Encourage Each Other

From a wealthy family we suddenly turned the opposite way, which we were not prepared for. My father drank even more after this depression. When he got drunk, he would hurt my mother several times. https://dmc.tv/a2719

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Encourage Each Other
 Dear Luangphaw,

Persuaded by my brother-like monk, I have been a “Dream-in-Dream” kindergarten student via Dhamma satellite dish for two years.  This allows me to know stories of life, especially a story of Law of Kamma that Luangphaw gives mercy and teaches us.  I have never seen this style of Dhamma teaching from anywhere else.

I would like to begin my story as follows:

My father was born in Lopburi province.  My grandparents died when he was very young.  He had to live with his relatives and moved to Bangkok when he grew up.  He started with a wood business.  With his hard-work and support from seniors in town, his business became very successful.  Later, my father and mother met each other and got married.  They have four children.  I am the eldest.

Later, he wanted to expand his business and set up another company by partnering with his friend.  They invited one Senior to be the president.  He had lot of business connections and this allowed him to obtain number of concessions with the Government.  His business began growing very well.

Since his financial status was good, I along with my sisters and brothers had a comfortable life.  I never understood in the facts of life having moments of happiness and dissatisfaction.
Eventually, there was an unexpected event.  My father was cheated by a conspiracy from his partner and driver.  They had been cheating for long time and he did not know.  He became aware of the cheating when his business went down.  We were broke and suffered.  From a wealthy family we suddenly turned the opposite way, which we were not prepared for.

My father was a regular drinker.  He drank even more after this depression.  When he got drunk, he would hurt my mother several times.  In fact, he loves his family very much.  He often drank all night long because of his sleeplessness.  My mother got attacked and scolded by him regularly when he got drunk.

My mother finally decided to return to my grandmother and wanted to divorce him.  This made him more stressful and he became alcoholic.  Our house was taken away by a creditor.  Like a broken ship, all children were split in different directions to stay with relatives.

After my mother went to stay with my grandmother, she met my stepfather; who was retired from Communication team of army.  He admired her for long time; since she was young.  Later on, they both had their own family.  His wife later passed away.

In this way they met each other and sympathized for each other.  
They finally decided to spend their life together and are together until now.
My father, when he got older was ill from lung and liver cancer and was paralyzed.  His illness got worse.  He came to stay with my immediate sister.  She regularly brought her children to see him.  His illness made him not to be able to talk.  My sister often tried to speak to him.  One morning, we found him passed away peacefully; when he was 69 years old.

In 1972, when his business was still booming and I was in the 7th Grade, my mother’s friend introduced us with a male teacher to be our tutor.  My father hired him.

He was studying at a famous university and wanted to work at the same time.  He was our tutor, starting from my youngest sister who was in a primary school and I who was in 7th Grade.  He taught many subjects that we were still weak in or did not understand.  This made us very close to him as if he was our real brother.  My parents loved him as the oldest son as well.

One night; our tutor came to stay with us, and he taught us how to meditate. He began to teach us by thinking of Buddha image or crystal ball in the center of the body and simultaneously reciting the mantra of Samma Arahung……

The first time doing meditation, I had experienced seeing a clear Buddha image in the center of my body even though I had never done it before. Since then, I continued to mediate until now.

At the end of the year that he started teaching us, his parents had an accident. We really sympathized for him, and we had arranged all expenditure for him to go back to organize the funeral at his hometown.

When he went back, he found that his relatives had already arranged the funeral. This was because his relatives found his parents’ body after they passed away few days ago and they did not want him to know at that time.

We respected our tutor as a brother. After he graduated and worked in Thailand for about 4 years, he then went to study abroad.  

At the beginning, we still had contact and exchanged news between each other, but later on we did not have contact for 10 years because we all had moved to new addresses. My mother tried to find him, but did not hear anything. We thought that he might be dead already.  

Later in 1999, my brother-like tutor had called my sister. He got the number by searching on the internet with my name. He said that while he lived overseas, he had ordained for many years. He also was working on spreading out Buddhism in that country. We were very happy. Later on we met him again when he came back to Thailand.

For the first time, he brought us to Dhammakaya temple, and took us to Maha Dhammakaya Cetiya. He also took us to Khun Yay’s house to prostrate the body of Khun Yay during the chanting of higher doctrine [Abhidhamma].

He had informed news about the accrued merit of 30,000 temples for 1 baht of each temple. I wanted to accrue merits very much, but my financial status was very bad at that time. I also had 30,000 baht to my account at the same time, but had not had cost deduction. I decided to take all the money that I had to perform merit at the temple that night with delight. Afterwards, my financial status was getting better.

3 years had gone by, and many enormous changes had happened to me and my family. I had no debt. My jewelry business was flourishing, and I had more money to continue to attain merits.
I intended to perform perfection more because I saw the benefit of merits myself.  

First sister had married and her business was very successful. Currently, she had expanded her business to 3 branches, and each of them was very successful. She has not understood very well about Dhammakaya temple. Later on she had sent her son to study abroad, and stayed closely to Luanglung (my brother-like monk).   

That made him learn about Dhamma and he transferred his knowledge to his parents via telephone call. This made them understand more about Dhammakaya temple. They decided to install Dhammakaya satellite at home, and really be a “dream in dream” kindergarten students via Dhammkaya satellite.

My brother had to transfer 7 to 8 schools since his childhood because he did not pay attention on his studies. Sometimes my brother-like tutor and my father had to recall him from his mischievous friends.
Moreover, he liked to kill animals especially fishes, such as by fishing or hitting with a stick.

He permanently quit once he had family and his wife was pregnant because he was scared that his children would be disabled. He rarely went to Dhammakaya temple, but did only give money to accrue merits with me.  

My youngest sister had many diseases; such as, neck bone deterioration, bending spinal cord, dividing of 5th joint of spinal cord, air allergy, migraine, left conjunctiva inflammation and had to do surgery two times.

The first time she joined the merits with the temple was the casting of the Lord Buddha statue at 60-years building. She was very happy and impressed. What she liked the most was Luangphaw giving a long blessing because she had never heard that from other temple that had a beautiful and perfect blessing which had all inspiration.


1. What merits made my father have a powerful person in government supporting in business until he was successful in his business?
What retribution made him be cheated by his friend until he was insolvent?

2. What retribution made my father die with cancer?
How is his after-life?
Where has he been reborn?
I and my family constantly dedicate merits for him. Has he received it?
What merits should we make at this moment to best help him?

3. What retribution did my mother have so she had comfortable early life but is suffering late in her life from my father’s business that made our family have financial difficulty?

4. How have my mother and stepfather had former deeds together so in this life they are together, although my stepfather has secretly loved my mother since before she got married?

5. What retribution made my father have diabetes?
How can he drastically lessen or liberate from this retribution?

6. How were my family and brother-like monk related in the past so we are close to each other like the same family?

7. What retribution made my brother-like monk’s parents pass away from accident together?
How are their afterlives?
Have they received the merits that my brother-like monk regularly dedicates to them?
What retribution made my brother-like monk orphan since then?

8. What wholesomeness made my first younger sister and her husband very successful in their business and to expand business to many branches?
What should they do to maintain this success and make it even more prosperous?

9. How had my first younger sister’s son pursued perfection so he was born in wealthy family and lives with my brother-like monk until he is a virtuous friend for his parents to become Dhammakaya followers?
How much merit had he had in ordination in the past?

10. Why did my younger brother have bad behavior in a part of his childhood but later he improves himself greatly?
How can he resolve his retribution from fishing and killing animals in his childhood?
Does he have a lot of killing kamma from the past?

11. Why does my youngest sister have unhappy family and poor financial status although she studied higher than everyone?
What kamma made her have many health problems; such as, neck bone deterioration, bending spinal cord, dividing of 5th joint of spinal cord, air allergy, migraine, left conjunctiva inflammation and had to do surgery two times?

12. How had I, my parents, all my siblings and my brother-like monk pursued perfection with Dhammakaya community in the last Buddha aeon?
What were our duties?
Had my brother-like monk ever ordained?
In the last Buddha aeon, there was perfection pursuing twice. Is there anybody in our family including my brother-like monk pursuing perfection twice?

Lastly, my brother-like monk, I and my family would like to thank to Luangphaw with high respect that you have mercy to listen to our stories and answer the questions.  

Luang Phaw's Dream

I closed my eyes, dreamed and woke up with these answers.
When you tell anybody the story like a tale, it will make anyone know more about retribution (Law of Kamma)
1. Your father managed a business and had a powerful person in government support because your father’s past merits from offering generosity (dhana) of his past life surfaced early.

  • Later he was cheated to bankruptcy by his friends because he was happy before and at the moment he made merits but regretted after that; so retributions from cheating his partner in one of his past lives caught up. As a result of this, he was cheated like he used to do.
2. Your father passed away by cancer mainly because of present kamma from drinking liquor and smoking plus past killing kamma for food, as well as kamma from killing small and tiny animals in different times.


  • He passed away with very saddened mind, so he was directed to the 5th level of major hell from drinking and smoking kamma. He is being poured hot black acid and is suffering very much and so he canot receive the merits. However, the merits are waiting for him at purgatory. He can receive these merits after he finishes his punishment in the major hell.
  • You have to dedicate merits to him often and all merits will be waiting for him at purgatory.
3. Your mother had comfortable early life but had suffering late in her life from your father’s business because; in the past, your mother liked to make merits upon her mood and did not recollect her merits, so a stingy kamma from other past life surfaces at the end of her life. As a result of this, she is poorer and has suffering life.
4. Your mother and your stepfather have former deeds together which, in the past life, they used to be husband and wife but liked to be petulant to each other. When they were petulant, they like to moan “Do not be husband and wife again in next life.” However, when the angriness disappeared, they jointly accrued merits together again. With this former deed, they can be together later in life, although your stepfather has secretly loved your mother since before she got married. 
5. Your stepfather is diabetic because of kamma from killing animals for food in the past.
  • To resolve, he has to do all merits; i.e. generosity offering (dhana), precepts observance (sila), meditation (bhavana), freeing animals and fishes and clearing his mind by meditation to attain Dhammakaya, and follow doctor’s advise so heavy retributions will be lessened.

6. Your brother-like monk and your family are close to each other like the same family because both in the past and the present, you used to support each other and were relatives. In the last Buddha aeon, he was your advisory monk who taught Dhamma to your family.

7. Your brother-like monk’s parents passed away from accident together because, in the past life, they were born in agricultural society and were husband and wife. They jointly killed big animals; i.e. cows, buffaloes, etc, and this retribution surfaced.

  • After they passed away, they both were born as human so they cannot receive merits.
  • This is their own retribution and does not relate to your brother-like monk.
8. Your first younger sister and her husband had success in their business and expand business to many branches because, in the past life, they were husband and wife and offered generosity in Buddhism a great deal. The success is a fruit of these merits.

  • If they would like to maintain this success, they have to accrue present merits a lot because the past merits will be used up so they have to continue accruing new merits.
9. Your first younger sister’s son was born in wealthy family and lives with your brother-like monk until he is a virtuous friend for his parents to become Dhammakaya followers because, he well offered generosity in the past life and your brother-like monk was his virtuous friend in the last Buddha aeon.


  • He has merits from short-term ordination, long-term ordination and life-time ordination but the ordination pattern is not firm.

10. Your younger brother was tough in a part of his childhood because, in the past life, he has retribution from associating with fools in a period of time but later he improves himself greatly because of wholesomeness from associating with wise men and being grateful to his parents.
  • So this wholesomeness subsequently caused him to be able to teach himself and understand the right thing.
  • To resolve his childhood retribution, he has to accrue all merits; i.e. generosity offering (dhana), precepts observance (sila), meditation (bhavana) and regularly freeing animals and fishes, and dedicate merits to the animals that he threatened both in the past and the present.
11. Your youngest sister studied higher than everyone but has unhappy family and poor financial status because she has past education wholesomeness but is lack of generosity offering and has remnant of adultery retribution.

  • She has many health problems; such as neck bone deterioration, bending spinal cord, dividing of 5th joint of spinal cord, air allergy, migraine, left conjunctiva inflammation and did surgery two times because of kamma from killing animals and torturing animals; smashing, beating, hitting both small and large animals.  
12. In the last Buddha aeon, you, your mother and all siblings except your father pursued perfection with Dhammakaya community as a provider.

  • Your brother-like monk was a soldier of the king who left the throne for ordination and followed the king to ordain for his life-time. His duty was to spread Dhamma. He meditated and attained inner Dhammakaya so he was able to return to Tusita (the fourth level of heaven) in the special merit zone.
  • Also, in the last Buddha aeon, he and a son of your first younger sister were born as human 2 times.

  • Since we have met each other in this life, therefore you must try to pursue perfection in all merits with fullest efforts and make a wish to follow the Dhammakaya community to Tusita (fourth level of heaven), in the special merit zone – bodhisattva as well as do not be apart from each other again.



Case study in real life

The Law of Kamma (Pali:Compared to "Karma" in Sanskrit) segment or "Case Study" is one of the prominent sections on the Dream in Dream kindergarten program, conducted by the Venerable Phrarajbhavanavisudh, also known as, Luang Phaw Dhammajayo of the Dhammakaya Temple in Pathum Thani Province, Thailand.

Each individualized "Case Study" is based on the timeless Law of Kamma (the Law of Cause and Effect) which examines the reasons for many situations and complex inter-relationships people find themselves in. Viewers from around the world write personal letters to Luang Phaw wanting to understand the karmic reasons for many special circumstances in their life.

This program is not intended to convert anyone to Buddhism or any other religions persuasion. Rather the goal is to help spread genuine peace, happiness and understanding here in Thailand and around the world. By first discovering and cultivating inner peace within ourselves through meditation, we can help spread love and kindness outward, helping to make our world a better place for everyone.


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