Luang Pu's Doctor And Naga's Treasure

The medium visited the land and said that the land could not be sold because the previous owner allowed, and there was some underground treasure that needed to be dug up first; if we didn't dig it up, the land couldn't be sold, and this treasure was guarded by a Naga who would give this treasure to the real owner.

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Luang Pu's Doctor And Naga's Treasure


Dearest Luang Phaw whom I respect the most,

    I'm a student of Dream in Dream Kindergarten since when it was first established. I started coming to Dhammakaya temple in 1984 (BE 2527) by the asking of a friend who worked at the same bank.
She is a very good person who always has good action and thought. I am always happy being with her and like her very much.

Once I had a chance to meet our Khun Yay Acharn. When I knew she was the first number of Luang Pu's disciples, I was very happy and was reminded to my childhood when I pursued perfection at Wat Paknam, then my heart was flooded by warmth and happiness, and since then I've pursued perfections with our community up to now.

I'd like to ask for Luang Phaw's mercy to dream about my story.

    In my childhood, I lived with my parents, but due to my frequent sickness, I was given into the care of my grandmother at my mother's side. I always went to Wat Paknam with her, her sister and her brother-in-law. By that time, I was about 8 years old and had a chance to meet our Luang Pu Sod in person. He looked outstanding and graceful. Wat Paknam was the temple we usually went as if it was our own.

My grandmother's brother-in-law was a commodore directing the navy hospital and was a real brother of the nun “Tuam”- the chief of Wat Paknam's kitchen.

He was a doctor who rendered care and treatment to Luang Pu since the beginning of Luang Pu's sickness through his death. When I listened to the case of aunty A-ngoon that the nun Tuam left to the internal area of the special merit zone of Tusita (the 4th level of heaven), I was so delighted and that even reminded me to my grandmom's brother-in-law and wondered where he would be since he rendered the very nice treatment and well care to Luang Pu.

Back to the time when Luang pu was still alive, when he was asked about his sickness, Luang Pu's answer was, “It's impossible for me to be completely healed, but since this doctor has a strong gratitude, I'll not stop him.” My grandmom's brother-in-law died from senility at the age of 89 in 2528 B.E.

My grandmom at my father's side was very clean and very well-organized. She liked to make merit and was very nice to her descendants.
She lived with my aunt. Usually, I visited her every month. One day in October, 1997 (BE 2540) when she was 91, I visited her as usual, but she was sleeping. My aunt told me that my grandmother fainted after going to the bathroom.

Since she was sleeping, I decided to come back home and visited her again in the next morning, but she was not awake yet, then I whispered to her that I went there to visit her; though she was still asleep, I saw teardrops from one of her eyes, and she didn't wake up for almost a week, and finally died at the age of 91.
Three months after her death, I saw her in a dream telling me that my other grandmother died. In that dream, I saw my other grandmother in a white outfit like a nun's clothes. She turned her back to me and looked younger.

Seeing that, I told my grandmother that the other grandmother was walking right there and was not dead, but my grandmom still repeated her word that my other grandmother was already dead, and then I was startled and woke up. I found out that my other grandmother really did pass away on the date I dreamt at the age of 91.

My mother-in-law is presently 80 years old. She has 23 acres of land that was previously a rubber plantation. She hired somebody to work there, but due to the frequent appearance of a big snake with a comb on his head during their work time, they were very scared.

Some workers were so scared that they got a fever.

Therefore, the rubber business was over and the plantation became an empty land. Later, my mother-in-law wanted to sell this land, and she was recommended to ask a medium.

When the medium visited the land, he said that the land could be sold because the previous owner allowed, and there was some underground treasure that needed to be dug up first; if we didn't dig it up, the land couldn't be sold, and this treasure was guarded by a Naga who would give this treasure to the real owner, i.e. my mother-in-law.

       At the beginning of the year 2005 (BE 2548), the first ceremony of treasure hunting was held. My mother-in-law told me that there was a medium-sized termite hill that looked similar to a Naga's head in that area. The medium told the people the spots to stand for they shouldn't have walked over the body or the head of the Naga who was moving, and then they started hunting the treasure.

The people were told by the medium to water the land before started digging it by spades, and then he told my mother- in-law to make a wish.
She did wish for getting the treasure easily if the treasure here belonged to her. Amazingly, her wish came true and she could get the treasure really easily by easy crushing the land.

    The things she got were plenty, for example, diamond earrings, a jeweled golden pin, a necklace, a bracelet, topaz, ruby, jade, pearl, golden ox, etc., but there were some strange things I never saw before, i.e.

    One was a round thing that looked similar to a pealed egg. It looked soft, but it was actually hard and also glowed in the dark. In sunlight, it looked transparent and there were some bubbles in the middle.

    The other one was a Naga's mini sculpture. The measurement from the top of the head to the tip of the coiled tail was almost 6 inches. My mother-in-law put it in a bowl full of water and placed it in her house. She let the head of the Naga out of the water and changes water on every quarter moon day.

Unexpectedly, a little ball appeared in the bowl. It happened 3 times and that really amazed my mother-in-law because there was none at first.
The medium told her that the Naga who guarded the underground treasure wanted to live in the house and the little balls were Naga eggs that could make every wish come true. Presently one ball is still with her and the other 2 were given to her descendants.

    Once, another ceremony was held in the house. While the ceremony was being run, the medium gave my husband an empty piece of cotton and told him and the family to make a wish in front of a Buddha image. It could be any wish that we desired.

I was afraid of black magic, so I made a wish for my family and me to have a place in the special merit zone of Tusita Heaven, and get human form in our reincarnation for the good sake of our perfection pursuance, and be in only these 2 realms until we could reach the utmost level of Dhamma.

When my husband opened the piece of cotton, he found some small rocks in it with the color of white, pale gray and cream. The medium mentioned that they were Buddha's relics and if we paid good homage to them, the amount would be increased. I put them in a small tope in my Buddha room but never open it because I'm so scared of black magic.

    Before I conceived the first daughter, I dreamed of very beautiful pieces of ruby and the more I picked them up, the more pieces of ruby appeared until I was among a big pile of rubies and they sparkling around me.
Presently, this daughter is working with the investment department of a foreign bank and starts interested in Dhamma. She likes to perform alms offering in the morning and meditate more.

And before my youngest daughter was born, I had a dream that I was walking under clear water. Along the way, there were plenty of lotuses blooming above the water.
Their stems were so big that I felt I was so small. During my pleasure trip, I met a big group of people and one of them gave me a very beautiful lotus; that really delighted my heart.

Presently, due to this daughter's work, she frequently has to travel overseas; thus, she can deliver Dhamma media to the overseas meditation centers. And every time she flies back, she will deliver the stuff or money from the meditation centers to the temple, and we both regularly visit a monk. He was the one who asked my daughter to come to the temple and is a very good friend of our family. I'm always surprised why I have a strong faith and am very well accustomed to him. Whenever we make merit with him, we are always delighted in the merit we make as if he were my real son.

  1. How did my grandmother's brother-in-law pursue perfection with Luang Pu that caused him to be Luang Pu's doctor? What is the fruit from rendering treatment to Luang Pu? Could he think of this merit before he died, and how is his afterlife?

2.  What caused the teardrops of my grandmother while I was whispering to her? Did she want to tell me something? Did she visit me in my dream after she died?
If it was real, why did she tell me about the death of my other grandmother? Did my other grandmother pass away like what I saw in my dream?

3. Why did both of my grandmothers have very long lives? How are their afterlives? I cast them personal Buddha images since when they were still alive and always dedicate merit to them. Did they receive the dedicated merits?

4. Whom did the underground treasure in my mother-in-law's land belong to, and who guarded it? Why did he give it to my mother-in-law?

5. What was the snake the workers saw in the rubber plantation? Why did he appear there?

6. Do we have to dig up all of the treasure before selling the land like what the medium told us?
Is there any treasure in there still?
If we don't dig it up, can we sell the land and will we get any ill-effect from it? I don't want my mother-in-law to be involved with black magic.

7. What was the thing with an egg shape that looked soft but actually hard and glowed in the dark? What are the 3 balls that appeared in the Naga sculpture's bowls? Are they really wishing crystals?
How could they appear? Is there really a Naga that guards the treasure? Is he at our house like what the sorcerer told us? If it's true, what shall we do?

8. Are the Buddha's relics we received from the cotton the medium gave us to make a wish genuine? If they are, how could they appear there? Was it because of our wish? How can I pay homage to them?
I heard that Buddha's relics could unexpectedly appear and if we paid good homage to them, their amount would be increased, how does it happen?

9. Why did I have the dreams I mentioned before conceiving my 2 daughters? Where were they before they were born?

10. What is the fruit from delivering Dhamma Media to overseas meditation centers and delivering money from the people from overseas back to the temple, how can she take part in this merit?
Did she perform the same deed in her past life? Why is she happy every time she goes to overseas meditation centers and helps their works, especially the one in Australia?

11. My husband is a very good guy. He is a family man who is not flirtatious and works hard for the family, but he still drinks and smokes. What can I do to make him understand more about merit? I'd like him to practice meditation. Did he have any relation with our community before?

12. Were my co-worker who asked me to the temple and I good friends in our past lives, or we are good friends now because of the present relationship?

13. How did my husband, my daughters and I pursue perfection with Dhammakaya Community before? What merit caused me to have a chance to visit all of our Luang Pu, Luang Phaw and Khun Yay?

14. What was the relation of the monk my youngest daughter respects and my family in our past lives that caused us to be accustomed to him? What was his work in the Dhamma troop in the last Buddhist Era and how was his meditation experience?

Luang Phaw's Dream

I closed my eyes, dreamed and woke up with these answers.
When you tell anybody the story like a tale, it will make anyone know more about retribution (Law of Kamma)

1. Your grandmother's brother-in-law became Luang Pu's doctor because he pursued perfection with Luang Pu in his past lives. He had been Luang Pu's doctor for many lives and liked to be a doctor. 

  • He made a wish to render treatment and care to Luang Pu in next lives, and was a royal doctor of Luang Pu when Luang Pu was a king before he got an ordination.
  • The fruits from rendering treatment and care to Luang Pu are getting a strong and healthy human body, having a very long life, receiving heavenly treasure in heaven without any chance to go to any unfortunate realm, and attaining Dhammakaya, etc.

  • Before his death, his mind was clear and bright and could recall every merit he made. These merits took action to him and caused his heavenly followers to pick him up with a heavenly chariot. Now he is a handsome male angel owning a gold heavenly mansion in the supporter of the special merit zone of Tusita Heaven.
2. That your paternal grandmother had some teardrops while you were whispering her before she died was because she could hear what you said but she couldn't move though she wanted to tell you that she was not ready for death yet.

  • After her death, she did visit you in your dream to tell you about the death of your other grandmother because she knew about it. She could meet you in your dream because she became a high-class earth sprite (Bhummadeva) around that area since she still thought of her descendants though she could go to a better realm.

3. Both of your grandmothers had very long lives because they liked to make merit and perform alms offering in their past and present lives, including other merit in Buddhism and the merit of offering medication to monks. These merits took action.
  •  After their death, your paternal grandmother became a high-class earth sprite (Bhummadeva).
  • And your maternal grandmother became a female angel owning a gold heavenly mansion in the supporter of the special merit zone of Tusita Heaven due to the merit she made with our Luang Pu.
  • They both received every merit you dedicated to them and that gave them even more heavenly treasure.

4. The underground treasure in the land of your mother-in-law actually belonged to the medium. He desired to grow faith in your mother-in-law's heart. Don't pay attention to him, there is nothing.
5. The big snake the workers saw in the rubber plantation was actually a regular snake, not a Naga. It was just a rumor of the workers. You don't need to pay attention.

6. You don't need to dig up anything from the land before selling it like what the medium said. It's up to the seller and the buyer to negotiate about the price. 
  • You can sell it. If somebody wants to buy it with a good price, you will be rich without any problem from magic, except you might be falsely infatuated in black magic.
7. The thing with an egg shape that looked soft but was actually hard and glowed in the dark was a clear rock that was cut into an egg shape. It was not a miraculous thing. You should take it as an object of meditation at the center of your body.

  • The 3 balls appearing in the Naga sculpture's bowl were only regular crystal balls that were put there. They are good for being objects of meditation that will lead you to see the real ones some day.
  • There is no Naga around that area. It was the method of the medium to grow faith in him. Don't pay attention. The treasure there is not precious because it only looks real, but it's not.

  8. The Buddha's relics your family received from the cotton the medium gave you to make a wish also look real, but they are not real. Don't pay attention to this stuff. You should better spend time in cultivating every merit from donation (Dana), precept observance (Sila) and meditation (Bhavana).

9. Before you conceived the 2 daughters, you had those dreams because your daughters came from a vivid place because they have pursued perfection with Dhammakaya community in many lives.

10. The fruits of delivering Dhamma media to overseas meditation centers and delivering the money from the people from overseas back to the temple are getting perfection of wisdom and taking part of every merit people gain by learning Dhamma and performing merits by donation (Dana), precept observance (Sila) and meditation, etc.

  • In the past life of your youngest daughter, she had pursued perfection with our community in many lives. In the last Buddhist Era, she was a daughter of a well-to-do family who pursued perfection with our community and had a desire to propagate Dhamma through the whole world.

  • That she is happy every time she visits the overseas meditation center and assists their works, especially the one in Australia is because she loves merit and is pleasured in making merit, also her wish to propagate Vijja Dhammakaya through the world is fulfilled.
11. Your husband is a very good family man who is not flirtatious and works hard for the family, but he still drinks and smokes because he still doesn't see the true danger of alcohol and tobacco that will happen to him in the present life, the afterlife and in Samsara. 
  • You need to find a good friend for him and perform the function of good friends to him with a calm mind and patience. One day, your wish will come true because he had a relation with our community before too.

12. The co-worker who asked you to the temple was also the one who asked you to the temple in your past life. She also supported you to pursue perfection with our community for many lives. This diagram has come to this life and causes her to perform the same thing again.
13. You, your husband and your daughters have regularly pursued perfection with our community as supporters.
  • That you met every our great teacher is because you previously had relation with them and made a wish every time you performed merit to meet them again for you could pursue perfection with them.
 14. You and your family made merit with the monk that your youngest daughter respects in your past lives, and he was your Kalyanamitta (virtuous friend).
  • In the last Buddhist Era, he was a soldier of the king who later became a monk, and he also got an ordination after the king.
  • His duty was propagating Dhamma, and he could attain the inner Buddha image. He spent his whole life in the monkshood and could go back to the inner part of the special merit zone of Tusita Heaven.
  • In this life, if he is not careless in living, he can go back there again.

  • In this life we meet again, you should pursue perfections fully in every merit. Make a wish to follow our community to the special merit zone of Tusita (the 4th level of heaven), and never stray away from our community.

Case study in real life

The Law of Kamma (Pali:Compared to "Karma" in Sanskrit) segment or "Case Study" is one of the prominent sections on the Dream in Dream kindergarten program, conducted by the Venerable Phrarajbhavanavisudh, also known as, Luang Phaw Dhammajayo of the Dhammakaya Temple in Pathum Thani Province, Thailand.

Each individualized "Case Study" is based on the timeless Law of Kamma (the Law of Cause and Effect) which examines the reasons for many situations and complex inter-relationships people find themselves in. Viewers from around the world write personal letters to Luang Phaw wanting to understand the karmic reasons for many special circumstances in their life.

This program is not intended to convert anyone to Buddhism or any other religions persuasion. Rather the goal is to help spread genuine peace, happiness and understanding here in Thailand and around the world. By first discovering and cultivating inner peace within ourselves through meditation, we can help spread love and kindness outward, helping to make our world a better place for everyone.


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