Answered by Law of Kamma :- Having the Betel Nut

An audience questioned about those who have the betel nut will have any bad retribution or not. Khunkru Maiyai will tell you.

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Having the Betel Nut

Questions from the audience
My mother is very kind and prefers to make merit.  However, she likes to have the betel nut. Does it yield the bad fruits like the smoking?
When someone was sick, he had promised that if he were better, he would go to the temple.  But when he was better, he did not do.  Did he get any sin?

Those who have the betel nut will not get any bad retribution but it might concern their minds.  Smoking is one way to harm one’s self and others so that smoking affects the smokers to have the bad retributions.

Those who do not go to the temple will not get any sin but they live carelessly.  The probability of their bad retributions from the previous lifetimes yielding the bad fruits is higher because they don’t go to the temple to make new merit.

If they only stay at home and do not listen to Dhamma, they will not know about the truth of life.  When they go to the temple, they will listen to the unheard or recall what they heard and determine it again.  If they have some questions, they can ask the teaching monks.  When they get the clear answers, they will be happier and have the stronger willpower which affects them to set their goal of life or live in the right way so that they will do only good deeds and make merit.  These are the objectives of going to the temple.

By Khunkru Maiyai
May 26th, 2005

Translated by Chadawee Chaipooripat


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