Resurrection to Quit

When my husband was young, he drank and smoked a lot. One day, he coughed and was unconscious. His body was cold and I was frightened. After he regained consciousness, he said to me “Please go to pay respects to Luang Pu and King Rama V.” Later, he was able to quit smoking and drinking. Why did my husband do so after he regained consciousness? What did he see?

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Resurrection to Quit
Dear Luang Phaw,

        I am a nurse.  I have settled my life in the United States since 1970.  I have worked very hard for 16-24 hours per day to support my parents, children, and my sister until she graduated.  I have also continuously remitted money to my mother since my first pay cheque until now.

         I have attended Meditation Center in Chicago since 1997.  I have also accrued all merits offered.  Merit that I am most impressed was to donate 1 million baht for the construction of Memorial Hall of Khun Yay.  At the time, I was 61 years old and had to work sixteen hours a day for months.  I finally achieved it and felt very happy and delighted.

I would like to request your mercy to dream-in-dream from my life story as follows:

        My parents used to cultivate land for fruits.  I was grown up by agricultural family in Nonthaburi, a city of Durian.  I have five siblings.  I am the eldest.  My grandfather was a government official who was rich and owned a number of lands around Rungsit canal, Ayudhaya, and much more.
        My father was the only child from my grandfather’s first wife.  After my grandfather’s death, my step-grandmother who was one of my grandfather’s wives took away inherits of my father’s parts.  At that time, my father did not know about rights to recall his parts.  As a result, he did not get any of his.

        My father was a generous person.  He accrued on traditional merit and supported his children to obtain education.  He usually cooked for us for almsgiving.  He always volunteered to help out for cooking in merit ceremonies.  He however drank before meal everyday as he believed that it would increase his appetite.
        At that time, my father lived with my youngest brother in Thailand.  He usually came to ask him “What do you want to eat?”  He however did not question him as everyday.  My brother went to check him out and found he was dead in a bathroom.  He looked like he was sleeping.  That day was his 70th birthday.

        On his last funeral day, his body could not be burned.  My mother had to make a wish for his body to get burned “Please get burned and do not worry for any of us”.  After I returned to the States, my son told me that my father came to ask him the reason for not ordaining for him.  He was waiting and that caused his body not to burn.   But, because of my mother’s request, he allowed his body to be on fire.  I was stunned after hearing that.
         Not too long after his death, I dreamed of him regularly.  He wore loose trousers with round collar t-shirt and sat at head of a bridge which was a way to get home.  I called him to come home.  But, he said he could not get in.  After that there was a monk who said “That’s because when we did a ceremony for our house, we did not call him to get in.”  The monk suggested to re-setup the ceremony and build a meditation room with his name and spread loving kindness to him.  I have never dreamed of him since then.

        When my husband was young, he drank and smoked a lot.  One day, he coughed and was unconscious.  His body was cold and I was frightened.  After he regained consciousness, he said to me “Please go to pay respects to Luang Pu and King Rama V.”  Later, he was able to quit smoking and drinking.  When he saw others who smoked and drank, he would say these people were suffered and had kamma.  He had never said anything on what he had seen during his unconsciousness.

        After joining Dhammakaya Temple, he could meditate well with speedy results.  He could see Buddha’s image floating at the center of his body.  Especially on big merit days, the image was getting clearer.  Currently, my husband has Leukemia, which requires Chemotherapy every week.  This usually causes people to get tired.  However, he does not have that abnormal symptom at all.

        We had 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl. I had to give birth to all my children by cesarean section. 
        Before I had my first son in 1969, I went to ask for this son with Khun yay at Wat Paknam Bhasicharoen.
        Khun yay did meditation, and told me that I would have a son who came from the high place. Not long after, I was pregnant and had a baby boy.             

        I had to work in the United States, so my mother raised my oldest son since he was 8 months old. After he turned 7 years old, I brought him to the United States. He was very stubborn. He did not accept me as his mother; he also called his grandmother “Mother” and called me “Chicago mother”. He thought that I did not love him, and left him with grandmother. 

         When he had a good mood, he often told me “Human has 2 minds, which are black and white, and he would like to apologize to mother but the black mind would win and that makes him quarrel with mother.”
He wanted to say, “Kookai loves mother, but could not.”
        It was so strange that he talked like he could recall a previous life. He told me that he had to argue with me because in the previous life he was born as my mother and shouted to me in front of monk. I in the previous life was revengeful with him, so he was born to be my son in this life. He also told that he went to see hell and heaven and in the hell, there were silk cotton trees and denizens to punish victims. I had never believed my son until I listened to Luang Phaw in dream in dream kindergarten school, and I was surprised how he knew all of this as no one taught him.

        When he was 17 years old, he was in the last stage of lymph gland cancer. Doctor diagnosed that he would not survive. My husband meditated more and made a wish to Luang Pu and Khun yay Wat Paknam, and took my son to have a traditional treatment.  His symptom was getting better and better till it was gone when he turned 19 years old.   

        My first son was a novice since 11 years old, and on October 2004 he ordained to be a monk for the first time to pay homage to Luang Phaw though he was married before ordination. In the first place, I was not sure that he would agree to ordain or not; so I was thinking of merit and making a wish to Luang Pu that if he accrued merits with Luang Pu, he would agree to ordain only being told one time. And it was true.

        He came to me for my forgiveness, and said “ Kookai will ordain because Kookai makes you sad and cry, Kookai wants you to have lots of merit and happiness.”
        Since then we have never argued again. Currently he has asthma, often becomes unconscious but he could wake up by himself.

        The second son was very grateful, generous, and was the dearest of everyone. When I came back home, he would take my shoes off, give me a massage, do everything for his parents, and love the family.
        Every time when he went to other family, he did not play like other kids but would ask to give his help.
        When he was 24 years old, he had an extraordinary symptom. He was very sleepy, had car accident, and defecated blood.
        He went to have physical check up, and found that his red blood corpuscles have very high hemoglobin. Blood could not flow to feed brain enough, and that makes him feel very sleepy. Also he has high copper level in lever. He currently has to decrease copper level in his lever by taking medicine.

        My youngest daughter understood everything since an age when she could not talk. When she was 6-7 months old, she saw her grandmother threw up; she went to her and patted her grandmother’s back. She is very generous and has never made her parents angry.
        I was dreaming about my aunt, before I was pregnant, that she asked to be my child and I allowed her to be my child; and my mother and sister had the same dream as me. 
        After that I got pregnant and delivered a baby girl. Since she started to talk, she asked to have Sator Mahor (traditional food) and Durian, which is not typical fruit in the United States.
        Her personality is neat like my aunt, and she also has congenital disease, which is allergy and sometimes she could not breathe.


1.    What retribution made my father not receive inheritance from his father although he was a child of his father’s first wife?  How did he die in the bathroom? Is it true that my father appeared in my dream because he could not get in the house? How does he receive the merit from building meditation room and putting his name as a builder? Did my father come to see my son to ask my son to ordain for him? Why could he stop fire from burning his body?

2.    Where has my father been reborn after passing away? How is he? I cast Buddha image both inside and outside Maha Dhammakaya Cetiya and made contribution to crystal pillar and engraved his name on it for my father. Has he received the merits from my dedication?  

3.    Why did my husband quit drinking and smoking immediately after he regained consciousness? Will he be cured from Leukemia? What should he do? Why he is not tired after Chemotherapy?

4.    Why did my son have Lymph gland cancer and what merits made him survive? What kamma made him have asthma and be unconscious for short periods? How could he be cured? Can his merits from ordination help him?

5.    Where was my oldest son from before he was born? Is it true about the story my son told when he was young that he saw hell and heaven and he could recall his past lives? Why is it so? Are we involved in the past as he said? hy did he have to stay away from me for 7 years, thus making him feel inferior? How had he accrued merits with the Dhammakaya community?

6.    What retribution caused my second son to have very low hemoglobin count in red blood cells and have high copper concentrations in the liver?  Can he be cured from these diseases? Is there any way to cure it? How is it so? How had he pursued perfection with the Dhammakaya community?

7.    Was my aunt who already passed away reborn to be my youngest daughter? What retribution made my youngest daughter have allergy, headache and back pain? Is there any way to cure these symptoms? How is it so?
How had she pursued perfection with the Dhammakaya community?

8.    What retribution made me have Asthma, heart disease, back pain and dizziness often? Can I recover from these? Why did I require having surgery every time I gave birth to babies?
Why is everyone in the family not healthy? What retribution did we make together?

9.    Is there any difference in fruit of wholesomeness when donating the same 1 million with the same clear minds but the difficulty in acquiring money is different? If so, how is it different?

10.    How had I and my husband pursued perfection with the Dhammakaya community? What were our duties in the Dhamma army?

11.    I have a virtuous friend, who devotes herself to help work in Buddhism, prepare meals to Buddhist monks, staffs and visitors at meditation center in Chicago, etc. and always encourages me when I face difficulties. How had I and my friend pursued perfection together?  How had she pursued perfection with the Dhammakaya community in the last Buddha aeon?
I would like to thank Luang Phaw with high respect.
Dream in Dream

I closed my eyes to dream coherently and woke up with a yawn to tell you a tale.

1.    Your father did not receive inheritance from his father at all, although, he is a son of his father’s first wife because, in the past life, your father was a son of your grandfather who loved to accrue merits but your father had no interest in accruing merits because he had been occupied by his works. Therefore, he does not have enough merits to receive your grandfather’s inheritance.
  • Your father passed away in bathroom because his life span is over.  
  • Your father visiting you in the dream is a consequence of hindrance.  
  • It is true that your father asked for your son to ordain for him.  
  • He can stop fire from burning his physical body because of his supernatural power. After passing away, he becomes a good class of earth-sprite who has supernatural power. Also, when he was alive, he was truthful and did not lie to anyone. This quality makes him wish for supernatural power.   

  • Building meditation room in his name will make his heavenly mansion beautiful. 
  • He has received all merits you have dedicated to him. The merits make his living conditions better.
2.    As soon as your husband regained consciousness from passing out, he quits drinking liquor and smoking because when he passed out, he felt he was dying and was scared and thought of Luang Pu and King Rama V to help him survive. Right after he survived, he went to pay homage to Luang Pu and King Rama V as well as quit drinking liquor and smoking.
  • He has Leukemia because his past kamma surfaces. In the past life, he killed animals and drank its blood as an energy drink or drank with liquor.
  • Have him accrue lots of all merits; i.e. generosity offering (dana), precept observance (sila) and meditation (bhavana). Also, have him live in merits and his clear Dhammakaya. Heavy retribution will become lessened and light retribution will disappear.
  • The reason that he is not tired after chemotherapy is because of merits that he intends to accrue at present help him.
3.    Your oldest son has lymph gland cancer because of his past kamma. In one of his past lives, when he was teenager; he liked shooting birds, fishing, killing animals and often stealing parents’ money for going out.
  • He survives because, later in that past life, he was conscious of his faults so he asked for forgiveness from his parents and quit all of those bad things because he met Dhammakaya community and listened to Dhamma sermons. After that he freed animals’ life and fishes. All those merits help him to recover from lymph gland cancer. However, do not live carelessly because the cancer may return if he does not accrue more merits and recollect merits regularly.
  • He has asthma and has short-term unconsciousness because of his kamma from one of his past lives when he liked to use animals’ and human’s labors too hard and ride animals’ for sprint racing; i.e. horse riding sprint racing which made horses extremely suffer. One time, his horse lost from sprint racing so he killed his horse. The retribution is surfacing.
4.    Before your oldest son was born, he came from bright place.
  • When he was a child, he told you that he saw hell, heaven and recollected his past lives. Actually, it is because his grandmother implanted him about these.
  • He used to accrue merits with Dhammakaya community as a provider with capable efforts or sometimes with fullest efforts or other times dependant upon moods.
  • In the past life, when your oldest son was resentful to his parents, he would escape from home for long time. This retribution made him unable to live with his mother for 7 years. Although he knows that his mother did not hang around but worked, he is still resentful. He has to correct this blueprint in this life.
5.    Your second son has very low hemoglobin and very high copper level in liver because of his past life kamma. In one of his past lives, he was a merchant who had to travel long haul and was suggested to drink horse’s blood as an energy drink. He was given herbs to apply at horse’s neck vein as an anesthesia. Then he pushed sharp end pipe to horse’s neck vein so the blood can flow in to container in order to drink freshly. Sometimes, he did this to the same horse often which made it have lack of energy. The retribution is surfacing. He has to accrue lots of all merits; i.e. generosity offering (dana), precept observance (sila) and meditation (bhavana), and dedicate the merits to all animals he threatened.

  • He used to accrue merits with Dhammakaya community as a provider with capable efforts or sometimes with fullest efforts or other times dependant upon moods as well.
6.    Your youngest daughter is truly your passed away aunt who was reborn.
  • She has allergy, headache, and back pain very much because of her past kamma. In the past life, she squeezed ants, slapped mosquito, and sprayed cockroach killer in a house which lead to retributions causing her to have allergy and headache. Also, retributions from smashing snakes that came into the house, where some died and some were alive, make her have back pain.

  • She has to accrue lots of all merits; i.e. generosity offering (dana), precept observance (sila) and meditation (bhavana), and dedicate the merits to all animals she threatened often.
  • She used to accrue merits with Dhammakaya community as a provider. Later she had conflicts with someone in the community and left the community. She had missed the community for many lives and just meets the community again in this life.
7.    You have asthma, heart disease back pain, and you are dizzy often because of your past kamma from using animals’ labor; i.e. having donkey, mule carry heavy stuff so they were exhausted and panted.
  • You have to accrue lots of all merits; i.e. generosity offering (dana), precept observance (sila) and meditation (bhavana), and dedicate the merits to all animals you threatened often. Heavy retribution will become lessened and light retribution will disappear.
  • You have to give birth by cesarean section every time because, in the past lives, you threatened animals and killed animals for food as well as liked to cut their belly before killing them.
  • Your family members are not healthy because all have similar kamma; i.e. killing kamma, threatening kamma.
8.    People make merits by donating the same 1 million Baht but the difficulties of acquiring the 1 million Baht are different. The fruits of wholesomeness will be slightly different. When the fruits of wholesomeness surface; the person who earns money with more diligent efforts will receive money faster. However, since both have clear mind when offering generosity, both will receive the same big treasures.
  • Surfacing of fruits of wholesomeness sooner or later depends on offering, receiver and giver. If the materials being offered are earned from right view profession and required high diligent efforts to obtain, also, giver’s mind is clear and offering to right source of merit cultivation, the fruits of wholesomeness will surface quickly.
9.    You and your husband used to accrue merits with Dhammakaya community as a provider with capable efforts or sometimes with fullest efforts or other times dependant upon moods as well.

10.    You have a virtuous friend who dedicates her life to assist Buddhism tasks; i.e. preparation of meals for Buddhist monks, staffs and visitors at meditation center in Chicago. In the last Buddha aeon, she was a young girl of good behavior who was sick of household because she saw its harms. Later, she dedicated herself to assist Buddhism tasks. She has been doing like this for many lives. In this life, if she makes a wish to be a man, it is possible for her to become a man in her next life.
  • She used to be your virtuous friend.
  • Since we have met each other in this life, therefore you must try to pursue perfection in all merits with fullest efforts and make a wish to follow the Dhammakaya community to Tusita (fourth level of heaven), in the special merit zone – bodhisatta as well as do not be apart from each other again.

Case study in real life

The Law of Kamma (Pali:Compared to "Karma" in Sanskrit) segment or "Case Study" is one of the prominent sections on the Dream in Dream kindergarten program, conducted by the Venerable Phrarajbhavanavisudh, also known as, Luang Phaw Dhammajayo of the Dhammakaya Temple in Pathum Thani Province, Thailand.

Each individualized "Case Study" is based on the timeless Law of Kamma (the Law of Cause and Effect) which examines the reasons for many situations and complex inter-relationships people find themselves in. Viewers from around the world write personal letters to Luang Phaw wanting to understand the karmic reasons for many special circumstances in their life.

This program is not intended to convert anyone to Buddhism or any other religions persuasion. Rather the goal is to help spread genuine peace, happiness and understanding here in Thailand and around the world. By first discovering and cultivating inner peace within ourselves through meditation, we can help spread love and kindness outward, helping to make our world a better place for everyone.


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