Power of the Master Nuns crystal ball :- Millionaires at Sampaeng market

The shopkeepers at Sampaeng market unveiled about the power of the crystal ball. https://dmc.tv/a8609

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The power of the Master Nun’s crystal ball
Millionaires at Sampaeng market

Edit from the Inner Dream Kindergarten Program

Ms. Kodchawan  Sudcharnchaikul and Ms. Mitcharita Sirirak

Namaste Khunkru Maiyai with the highest respect,

I am Ms. Kodchawan  Sudcharnchaikul and my younger sister, Ms. Mitcharita Sirirak.  We are the shopkeepers of the J&W gift shop at Sampaeng market.  We have visited Dhammakaya Temple since 2006 because of a monk.
One day when I was watching TV and changed to select the interesting channel.  Suddenly I found DMC and saw a graceful and smart monk.  He gave a good sermon and spoke politely.  When I listened to him and was impressed very much.  We have known respectively that he is Khunkru Maiyai.  When we know him, we would like to know where he is.  Finally, we have known that he is in Dhammakaya Temple, since then we have come to the temple and watched only DMC as well.
I used to go out to some pubs or bars and drink beer with my friends.  When I had free time, I enjoyed playing gambles. But when I heard Luang Phaw’s teaching, I have stopped these things, never play or drink again.  I would like to be a good person and do only good deeds.  I have learned how to make merit in the right way.  I always make merit with the good source of merit.  I would like to make every merit of Dhammakaya Temple.  I fear that I will have less merit than others because I just come to the temple.
I began to make merit by inserting the twenty-Baht note in each donation box.  I have made merit happily and I can donate more and more.  I offered one million Baht to build the monastic house at Panawat Forest Garden.  I offered one kilogram of gold to cast the golden statue of Luang Pu.  I build one hundred images of Dhammakaya images.  I have participated in the V-star Challenge Project since the first time by giving two trucks of my lovely goods from my gift shop.  They cost hundreds of thousand Baht.  The most impressed merit for us is making one module of the roof of the Grand Meditation Stadium or Rattana Viharakot in Thai.
I have made merit against my relatives and surrounding people’s warning.  They always tell me not to go to this temple because I may become insolvent.  But I don’t mind because I always think that I used to live in the both wrong way and right way.  I used to go to the temple and still drank alcohol and played gambles.  When I have gone to Dhammakaya Temple, my life has changed to do only good deeds, so I love to make merit with this temple.  
We have opened our gift shop for 7 years.  We had got more than 70,000 Baht per day for 5 years but in the last two years the economics was down, so our sales fell to be 10,000 – 20,000 Baht per day.  A few days we received 30,000 – 40,000 Baht.  This made us not easy to make merit as usual, but we still made every Luang Phaw’s merit.
My sister and I have received the Master Nun’s crystal ball since Dhammachai Day.  We have treated them according to the temple’s teaching.  We nourish them with merit.  I meditate and share this merit to my crystal ball every day and always think of it.  We call my crystal ball as “Khun Jaidee” and my sister’s crystal ball as “Khun Jaisai.”  When we start to meditate, we tell the crystal balls that “Khun Jaidee and Khun Jaisai, Let’s meditate together and stay at the 7th base of our mind, please.”  I do like this everyday.  After I have got the crystal ball and meditated for a few days, the sale at my gift shop has been better.  Previously, I earned 30,000 – 40,000 Baht per day, now we can sell and get 60,000 – 70,000 Baht almost everyday.
Nowadays the other shops at Sampaeng market have inert sales but my shop has a good sale.  It is selling like hot cakes.  The customers buy most products which we introduce.  The latest miracle for us was on the first Sunday of September we came to the temple to attend the First Sunday Ceremony of Offering alms to the Lord Buddha and received the monastic robe set for the Master Nun’s Kathina president.  We would like to know the power of the crystal ball, so on that day we had made a wish with the crystal balls that we shared all of our merits to them and would like them to sell at our shop.  But I dare not to set the high sales, therefore I told the balls that I would like to get at least 70,000 Baht.  After that I called my employees and they reported that they never met anything like this before.  The main customers came to buy goods accidently in the same time and bought a lot of products.  Some customer bought for 20,000 Baht, some for 30,000 Baht, and some for 40,000 Baht.  The customers seized to buy the goods.  They sold very well.  The morning sale was over 100,000 Baht.  I heard and then I was very surprised and believed in the power of the Master Nun’s crystal ball.  It’s so great!
Since then, I always request the crystal ball to sell at my shop everyday and keep it with me everywhere and every time.  I always make a wish with the ball that I would like to receive money and properties from all directions.  If we can sell like hot cakes and get at least 100,000 Baht everyday, we will increase our donation to be at least one room.  We also intend to offer all of the October benefit for construction of the Master Nun Chand Khonnokyoong Centennial Building to pay back the Master Nun’s gratitude.
We would like to thank the Most Ven., Luang Phaw, for your cultivation and make us better in nowadays.  We will not be away from you and would like to follow you to pursue perfection every lifetime and be your main providers as well.

Namaste Luang Phaw with the highest respect again,
Ms. Kodchawan  Sudcharnchaikul and Ms. Mitcharita Sirirak



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