Black Magic Baby Has A Girl-friend

The medium gave her a black magic baby statue to bring home for homage. My mother was doing better business for 10 years.Until one day, Korkaew was in her dream and told her that “I will go to dig gold in Saudi Arabia, and I will bring it to you for wealth.” Since then he never showed up in her dreams again.

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 Black Magic Baby Has A Girl-friend

Dear Luang Phaw,

My life consists of different stories, which are like a marathon.  This marathon originated from my mother; I barely survived until my ordination. Today, I would like to share my marathon chapter through the hottest show on DMC Channel (The Only One Channel).

My mother was a farmer's daughter.  She was a main helper to my grandfather, helping him plough since she was 12 years old.  That's because she was pitiful towards her father who worked alone so hard to support his 12 children.

Once my mother reached her teens, she came to Bangkok to pursue her tailor study.  Later, she fell in love and married my father.  Not too long after that, she was pregnant with me.

It was relatively strange, since she suffered serious morning sickness from her pregnancy with me.  She could not eat anything much since when she smelt food, she felt dizzy and vomited badly.
Although she received treatments from different doctors, the sickness would not be relieved.  She vomited and had no energy and had to take brine at the hospital.  She vomited with much bleeding and suffering.

During the 9th month, the day I was born, my mother was unconscious after delivering me.  She had to take time to recover and could not feed me on the first day.  I kept crying and my father was afraid that I would go hungry.

With ignorance, although with good intentions, my father went to buy and mix condensed milk to feed me.  He lulled me to sleep.  Suddenly, the saddest event happened and I had severe diarrhea. The doctor had to watch helpless to my condition and I have had chronic diarrhea since then.  

When I was 4 months old, the diarrhea got even worse.  In addition, I could not eat anything as everything is just released through the bowels.

My mother was trying to get me cured; however, no doctor was willing to take my case.  They claimed that they could not find anything wrong.  She was so anxious.  When I turned 6 months old, the sickness got worse and I became under nourished until an age of 9 months.

My body looked like a zombie as I was slim, had  a deflated belly, which was small and dry, deep sunken eyes, and a skeletal body and I was motionless.

One day, a person came to tell my mother that I had “Monkey's sack” disease. She then brought me to get my fat sucked out from my cheeks.

Fat removal was required at both cheeks.  I could not stand the pain and screamed loudly.  The removal was then completed but only in one cheek.  As a result, my cheeks had different sizes.

My sickness became worse after this removal.  Then there was a wandering monk who meditated to foresee my destiny. He said “This baby had a plenty of merits.  He would survive only if you gave him to monk.  The monk could not be an ordinary one, except for the Abbot only”.

My parents urgently brought me to the Abbot of one temple.  They spoke to the Abbot to provide me to the temple.  Once he glanced at me, he suddenly said loudly “how you are going to give this baby to me!?”  This was because; the baby was lying down without any motion and with a dark and dry body like a dead body.

After my father explained to him, he agreed to adopt me.  After the adoption, my parents brought me to the clinic again.  

It was however the saddest thing as the doctor said that my survival rate was only 1%.  This clinic did not accept me.  My mother however did not stop and brought me to a navy hospital.  It was lucky that they accepted me.

Even after that, my father kept on crying as he thought that I would eventually die.  All relatives prepared and got ready for my funeral.

However, there was an unexpected incident that, after one night at the hospital, I could simply open my eyes and got better gradually. I wish I could eat everything I want, but I could not because I easily get diarrhea. I have to be most careful about food.

Later on, I had severe rhinitis again which I had pus all the times.

When I was allergic, it was torture; I had to have a surgery when I was 16. As a result, I hemorrhaged one third of the total blood in my body and I had to have a further operation again when I was 22 years old.

My mother was afraid of morning sickness after her first pregnancy. Accordingly, when she had her 2nd pregnancy, she always made a wish after making merit that she does not want to have morning sickness again. She wished this baby was easy to deliver and to take care of and also studied well. It came true because my brother was easy to deliver and raise, also he studies well. He never made my mother have difficulties.

Not too long after, my mother was pregnant again, but this time she did not want to have baby because she had to work hard for her living.

This baby would be her barrier to work. My mother thought that “it would be good to miscarry this baby”.

After that, my mother had a ride to do grocery shopping. The car was shaking because of the bumpy road. The bumpy ride made my mother have stomach ache and bleed and eventually miscarry.

After she aborted, she dreamt about a small boy asking to stay with her, and my mother said okay. She went to see the medium about her dream. The medium told her that this small boy is her son who was aborted.

He is a black magic baby; he would like to stay with her. His name is Korkaew. The medium gave her a black magic baby statue to bring home for homage.

Afterwards, Korkaew came into her dream so often that my mother told him to help her get more money. Surprisingly, my mother was doing better business by then. Korkaew helped her for 10 years.

Until one day, Korkaew was in her dream and told her that “I will go to dig gold in Saudi Arabia, and I will bring it to you for wealth.” Since then he never showed up in her dreams again.

When I was teenager, I knew one girl and later we were very close to each other. We promised that we would get married after I graduated and then ordained.

During my ordination at Dhammakaya Temple, I have changed my mind because I realised about my goal in life. I thought that if I disrobe, I have to raise children and have a simple life.

But if I continue ordaining and pursue perfection to Nirvana, I could do enormous benefit to the community. Not only be a father to a few children, but will be a father who teaches a thousand and ten thousand children. With this reason, I decided to devote myself to my ordination and a chance for her to meet others. She was very sad when I told her we have to be apart.

At first my mother did not agree with my decision because she really liked her to be daughter-in-law. She still complains me about her being my wife. My mother quarreled with her daughter-in-law who is my brother's wife. That makes my mother very sad.

My maternal grandfather was a farmer, he worked very hard. He was a diligent man and liked to accrue merits according to tradition. He used to ordain for one rainy season. He sometimes drank alcohol and smoked. He died from tuberculosis disease at the age of 74.

My maternal grandmother did not work because she only had one responsibility which was raising her children. She did not even have time to do anything else because she had 12 children to take care of.

She was generous and liked to go to temple. She slept and died peacefully at the age of 82.

My parental grandfather was a hard-working person. He liked to perform a Chinese sacrificial ceremony for the god according to the Chinese traditions. He sometimes drank. He died of a stone in his urinary bladder at the age of 79.   

1. What retribution made my mother have morning sickness for 9 months of her pregnancy?

2. The wandering monk said that I have lots of merit. How did he foresee this?
Is it true that giving a child to the person who has more merits, will make that child survive? How did I survive?

3. What kamma made me have chronic diarrhea since I was born and almost die?
What kamma made me have “Monkey's sack” disease and having removed the fat in my cheek?
What kamma made me have rhinitis and it disappeared when I ordained?

4. What kamma made my younger brother to be easily delivered, to be raised easily and study very well?

5. Is it true that my youngest brother who was miscarried is a black magic baby?
Is it true that he has gone to dig gold in Saudi Arabia?  Where is he?

6. Although my maternal grandfather had twelve children, what retribution made only one of them who is my mother and his only daughter help him work with fullest effort?
 Where has my maternal grandfather been reborn after he died? Has he received merit that I dedicated to him? Has he had anything to tell us?

7. Where have my maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather been reborn after they died? Have they received the merit from my dedication or have they had anything to tell us?

8. Have my mother and her daughter-in-law had negative retribution together?
What should they do to understand each other and live happily together?
What kamma made my mother have severe leg pain?  How can she cure it?

9. I hate liquor very much and do not drink and help my mother sell it. I surprisingly can teach myself about this since I was young although I did not know the temple.
What retribution made me have this habit?
What should I do to make my mother quit selling liquor?

10. In this life, I left my girl-friend, whom I was getting married to, in order to ordain and intend to ordain the rest of my life. How do I receive merit or demerit when I left my girl-friend to ordain, thus made her very sad? Had I done this in the past lives? How firm is my ordination pattern?

11. What kamma made me pursue perfection at the temple branch in Chantaburi province?
How I and the temple branch related or bonded in the past?  I am very joyful and happy that I can pursue lot of perfection on this land.

12. How have my father, mother, younger brother and I pursued perfection with Dhammakaya community before?
Have we ever attained Dhammakaya? What were our duties in Dhamma army?
How many times did we come down to pursue perfection with Dhammakaya community in the last Buddha Era?

Luang Phaw's Dream

I closed my eyes, dreamed and woke up with these answers.
When you tell anybody the story like a tale, it will make anyone know more about retribution (Law of Kamma)

1. Your mother had severe morning sickness because she did similar kamma as you did. You confined and tortured enemies in prison by not giving food to them, while your mother, in that life, she was a man and soldier, tortured enemies in the same way as you did. This kamma come into fruition.!

2. The wandering monk said that you have lots of merit because he saw inner brightness from your body from his meditation.
  • Giving you to the person who has higher merit in order to help you to survive is only minor cause. The major cause is from the child's merit.
  • You survived because of lots of merit that you made in different ways with the Dhammakaya community in many past lives.
3. You had chronic diarrhea since you were born and almost died because, in the life that you were soldier, apart from making the enemies starve, you also put purgative in the enemies' food causing them severe diarrhea. This retribution causes you to be like this.
  • The doctor thought you had “Monkey's sack” disease and you had to remove the fat in your cheek because of your past verbal misdeed. You liked to blame senior people behind them; such as, blame your parents, uncles, aunts incorrectly and untruthfully but the kamma isn't much so your cheek sack was removed only on one side.
  • You had rhinitis and it disappeared when you ordained because of your past kamma in the life that you were soldier. You pushed your enemies' head into water so the enemies could not breathe easily but you did not kill them. You only force them to tell secret news and the merit from your ordination both in the past and present has lessened your past kamma.
4. Your brother was delivered easily, raised easily and studies very well because, in the past life, your brother was a doctor. He helped many patients and endeavored in studying. Wisdom perfection supports over lives cause him to be like this.
5. It is true that the miscarried brother becomes black magic baby. It is because, in the past life, your brother and your mother used to believe in black magic and sent pregnant animals to kill as well as supported abortion. All of these retributions cause them to be like this.     
  • He goes to Saudi Arabia, as requested by the sorcerer teacher, to look after another owner of black magic baby that a black magician gave him. He gets a Saudi Arabian girl-friend who is also astral body and lives with the owner of black magic baby that the black magician asked him to look after.
6. Your maternal grandfather has 12 children but your mother is the only one daughter who is willing to help  him work with fullest efforts because, in some of his past lives, he helped his parents, while in other lives, he did not but there were more lives that he did not help his parents. This amount of his merit causes him to have only your mother helping him.
  • After your maternal grandfather passed away, he becomes good-rank earth sprite (Bhummadeva) from merits accrued in Buddhism traditions and his ordination. He received dedicated merits and he is happy that his descendants still think of him. These merits make all of his conditions better; such as, apparels, angelic food and dwelling, etc.
7.    After your maternal grandmother passed away, she becomes a female angel with small golden heavenly mansion in the 3rd phase of Tavatimsa (the 2nd level of heaven) from merits accrued in Buddhism. She received dedicated merits which make her have more angelic treasures. She is happy that her descendants still think of her and dedicate merits for her.

  • After your paternal grandfather died, he becomes earth sprite (Bhummadeva) in a house of worship that he respected. He received dedicated merits, and these merits make his entire conditions better. He does not have to rely on food that people bring for worship since he has food that happen from merit.  

  • However, he still suffers about food. He would like all of you dedicate more merits for him so the merits will create more angelic food for him. 

8. Your mother and her daughter-in-law do not have negative retribution together but that is normal problem between husband's mother and daughter-in-law.
  • In order to make your mother and her daughter-in-law understand each other and live together happily, they have to face each other. The daughter-in-law has to be humble, and the mother has to care with kindness, and they have to smile to each other as well as be virtuous friends. Eventually they will understand each other since they do not have past negative retribution to each other.
  • Your mother has severe pain in her legs because of her past kamma; she used stick to hit dog's leg until its leg was distorted and painful because it excreted all over. She also tied animals' legs for sale. These retributions cause her to be like that.
  • She has to accrue all merits and often dedicate to those animals, and then her heavy retributions will become light retributions.
9. You extremely hate liquor, do not drink and do not help to sell it since you were young, though you have not ordained because; in the past life you persuaded many people to quit drinking liquor. In that life, you were born in the family where your father drank liquor causing family problems.     
  • Also, you used to drink liquor but once there was a virtuous friend persuading you to accrue merits with Dhammakaya community and you understood misdeeds of liquor, you quitted drinking liquor and convinced others to quit too. This character inherits with you. However, the retributions that you used to drink and treat friends with liquor cause you to have a mother who sells liquor.
  • To have your mother quit selling liquor, you have to make her understand about misdeeds both in the present and unfortunate realms (Apaya). Once she understands, she will quit.

10. You left your girl-friend, with whom you planned to marry, to ordain which made her very sad. This action will not cause you misdeeds but you will receive ordination merits, which are superior to other merits and will make you safe in the cycle of existence as well as escape from life imprisonment.   
  • For your girl-friend, she will be temporarily sad. Once she understands or has new boyfriend to take care of her, she will no longer be sad.
  • Also, in your past life, you did the same thing. In the last Buddha Era, you were the ordination king's soldier. You left your girl-friend to ordain and followed the king who ordained all of your life. You attained the inner Dhammakaya in that life and returned to Tusita (the 4th level of heaven), in special merit zone.

11. You have to pursue perfection in the temple branch in Chantaburi province with happiness because in the last Buddha aeon, you were also responsible for spreading Dhamma after ordination and went to other big cities to give sermons. This pattern inherits you so you are happy to do so. Your ordination pattern in the past lives is firm because you ordained for a life-time.

12. Your father, mother and brother had pursued perfection with Dhammakaya community as supporters according to their moods.    
  • Therefore, they met our community in some lives and did not in the others. You came down to pursue perfection two times.
  • Do not be careless as well as try to do better than previous lives, then you will survive.  
  • In this life we meet again, you should pursue perfections fully in every merit. Make a wish to follow our community to Tusita (the 4th level of heaven), in the special merit zone and never stray away from our community.

Case study in real life

The Law of Kamma (Pali:Compared to "Karma" in Sanskrit) segment or "Case Study" is one of the prominent sections on the Dream in Dream kindergarten program, conducted by the Venerable Phrarajbhavanavisudh, also known as, Luang Phaw Dhammajayo of the Dhammakaya Temple in Pathum Thani Province, Thailand.

Each individualized "Case Study" is based on the timeless Law of Kamma (the Law of Cause and Effect) which examines the reasons for many situations and complex inter-relationships people find themselves in. Viewers from around the world write personal letters to Luang Phaw wanting to understand the karmic reasons for many special circumstances in their life.

This program is not intended to convert anyone to Buddhism or any other religions persuasion. Rather the goal is to help spread genuine peace, happiness and understanding here in Thailand and around the world. By first discovering and cultivating inner peace within ourselves through meditation, we can help spread love and kindness outward, helping to make our world a better place for everyone.


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