The 1,000,000 Crystal Blossom Upasikas Mass Training 2011 Project 4th Generation

The 1,000,000 Crystal Blossom Upasikas Mass Training 2011 Project 4th generation

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The 1,000,000 Crystal Blossom Upasikas Mass Training 2011 Project
The 1,000,000-Laywoman Mass Training 2011 Project

Training Period
Ordination Day
Breast Clothing Receiving Day
Period (days)
  4 Sun. February 27th – Sun March 6th, 2011
  Mon. February 28th, 2011
(at the training center)
Sun March 6th, 2011
  5  Sun April 24th – Sun May 1st, 2011
  Mon. April 25th, 2011
(at the training center)
Sun May 1st, 2011
  6 Sun May 29th – Sun June 5th, 2011
  Mon. May 30th, 2011
(at the training center)
Sun June 5th, 2011
1.    Be the 15 – 65 years old and real woman
2.    Be Buddhist
3.    Be healthy and not sick of any infective disease, psychosis, neurosis, mental disorder or others which will be the obstacle for this training
4.    Be able to keep the 8 precepts thoroughly
5.    Be unconditional in eating and staying

How to apply
1.    Apply or ask for more information by calling the Call Center 02–831–1234, 087–707–7771–3
2.    Apply in person at the district training center around the country
3.    Apply with the coordinator of this project in your district

1.    White shirts (polite pattern, close collar, sleeves, not too tight or thin) and white long skirts.  Please bring as much as you want to wear in this training project.
2.    A white or polite color coat
3.    Two or three slips and petticoats
4.    One or two dark color and long bath towels
5.    A white cloth for covering your knees
6.    A terry cloth
7.    A blanket or sleeping bag
8.    A torch
9.    Your personal medicines
10.    A pair of slippers
11.    A few cloth hangers and clothes pegs
12.    Personal items such as soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, water dipper etc.

Principle and reason
“Upasika” is the position of laywoman who sits near the Triple Gems.  They will support, maintain, protect and prevent the Buddhism thoroughly like Maha Upasika Visaka who built the Bupparam Temple which has been an important temple in India since in the Lord Buddha’s Time.  These Upasikas are still one of the main backbones of the stability of the Buddhism likewise the Buddha Time.

The word “Crystal Blossom Upasika” means the laywoman who keeps the 8 precepts well and beautifully and doing along the Middle Way which is the Eightfold Path.  They will be beautiful like the blossoming flower.  The physical body is beautiful because of power from keeping the 8 precepts well and the inner Dhammakaya body is clear and bright by the power of meditation and intelligence.  From the mentioned above, she is called to be the “Real Upasika” who certainly sits near the Triple Gems.  The more we have Upasikas, the more stable our nation and Buddhism will be.  From the 100,000 and 500,000 Crystal Blossom Upasikas Mass Training Projects, millions of Buddhist laywomen had be trained and ordained as the Crystal Blossom Upasikas and had a chance to learn the theoretical and practical Dhamma.  After the projects, they still keep the 5 precepts and meditate regularly.  This has caused the trend of doing good deeds and meditation in all sections of Thai society and the increasing request to rearrange this project again and continuously.  So all monks in Thailand, Committee on Religion, Arts and Culture, House of Representatives, Dhammakaya Temple, Dhammakaya Foundation, the Association of Village and Sub–district Headmen of Thailand, the International Buddhist Society Club under the patronage of Somdejphramaharajmangalajarn and other sections agree to arrange this project again to be the 4 times at all training centers in every district around Thailand.  This is to train and cultivate the morality and ideal of Buddhism to millions of Buddhist laywomen and then they will be the qualified Crystal Blossom Upasikas who believe stably in the Triple Gems.  Their stable believes mean the stability of Buddhism and the World Morality Development to be prosperous in the future.


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