Being Black Without Intention

She was born twice in the last Buddhist interval, but almost missed the group because she didn’t meditate constantly.

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  Being Black Without Intention  

Dearest Luang Phaw whom I respect the most,

    I have pursued perfection with our group since when I was a freshman. I think because I was very cheerful, somebody at the university’s Buddhist club liked me and asked me to be a volunteer of Dhammakaya temple. I’ve assisted the temple’s work since year 1995 (B.E. 2538) when I was a freshman. Right after I graduated, I got a job, but I didn’t work there because I decided to be a temple staff, and I still am. I’d like to tell a story of my relatives as follows;

My grandfather was born in a farmer family. He was a principal who was well respected by people. He was very diligent, generous, liked to support his descendants to have high education and was a monk for many years. Due to his senility, he died in year 2003 (B.E. 2546) when he was 97 years old.

My youngest uncle is a lot younger than his siblings. When he was born, my grandmother was about 45 years old and already had 5 children. While my grandmother was pregnant, my mother who was the first child of my grandmother also had her first pregnancy. Since my uncle’s siblings thought that my grandmother was already old, they decided to take care of their youngest brother.

My youngest uncle had to move a lot and changed so many schools, so he couldn’t study in a row and finished only grade 4, also nobody really pay serious attention to him. That caused him to be lonely, wayward, associate with the fools and be engrossed in many kinds of gambling such as cock fighting, card game and others. He was not very educated, so he became an employee at a car repair shop.

Later, he got into a circle of procurers and controlled some prostitutes in Phuket province. His job progressed so well that he became a leader and was very famous. When he was in this circle, he tried everything like women, gambling, drinking and smoking.

He was in this circle for over 10 years before he quitted it because he wanted to come back and live in his hometown in Songkla. By that time, prawn farming was popular. He wanted to run that prawn farming business, so he ran tiger prawn farming business with his friends. Two years after that, he got married and had 2 children. One day in the early morning, his body was found shot dead in the hut next to the prawn farm. Nobody, not even the police could find the cause of his death, witnesses, or evidence. His relatives assumed that his death came from conflict of interest. He died at 36 years of age and the merit he made was getting 15 days ordination and making merit along the tradition.

My aunt was the 4th child of her family. She was a very cheerful and nice farmer. After marrying my uncle in law, she lived with my grandparents’ family, had 3 children and had worldly happiness, but her story didn’t ended up happily since she started having a strange symptom after delivering her 2nd child.

She told her relatives that she was spelled on black magic because she saw the secret of her neighbor who had a sorcerer run a black magic ceremony for her husband to love her. One or two weeks after seeing that, she started having a strange symptom as if something was with her and she partially lost her control. She started laughing by herself, staying in the dark and liked to go to rice fields at night and that scared everybody. Back then, she was kind of able to control herself and worked with others, but after delivering her 3rd child, she completely changed, i.e. she talked by herself even more often and laughed by herself like somebody who was cheerful all day long.

But sometimes, she cried and didn’t want to do anything. She slept the whole day, was scared of water, didn’t want to take a bath, liked the dark, disliked the light, didn’t allow anybody to take her picture and whoever who took her picture, she would squeeze his neck and sometimes, it looked like she was haunted. She couldn’t work at all, so my grandmother had to taker care of her children. My aunt could breastfeed her child for about only 3 months before her baby had to drink can milk since she changed. Therefore, my uncle in law left her since she gave birth to the 3 child. He brought his 1st and 2nd children with him to another neighborhood where was 30 Kilometers far, so my aunt needed to live with my grandparents and her youngest child.

She always saw dead people and called their names until other people were sure that she definitely suffered with black magic, so were my grandparents because a lot of people in the district where my aunt lived believed and were involved with black magic in many ways, for instance, conjuring cattle skin to come into somebody’s stomach, doing magic for others’ infatuation, having couple dolls, etc. We brought her to see many people who might be able to help her like sorcerers, Chinese druggists, old-fashioned doctors, contemporary doctors. She was whipped many times and her treatment cost a lot of money.

She lived with my grandparents for almost 20 years until my grandmother passed away, and then she and my grandfather moved to her sister’s house (my grandfather’s 5th child) in Hat-Yai. My aunt needed to moved to the houses of every sibling of hers and spent 1-2 months in each house, so that one wouldn’t load too much burden.

Later, my grandfather died, so my aunt lived with her oldest son who worked in Phuket. About one year after that, Tsunami occurred that made her son lose his job and couldn’t take care of her anymore, so they moved back to Hat-Yai with the hope that my aunt could live with her sister again, but since my grandfather had died, her sister (my grandparents’ 5th child) didn’t want to have that responsibility anymore.

My uncle in law heard everything that happened in my aunt’s family, so he picked her up and built a house for her to live just in case she had any problem, he would know. Presently, my uncle in law needs to cook for my aunt, but she sleeps all day long and does nothing.

Contemporary doctors didn’t summarize if this symptom neurosis or psychosis was, but as what I know, the difference between them are;

The people who suffer neurosis get worried easily and are scared of something that is not scary like cats, birds, narrow or wide places, repeat their thoughts and actions over and over again, for instance, washing their hands for 50-100 times a day. They know that they have an abnormal symptom and want to be healed.

The people who suffer psychosis have their own worlds and don’t live in reality. They are always afraid and suspicious that somebody would like to harm then, and they like to harm others; they don’t think reasonably and believe that they have supernatural powers, hear and see something that doesn’t exist, speak with themselves, etc. They don’t know that they are abnormal, so they don’t want to get any treatment.

It seems like my aunt is suffering from psychosis.

    My elder aunt’s daughter was 34 years old, but still didn’t get married, so her friend who had a Korean husband introduced a Korean guy to her. That guy flew to Thailand to meet her 3 times. After about a year, they got married in Korea. It was a group wedding. Hundreds of couples between foreign women and Korean men got married, and most of them only saw their couples’ pictures before the wedding.

Back then, my elder aunt’s daughter didn’t love that man. She just wanted to find a new and different thing for her life. Unfortunately, her married life was not as beautiful as her dream because it was not easy to control a married life with a foreigner; especially, when they didn’t love each other before.

She had problems with her husband and other things; i.e. though Korea was beautiful, she was not used to its culture, lifestyle, people and food. She was sick of Kimchi and wanted Kaeng Tai-Pla (Fish viscera curry), especially, she had no chance to perform merit when she was there. Their married life ended up shortly after they had 2 children. When they already separated, she and her children went back to her hometown in Songkhla, Thailand.

In year 2004 (B.E. 2547), she started a new job in a resort in Khao-Lak, Pang-Nga. But only 1 month after that, the tsunami occurred and when it happened, she was taking care of customers on a beach. Her friend shouted for her to run away, but she didn’t. So she was easily taken by a big wave. Her relatives kept looking for her in Pang-Nga until they were tired and quitted it. Meanwhile, her mother was a patient in a hospital. While partially asleep, she felt that her daughter visited her in a dream, but she didn’t know by that time that her daughter died. Therefore, everybody believed that her daughter already died when she was 39 years old.

Before coming to the questions, I’d like to come to my story. Through my appearance, my skin stands out because it’s kind of dark. Most people say it’s black. Though it’s black, it still looks good.
I would like to ask Luang Phaw as the followings

1. Where did my grandfather go after he died? Did he receive the merit transferred to him?

2. What retribution caused my uncle to be born to my grandparents when they were very old?  What retribution does a person who has a child in her senility like my grandmother have?
3. What retribution caused my uncle to be involved with only bad things and had to have a killing livelihood by running a prawn farm? What caused him to die? Where did he go after he died? How is his present condition?

4. What retribution caused my aunt to be left by her husband when she started suffering a mental problem? Why did she get to only live in a hut after her husband picked her up? What deed did they have to each other?   

5. What is the difference between the retribution that causes neurosis and the one that causes psychosis? What retribution gives my aunt this symptom? Does she really suffer black magic? How can we solve it?

6. Will the people who liked to say or provoke others “crazy”, “nutcase”, “lunatic” or any other similar word get retribution to beget neurosis or psychosis or any craziness in them, or will they get any other retribution?

7. What retribution caused my elder aunt’s daughter to have a group wedding in Korea with a bunch of people she didn’t even know, and had a short life ended by Tsunami? Did she visit her mother after she died? Where is she now? Did she receive the merit transferred to her? Does she have any word for us? Has she pursued perfection with our merit-making group before?

8. What retribution made me dark? Does dark skin come from retribution of aggression only? How do dark people depend on the degree of their aggression? If a dark person is not aggressive, will he have a light skin in his next life?    

9. Is there any retribution that forces some people to like being tan until they have to sunbathe?

10. There are 3 colors of human skin; white like westerners, yellow like Asians and black like Africans. What retribution causes these differences? Do these skin colors give any effect to humans’ aggressive habit? Are white and yellow people less aggressive than the black ones?

11. How did my parents and I pursue perfection with our merit-making group? Why did I have to pursue perfection since my teenage? How was my meditation experience in my last life? What was my duty? If I pursued perfection with our merit-making group in the last Buddhist interval, how many times was I born?

12. How did one of my friends pursue perfection with our merit-making group? What was her duty? Does she have enough merit to learn Vijja Dhammakaya with Luang Phaw?

Thanks a lot to Luang Phaw.

Luang Phaw's Dream

I closed my eyes, dreamed and woke up with these answers.
When you tell anybody the story like a tale, it will make anyone know more about retribution (Law of Kamma)
1. After your grandfather died, he became an air sprite owning a gold heavenly mansion because of the merit he made in Buddhism.  
  • He received the merit transferred to him and that gave him even more heavenly property and more happiness.
  • He rejoiced in every merit transferred to him with a delighted heart. He said he was very happy.
2.  Your uncle was born to your grandparents when they were very old because he was their son in one life. When your grandparents performed merit like offering alms, they asked every child to perform good deeds with them, but your uncle rarely came because he slept late or came late like after the monk had gone. This retribution took action.
  • There are many reasons that cause somebody to have child in his senility, for instance, the person who made a wish to be ones’ child showed up when his parents are already old or because of the personal deed of the child like your uncle’s case, etc.
3.  Your uncle was in the circle of paths to ruins and had a killing career by running a prawn farm because he associated with the fools in his past life and didn’t make a wish after performing merit to associate the wise ones and be away from the fools and the paths to ruins, etc.

  • He died because of his gambling debt.
  • After his death, he went to the 3rd major hell because of his sensual retribution because he was a brothel’s procurer and still has to go to other major hells.
  • Presently, he is being prosecuted by the hell’s female authorities in many ways like being hit, pounded, sliced, and dissected by the organs of the authorities that have iron teeth, etc. He has a lot of sufferings.
4.  Your aunt was left by her husband when she had a mental symptom, but later, he picked her up to live with him, but she got to live only in a hut because she, in her past life, was a man who liked to drink and was always drunk. This retribution causes her to have a mental problem. In that life after she became a drunkard, she always left her family, but she still had some merit from assisting her relatives, so she got to live in a hut.
  • Your uncle in law was her friend when she was a man as mentioned and always lent her money for drinking. That’s why he has to take care of her in this life.
 5.  In the law of Kamma, “Psychosis” and “Neurosis” are based on drinking retribution and other retributions might also take action, for instance, if one has speaking retribution from maligning others, he would hear like he was scolded by others though it doesn’t really happen, etc.  
  •  Your aunt has drinking retribution as mentioned.     
  • To solve it, you need to ask your aunt to accumulate every merit, ex. donation, precept observance, chanting, releasing fish and animals, except meditation, etc. and make a wish to be freed from this retribution.
6.  The people who like to say and provoke others “crazy”, “nutcase” or “lunatic” or any similar word. 
  •  If they have drinking retribution, they might have a chance to suffer neurosis and psychosis or craziness. If they don’t have a drinking retribution, this action will become a speaking retribution, and they might be teased the same thing by others.
7.  Your elder aunt’s daughter had to have a group wedding in Korea with many people she didn’t even know because when she was born in an agricultural society, she liked to breed animals. This retribution took action.

  • She died in the tsunami because she, in that life, transported those animals in a sea for selling, but some of them had diseases. She was scared that the diseases might spread to other animals and humans, so she ordered her employees to throw those animals into the sea. This retribution took action.

  • After she died, she became an earth sprite. After she received the merit transferred to her, she became an earth sprite who owned a residence. 
  •  Missing everybody, she visited her mother and every relative.
  • She pursued perfection with our group before, but not very much. Therefore, she met our group only in some lives.
8. You are dark because of speaking retribution. In your past life, you made fun of your dark friend until she felt embarrassed.

  • The reason some people are dark is not only from their aggressive retribution, but also happens because of their speaking retribution, surroundings, etc.
  • How dark they are is up to the degree of their aggression and speaking retribution.
  • Though a dark person is not aggressive in this life, it’s not sure that he will be born with a white skin in his next life; ex. the people who are proud of themselves and like to look down on others might be born in a black-skinned tribe and live in a waste land.
9.  The reason why some people like being dark until they need to sunbathe is actually because of fondness, and it’s natural that people are not very satisfied with what they have.

10.  There are 3 colors of human skin;  
  • 1 white like westerners, Yellow like Asians, Black like Africans. It’s up to many things like deeds, minds, weather, food and surroundings, etc.
  • 2. About deeds like good deeds, ex. giving food, clothes, the giver will get beautifully fine skin, etc., bad deeds like speaking retribution, ex. making fun of somebody or giving others vulgar speech, or being aggressive, etc.

  • 3. Having black skin like Africans is based on being aggressive more than having white or yellow skin.
11.  Your parents pursued perfection in the provisions division of our group.

  • You, in the last Buddhist interval, were a soldier of the ordained king and got a lifelong ordination after the king. Your duty was Dhamma propagation.
  • Your meditation experience was good enough to go back to the special merit zone of Tusita (The 4th level of heaven), and you were born twice in the last Buddhist interval.
12.  Your friend pursued perfection with our group. In the last Buddhist interval, she was a soldier of the ordained king and got a lifelong ordination after the king. Her duty was Dhamma propagation. Her meditation experience was good enough to take her back to the special merit zone of Tusita.     
  • She was born twice in the last Buddhist interval, but almost missed the group because she didn’t meditate constantly, so she shouldn’t be careless in this life.
  • If she can attain Dhammakaya, she can learn Vijja Dhammakaya.

  • Since we have met again in this life, you need to pursue perfection with all your might and make a wish to follow our group to the special zone of Tusita, the land of Bodhisatta and never stray away from our group.

Case study in real life

The Law of Kamma (Pali:Compared to "Karma" in Sanskrit) segment or "Case Study" is one of the prominent sections on the Dream in Dream kindergarten program, conducted by the Venerable Phrarajbhavanavisudh, also known as, Luang Phaw Dhammajayo of the Dhammakaya Temple in Pathum Thani Province, Thailand.

Each individualized "Case Study" is based on the timeless Law of Kamma (the Law of Cause and Effect) which examines the reasons for many situations and complex inter-relationships people find themselves in. Viewers from around the world write personal letters to Luang Phaw wanting to understand the karmic reasons for many special circumstances in their life.

This program is not intended to convert anyone to Buddhism or any other religions persuasion. Rather the goal is to help spread genuine peace, happiness and understanding here in Thailand and around the world. By first discovering and cultivating inner peace within ourselves through meditation, we can help spread love and kindness outward, helping to make our world a better place for everyone.


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