It Is Too Late

When my husband heard “Father was dead”, he suddenly said “Oh no, I have not even repaid any debt of gratitude to him.” He suddenly realized that he loved his father. He bought the first new clothes and a new pair of shoe for his dad. Though he had generosity towards him, he could no longer wear them as his body was swollen. He could only cover him up with those instead.

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It Is Too Late

Dear Luangphaw,

I would like to request Luangphaw’s mercy on the story I intentionally wrote as I had never thought that there would be any father and son like this in this world.

My husband was born in Samut Prakarn province.  He has four siblings in total.  He is the oldest.  He does not have a warm family.  When he was young, his parents had a fight.  His father later moved to Lampang province and got his friend as another wife.  He also brought her into the family.

His mother was mad and brought all children to Supanburi province.  After one year of staying together, his father and his second wife had a child.  They later separated as his second wife spent too much money.  After that his mother brought the children and returned to stay with his father.

His father used to work as a mechanic at a body shop.  Most of other mechanics quit and ran their own business and made a lot of money, except him.  Once he ran his own business, it however failed.  In addition, his leg was broken by an explosion of gas tank inside his shop.  He was braced with steel.  He later got hit in his broken leg while opening a door.  He got hit again at the same place. His father then dug garbage for living.  He wore dirty clothes that made his wife and children ashamed.

His mother always said bad things to them about his father.  That’s why none of the children loved him.  No one told him even about the wedding ceremony of his second son.  My husband did not let him have a meal with them.

No one cared about what he ate, where he slept, or when he got sick.  Luckily, the youngest sister usually gave him snacks at his room in the morning before going out for work.  One morning, she knocked his door to give him snack as usual; but, she did not get any response.  She decided to climb through his window and saw him lying down on his bed.

She then called me at home and told my husband.  When my husband heard “Father was dead”, he suddenly got up from the bed and said “Oh no, I have not even repaid any debt of gratitude to him.”

When we arrived at his house, I saw his body laid down on an old bed.  His room was very dirty and full of dust.  His clothes were also unclean and full of dirt.  His body started to smell.  There was also a green bruise around his neck, which looked like it was squeezed.  No one knew when he died.

In his room, there was a column.  On top of the column was tied a rainbow colored cloth.  His mother said that it was the column with milky sap. She sometimes dreamed and saw a lady wearing Thai traditional dress walk around the house.

After my husband knew that his father died, he suddenly realized that he loved his father.  He bought the first new clothes and a new pair of shoe.  Though he had generosity towards him, he could no longer wear them as his body was swollen.  He could only cover him up with those instead.

 “When a father was alive, why not take care of him.  Therefore, we should take care of our parents.  Do not be a good child by repaying a debt of gratitude to parents, when it is too late already.”  Since then, every time my husband attained merits, he would put his name on them.  He cast a personal Buddha image for him as well.  I sometimes teased him “It is so grateful.”

Not too long after his death, my brother-in-law dreamed about him that he visited home and he was very tall in his dream.  His mother sometimes heard noises of the door shutting and opening from his room and loud foot steps from upstairs.  She would shout out loud to him to go away, stop haunting; otherwise, she would not let him stay in the house and would dump his ashes into water.  After her shouting, those noises disappeared.

I and my husband have three children together.  They are all boys.  The second and third ones are twins, who were born apart from the oldest by ten years.

My oldest son is addicted to games since his primary school.  He used to skip classes for three days just to play games at a department store.  He had a problem making friends with others.  Since he easily got angry, no one wanted to be friends with him, and he had to keep changing to many schools.

Besides that he did not have any patience. He used to have camping at school and sneaked out returning home earlier.  But, he could ordain twice and could stay until the end of the program.
When he was young, my husband really loved him. Since he was 5 or 6 years old, he liked to tease his father when he took a nap (my husband works night shift, so he sleeps during a day). Then my husband often beat him real hard.  

When he grew up, he liked to play games at his father’s computer. He had changed his father’s programs that made all his works damaged. This was part of the problem creator with him and his father.

My husband started to hit his son in cruel ways, such as slap, punch, and kick. He even beat so hard at my son’s stomach that you could see finger prints, and he even opened the car’s door intentionally to hit his own son, until his son told his teacher.

My husband always used very rude words and manners to his son. Those made him really hate his father.  

He used to call his father “It” or  his father’s name instead of “Father”. This happened for 9 months. This caused distance between their relationships until they did not talk to each other.

One day, they had “child prostrate father and mother before going to bed” ceremony. My colleague at school suggested one monk from Wat Phra Dhammakaya to come to my house in the evening. He was waiting for my husband and son for an hour.

Once my husband knew that a monk was waiting for him at home, he did not come into the house and drove to another place. I also ran to follow him.   

The monk had mercy to give a sermon and teach my husband and son for an hour until my husband changed his mind and said to his son that “do not be stubborn, do not talk back and listen to what I say”.

The monk told my son to prostrate his father but he hesitated. He was only sitting face down and crying, and so the monk told my husband to hug his son. My husband also hesitated to hug, and no one moved. Time went by, no one started and it had become very quiet and intense.  

My heart was pounding up and down until finally, Luangphi spoke again. And I cheered them to follow what he said. My husband laid his hand over his son’s shoulder. Only a touch from his father; he bent down to prostrate him. This was a confession from the one who loves his father.  

From that day, their manners seemed to be gentle, all severe punishments and impolite words of my husband were stopped.   

My son started to call his father “Father”, after he stopped calling for 9 months.  I felt I owed Luangphi a lot. If there was no Luangphi, my son would do a lot of demerit.

Although they stopped fighting, but the relationship between father and son could not be returned.

Currently, my son turned 14 years old; he lives with my older sister up-country because my husband had a notice that if his son is still here, he will leave this house.

My twin sons are 4 years old. Before I got pregnant, I was reciting the mantra “samma arahung” for thousand times, and I had a good dream that night. I dreamed of  Maha Dhammakaya Cetiya and the golden sky, it was very beautiful. There were also lots of round stars that shined all over.
After that, the stars started falling down and turned to beautiful rainy stars, I ran and tried to catch the stars. When the stars fell on the ground, it turned to a big crystal ball and covered my body.

When I knew that I pregnant, I separated bedroom from my husband until I delivered baby.

Before I delivered the baby, I again recited the mantra “Samma Arahung” for thousand times. I saw mental objects like shiny ball, and then I delivered twin babies easily.

In their childhood, both of them often hurt their head. The head of older twin got hit hardly one time. I was scared he would bleed in the brain because the older twin had low blood platelets. If he starts to bleed, it cannot be stopped.  

I had to take him to the hospital. Not a long time after, his twin brother had to be admitted because of severe diarrhea and had the brine.  
Unfortunately, the nurse could not find his blood vessel, and tried to inject at his arms and legs for more than ten times, and finally found one at his ankle.   

Both of them are smart, cute, and fast learning children. They love to free fish a lot. The younger one cannot speak clearly and writes left-handed. When he meditates, he also positions his left leg over his right leg.

1. What kamma my husband’s father had why he did not receive love and respect from his children and wife when he was still alive?
Why does my husband turn to love and regularly dedicate merits for his father after he passed away?

2. Why did milky sap from the column occur?
Who is the woman who wore Thai traditional dress and walked in the house? Is it related to the death of my husband’s father?
What caused my husband’s father’s death? Where has he been reborn? Has he received the merit from my husband’s dedication?
Is the tall man whom my brother-in-law dreamed about my father-in-law? And the sounds of door opening and shutting and heavy footsteps that my mother-in-law heard are the sounds from my father-in-law?

3. What kamma my husband and oldest son have together so they were born to be father and son and enemies?
What kamma made my oldest son be strongly punished by his father with no reason like he is not his son?

4. How will my oldest son receive the fruit from unwholesomeness that he disrespectfully responds to his father and mother by words and misbehaviors? How can he resolve this kamma?

5. Where had my twin children been born in past life? Why were they reborn as twins?
Is it because the merit from twins that made their father and mother not have physical relationship since their pregnancy until delivery?
Is it because of that reason that made them adorable, clever and easily raised? Unlike the oldest son, his father and mother had physical relationship since their pregnancy until the last day to delivery?  Is this the reason of having a stubborn child?

6. What kamma did the older twin have so he has low blood platelets? Is he close to repay all this retribution?

7. What retribution made the younger twin have stuttering problem? What should he do to resolve this?
What kamma made him have the needles stick in his arms and legs for more than ten times because the nurse could not find the vein when he was sick and had to have brine?

8. Why the older twin is right-handed, but the younger one is left-handed?
From medical studies, the person who writes left-handed is resulted from the right half of the brain being better developed than the left half.
Speaking of Buddhism study how does the person who writes left-handed come about?  
In the younger twin case, what is the reason to be left-handed? Is it abnormal? How can he resolve this?
Why most people write right-handed?

9. I wish three of my sons to be absorbed in Dhamma way and ordain to be monks in Buddhism. How should I inculcate and raise them?

10. The teaching monk who taught my oldest son to prostrate his father is always my virtue friend. I constantly help activities involved in Dhamma with him. Moreover, I feel like I have known him for long time. How have I related to him?
Why do many congregations recently and constantly ask for his advice? How has he pursued perfection with Dhammakaya community? How firm is his ordination plan?

11. My father died with lung cancer. Where has he been reborn after passing away?

12. How have I, my husband and 3 sons pursued perfection with Dhammakaya community?
Luang Phaw's Dream

I closed my eyes, dreamed and woke up with these answers.
When you tell anybody the story like a tale, it will make anyone know more about retribution (Law of Kamma)

1.  Father of the husband did not receive love and respects from his child and wife because he lacked taking care of father and mother’s merit. He always performed generosity without respect, and also said words that hurt his parents. He also lacked in taking care of his child and wife’s merit, it is retribution from his past life.

  • When the husband’s father passed away, his son turned to respect and performed an act of merit for him because in his past life he also realized after his father’s death and performed merit afterwards. The same retribution caused his son to do the same as him.  
2.  The column at the house has milky sap because it has musician earth-sprite possess, and seems like having some energy in the column.
  • The woman in Thai traditional costume is musician earth-sprite that lives in house column but not related to the death of husband’s father. 

  • Your husband’s father died with heart attack because it was the end of his life.
  • After death, he became a normal earth-sprite at home. After he received transfer merits, he has a better living.  But, he is still at home.
  • The tall man whom your brother-in-law saw in his dream was only from his imagination.  Nothing was real.  The shutting and opening noise your mother-in-law heard was from father-in-law.
  • After he attained merits, he got encouraged and would like to send greetings to all and hope to receive the transfer merits again.
3.  Your husband and your oldest became “father-son and enemy” because, in their past life, they used to be close friends.  They had a fight on their work and attacked each other.  They were separated for sometime and later returned to their friendship.  This pattern came with them to this life.
  • The reason that they are father and son is they attained merits together.  In which, your husband provided funds for merit attainment and your son’s name was put in participating in the merits.  With this merits, they are now father and son.

  • Your oldest son got punished severely by your husband for no reason because of his kamma of vengeance.  In the past life, they persuaded each other for an investment.  Your husband invested funds mostly and his son invested with labor.  They later got into fight and feud until they are nice to each other again lately.
4.  The oldest son who was disrespectful to father and mother by words and misbehaviors has negative retribution with his father from last lives and will have the new kamma. However, in this present life, they are in different status so the retribution that the oldest son will have is if he has family and children, he will meet the same situation. If he does not ask forgiveness from his father, his mind might not be clear and he will go to unfortunate realms.

  • To resolve this, you have to resolve the whole family by turning to each other, having a reasonably talk and defunct kamma between each other, forgetting all the mistaken past and starting with smile and love, then your family will be happy.
5.  Two of your children were born twins because they were siblings in the past life and persuaded each other to make merit and wish to be reborn as siblings again. When their merits coincided, they were reborn as twins. 
  • Before they were born, they are from the mild brightness. 
  • When your husband knew that you were pregnant with twins, he did not have physical relationship with you which is opposite from when you were pregnant with your oldest son, you and your husband constantly had physical relationship until delivery day. This is because of the merit from twins who have good mind and do not obsess with it.

  • Twins are clever, adorable and easy to raise because they have enough merit to be reborn; thus can teach themselves.
6.   The older twin has low blood platelets because of his killing kamma. In that life, he regularly pierced main vein at cow’s neck with a sharp steel pipe and let the fresh blood drain through the pipe and eventually drank it as medicine to boost up the energy. 

  • He still has the kamma so he should accrue all merit including generosity, precepts, meditation and freeing big animals like cows and buffaloes that are about to be killed and often dedicate merits to those animals. Eventually, his sickness will be recovered.
7.    The younger twin has stuttering problem because in the past, he used to tease stuttering person and made him embarrassed so the verbal action gives its retribution. 

  • To resolve, he should talk endearing speech and do not tease anyone to hurt their feelings. Also he should regularly accrue merits and dedicate these merits to people whom he offended.

  • When he was sick and had to be given brine but the nurse could not find the vein so she had to stick the needles in his arms and legs more than ten times because of the past kamma from killing insects like smashing ants, beating mosquitoes and flies with stick.
8.    The older twin is right-handed but the younger one is left-handed because when they made offering, they both would use different side of hands. That is if they give with the right hand, they will be right-handed and if they give with the left hand, they will be left-handed. Therefore, it is just a habit and not abnormal.

9.  You wish three of your sons to be absorbed in Dhamma way and ordain to be monks in Buddhism. You should be your son’s virtue friend to retain them in Dhamma way, associate with wise men and be close to teaching monks with good discipline and be clever in teaching them.

10.  The teaching monk who gave sermon to your oldest son to prostrate his father is always your virtue friend and you help Dhamma activities and feel like you have known him for long time because in the past live, he also was a virtue friend of you and you supported him as well.
  • He ordained in many lives and ordained the rest of his lives in many lives too. His ordination plan is firm but he should not be careless, living in the monastic life.

  • Currently, many congregations ask for his advice because he has lot of kindness, loves to be in virtue friend duty, has never been bored of giving suggestions and loves to encourage people who do good deeds and fight for lives.

  • He has pursued perfection with Dhammakaya community. In the last Buddha aeon, he was a young boy of good behavior and left the wealthy family to ordain. He followed the ordained king to ordain the rest of his life and propagate the Dhamma. His meditation results are superb. He attained inner Dhammakaya and was able to go back to Tusita (fourth level of heaven).
11.    After your father died with lung cancer, he is a high-class musician male angel at the first level of heaven with the merit he made in Buddhism, merit from what you told him to do and merit from your dedication.
12.  You, your husband and three of your sons used to pursue perfection with the Dhammakaya community as a provider dependant upon moods (sometimes did and did not do in other times).

  • Since we have met each other in this life, therefore you must try to pursue perfection in all merits with fullest efforts and make a wish to follow the Dhammakaya community to Tusita (fourth level of heaven), in the special merit zone – bodhisattva as well as do not be apart from each other again.

Case study in real life

The Law of Kamma (Pali:Compared to "Karma" in Sanskrit) segment or "Case Study" is one of the prominent sections on the Dream in Dream kindergarten program, conducted by the Venerable Phrarajbhavanavisudh, also known as, Luang Phaw Dhammajayo of the Dhammakaya Temple in Pathum Thani Province, Thailand.

Each individualized "Case Study" is based on the timeless Law of Kamma (the Law of Cause and Effect) which examines the reasons for many situations and complex inter-relationships people find themselves in. Viewers from around the world write personal letters to Luang Phaw wanting to understand the karmic reasons for many special circumstances in their life.

This program is not intended to convert anyone to Buddhism or any other religions persuasion. Rather the goal is to help spread genuine peace, happiness and understanding here in Thailand and around the world. By first discovering and cultivating inner peace within ourselves through meditation, we can help spread love and kindness outward, helping to make our world a better place for everyone.


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