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    Who is Buddha? - read 12030
    Does Buddhism have any restrictions? - read 12065
    What kind of sports do Buddhists play? - read 12036
    How did you become a Buddhist monk? Why? - read 12017
    What is it like living in a monastery? - read 12016
    What is it like having to have your hair shaved? - read 12024
    What is the most important belief for monks? - read 12015
    Was it difficult leaving family and friends to become a monk? - read 12013
    What are your daily chores and why do you do them? - read 12006
    How much do you get paid to do the chores? - read 12014
    How do Buddhists participate in worship in the Diaspora? - read 12011
    Could you also tell me if how Buddhists participate in worship in the Diaspora differs for Mahayana or Theravada Buddhists? - read 12014
    How do people from different branches of Buddhism regard each other? - read 12009
Would it matter which form of Buddhism a person follows? อ่านเรื่องFrequently Asked Questionsต่อ 
    What will happen when I die? - read 12008
    How many people (roughly) are Buddhists? - read 12036
    Which things do Buddhists do differently to those of other religions? - read 12012
    Who made the Earth? - read 12006
    Why don't people live forever? - read 12011
    What does your faith believe happens in the afterlife? - read 12005
    How do you feel after you have meditated? - read 12012
    Suicide terrorist on general Buddhist view - read 12017
What is the general Buddhist view on how a suicide terrorist, like the 9/11 terrorists who killed themselves while murdering innocent people, will likely be reborn? In other words, in which of the 6 'realms', i.e. animal, human, etc., will such a person likely be reborn and why this one and not one of the others? อ่านเรื่องFrequently Asked Questionsต่อ 
    Why is there a monastic precept forbidding monks and nuns to handle money? - read 12026
    Why the monk wear orange or red robe? - read 12014