The First Dhamma Seminar for OBEC, Thailand

It is wonderful news for Thai children when Education Minister and his team realize the importance of Dhamma. Thai education will be brighter and brighter when teachers become the merit models for their students.

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[ May 6th, 2012 ] - [ read : 13460 ]
The First Dhamma Seminar for Directors of Primary and Secondary Education Service Area Offices across Thailand
Compiled from the Inner Dreams Kindergarten Program broadcasted on DMC
 Prof. Dr. Suchat  Thadathamrongwet, Education Minister, delivered a speech to open the Dhamma Seminar

There was wonderful news from the peak, when about 400 top exclusives of the Ministry of Education gathered to do good deeds together during April 25th – 27th, 2012. Education Minister Prof. Dr. Suchat Thadathamrongwet and Dr. Chinnapat Bhumirat, Permanent Secretary for Education led the top exclusives of Ministry of Education, and the directors of primary and secondary education service area offices all over the country to attend in the First Dhamma Seminar at Panawat Forest Garden in Hod district, Chiang Mai province.
 Dr. Chinnapat Bhumirat, Permanent Secretary for Education, led the chief exclusives of all education service area offices to attend in this seminar

From 2006 to present, the International Buddhist Society under the patronage of the Most Ven. Somdejphramaharatchamangkalajahn, Dhammakaya Temple and Foundation have cooperated with Ministry of Education to arrange the meditation program for teachers and the exclusives of the academic institutes from all over the world.  The meditation program was arranged 158 times and there were 27,198 participants.  This has changed the participants’ area to be brighter and many of them became the new ones. They become the merit leaders and the moral models who restore the morality in their responsible area. Some of them quitted all kinds of paths of ruin, drinking alcohol and tobacco, and intend to make merit by giving, keeping precepts, and meditate. They can do it well and become the merit leaders for their teachers and students impressively.
 The Most Ven. Phrabhavanaviriyakhun (Dattajivo Bhikkhu) taught the teachers and the top executives of education service area offices across Thailand

Dr. Chinnapat Bhumirat, Permanent Secretary for Education, said that “This seminar is the First Dhamma Seminar for Ministry of Education to record in its history.  It is different from the normal ones which are usually arranged in the hotel, when it finishes, the participants go to the entertainment places in the evening.  Now, the modern Ministry of Education has emphasized the morality with the leap-forward ideas. So we arrange this seminar because teachers must be the spiritual leaders and the morality leaders and models.  This work is hard, difficult and challenge and their mind must be ready to do. So the spiritual development is the key of the educational quality development for all Thai children and we have to do it together with the academic development.
 Education Minister and Permanent Secretary for Education meditated to purify their mind together

I would like to thank the Most Ven. Luang Phaw Dhammajayo, Luang Phaw Dattajivo, all teaching monks, IBS members, and staffs at Panawat Garden Resort for your good care. We, Office of the Basic Education Commission, will summon our power to expand good things from this experience.”
 A group photo of the First Dhamma Seminar for Directors of Primary and Secondary Education Service Area Offices across Thailand

Education Minister offered alms in the Morning Alms Round

The “Create the Crystal World by Teachers’ Hands” Activity

Good morning with Relax & Alert activity

Happiness from the still mind – Dr. Chinnapat  Bhumirat

Translated by Chadawee  Chaipooripat


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