The Photo Collection of Dhammachai Dhutanga (January 6th, 2012)

The Collection of Waited Photo of the World !! The Dhammachai Dhutanga on January 6th, 2012

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The Photo Collection of Dhammachai Dhutanga
In Six Provinces, 365 km long
To Welcome New Year 2012
Remove dangers and troubles
Make the big merit to Thailand
On January 6th, 2012

Phai Rong Wua Temple – The Monument of Phramongkolthepmuni Maha Vihara (distance: 23 km)

Children went to welcome the dhutanga monks

 People went to welcome the monks

 The monks arrived the K.M. No. 77.6

The monks arrived the K.M. No. 79.0

Children went to rejoice in merit. They made the monks walking happily.

 The K.M. No. 79.6

 The monks’ dhutanga made the scene more beautiful

 The weather was not the monks’ obstacle

The monks were so graceful

Oh! Where did you come from? We’re glad to see you.

 Mass rose petals were used to support the monks’ steps…very beautiful

Nearly reached the destination of that day

Decorated it to be the most beautiful rose way for the monks

 The K.M. No. 86.2

 V-Star children went to welcome the dhutanga monks

 Nearly reached the destination...the K.M. No. 86.6

 Pain could not stop the dhutanga monks.

 The monks’ line was very long so that we couldn’t see the last monk

The K.M. No. 86.8

 More children came on that day…they appreciated the dhutanga monks

 Beautiful roses and lovely children

No matter who he was, his heart was very beautiful

 The K.M. No. 90

 The long rose way for dhutanga monks

 Children paved the rose petals together

 The monks would reach Song Phi Nong district within 1 km.

 Sadhu...We rejoiced in your merit of welcoming the monks

 The K.M. No. 96.4
 The monks reached the destination, the Monument of Phramongkolthepmuni Maha Vihara

 Cleaning the dhutanga monks’ feet together


 The monks’ willpower was not less because of them

How graceful the monks were

 The Monument of Phramongkolthepmuni Maha Vihara

 Sadhu…May I be ordained in the future?


We would like to rejoice in your merit of paving the rose petals to welcome the Dhammachai Dhutanga monks in this occasion.

Translated by Chadawee Chaipooripat


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