Answer by the Law of Kamma :- Having a stubborn daughter

The story of an audience who has a stubborn daughter

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Why do I have a stubborn daughter?  


Questions from Audience:

What retributions I and my daughter did in the previous lifetime caused her not be obedient?  How can I do to solve this problem?


Your daughter is not obedient because you had did donation harshly in the previous lifetimes and today, you usually stay far away from her, so she is not familiar to you.  Thus, from now on you would make merit respectfully and not regret later.  After that you make a wish that you would like your daughter to have a gentle mind and be obedient.
Now you have to teach her often and continuously and seek good friends for her.  When she sees the good model, she will improve herself and everything will be better.  
By Khunkru Maiyai
July 22nd, 2004


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