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  Beloved Teacher - read 18276
Beloved Teacher A life story of chinsese woman who was lucky than any others. She got a chance to study in University; even though, her mom refused to send her daughters for high education per Chinese’s belief. And, what are the retributions of angriness each other since past life? How are the situations between having physical body meditate in the hall that the great root teacher controlling merits and listening radio broadcast in the office alone provide merits and progress of meditation differently?..DMC has the answers. อ่านเรื่องCase studiesต่อ 
  Mixed Rice, Mummy - read 18276
Mixed Rice, Mummy She was born in a wealthy family. Her husband is a Mayor and she has lovely children. Her life is not perfect, however, she has seafood allergy which leads to rheumatoid and thus she has body aches. What retributions would cause these? อ่านเรื่องCase studiesต่อ 
  Hand and Fire under water - read 18277
Hand and Fire under water The miracle of crystal sun occurred not only in Thailand and but also in American. What factors brought this happen? What are the retributions of killing animal? What is water sprite? DMC has the answers. อ่านเรื่องCase studiesต่อ 
  Bullet for Love - read 18280
Bullet for Love One woman decided to do something sarcastic to her mother by shooting herself at her left calf. However, this incident led her to meet her present husband. She had lost her beloved daughter. And, the story that will be a good lesson for gambling people. อ่านเรื่องCase studiesต่อ 
  Embezzling, Big Size - read 18270
Embezzling, Big Size With the retribution of embezzling the budget for provisions in the past life, this family have to suffer in this life. Will they have a chance to recover from all these ailments? Also, In case of some serious abnormalities with the pregnancy and the doctor insists that abortion of the baby should be performed to save the mother what is the right decision to make according to the principle? Why women have different discomfort during menstruation? Here...we have the answers อ่านเรื่องCase studiesต่อ 
  Feng Shui - read 18273
Feng Shui Karma that happens in this life is the effect from actions that we did in previous life. One of the Norway ladies was sent out to a foster home since she was 3 months old and had no chance to be close with her mom. She had to move along with her dad for 12 times until she was used to separation and lack of warmness from people of close relationship. What retribution caused her life to be like this? And, why can her daughter sense which house is livable or no? อ่านเรื่องCase studiesต่อ 
  Crossing The Realm - read 18267
Crossing The Realm One woman has encountered lots of mystery stories in her life. She met the white water buffalo and the strange horse, called “Kwan”. She felt as if she traveled to the past. Are there stories real? DMC has the answers. อ่านเรื่องCase studiesต่อ 
  We Have Each Other - read 18272
We Have Each Other Story of a teacher whose husband’s father is drunken and flirtatious and ended up broke. Her brother had hepatitis but he recovered and stayed longer for a certain time because of the merits. What Karma causes rheumatism sickness? Does it have any effect if one is upset while accruing merits? อ่านเรื่องCase studiesต่อ 
  A Beginner In Love But This is a True Love - read 18282
A Beginner In Love But This is a True Love What fruit of merits will we receive from deciding to cast personal Dhammakaya image with our own money without hesitation, immediately? How will this merit help us in afterlife? What retribution makes people to have psychological disorder and be autistic? Here, we have answers for the story of her real life. อ่านเรื่องCase studiesต่อ 
  More Than Sorrow - read 18278
More Than Sorrow If her son was still alive; she would be the rain when his mind was hot, she would be the fire to give warmth when he was cold, she would be the melody to comfort when he was lonely, and she would be the star-light when he looked up. However, she have lost my son which was diagnosed with Leukemia. Her life used to be smooth and now it’s like rock and roll. However, she still have to continue her steps. How? We will see... อ่านเรื่องCase studiesต่อ 
  Image in the middle of Khong River - read 18281
Image in the middle of Khong River She was honored by a society to be a role model and a Dhamma-oriented teacher. She ordained as a renunciation or Brahmin nun every summer break. She seek the white path around Thailand and has been to all good temples. Why she ends up at Dhammakaya Temple? Let's follow. อ่านเรื่องCase studiesต่อ 
  The Ghost Brushed Away - read 18275
The Ghost Brushed Away She was only 10 years old and her dad is polarized. All her sisters got married and stayed in a separated house. As a result, she was the only one taking care of her dad until he passes away. She likes to do a merit and always help other people before helping herself. What will be fruits of these merits that she has been doing? อ่านเรื่องCase studiesต่อ 
  Want to cremate her - read 18281
Want to cremate her I am so excited and happy that I finally sat down and wrote up my own case study. If there were no law of karma from other case studies, I would not have a chance to write up my case today. This is because I may be in prison from killing others. Therefore, I would like to send my story to the most graceful person who devotes himself to broadcast brightness to me and others. He is Luang Phaw who I pay most respect. อ่านเรื่องCase studiesต่อ 
  Wonder Girl - read 18266
Wonder Girl The “Universal Energy” bonds the power of life, fights with serious illness, soothes mind into the centre of brain, builds circulations to generate seven levels of powers, and cures diseases with mind. I and my husband had practiced on the “Universal Energy”. However, we currently enter a temple, soothe our mind, and place it at the centre of the body. We practice a new kind of aura taught by Luang Phaw called “Gigantic Universal Energy”. อ่านเรื่องCase studiesต่อ 
  Restraining the Mind - read 18268
Restraining the Mind This is the story of a man who never had attaching his feeling to his mother who punished him severely only because she lost only little amount of money. She blamed him for that though he tried all the best to give her any explanation. What caused this bad mother-son relationship? The answer will be revealed here. อ่านเรื่องCase studiesต่อ 
  Spirit Wants to Get Married - read 18272
Spirit Wants to Get Married A good example of dedicated family, a man who studied major in law and had never believe in Law of Kammar finally changed his opinion after he heard a Dhamma teaching from Ven. Datta. Now, he quitted smoking and drinking and paid more attention on studying Buddhism. He and his wife lost a job during IMF period but now they owned a business. His daughter came to the temple since she was 3 years old and his son also loves to watch DMC. อ่านเรื่องCase studiesต่อ 
  Magic Over Sciences - read 18276
Magic Over Sciences A story of a man who was a very likable, sensitive, and kind kid and turned to be so overtly fascinated with magic when he grown up. He followed one of a magician master to study more on magic and disappeared for 3 years since then. His mom really missed and worried about him. Is he still alive? Are magic acts considered deceiving acts? Is it a proper profession according to Buddhism? อ่านเรื่องCase studiesต่อ 
  Dancing Girl - read 18271
Dancing Girl She was born in an agricultural society. Her dad’s main job was rice farming and he had a side job by setting a group of female dancers but the financial situation of family was not good at all. Her mom was in a hardship to keep the family members surviving. At the same time, her mom had a suffering from a promiscuous husband and finally addicted to alcohol.Later on, she had a Germany husband and by accident, she had met with a DMC group. The path of merit earning has accrued. อ่านเรื่องCase studiesต่อ 
  Mysterious Stone - read 18281
Mysterious Stone There was a monk who loved in doing pilgrimage. One time, he traveled to an old temple and found a black stone in shape like the boundary marker stone of a Buddhist temple. He brought that stone back with him to his temple….After that, there were many unusual things happened to him even when he meditated. His mother was injured by a fallen broken pillar hit right on her back. Is this a curse of that black stone? DMD has the answers. อ่านเรื่องCase studiesต่อ 
  Buffalos’ Tears, Love You As Much As I Love Buffalos - read 18274
Buffalos’ Tears, Love You As Much As I Love Buffalos The sample case of mis-conducting in precept no 1…. A woman who had a business in selling cows and buffalos meat and had to kill them almost every day during the past 30 years, what kind of Kammar will she get? And, how can she solve this? On the other hand, another man who killed the cows and buffalos just for fun, what would happen to him after he died? DMD has the answers. อ่านเรื่องCase studiesต่อ 
  Don’t Let the Liver Ache And Don’t Die - read 18278
Don’t Let the Liver Ache And Don’t Die The story of a woman who did not have in financial difficulties but she had to work hard until she had bone membrane torn in her leg. She had an operation but it was still not as good as before and might need to change her knee. However, she still had to work as hard as before. Why her life happened like this? Is there any Kamar if she does an animal business for slaughtering purpose but she has never does slaughtering herself? Why someone never success in doing any business? What are the differences of Kamar from a son kills the parents and the parents kill the son? DMC has the answers. อ่านเรื่องCase studiesต่อ 
  Godfather’s Son - read 18270
Godfather’s Son A man decided to stop to go a school to go married instead when he was 18 but later on he had an affair with another woman who had already married. Later on, his business was bankrupt and had to flee away from debtors for a while. His first wife remarried with a new husband. After he started a new business, his second wife had an affair with his own employee. He married with the third wife but he kept drinking alcohol and became drug addicted. Finally, he has lost his third wife. Let ‘s study his life in style of Dream in Dream school. อ่านเรื่องCase studiesต่อ 
  The Little Candlelight - read 18272
The Little Candlelight She was born in a family that the parents always have a quarrel because of alcohol.Her mother said she had a dream before gave birth to her and was confident that she would be a doctor once she grown up. And the dream had came true, she became a doctor. She treats the patients by using her knowledge, giving an advice to her coma patients to be in a better conscious and think of only merit before dying. She is a successful doctor but she does not seem to be much successful in love. อ่านเรื่องCase studiesต่อ 
  Cannot Live Without Your Smile - read 18275
Cannot Live Without Your Smile She was born in a poor family and grown up with a hopeless love. She decided to spend her life in a foreign country. At the beginning she worked as an employee but got cheated from employer by not paying her. With her strong withstanding of any difficulties, she opened a Thai foods restaurant, started from a small food shop until now she owns 4 branches of the restaurant…along with an interested question about “Mara” ….. DMC has the answers. อ่านเรื่องCase studiesต่อ 
  Want To Say I Love You - read 18272
Want To Say I Love You A man, when he was in childhood he was diligent but when he was grown up he became a trouble maker because of his promiscuous behavior. He always asked money from parents and spent it all with women. His parents thought he might be under the influence of black magic so they took him to a black magic master to remove the curse but nothing was better. He was admitted to a nerve hospital once. His mother ordained him as a monk at a temple. During his ordination, he was better but things turned back to be same after he quitted a priesthood. Did he have a mental problem from a black magic…..what is the Kammar of his parents to have so much sorrow with their son in this life? อ่านเรื่องCase studiesต่อ