The World Meditation Day 2011

Why is meditation important? Which organization has appointed the World Meditation Day on August 6th every year? Not only read it, please come to meditate together.

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The World Meditation Day 2011
Edited from the Most Ven. Phrarajbhavanavisudh’s Sermon
On August 6th, 2005


The most harmful disaster for human is “war” which is created by human.  The absolute absence of war has never happened in any eras. So “peace” is the thing people seek for.

On August 6th, 1945, the most harmful atomic bomb in the history was dropped on Hiroshima in Japan.  This painful event in the World War II had made the world realize the hazard of war so that they agreed to establish the federated organization for keeping the world peaceful.  That organization is the United Nations.

In the meeting of the World Fellowship of Buddhist Youth (WFBY) in 1988, WFBY had seen the importance of meditation that although the meditation was one of the Buddhist practices but the other religious disciples could do.  So the WFBY has appointed the World Meditation Day on August 6th every year.  Therefore, the World Meditation Day is the united day for the Buddhists and other people from all over the world to meditate together for the real peace happening in the world and ever.

Today is a good day for us to seek the path to Nirvana.  We temporarily stopped our duties and traveled from many places to meditate together, to make the world peace together. Especially on August 6th, 2005 or the World Meditation Day, people in many places gather to meditate together.  So the World Meditation Day is also a world peace day. The world peace will really happen when everybody in the world attains the inner peace.

The inner peace will really happen when one’s mind stills, concentrates, and stops at the 7th base of the body.  So the meditation is the real linking point to the world peace.

The Lord Buddha taught that those who were good at meditation had the good consciousness and pure minds; they would attain and get the spiritually–based happiness.  Then, they would get the knowledge which helped them to free their minds from all defilements.  When their minds were free, they knew it and became the arahants.

The Lord Buddha taught like that because meditation was the most important thing in your life and it would cause us to achieve the highest goal of life – Nirvana.

So all of the wise and knowledge ones have spent the most time to meditate and still their mind. They know the value of time so they always train and still their mind every second, have the stable consciousness and don’t let their mind to wander about the 8 Worldly Vicissitudes which are gaining or losing things, getting the promotion or demotion, getting praise or backbiting, and being happy or unhappy.  These 8 Worldly Vicissitudes are with the world which the pundits have seen that they are the common things for everyone.  When they are happened, they will exist for a while and then terminate at last.  They are not stable, trouble and not belong to anyone so they are not the real core of life.  You ought to seek the real core or the real existing thing within, it is Dhammakaya.

So the Dhammakaya attainment will make your life full of the ever-lasting happiness.  Your thoughts, words, and behavior will be better.  You will get the pure wisdom which is able to remove every problem and makes your mind bright and pure.  The defilements will be removed and the great kindness will be rising.  You will have the good willing to others and wish everyone to attain Dhammakaya, wish them to have pure mind, be happy and enjoy ever.

So, on the World Meditation Day, if everyone in the world can stop and still their mind in the right position simultaneously and attain Dhammakaya, the real world peace will happen.  It is not the impossible thing or the daydream for us but it is possible if everyone knows that he has the best thing inside and he has to start in the right position – the 7th base of mind – and do it seriously and continuously.  If everyone around the world does it together, the world will change from the darkness to brightness, dirtiness to pureness, selfishness to sharing.  They will give their love, smiles and kindness to one another.  The hatred and feud will be gone and they will have only the kindness, good-willing, forgiving and sharing to others.  Then, the world will become peaceful and happy.  It will be the world of peace that everyone has wishes for a long time.

There are five big merit ceremonies arranged by Dhammakaya Temple on Sunday August 7th, 2011 since the World Meditation Day at the International Dhammakaya Meditation Hall, Dhammakaya Temple, Pathum Thani province, Thailand.  Please come to make merit together. Rejoice in your merit.
Translated by Chadawee Chaipooripat


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