Five rooms which affect your habit :- Bedroom

Five room which affect your habit. The valuable teaching from the Most Ven. Phrabhavanaviriyakhun (Dattajivo Bhikkhu), the vice abbot of Dhammakaya Temple.

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Five rooms which affect your habit
Compiled from the Most Ven. Phrabhavanaviriyakhun (Dattajivo Bhikkhu)’s teaching


The Most Ven. Phrabhavanaviriyakhun (Dattajivo Bhikkhu), the vice abbot of Dhammakaya Temple

When I, Luang Phaw Dattajivo, finished writing the book, “The Warm Family”, I was happy and thought that I finished another one.  But when I reviewed it again, I found that I did not finish it at all because the Master Nun Chand had given some interesting comments.
The Master Nun focused about the good habit for attaining Dhamma as the followings

1.    How can you teach your children to love cleanness?
2.    How can you teach your children to care one another?

I recalled how the Master Nun had taught me before being ordained, how the Master Nun taught the temple’s staffs and laypeople who were closed to her since the time of building the temple, etc.  I closed my eyes and recalled those pictures so I decided to make a small book in which I concluded some topics of the practical Dhamma and named it, “The five rooms which affect your habit” for you to self-practice.  If you read it but do not apply in your daily life, this book will not be useful as it should be because the content of this book is the summary of the Master Nun’s way to develop the good habit

1.    Bedroom is the auspicious room
If you ask someone that what the bedroom is, they may answer that it is used to sleep or have a rest.  This answer is underestimated.  Actually, the bedroom is the room of developing the habit of loving merit and being afraid of sin.

The main objectives of bedroom are
1.    To cultivate the Right View

Teaching your children to realize what is good, bad, sinful or meritorious is able to do in the bedroom because the emotion before getting sleep is the best emotion.  Teaching your children to respect the Triple Gems should be done in this room.  Parents should bow the Buddha Image to recall the great kindness of the Lord Buddha together.

Teaching your children to bow the parents’ feet should be done in this room because when your children bow your feet and you bless them, they will be warm and impressed so it is easier to cultivate the gratefulness in their mind.

2.    To practice meditation for your mind stilling firmly at the center of the body
When you, your spouse and children want to meditate, you should do it in the bedroom.  You purify your mind before going to bed and still your mind at the center of the body.  It is easy to attain Dhamma and you will have stronger willpower to pursue the perfections to the Utmost Dhamma like the Most Ven. Luang Pu said.
What is the strong enemy in your bedroom?
I have to ask you first that who have TV in the bedroom. If you say ‘yes’, when you go back home, you should carry it off your bedroom because it will cause you not to meditate.  First, you want to watch only the news.  In fact, when you finish watching news, you watch the soap opera or some series until you are sleepy. When you are sleepy and go to bed without chanting at all.  In addition, the soap opera or series you watch, the stories are about slap (for love) or fierce fighting (the blood scenes).  You may watch it until having a backache or neck ache.  Finally, you cannot think about the merit resource as easy as usual because of your mind is filled about slap or fighting.  When you cannot think about the merit resource easily, so you do not sleep in the merit resource and you will get up in the next morning without thinking of the Buddha easily.

It is the nature of those who just woke up that they will think about the last thing before they slept. So if they watch the soap opera before, their mind will be cloudy before and after waking up.

Therefore, if you have TV in your bedroom, you may not chant or bow the Triple Gems. I would like you to carry it off your bedroom.  If you do like that, you will be punctual and have more available time to talk to your children.  Before going to bed, you should teach your children to bow the parents’ feet and give the blessings to them at that time.  Your children will recall your blessings before sleeping and when they wake up, they will recall those blessings.  Your children will be warm and not lonely.
So, the bedroom is the auspicious room that you can use to cultivate morality, determine merit and sin, give the blessings to your children when they bow your feet before going to bed, and meditate before going to bed which these activities will bring good things to your lives.
Translated by Chadawee Chaipooripat


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