Flood Situation and the needed things

Dhammakaya Temple and Foundation helped the flood victims.

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Flood Situation and the needed things

Donate things to help the flood victims
1.    Dhammakaya Foundation would like to invite you to donate the requisites to help the flood victims together.  Please contact us at the Main Office of Dhammakaya Foundation in Pathum Thani province or call 02-831-1170 to 2.
       The needed things are
        a.    Fiber boats and paddles for 4-6 people or more
        b.    Life jackets
        c.    Canned food  (ready-to-eat food)
2.    The temple would like to invite all kinds of medical professionals to participate in the mobile medical units to help the flood victims across the country together with Dhammakaya Foundation and Rattanavej Club under the patronage of the Most Ven. Phrarajbhavanavisudh.  For more information, please call 08-6979-4456.
3.    The Dhammadayada Training Center or which provinces where are troubling from the flood can ask for help at Dhammakaya Foundation by call 02-831-1170-2, 02-831-1000 or 02-831-1234.
4.    Those who want to give the relief packages to the flood victims with Dhammakaya Foundation, please call 02-831-1170-2.
For people who would like to help but are not convenient to go and give the relief packages in the flood areas, you can donate the following things:
        a.     Fiber boats 10x10 feet – 7,500 Baht/boat
        b.    Paddles – 200 Baht/paddle
        c.    Life jackets – 550 – 600 Baht/jacket

        d.    Relief packages – 400 Baht/package

        e.    Canned Food (ready-to-eat) – 30 Baht/set (canned rice and canned dish)

You can donate your money to help the flood victim at
    Thanachart Bank
    Khlong Luang branch
    Account name:  มูลนิธิปัญญาบารมี (moon-ni-thi-pan-ya-ba-ra-mee)
    Account No:    238-2-21307-0
    Contact No. (Dhammakaya Foundation)    02-8311000, 087-5137774
News:  Dhammakaya Foundation helps the flood victims
Dhammakaya Temple and Foundation concern the flood victims’ beings, so we already sent the relief packages to over 100,000 households which valued more than 20 million Baht.  We also helped the victims who stayed in Thammasat University Rangsit Campus by giving 1,000 packages of food and are ready to help anytime if Thammasat University request.

Dhammakaya Temple opens to park up to 5,000 cars
Dhammakaya Temple in Pathum Thani province provides the flood victims to park their cars or other vehicles in the temple around Khlong Sam.  The space is about 150 Rai and can support up to 5,000 cars.  The temple also has the certain open time and close time for security.

Translated by Chadawee Chaipooripat


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