Big Bags block water

Big Bag...the new hope for Bangkok people. Big Bag...the knight on a white horse. What is it and who began to use it in Thailand during the flood crisis?

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Big Bags block water
Edited from the Inner Dreams Kindergarten Program broadcasted on DMC

While you are talking with your friends about the flood disaster in Bangkok, a topic in your conversation may be “Big Bag”, the big sack containing pebble used to build barriers.  Big Bags are used to protect the mass water and change its flow.  Their performance was very good and made the seers wondered, so that the reporters took their photos and published on the first pages of many newspapers or broadcasted this news on almost TV channels as the knight on a white horse to solve the flood crisis for Bangkok people.

The leading presses in Thailand published the “Big Bag” news


Does someone know that where Big Bags come from?  In fact, it is the development from Dhammakaya disciples’ concept.  We used the big sacks, which each sack was 1 m wide x 1 m long x 1 m high, and filled the pebble in it.  The total weight after filling was about 1-2 metric ton per bag.  Some Big Bags were filled in Dhammakaya Temple ad others were filled at three mills in Saraburi province which Saraburi team controlled the production quality and coordinated the transport of Big Bags.  We made them as fast as possible for using them against this flood in time. In the Big Bag production process, our teams had to be patient to the heat from sunlight and the thick smoke from pebble production.  At the night time, the filling areas were very dark and if the backhoe truck drivers were not good at controlling the trucks enough, the drivers might control the shovel bucket in the wrong position and make our teams injury. So everyone had to be very careful, conscious and thought of merit all the time.

The Saraburi team made the Big Bags as fast as possible to use them in time

When Dr. Chadchart Sittiphan, the personal consultant of the Minister of Transport, knew about Big Bags, he said that “This was hope for Bangkok people that no one had thought of this subtle method and no one had done before. But only Dhammakaya Foundation began to do.”  He coordinated and asked Dhammakaya Foundation to give Big Bags to solve the flood crisis.  So the foundation sent the Big Bags with pebbles, 2,315 total bags in the first time, to build the dykes in many important areas such as the areas around Rangsit Canal, Premprachakorn Canal, Prapa Canal, and Local Road, the rail side road.

Dr. Chadchart added that “Using Big Bags is very effective and it can reduce the water flow very, very good in many points.  Now it becomes the talk of the town and people want it very much.  Dhammakaya Temple donated over 7,000 Big Bags for the Ministry of Transport and the officials will use it to block the mass water for Bangkok people next.”

Many Television Channels presented the news about “Big Bags”


If Luang Phaw’s disciples around the world kept watching the TV news about the Big Bags, we are proud to tell you that over 90% of Big Bags you had seen on the news were donated by Dhammakaya Foundation.
Translated by Chadawee Chaipooripat


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