The Picked-Up Robe Set Offering at Dhammakaya Chicago Temple - To expand the temple

The Ceremony of Offering Picked-Up Robe Set at Dhammakaya Chicago Temple...To expand the temple

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The Picked-up Robe Set Offering Ceremony
To expand the temple
Sunday July 23rd, 2012
Dhammakaya Chicago Temple

 The Most Ven. Phrasavin  Suddhammo led the congregations to meditate

On Sunday July 23rd, 2012, Dhammakaya Chicago Temple arranged the Sunday meritorious activities as usual.  First, the Most Ven. Phrasavin Suddhammo led the congregation s to meditate. After that, the congregations requested to keep their precepts. Ms. Sunisa and Miss Daisy Winter led the congregations to say the meal offering speech, as Sangha Dana.  Then, all congregations offer alms, made the donations and offered meal to the monks together.  They prayed the morning chant together before having lunch.

Offering meal to the monks as Sangha Dana

The Picked-up Robe Set Offering Ceremony was arranged in the afternoon.  The teaching monks led the congregations to meditate.  Then, Ms. Sunee Yuenvanich, the President of the Ceremony, led other congregations to offer the picked-up robe sets.  After that, the teaching monk kindly gave a sermon about the results of actions which had been taught by the Most Ven. Phrathepyanmahamuni (Dhammajayo Bhikkhu) and broadcasted on DMC.  Later, the congregations watched the clip of meritorious events.  Finally, the congregations made merit with the teaching monks together and went back home happily.
 All congregations prayed the morning chant together

 Offering alms in the Morning Alms Round

 Offering meal to the monks as Sangha Dana

 The Ceremony of Offering Picked-Up Robe Set – to expand the temple

Translated by Chadawee Chaipooripat


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