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An angel owned a lot of celestial properties because she had rejoiced in her friend's merit. What kind of merit did she rejoice? https://dmc.tv/a12828

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The merit-rejoicing fruit

All beings who live in the cycle of reincarnation wish happiness and safety in their lives because fear is one of their basic natures. So they seek for the refuges to make them confident and save their lives.  A few people know that what and where the highest refuges are and how to reach them.  We are very lucky because we know that the Triple Gems are superb and better than any gems in the Triple World.  This guides us to go to heaven and Nirvana.  This time is valuable for us to recall the Triple Gems by meditation for attaining the core of life.

There is a Pali sentence in the Viharaviman that

“Eight kinds of individuals or four pairs of people whom the wise praised were the people deserving of offerings and were the disciples of the Lord Buddha.  Sangha Dana yielded a lot of fruits.  These monks were countless fertilized merit fields like the ocean containing limitless water.  These monks were superb and were the disciples of the Lord Buddha.  They were diligent and bright the world by teaching Dhamma.  Sangha Dana was so great.”

The result of Sangha Dana is so great and countless like farmers planting in the good fields.  Those who want to go to heaven or Nirvana have to know and choose the right merit fields.  If you believe and do Sangha Dana, the great fruit would be yielded.  Your donations which you have got difficulty would be worthy because your merit will link your property lines together and cause you to own the big properties in the next lifetimes.

An amazing thing was only being faithful in other’s merit and say “Rejoice in your merit” caused someone to reborn in the heaven which was beyond estimation.  The rejoicing merit is called “Pattanumodanamai.” It is a special merit that someone overlooks.  The Lord Buddha gave a sermon that rejoicing in other’s merit was one of the merit resources because it was one of the Ten Merit-Making Ways. Now you see how important it is, so you should rejoice in other’s merit when you see someone doing good deeds.

Like the story in the Buddha Time, when Maha Upasika Visakha had constructed the Vihara and offered to the monks as Sangha Dana where the Lord Buddha was the president.  She had sold her ornaments 90 crore to construct this 1,000-room building as the residence of the Lord Buddha and monks.  There were 500 rooms on the first floor and 500 rooms on the second floor.  This building was like the celestial building and its floors were shining like the light reflecting from jewelry. The construction was under Phra Mokkalana’s control.

The construction took 9 months. When it finished, there was a celebration which cost 90 crore.  Maha Upasika Visakha and her 500 friends visited this building. When she saw how beautiful the building was, she was very happy in her donation, so she told her friends that “All of you, please rejoice in my merit. I would like to share you this merit.”  All of her friends were faithful and rejoiced in her merit.

One of Maha Upasika Visakha’s friends paid attention in the merit-rejoicing very much. She was faithful and felt like she did it by herself.  When she had passed away, she was reborn in Tavatimsa Heaven.  Because of her rejoicing merit, a 16-league wide, long and high heavenly castle emerged and belonged to her.  This castle consisted of huge rooms, walls, parks and ponds. It floated in the air and its aura was 100 leagues wide.  Whenever she walked, this castle moved along with her.

One day Phra Anuruddha had traveled in the heaven and saw her, he recalled her, so he asked her that “Angel, you have nice skin and your aura is shining in all directions like the morning star. When you are dancing, the adorable celestial sounds come from all of your parts as well as your pleasing scent. While you are moving, your ornament on your hair makes beautiful sound. Your garland decorating your hair makes beautiful sound when it is blown and has also good smell. What kind of good deeds did you do?”

The Angel replied that “Monk, my friend named Maha Upasika Visakha who lived in Savatthi City had constructed Vihara and offered to the monks as Sangha Dana, I saw this Vihara and her donation, I became faithful and rejoiced in her merit with faithful mind and extreme happiness.  I have got this amazing castle because of the rejoicing merit.  My castle is floating in the air and shining bright.  My castle and rooms have been emerged because of this merit and when it shines, it will be shining 100 leagues long in all directions.

Moreover, my castle still has ponds with fishes. The water is clear and clean. The golden sand is on the banks of each pond.  Many kinds of lotus are fully in the ponds. When the wind blows, the sweet scent is odorous.  There are many kinds of trees such as Java Palm, jackfruit, Toddy palm, coconut and other trees existing in my castle without any planting.  Music resounds in this castle and many angels are happy. The aura of this castle is bright in all direction and the castle is attractive.  All of these have belonged to me because of my only rejoicing merit.”

Phra Anuruddha thought that only rejoicing in other’s great merit still caused this angel getting a lot of celestial properties, how about Maha Upasika Visakha, who was the starter of the Vihara Offering Merit? If she passed away, where was she reborn? So Phra Anuruddha asked the angel about this.

The Angel answered that “Monk, Maha Upasika Visakha, my friend who constructed the Great Vihara and offered to the monks, was reborn in the Nimanaradi Heaven and becomes the King Sunimmittadevaraj’s wife.  Her results are over anyone’s estimation because she accumulated merit more than me.

Monk, please teach people to do Sangha Dana and love to listen to Dhamma.  Being human is very difficult. Eight kinds of individual or four pairs of people whom the wise praise are the people deserving of offerings and are the disciples of the Lord Buddha.  Sangha Dana yields a lot of fruits.  These monks are countless fertilized merit fields like the ocean containing limitless water.  These monks are superb and are the disciples of the Lord Buddha.  They are diligent and bright the world by teaching Dhamma.  Sangha Dana is so great and yields a lot of fruits.  Those who still live in Triple World should get rid of their greed and sin by doing Sangha Dana, and then they will be reborn in the heaven.”

You can see that only rejoicing in other’s Sangha Dana merit is able to yield the over-estimated fruits.  You should not overlook saying “Rejoice in your merit.”  If you are faithful in other’s good deeds like the angel Luang Phaw mentioned before, a lot of merit will belong to you, at least half of the doer’s. So, you should be happy and faithful when you see other people doing good deeds.  Even if it is a little one, you should rejoice in their merits at once.

In addition, doing Sangha Dana by your hands is best.  Don’t hesitate to do, but do it quickly. Don’t prefer to rejoice only others’ merits, but prefer others to rejoice in your merit. You will be the good model for the world and be a refuge for many beings.

By Phrathepyanmahamuni (Dhammajayo Bhikkhu)

Translated by Chadawee  Chaipooripat




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