Answered by Law of Kamma :- glaucoma vs. abscess at groin

An audience had questions about glaucoma and abscess. How did they relate with kamma? Khunkru Maiyai kindly answered these questions.

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Glaucoma vs. Abscess at groin

Questions from the audience:
There was one old lady, who was my best friend, had glaucoma at her both eyes for several years. She used to go to see a doctor but he asked her if she had children or not, if she had, she should go to live with them because she would be blind definitely. Nevertheless, she came to consult with the Master Nun Chand Khonnokyoong, the founder of Dhammakaya temple, and the Master Nun recommended her to practice more meditation and chanting and the Master Nun would help her. She obeyed the Master Nun’s suggestions and has been collecting merit until present day. Now her eyes are better and not be blind like the doctor said earlier.

What kamma caused this old lady had the glaucoma at her both eyes and almost blind? How was her meditation achievement from her past life? Why she has been meditated diligently but she never attains Dhammakaya for just once in this life?
What consequence made my daughter often had pustules at legs in her childhood? And what kamma made her had the abscess at her groin so that she must have the operation and suffered from pain for many days?

This old lady had glaucoma at her both eyes because the kamma of encaging animals in the dark place in her previous life sent its impact.

The story was, she was born in agricultural society and she frequently caught the fish and put them into the water jar covered by lid in order to get them killed for food. This consequence sent its fruit in this life. However, she was not blind yet because the merit of the light offering and all other good deeds she did in her present life came to lessen such bad kamma from harsh to light one.

In the past, she rarely practiced meditation but she has just done it regularly in this life. If she keeps on practicing, she will attain Dhammakaya certainly.

In your daughter's childhood, she often had pustules at her legs and the abscess at her groin caused she had operation and suffered from pain for days because of the past kamma from her previous life. She was born in agricultural society and she usually whipped her children and relatives with hot temper. Moreover, she also rebuked others with sharp speech which made people feel irritated without reason. Therefore, such bad kamma had an affect on these incidents.

In fact, there are numerous words to be chosen to speak to each other. We should pick the good ones to speak in order to make people love us and be willing to do what we suggested. Actually, she would have been born in the family with hot temper parents like she was in her past life, however, the fruit of merit of taking good care of her parents in her previous life came helping her, as a result, she was born in good family and having good parents and just had the pustules and the abscess. Otherwise, she would have been beaten by sharp speech like she did before.
Thus, let's all of you do good deeds and take a good care of your parents.

By Khunkru Maiyai
January 11th, 2006
Translated by Sumana Sritongtim


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