them. In Buddhism, the meaning of the word, “mother” is given to females that have their own family.
1.    The word “Mae” in Thai means “Mother” or “Mom” in English.  “Mae” also means a great giver such as a great leader (Mae thub), river (Mae nam) and chief solider (Mae kong). Moreover, the word “Mae” may displays greatnesses in every place when it is use in association with giving birth to a child. The word “Mae” cannot easily be replaces with someone else.
-“Mae” is the word the child calls the particular female that have gave birth to them.
-“Mae” is the word of a great giver, which can be both male and female such as a great leader or a chief solider.
To conclude, the word “Mae” means those who are responsible toward their works within their family household.

2.    Chani (also known as Mother in English) means those that have given birth to one or more child. They are the ones that their children are dependent on.

3.    “Praraya” in Thai means “wife” in English. “Praraya” also means the female spouse of men.

The origins of Mother’s Day in Thailand
The first time Mother’s Day took place in Thailand was in March 10, 1943 at Aum Phorn Garden by the Ministry of Health. However, World War II also occurred during the same time period, and so the 2nd Mother’s Day organized was moved to next consecutive year. By the year 1945, the war ended, and there was peace again. When the war ended, many organizations  tried to organize Mother’s Day again, but were unsuccessful. Moreover, there were many changes of the dates of Mother’s Day. Later onwards, “Mother’s Day” was organized on April 15th starting on the year 1950 by the Thai government.  However, it was stopped again many years later because Thai Ministry of Culture was collapsed. This caused the Thai National Council of Cultural Affairs to be affected because it lacked supporters and sponsors of Mother’s Day.

Next, the Catholic Teachers’ Association of Thailand organized Mother’s Day again on October 4th, 1972. However, it was organized for only one year. Mother’s Day was organized again on the year 1976 by the Council on Social Welfare of Thailand held by the Queen Sirikit’s foundation. This time, Mother’s Day was officially organized on the same date as the Queen Sirikit’s birthday on August 12th.  From that day onwards, the official flower symbol of Mother’s Day became known as Jasmine.

Name: Jasmine
Scientific Name: Jusminum adenophyllum
Characteristics: It is a perennial shrub-sized plant. There are branches all around. The trunk is about five feet tall. Leaves are broken up into pairs of leaves.  On the stem, the top part of the leaf has a pointy edge, while the middle part of the leaf is round, whereas the bottom part of the leaf is narrow downward. The skin of the leaf is glossy, dark green and smooth. The length of the leaf is about 2 – 3 inches.  There can be about 3 – 5 bouquets of jasmine flowers that can spring up on the top or tip cuttings at the ends of one branch along one trunk. The jasmine flowers are white and fragrant. The jasmine flowers also bloom all year round.
Propagation: This plant likes to be in the sun or outdoor. Need medium amount of water to grow. Grow in the loam soil. Propagation by cutting or graft.
Medical benefits: Jasmine flowers have a soft fragrant for smelling. After the Jasmine flower is dry in the sun, it can be use as a balsam, and can keep your heart healthy.

Oh jasmine flowers        It’s time for you to bloom and smell good
Fresh, clean and white        Like a pure heart with no greedy desires
The fragrant of jasmine is never ending    Like a true love that never fade away
There are no words to describe real love                       Let’s you guess who’s the person who loves you unconditionally?

Value of Milk
I feel an obligation to my mother. My mother has care for me ever since I was a baby sleeping on a cot. When I was young, mother was nearby me when she sang a lullaby to calm me to sleep. My mother has been careful at handling me ever since I was baby and until I have reached adulthood. My mom truly loves me from the bottom of her heart. She has raises me ever since I was an infant until adulthood. My mother’s milk that she used to breast fed me when I was a baby was really precious. You should be considerate. The value of mother’s milk cannot be substitute with anything else. Oh mother, I missed the milk from your breast. The blood in your body refined into milk for your precious child to drink. Now, I can still remember the value of mother’s milk so dearly. Its value is more than the sky, and larger than our land. Become ordain as a monk to repay the debt you owe to your mother for raising you. However, nothing can be substitute even for a drop of milk your mother breast feed you.

Activities that you can participate in on Mother’s Day
1.    Set up a Thai national flag at your home.
2.    Make merit by giving alms to the monks and saving the fishes and other animals’ lives.
3.    Organize activities and community service to acknowledge the importance of Mother’s day.
4.    Use many jasmine flowers and make it into a “Malai” to give to your parents.

Poem for Mother’s Day from the Child’s Heart
Sweet Scented Jasmine place on my thigh,
Fragrant of pure innocent love shine,
Represent every word from our heart,
Malai for my mother, with virtue, and the highest respect,

Obliqations to even many one hundred thousand others,
cannot be worth more than obligation to my mother.
The obligation to my mother for even one drop of mother’s milk,
is greater than heaven, earth, hell combined together.

I’m not able to show or display how much,
or write down to elaborate the greatness
of the obligations I felt to my mother,
so that I’m determined to be thankfulness forever.

One word, “love, I love my mother,” although worth less
than diamonds and gems together, which we cannot estimate the price.
But mother, the number one love of my heart,
is not anybody new, but I love mother forever.

Mother love is larger than everything        Cannot find anything else to compare with
Even since my mother is pregnant        In addition to the milk my mother let me drink
Mother is careful at handling the small child     Mother always busily fanning her child
Mother is ready to feed her child first    Mother is dedicate to doing everything for her child

When mother is teaching her small child          Right or wrong, the child know that his mother is bossy
But when the child grows into a good adult        He realizes that his mother’s words are never wrong
Never seen the value of mother when a small child     Every words I’ve argued with my mother, I’ve sinned
Although I’ve repeat the same mistakes over again     Would like to say sorry and please forgive me

When I face with sorrow and grief         Every where I turn, nobody understands me
However, a stream of warmth still exists        From one person whom I know so well
That person is my mother        Mother understands her child bests
Mother gives me courage to continue my life         in this world

When mother realizes she is pregnant        Mother is careful at handling her unborn baby
She is careful of eating anything hot and spicy    To protect her unborn child of any side effects
The gender of her unborn child is unknown     Nevertheless, the day of delivery has been counted
Even though, mother will be hurt during delivery    she feels bless to see her child for 1st time

Mother love her child.
Mother’s love is pure, clean and innocent.
The ocean seems to be the deepest,
but mother’s love is deeper than the ocean’s depth.

Mother used to tell me many days ago,
“You can choose your own best friends.
If you choose good friends, then you’ll become happy
Beware of bad friends…stay the furthest away from them.”

There is no one in this world greater than mother,
greater than the world that I reside in;
no matter how wide and deep the ocean is,
mother’s love is greater than all of them including the sky.
Although heaven’s flowers is very beautiful,
it is still less beautiful than my mother.
Even though the trees give us oxygen during daytime,
but mother give us life, mercy and kindness.
Mother is extremely happy when her child behaves well,

And mother is sad when her child behaves badly.
Be at least half as good as your mother.

Shade from the Banyan tree is cool and refreshing.
So shady that it cools our heart.
Many vine circle around the Banyan tree.
We feel fresh from outside and within.

Mother’s shade is more refreshing than Banyan tree’s shade.
Mother has done everything with creativity for me.
When her child is sick, mother felt sad within.
Mother help elevate child’s sickness by giving love and support.

Mother is number one in giving providing support since birth.
Mother use her knowledge to teach her child.
All of the water that evaporated into the clouds,
is not greater that the love that mother provide.

I would like to tell you the obligation to mother only to this point.        Mother provides the greatest love for her child.
I would like all the children to know mother’s inner feelings.     All of the love in mom’s heart is for all her children.
All of mother’s children should listen to her teachings.         Children should be obedient and not embarrass their mothers.
Even if the child may come from a poor family like me.        Please think for yourself and you will become successful.
Can mother listen to their children first?             I feel sorrow for causing my mother’s disappointment.
From now on, I will become determined.             I will forget all the painful pasts, mistakes, and errors.
From now on, I will listen to only mother’s words.        Mother’s words are always truer than anybody else.
 Becoming a good child is like becoming a winner.        I will promise to my mother that I will become a good child.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

“Obligation to Mother is greater than the sky and the ocean combines. Obligation to mother is the highest and is greater than all of the rivers combines. No one else in this world is greater than mother. Mother is the greatest of all.”
Someone used to tell me that,” If we used the sky as a paper, the tip of mountain as a pen, and the water in the ocean as an ink to write about the obligations toward ones parents. Even though the sky will be filled with letters, the mountain becomes corrosive, and the water of the ocean dries out; the writer will run out of paper, pen, and ink to list all the obligations to ones parents.”

In this world, the child owes the greatest obligation to his mother because:
1.    Mother gives the child “life” and the “physical body” during pregnancy and childbirth.
And thus, mother creates and adds value to life my making the world more beautiful. For example, pieces of clay are almost close to worthless. However, if we use the pieces to build up a doll, the value of the clay will increases, and it can also be use as a decoration for the house. However, if we use the pieces of clay to build up a Buddha statue, the value of clay will increases even further. This is because many people will have a chance to “krap” and pay respect to the Buddha statue. You can see that the value of the clay depends on the print image of the clay. Similarly, the imprints of others animals such as elephants, horses, and buffalos also have intelligence but cannot do good deeds like human beings. We are likely to be born as human beings. This is because the physical body of human beings has greater value that all of the other animals and is capable of doing good deeds. Therefore, the obligation to parents for creating an imprint of our physical body is extremely great. Furthermore, if our parents also teach us to behave well, it can be say that they also help shape the imprint of our heart. Therefore, the obligation to parents is the greatest in the world.

2.    Parents also help shape the imprint of our heart by looking and taking care over us. They are very careful at teaching us to be good. Therefore, the obligation toward ones parent is the greatest.
To return back our parents’ good deeds:
1.    During their life time, we can help them with their works and taking care of them when they are old. Moreover, we can stay beside them and taking care of them when they get sick too.
2.    When they have pass away, we should create a funeral event for them. We should also make merit and donate it to them regularly.   Although we have tried to pay back all our parents’ good deeds, it is still not enough to substitute it for our parents’ kindness.
“This is because the good deeds from taking care of ones parents should be praised. And when ones have passed away, one will resides in heaven.

Mother’s Day Song
It’s Mother’s Day again.
Know for a long time that mom loves me .
Does mother know that I also love her as well.
This is because I never tell mom face to face because I’m shy.
Mother’s Day is an event that is celebrates all over the world.
This is because some people are mothers, and the rest have mothers.
You can download, save, look, and listen to songs from Mother’s Day collection
to create a warm environment in our home.

Translated by Pichayapa Suenghataiphorn


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