Being Disrespectful to the Monastic Community and Not Looking After Their Parents

Being Disrespectful to the Monastic Community and Not Looking After Their Parents

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Being Disrespectful to the Monastic Community and Not Looking After Their Parents

Questions from the audience:

1)    First off, I used to be disrespectful to the monastic community. At that time, I did not have respect for monks and their significance to the society. Due to my ignorance, I used to turn my back towards monks when I encountered them. What bad retributions will I get? What can I do to help alleviate this karma?
2)    Secondly, my sister sided with her husband and decided not to take care of my parents. After she married her well established Chinese husband, she moved into their new home, which was walking distance to my parent’s house. One day my brother-in-law reprimanded his child simply because his child wanted to eat some sweets. When my mother found out, she became very angry and initiated a big quarrel with him. In result, my sister senselessly took side of her husband and held a grudge with my parents until they both passed away.

Why did my older sister choose her husband over her family, especially her own parents? She also never helped relatives in times of need. What retributions will she get from these bad deeds?


Being disrespectful to the monastic community will lead you to being reborn to a low established family. Turning your back away from the monks symbolized disrespect to the Triple Gems.
You can fix this problem by sincerely putting all your effort in paying respect to the Triple Gems. Make a wish every time you make merits to help alleviate this bad retribution.


Your older sister chose to take sides with her husband and did not show regards to her parents. She also decided not to help out her relatives in times of need because of her selfishness from her previous lifetime. These bad retributions will cause her to become poor and lonesome, without having help from anyone during troubled times.

By Khunkru Maiyai
February 7th, 2007

Translated by Chadawee Chaipooripat
Edited by Edna Thaniyaphol


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