Answer by the Law of Kamma :- Regret Donating

A woman who would like to know why her husband had many pieces of land but rarely spend his mony from selling the land.

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Regret donating

Questions from the audience:

My husband had had many pieces of land from heritage and buying, but when he sold it many times, we rarely spent money from those sales because of the accidental situation, e.g. our relative had borrowed to pay back his debts but he has not give us back at all.  Which merit caused my husband to have many pieces of land? And what retribution caused us rarely spend money from the sales?


Your husband had many pieces of land because he had offered land or money to buy the land many times in the previous lifetimes, but he often regretted his donating at a later time.  These effects mixed with his other bad retributions e.g. he had not paid back his debts, cause him not to or rarely spend his money in this lifetime.  
By Khunkru Maiyai
November 7th, 2005


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